Chapter 316: Smart Woman

A jar could hold ten bowls of wine.

At this moment, there were six empty jars. The wine inside had been poured into this commander’s belly. The Immortal Toppling Seven Bowls seemed to be completely ineffective against him. Not to mention seven bowls, even seven jars couldn’t do anything to him.

Everyone stared at him dumbfounded. A bald man couldn’t believe it and also called for a jar of the same wine. However, after just three bowls, he dropped head first onto the table and began to snore.

“That hits the spot!” The commander crazily drank the last jar and threw the bronze bowl down to the ground. This scared the crap out of the manager as he retreated far away. He was afraid that if this drunkard were to slap him, there would be nothing left of his head.

He directly held the last jar over his head and gulped everything down. He staggered a bit after finishing and dropped the jar on the table before wobbling outside.

The manager saw this and felt quite anxious. He hurriedly ran forward and said: “Sir, ten jars comes to 36,000 gold coins altogether.”

“What? Thirty, thirty-six thousand what?” The commander was extremely drunk and couldn’t speak clearly.

“36,000 gold coins.” The manager had a bad feeling about this.

“No money!” This person with incredible tolerance had his fill and was staggering left and right with slurred speech.

“No money?” The smile on the manager’s face disappeared. His finger shot out a ray straight to the sky. In an instant, more than ten silver armored men came out like soldiers from the heavens. Their weapon of choice was the spear, ones that weighed more than a thousand pounds. They appeared and surrounded this commander.

This place belonged to the Yin Gou Ward and these battle-hardened fighters were trained to fight to the death.

The manager flung his sleeve and mercilessly commanded: “You think you can dine and dash at Yin Gou’s property? Are you tired of living? Break his legs for me.”

Despite losing his strength from being too drunk, the commander’s mind was still quite clear. He assumed a defensive posture, but his hands were trembling and he was unable to gather energy in his dantian.

These young heretics saw this scene and laughed in response. This Feng Daniu was quite something, trying to dine and dash at a Yin Gou restaurant. It looks like he’ll get a good beating this time.

Lu Liwei’s starry eyes had a strange glimmer of wisdom. While the rest of her peers watched in astonishment, she took out a golden note and smiled: “He is my friend so his drinks are on me.”

A golden light shot out from her finger. In the blink of an eye, it fell into the old manager’s hand. This was a note worth 50,000 gold coins.

The old man smiled with squinted eyes after receiving the note. Of course, nothing could be better than having someone pay, so he quickly commanded for the fighters to back down.

After this short jolt, the commander sobered up a little and looked up towards the upper floor while slurring his words: “Friend, you are quite generous.”

“Of course. There are wines even better than the Immortal Toppling Seven Bowls up here, do you want a taste, Commander Feng?” Her voice was sweet enough that any man would surely want to take a look at her appearance.

A woman with such a beautiful voice couldn’t be bad-looking at all. Every man wanted to be a hero that saves damsels in distress. Of course, being saved by a beauty was even better.

How could he not go up and see this generous beauty after experiencing this pleasant event?

The other heretical geniuses didn’t understand why Lu Liwei chose this course of action. Feng Daniu had forced the heretics to leave the Apricot Manor in a depressing manner, but now when he made a fool out of himself, why bother to save him?

Liu Chengfeng, on the other hand, understood her intent and lamented in his mind: “Such a smart woman. Feng Daniu is a simple brute, the easiest Grand Historical Genius to win over. Liwei is probably trying to use a clever method to recruit him.”

“Boom!” The doors were pushed opened as Feng Daniu casually walked in. He looked around and noticed that these were disciples from the heretical schools. His eyes narrowed as he quickly took two steps back, intending to leave this place.

“Commander Feng, there’s no need to be alarmed. We will only drink today, please forget about other grievances.” The beautiful Liwei personally poured and presented him a cup with both of her long and slender hands.

She was indeed an elegant beauty with no trace of coldness like the other heretics. On the contrary, she appeared to be a scholarly woman with an affinity that others couldn’t refuse.

Feng Daniu stared straight at her charming smile without blinking!

All of the other heretics were cursing him in their minds. This Feng Daniu was too lecherous, no wonder he declared to make all of the top beauties from the Senluo Temple his mistresses.

“Cough, cough, was it you who paid for my drinks earlier? How should I repay you?” From beginning to end, Daniu was staring at Liwei’s face as he walked forward like a perverted fiend. He accepted her cup and even tightly grabbed her hand without letting go.

