Chapter 318: Unkillable Su Xue

Feng Feiyun was not an easy man, but if a woman offered herself like this and he still didn’t “eat” her, it would be an affront to his own conscience.

Cheerful noises came from the room with an endless, happy scene of “spring.”

Despite the array isolating this room and how the outside couldn’t hear the explosive sounds, those who are proficient in “interspatial listening” could still hear the erotic noises.

“See flowers, pluck flowers; see beauty, jump on her without asking if they are willing. This guy really is an animal!” Bi Ningshuai was gifted in listening through space isolations. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so famous as a successful thief.

He was like a gecko above the window outside the room, listening attentively to the noises inside. He bit his teeth and cursed: “What an asshole! I heard rumors of Feng Feiyun being a depraved young master in the past, it looks like he is finally showing his true colors.”

Wang Meng was right below him and anxiously asked: “What do you hear?”

Ningshuai answered: “Some very stimulating stuff.”

Wang Meng urged: “What kind of stimulating stuff? Tell me!”

“Well… it’s not very pleasant!” Ningshuai was slightly embarrassed.

“Tell me already!” Wang Meng lifted his sky piercer and directly poked Ningshuai’s crotch.

“Fine, fine!” He hesitated for half a day before holding onto the pillar of the window and rubbing himself against it while calling out some eccentric and romantic verbiage: “Ah, ah, I can’t, I can’t… please… I can’t hold it… help me… ah…”

“What the hell are you screaming!” Wang Meng pulled him down from the window, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Motherfucker, you forced me to! Why would I ever pretend to moan like a woman if it wasn’t for you!” Bi Ningshuai felt quite wronged. He rubbed the bottom of his trousers and jumped back up, wishing to fight Wang Meng to the death. However, a sharp edge ripped through the air and a black figure stood before him. The tip of a sword was touching his throat, a sword with a frightening glimmer.

Bi Ningshuai felt his soul being sealed by the sword’s light, so he didn’t dare to lift a single finger.

Wang Meng thrust his sky piercer forward with lightning speed towards the sudden intruder.

“Boom!” This black figure didn’t bother to turn. They used one finger to point at the tip of the spear. A dark layer of ice appeared and froze Wang Meng’s entire arm. He became stuck with the spear and couldn’t move at all.

Just a single finger was enough for this person to subdue Wang Meng!

“Speak, who are you?” The person dressed in black questioned them with a sword that was seemingly growing colder.

It was the voice of a woman!

“Beauty, we’re actually good people! Can you put your sword away first though?” Bi Ningshuai shuddered with cold sweats pouring down his skin.

Su Xue replied: “Good people? I specialize in killing good people.”

“No, the truth is that I’m a bad guy, there’s no bad deed that I shy away from.” Bi Ningshuai felt like crying.

She emotionlessly responded: “I kill even more bad people.”

Tears were truly coming out this time for Bi Ningshuai: “Grandma, what do you actually want?”

Su Xue said: “Tell me what’s going on inside.”

“I will never do something like betraying my friend… ah! Stop, it is too passionate inside. Beauty, it is better if you don’t go in.” His legs went weak so he directly dropped to the ground.

Su Xue glared at him with disdain before slashing down the array by the window. Her body moved like a phantom and flew inside.

Feng Feiyun had already put on his robes and was tying his belt. He only managed to put on half of his heavy armor. When Su Xue appeared, he stared at her and smiled: “Miss Su, your sense of vigilance is indeed superb. Unfortunately, you are too late, haha, and have missed a good show.”

Feng Feiyun put on the gauntlets and thigh protectors while laughing freely.

Su Xue was shrouded in a black robe as well as a black veil. She glanced towards the bed and saw a stunning body lying there. Blood was dripping down her white and supple legs. The fox-fur blanket was stained with dots of blood.

She withdrew her gaze and her sword floated in front of her. She became quite cautious as her sword spewed out a ray that almost turned into a physical entity that spanned three feet.

Su Xue said: “You are quite bold, daring to sleep with Lu Liwei. When she recovers, she won’t forgive you.”

With his armor back on, Feng Feiyun played with his saber and smiled: “The women I have slept with all told me this before, but I’m still fine and well.”

She replied: “That’s because you haven’t met a woman that can kill you.”

He smiled: “If I sleep with you, then I would be dead for sure.”

“I hate frivolous men the most.” Her figure suddenly disappeared, likewise with the flying sword. One could only hear the urgent sound of a sword slash.

Feng Feiyun’s body flashed as well as he shifted three feet away. Su Xue appeared right where he was standing and her sword ray devoured his afterimage. She disappeared again after seeing the strike fail to connect.

