Chapter 317: Pushing Liwei Down

The light of the lamp was as small as a bean. A beauty under a lamp was even more charming.

Lu Liwei was currently lying on a bed under this lamp. The bed was made from bronze and covered with a big blanket made out of fox fur sprinkled with perfume. There was also some wine nearby.

She wore a tight, multi-layered gown, but this didn’t conceal her curvy and perfect figure. She held a jar of wine while lying on the soft bed. This cold jar was fitting snugly in her proud and plump breasts.

The fragrant plumes of the wine drifted in the air and could seemingly condense into a pretty scene of blossoming flowers. Its faint fragrance flew around the room and surrounded her delicate body.

Her jade-like feet were exposed. They weren’t overly fat nor thin; they were delicate and soft as she gently stretched them out. One would feel an impulsive temptation to lift up the rest of her skirt.

“Miss Liwei, you are indeed a great beauty of the contemporary…” Daniu finally finished a sentence despite his slow-witted speech.

Lu Liwei smiled. Her starry eyes turned into crescents in a soul-stealing manner as she sweetly spoke: “Haha, Commander, you really know how to make a girl happy. Why do I feel that you are only saying this because you want this good wine?”

“How could that be? No wine in this world can match your beauty.” Daniu was sweating all over as he felt unbelievably tense like a virgin visiting a brothel for the first time.

Her lovely brows frowned as she dejectedly asked: “Then why are you staying so far away from me, are you afraid that I will eat you?”

“I’ll be the one doing the eating!” Daniu couldn’t contain himself any longer and directly leaped on her. Alas, all he grabbed was the jar of wine.

Liwei’s slender body was as agile as a snake. She drifted behind him like the wind and stood there smiling with her hand on her chin.

‘What an impatient perverted. If I don’t completely enchant you into obediently licking my feet, my name won’t be Lu Liwei anymore.’ She thought to herself with a mocking glimmer in her eyes.

Daniu turned around and sat down on the bed while holding the wine jar. His eyes had an uncontainable excitement as he laughed and shouted: “You are a little temptress!”

“I am, come and catch me!” She squinted her eyes in a charming fashion and beckoned with her fingers. Under the lamplight, her figure seemed even slimmer, causing the blood of men to boil. This was indeed a seductive temptress.

“Boom!” Daniu put down the jar. He had drunk too much earlier so his reaction time has worsened, but he still leaped over with great speed like an eagle and instantly took Liwei into his embrace.

Suddenly, the beauty in his arms shattered into pieces. It was only a phantom image.

“I’m over here, over here…” Liwei’s voice came from behind a pink curtain along with a laughter as clear as a ringing bell. When Daniu moved to the other side of the curtain, he found the beauty sitting inside a large barrel for bathing. Her clothes were hanging on the edge of the barrel, including her faint pink bra.

This was a scene so stimulating that anyone’s blood would start to churn, so even though Feng Feiyun knew that this was all an act, he still felt himself losing control. All ten of the prettiest beauties of the heretical schools were extremely stunning.

He took one step at a time towards the water barrel!

Liwei kept on throwing her seductive gaze while taking off the green pin holding together her bun. She swung her neck back and forth, letting her long hair flutter before draping down into the water filled with flower petals.

Daniu stood beside the barrel and could smell the flowers as well as the fragrance of her hair. He stared intensely at her cheeks with beads of water dripping down towards her chest hiding in the water.

“Haha, am I pretty?” Liwei gently rubbed her shoulders, neck, and breasts while ignoring Daniu’s blatant red-eyed glare.

Who was aware that such an elegant and knowledgeable saintess like Liwei could take a bath like this while letting a man look at her seductive figure?

“Naturally.” This was Daniu’s true thought.

“Do you want to see more?” Liwei smiled.

He replied: “Only a fool wouldn’t!”

“Give me your hand then.” Liwei reached out with some water droplets falling from her fingers. Red plum petals were stuck to her fair arms.

He slightly bent over and reached forward. She grabbed his wrist and pulled it into the water towards her chest while being very satisfied with his current awkward appearance.

