Chapter 315: Lu Liwei And Su Xue

“The number one beauty of the Third Hall, Bi Xianxian, has disappeared along the way to Radiance.”

Even though the upper echelons of the Third Hall tried to contain this news, it was still leaked in the end.

A furor broke out among the cultivators in Radiance!

Bi Xianxian wasn’t an ordinary woman. Rumor has it that even the Third Lord had suffered in her hands before, so of course there would be a big commotion when a smart and powerful woman like her disappears.

The heretics of the ten halls noticed that something was strange about this and felt a crisis looming over them.

“There’s no way Feng Daniu caught her, right?” Many people thought about the recently famous Thousand-man Commander. This was a man who was completely fearless and even declared his intention to capture the ten prettiest girls from the heretical schools. Only a few days have passed, yet Bi Xianxian has disappeared — this was too much of a coincidence.

Of course, some suspected that it was Feng Feiyun as well. After all, he had done something similar in the past by tying Bai Ruxue to a tree. Maybe this son of the demon was out “hunting” again.

Alas, no one linked Feiyun and Daniu together. After all, their techniques were too different. One was a crafty and dashing young man while the other was a burly Thousand-man Commander. They couldn’t possibly be the same person.

The Third Lord was enraged and the cultivators from the previous generations were alarmed. They began to urgently search for Bi Xianxian’s whereabouts.

Bai Ruxue from the Fourth Hall was raped by Feng Feiyun, so they became the laughingstock of all the heretical schools. The Third Hall naturally didn’t want to follow in their footsteps.

A Vice-Leader of the Third Hall ordered: “If the same misfortune befalls Bi Xianxian, don’t bring her back after finding her.” The rest of the disciples naturally understood the implications behind this.

While the Third Hall was in shambles, inside a restaurant in Radiance, a hot plate of steamed bull with an elegant spoon being brought inside room seven by a maid dressed in white.

This restaurant was even more extravagant than the imperial palace with a great flow of customers. The dishes and drinks here were outrageously priced so that only cultivators could afford them.

It was also extremely spacious with curtains separating the different sections. Female musicians were playing zithers while maids were serving food. It truly wasn’t easy to find such an enjoyable location in Radiance.

Many heretical disciples were in room seven, and they all had incredible backgrounds. It was clear that they were all rising geniuses of this generation. The men were handsome while the women extremely beautiful. One of these ladies was as pretty as a fairy lost in the mortal realm. She had a strange aura that others couldn’t help but love.

“Today has been very bizarre. I went to see the small stream where it happened and personally investigated the scene. There were no signs of a big battle.” Liu Chengfeng had recovered completely with an aura stronger than before. The fight with Ji Feng had improved his cultivation; he was now only one step away from the Earth Tribulation.

He carefully took out an iron box and opened it to reveal a blood needle.

The heretical experts took a look and gasped: “This is Bi Xianxian’s needle.”

“She is already at the top of grand achievement with 320 opened meridians, how could she be captured without putting up a fight?”

“That stream is only 3,000 miles away from Radiance. If a big fight broke out, our experts in the city would have noticed right away. This showed that someone subdued her within three moves.” Lu Liwei’s peach lips elegantly opened.

She was the prettiest in the Tenth Hall, full of wisdom and intelligence with a mind for scheming. This was a rank seven wisdom master.

She reached out with her jade finger and touched the blood needle. A slight ripple stirred at the tip as a spirit mirror appeared before everyone.

This was the “Lucidity Mirror”, a wisdom master’s ability. It could show what happened in the past.

A spiritual light appeared, playing back the scene. The small stream appeared.

“Boom!” The mirror shattered. A worldly force crushed Liwei’s fingers. Blood spread all the way up her arm as if this force wanted to shatter her entire body.

The prodigies worked together to support her and finally stop this power of time and space.

Liwei was still frightened and had a solemn gaze: “Someone has severed all seering capabilities, no one can guess who took Bi Xianxian away.”

“Just who is amazing enough to cut off even the eyes of the heavens?” One of the disciples was astonished.

Liwei elaborated: “Not only did they sever the eyes of the heavens, they also activated the heavenly bloodthirst. If you all didn’t help earlier, I would have died just now.”