Liwei didn’t expect this man to be lured so easily. As long as there were fine wine and pretty girls, this Grand Historical Genius shall be hers.

A Grand Historical Genius will be a Grand Historical Giant in one hundred years. This was a supreme level of Giant. Of course, these talented youths would naturally have an invincible momentum and boundless battle potential upon reaching this cultivation realm.

“Cough!” Zhu Xiaolian couldn’t watch this any longer and dryly coughed while staring at Feng Feiyun with an unfriendly gaze.

He was a heaven-defying genius from the Tenth Hall and had been courting Liwei for several years. He listened to all of her commands, so he naturally couldn’t bear to watch this brute take advantage of the goddess of his dreams.

Daniu finished the cup and threw it towards Zhu Xiaolian: “Boy, who do you think you’re glaring at?!”

Even though it was a simple throw, his power was immense. The cup flew out like a small comet as a flame ignited on the cup. It melted into an iron ball under the high temperature.

A one-meter-wide circular array shot out from Xiaolian’s palm with flowing runes like a divine shield.

“Boom!” The array was instantly shattered as the iron ball slammed into his palm, issuing a bone-breaking sound. It seems that his arm has been crippled.

“Feng Daniu, I want to fight you!” Despite his broken arm, Xiaolian was still as vicious as ever and summoned a bloody sail.

Liwei scolded: “Xiaolian, back off!”

“Liwei!” He naturally didn’t want to.

“Commander Feng is my friend. I told you to back off, did you not hear me?” Her pretty eyes turned cold.

“I can’t back down this time…” He couldn’t finish before vomiting blood, indignation evident in his eyes. He pointed at Liwei while falling down. There was a one-foot-long blood needle in his throat. Blood dripped down from the wound and splashed up into the air.

This needle was initially pinned to the table, but Liwei waved her sleeve, sending out a spirit wave over it so that it moved and penetrated Xiaolian’s throat.

She indifferently said: “Those who are disobedient don’t need to live.”

This was indeed a woman from the heretical schools. One would be tricked if they only judged a woman by their appearance. These heretical women were even more decisive and ruthless than men, even against those who liked them.

The other geniuses felt uncomfortable while strangely staring at Liwei.

Only Su Xue in the corner was unperturbed. Ever since Daniu entered, she gave him a slight glance before going back to gently caress her sword with her sculpted fingers.

“Haha, excuse us for the unpleasantry.” Liwei’s smile was still as seductive as before as she acted in a feminine manner. Who could link her to a ruthless murderer when she looked like this?

Daniu cheerfully smiled: “Miss, may I ask which hall you are from?”

She smiled: “I am Lu Liwei from the Tenth Hall, but you can just call me Liwei.”

“Miss Liwei.” Daniu shyly replied.

“Commander Feng, what do you think about our Tenth Hall?” Liwei began her circuitous persuasion.

Daniu was still staring at her. If it wasn’t for the other heretical geniuses present, he might have jumped at this seductive temptress already. “Hehe, I thought it was a wretched and evil place, but right now, I feel that the Tenth Hall must be heaven on earth.”

“Haha, Commander, would you like to be our guest at this heaven on earth?” Liwei took the initiative. It was too easy for her to handle a simple brute like Daniu.

“Hehe, any place with you is a paradise.” He looked a bit silly with his laughter.

“I booked a room in this restaurant and was going to stay there alone, but now…” Liwei mused it through. In order to straighten out this brute, the best way was to take him to bed. As long as he laid down, he would listen to all of her orders soon after.

Daniu replied: “It’s not just a room, it is a paradise with you in it.”

Liwei laughed before pulling his sleeve towards the room upstairs.

The other geniuses glanced at each other and sighed: “Feng Daniu has fallen to the enemy. Just watch, Lu Liwei will turn him into a slave beneath her dress. Plus, the brute won’t be able to even touch her.” [1]

[1] Slave beneath her dress is a historical phrase, mostly used to describe a seductress or a powerful woman. It originated from Yang Guifei or Imperial Consort Yang and Emperor Xuanzong. She is one of the four great historical beauties of China. There is a long story to this, but the short version is that the smitten emperor ordered all of his officials to kneel before her, hence the “beneath her dress” phrase that is quite commonly used. It is often used as a joke or a sexual metaphor. A cool side-note is that Yang Guifei was considered to be slightly plump or chubby, and this affected a whole generation of standards for beauty.

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