His hand passed through the petals and into the water while he intensely stared at her half-exposed snow-white breasts. He could feel his lips drying up; it was as if his throat was on fire.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a sense of danger appeared in his mind. He quickly pulled back as her eyes turned profoundly dark and shot out an evil ray.

This was one of the twelve great heretical techniques of the Senluo Temple — Heaven Restoration Gaze. It was capable of obliterating the soul and imprisoning the divine intents.

Two blazing strands of fire rushed out of Feiyun’s eyes and erased the evil ray. Liwei was slightly astonished, but she wasn’t flustered. She stood up and revealed her exquisite body in front of him like a white hibiscus in water. The ring on her hand that was clutching Feiyun’s wrist turned into a dark bracelet and aimed for his wrist.

This was a blood seal bracelet. If Feng Feiyun left his hand in the water for another split second, it would have latched onto his wrist.

This woman was quite scheming and careful. Even with her Heaven Restoration Gaze, she still refined this bracelet just in case. With these two things, even Grand Historical Geniuses would be enslaved by her.

A five-colored brilliance shot out from his palm and blew away the blood bracelet. It slammed into the window lattice and made a flashing ripple without penetrating through completely. She had already prepared an array in the room in order to isolate it.

With a changed expression, she rolled up a thin silk by the barrel and covered her slender body before turning into a beautiful arc to escape.

Both of her strategies had been defeated so she didn’t dare to linger around.

“Haha, Miss Liwei, where are you going?” Daniu’s speed was countless times faster than hers. He grabbed her wrist with his big hand and, with a sudden swing, he threw her onto the bed.

She exclaimed: “You aren’t drunk?!”

He slowly paced towards her like a ravenous wolf cornering a little lamb and smiled: “It was all water. Not to mention ten, even one hundred jars wouldn’t do a thing.”

Liwei was clever enough to understand everything right away. As a seventh-ranked wisdom master, she had unexpectedly fallen to another’s scheme. This was her own intelligence bringing her down.

“It’s that Scholar Heaven Calculating severing the heaven’s eyes again or I would have felt the danger.” Her eyes turned cold as she gritted her teeth.

“Haha, this room is indeed a paradise on earth.” Daniu looked around with an emphasis on Liwei in her messy clothing while issuing a creepy laughter.

“Hmph, Feng Daniu, touch a finger of mine and the Tenth Hall will annihilate you.” There was no sign of fear in her eyes because she believed he wouldn’t dare to do anything.

“Sigh, smart women always think they’re right.” Daniu took off his armor and threw it to the side.

This was a young man dressed in a scholarly robe, completely different from the brute she imagined. Perhaps everyone had this same misunderstanding.

This was the daoist uniform of the Wanxiang Pagoda.

She instantly realized: “So this Thousand-man Commander act was only a fabrication of the pagoda. I can’t believe you actually fooled all the elites of the heretical schools.”

“Now do you still think I don’t dare to do anything to you?” He spoke again with his original voice while crawling onto the bed and raising her chin with two fingers.

She retorted: “I still don’t!”

“What if I tell you that I’m Feng Feiyun, the son of the demon. Do you still think I won’t do it?” He gazed at her in order to catch all of her emotions.

Who was Feng Feiyun? In the eyes of the heretical disciples, he was a monster because he dared to rape Bai Ruxue, the prettiest of the Fourth Hall. It would be difficult to find a second man as courageous as him in this world.

“You…” She was really scared this time. Not even in her wildest dreams would she expect that the man ahead was Feng Feiyun. Suddenly, she thought about the many rumors surrounding him, such as his nine dragons pillar, ten days and ten nights, fucking till death…” [1]

If she knew that Daniu was Feiyun, she would never have tried to tempt this sex lunatic. She would seduce anyone else before attempting to seduce him! Alas, it was too late for regret.

She tried to flee for her life again, but Feiyun easily captured her. This time around, she was stripped naked.

She wanted to shout, but Feng Feiyun blocked all attempts by assaulting her lips with his own. She wanted to struggle, but her hands had been tied above her head while her legs were pushed straight down by his other arm.

A woman’s intelligence could be her own demise at times. Once such a mistake happens, she must pay a heavy price.

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