Everyone took in a deep breath. Just who was this frightening character? This was someone capable of severing the eyes of the heavens as well and inciting its punishment. It must be a mythical character.

Su Xue emotionlessly asked: “Can you guess who did it?”

Dressed in pure black with a rain hat, she was the prettiest in the Fifth Hall. She was sitting in the farthest corner while holding an ordinary iron sword. No one here dared to approach her.

The first time anyone heard her name, they would call her Su Xue. Only she herself knew that her name was actually Su Xue. [1. The characters for Xue sound the same. The first one means snow while the second means blood.]

She never explained it to others since she considered it too much effort. This was a very strange girl who never had a friend. She didn’t even allow anyone to be within three steps of her. The only person who got that close without dying was the Fifth Lord. However, he paid the price of a severed hand.

Few had seen her true appearance, but everyone called her the prettiest in her own hall. Perhaps she was not beautiful and might even be ugly. However, her mysterious nature made people’s imaginations run wild. Who knows if she was beautiful or not?

All of the disciples here, including Liu Chengfeng, were slightly wary of her. They stared at her with a strange gaze and deliberately stayed far away. Why? Su Xue was one of the three most frightening geniuses in the current heretical generation. She was on the same level as Nalan Xuezang and might even be scarier.

While Xuezang had nine swords, she only had one. However, she had killed even more people than Xuezang.

A glimmer prettier than starlight flash in Liwei’s eyes: “In the entire Jin Dynasty, less than three characters are capable of severing the eyes of the heavens in addition to channeling its bloodthirst, and only one of them capable of this is in Radiance.”

After hearing this, everyone here could guess who it was!

Liu Chengfeng murmured: “Scholar Heaven Calculating...”

“The scholar and Yan Ziyu have arrived in Trinity. The fight between the pagoda and the heretical schools will formally begin soon. Capturing Bi Xianxian is their form of counterattacking.”

Another disciple voiced his concerns: “Miss Lu and Miss Su, please be careful to avoid being involved in an incident like Bai Ruxue and Bi Xianxian. Their next target might be you two.”

“Boom!” At this time, a rough man could be heard shouting outside: “Move, move it! I’m here to drink, bring me your best wine right now, ten jars!” 

A maid around the age of eighteen replied: “Sir, our wine isn’t cheap.”

This beautiful restaurant was a property of the Yin Gou Ward. The maids working here all had keen insight and could tell that this man ahead was only a Thousand-man Commander, judging by his armor. Not to mention ten jars, he couldn’t afford to pay for a single bowl.

Her tone was respectful, but her mind was far from it.

“Boom!” The Thousand-man Commander slammed the two-foot thick table and left a huge palmprint: “What do you mean?! You think I can’t afford it? Do you know who I am?!”

This commander had quite a temper and a thunderous voice. The maid turned pale from fear and almost fell to the ground, paralyzed.

The commotion attracted the attention of the manager. He yelled at the maid and quickly appeased this commander. Things quickly subsided as ten jars of the best wine were brought up. The wine here was indeed amazing; its aroma permeated the entire restaurant.

This manager was quite nervous as he accompanied the commander. He kept talking the whole time: “Sir, this is the ‘Immortal Toppling Seven Bowls.’ It’s very strong, ordinary people would fall drunk after taking in just one drop. A cultivator who can handle three bowls is already amazing. Even a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator would fall to the ground after the seventh bowl.”

The commander drank one after another. In the blink of an eye, he poured five bowls into his belly while showing no signs of getting drunk.

“Sir, can you slow down a bit and savor it? Each drop is worth 50 gold coins!” The manager felt the pain as he watched this commander gulp down the wine.

Others would use a small cup and drink this type of wine slowly, but this commander finished ten bowls in the blink of an eye.

Was he the reincarnation of a wine god? He actually drank ten bowls without getting drunk!

Everyone looked over at this Thousand-man Commander in amazement. They were curious to see just how many bowls he could finish.

The geniuses from the heretical schools also paid attention to the commander in the main lobby. The moment they saw him, they exclaimed at the same time: “It’s Feng Daniu!”

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