Her strength far exceeded his imagination; she wasn’t weaker than Nalan Xuezang at all. Moreover, she cultivated the heretical art, “Imperceptible Blood Shadow.” Even his divine intents couldn’t detect her.

His eyes turned serious as he slashed to the left, striking Su Xue’s shadow that had just appeared. The black veiled hat shattered along with her body, turning into a bloody mist.

Did the slash just now kill her? No! 

Feng Feiyun quickly retreated as a sword swung by his ear, taking off some strands of hair.

The bloody mist converged again and turned into a woman as cold as ice. This woman couldn’t be considered beautiful in parts. Her eyes were ordinary and her nose wasn’t tall. The lips weren’t sexy enough, but all of these ordinary features combined gave her a different style that was comparable to a traditional beauty with fine features.

Her sword was even more terrifying, like water that could invade any area. The next slash trapped the room with sword shadows before turning into a group of sword lotuses.

Feng Feiyun didn’t hold back and unleashed the second saber variation, the Nine Firmaments Slash! It cut through all the sword shadows and rendered her into a bloody mist for the second time.

“Whoosh!” Another sword came straight from above for his head. This was a slash that had a chill that could freeze the scalp. Feng Feiyun directly punched forward with three separate forces of eight qilins and shattered the sword ray.

Su Xue appeared once more with a completely different appearance from before. At this moment, she looked around the age of fourteen or fifteen — pure and pretty with a cold gaze.

This was his first time seeing something so strange. Even his phoenix gaze couldn’t tell which was her true appearance. Perhaps neither was her original form.

This method was even more bizarre than the illusion arts of wisdom masters. It looked like she could materialize herself after being rendered to smithereens.

She declared: “I am immortal, you can’t kill me.”

“No one is immortal in this world, this is only a blood condensation physique art. If I kill you one hundred times, you will surely die. However, I’m not here to kill you, only to capture you.” He smirked. Before he even finished speaking, he appeared next to her and grabbed her wrist to immobilize her.

“Boom!” Her arm suddenly turned into a bloody mist again while she moved nine steps back with a series of strange steps. She flew out of the room and into the hallway. However, a divine pot that looked like a skull flew in the air and suppressed her.

This was the Blood-being Exalted Pot. It was initially taken away by Monk Jiu Rou, but Bi Ningshuai stole it back.

“Where do you think you’re running?” Ningshuai worked together with Wang Meng to use this murderous artifact. A magnificent power in the form of a bloody cloud descended towards her head.

“Blood-being Exalted Pot!” She was startled. A seven-colored brilliance shot out from her dantian. An old man with a black robe emerged; he was as thin as a piece of timber and had a hunchback, but he exuded a terrifying bloodthirst.

This old man was a true monster. Just his image alone carried boundless terror and actually managed to stop the exalted pot.

Su Xue opened the way by swinging her sword upward in order to break through from the roof. However, she only managed to peek out before seven old diagrams from above pushed her back down. They lit up like seven voids with one black ring floating in the center.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun was standing on the roof and used the spirit power of his ring to push Su Xue back down.

All the guests in the restaurant were alarmed. They couldn’t move at all because of the auras of the Infinite Spirit Ring and the exalted pot. Some even dropped to the ground and fainted.

Of course, some of them had amazing cultivations and could withstand the power of the spirit treasure.

Bi Ningshuai shouted: “Feng Daniu, a Grand Historical Genius, is trying to flirt here. You bystanders better be smart and not get involved.”

Some people who originally wanted to take action immediately backed off after hearing the name Feng Daniu. This was a madman of the Grand Historical level who dared to even kill top heretical experts. Who would dare to go against him right now?

Who was this girl he was fighting against?

The other heretical geniuses naturally saw this as well and rushed out of their rooms. One of them yelled: “Feng Daniu, you are being too arrogant. You dare vie for our school’s beauties?!”

“Poof!” This heretic only managed to take out nine talismans, he didn’t even have time to fire them since his heart had been pierced by a spirit ray. There was a hole the size of a fist with blood gushing out.

“Fools, I am not going for them since I have already slept with your goddess, Lu Liwei. It was actually her first time. She was very seductive and had an incredible body, truly worthy of being the prettiest of the Tenth Hall. Keke, thanks a lot!” Feng Feiyun laughed.

The heretics gritted their teeth in anger while their hearts bled. They never even had the chance to touch Liwei’s finger while this brute had already taken her. They simply couldn’t bear to imagine the scene of Liwei being ravaged by Feng Daniu.

This goddamn animal!

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