Chapter 313: Operation Falcon

Ever since the Heaven’s Emergence Icy Palace appeared, Trinity had been caught in a relentless snowstorm. It was definitely a disaster for the ordinary folks in this county. Some froze to death while others starved from the famine. Of course, the evil corpses also had their feasts… Too few managed to survive.

The only truly inhabitable location was Radiance. The safest place in this city was the Yin Gou Ward because no one would dare to cause trouble there.

It had a total of nine floors with copper pillars and cornices as decorations. These pillars were two meters thick, so it looked like a great palace. It was naturally a forbidden and heavily guarded area. Even a fly coming through the windows would be killed instantly by the defensive arrays, leaving behind only a speck of ash.

However, the most fortified area was the treasury with all the high-ranking spirit artifacts. The older cultivators from the clan guarded this treasury, so no one could take a single step inside without permission.

Of course, this most secure place was also the safest.

This was where Feng Feiyun found Bi Ningshuai. His face was just as black as before and his body looked like a piece of charcoal. At this moment, he wasn’t fleeing for his life, contrary to Feiyun’s expectations.

Instead of being downtrodden, he was actually enjoying himself!

“This forked half-phoenix wing is good! Fat but not overly greasy, it has a nice texture as well. I’m sure only half-phoenixes around three hundred years old would have this taste. Any younger and they wouldn’t be this good.

“This heated western plum wine has been stored for seven hundred years. Rumor has it that there are less than one hundred jars in the entire dynasty. This is some good wine!”

Bi Ningshuai and Wang Meng were sitting there with meter-long wings in their hands, biting down on them nonstop. They had large bowls of wine as well along with four maids in pigtails and purple dresses serving them.

This scene was very different from what Feng Feiyun imagined.

“Brother Feng, you’re finally here!”

“Uncle, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” After seeing him, the two of them quickly let go of their food and pulled up a chair for him in a very attentive manner to let him sit.

Feng Feiyun was full of questions, but he didn’t have time to ask before two maids brought him a bronze cup and poured the same plum wine for him. The air of this wine was as hot as fire.

Little Demoness also climbed on a stool and ignored Feng Feiyun glaring at her. Using a pair of chopsticks, she gave her kitty some ox bones. This white kitty really liked eating bones; it started chewing on them right away.

He realized that the girl tricked him into coming here. She looked quite cute and pure like a little loli, but she could also deceive people without blinking at all.

“Congratulations, Brother Feng, for entering the Grand Historical Genius level. I admire you the most, cheers.” Bi Ningshuai stood up and pulled up his sleeves before presenting the cup in a very warm and familiar manner.

Feng Feiyun remained still and didn’t respond to the gesture!

Wang Meng’s eyes glanced around as he also patted his thigh and gave a toast: “Congratulations, Uncle. You swept through the top heretical geniuses and your name is now known everywhere. This cup is dedicated to you.”

Feng Feiyun chuckled and said: “If you two don’t out with it, we won’t be drinking this wine.”

These two were acting very strange right now. All of this just to invite him to the Yin Gou Ward? Was it only to congratulate him?

Bi Ningshuai was a cheap swindler who always took advantage of others, it was never the other way around. This was a man who would be sad to give someone water, let alone wine.

If it looked strange, something must be wrong! Those who bite speak with a soft tone, those who capture people look friendly, and those who try to trick others would act weak on purpose.

Feng Feiyun didn’t dare to drink this wine!

Wang Meng and Bi Ningshuai glanced at each other before sitting back down.

Ningshuai offered: “You should eat something first. The dishes on this table are worth more than one hundred gold coins each.”

Feng Feiyun smiled again: “If you don’t want to talk, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Having said that, he stood up to leave. The two grew anxious right away and quickly rushed to stop him: “Brother, the truth is that we brought you here to present a great gift to you.”

“You think pie rains from the sky for no reason?” Feng Feiyun still wanted to leave.

“Pie really is falling this time, and it’s a golden pie!” Wang Meng grabbed Feng Feiyun’s neck from behind while Bi Ningshuai had him by his feet. They wouldn’t allow Feiyun to leave no matter what.

Eventually, Feiyun went back to his seat and asked: “Talk already! What the hell is going on?”

“Hehe! We’re about to do some big business, but we need your help in order to succeed.” Ningshuai revealed a mysterious smile.

Feng Feiyun played with the cup for a bit before he finally took a sip. In the meantime, Ningshuai directly communicated with his mind. This was obviously an important matter, and they feared being heard.

“Hehe, Brother Feng, isn’t this right up your alley?”

“Poof!” Feng Feiyun spat out a mouthful of wine all over Ningshuai’s face and exclaimed: “Do you two actually dare to do this? Are you not afraid of being minced to a thousand pieces by the heretics?”

“Keke, the pagoda and the heretical schools are already fighting. Even if we don’t do it, we’ll still be chopped to pieces after being captured by them.” Wang Meng’s temper was as fiery as ever as he slammed his fist on the table.

Ningshuai wiped the wine off his face and chimed in: “Indeed, this is a great opportunity. You can become famous on top of taking in some beauties. Most importantly, this will be a great blow to those arrogant heretics, so why not do it?”

Feng Feiyun pondered for a moment and asked: “Is this why you came to me?”

Ningshuai smiled: “I heard you have done some bandit’s business before, an expert at bullying women. If I don’t come to you for this, who else would I go to?”

Feiyun glared at Wang Meng, causing him to lower his head. He continued drinking while completely avoiding Feiyun’s gaze.

Feiyun looked at Ningshuai and said: “The ten prettiest girls of the heretical schools are all extraordinary. Capturing any one of them is already difficult, let alone all ten.”

Although he had declared his intention of making these beauties his mistresses, it was definitely all talk. To actually go through with it was quite difficult because it might provoke the older generation of the heretical schools. It would no longer be a joke at that point.

“That’s why we have to do a good job planning.” Ningshuai whispered: “Capture one and you can get three millennium spirit grasses as a reward. Capture all ten and that’s thirty roots already, what is this if not a golden pie falling down from the sky?”

Feng Feiyun was at grand achievement God Base, and he urgently needed these spirit grasses. As long as he had enough, he could reach the peak of this level in a short amount of time and try to break through to first level Heaven’s Mandate.

This was indeed an offer he couldn’t refuse, but if he could be egged on this easily by someone, he wouldn’t be Feng Feiyun.

“To put it simply, you are treating these spirit grasses like cabbages. Not to mention three, just a single grass is already extremely hard to find, so who the hell can get thirty?” Feng Feiyun had someone in mind, but he asked anyway.

“Others can’t afford it, but my Yin Gou Ward can.” Manager Dongfang of the ward pushed apart the doors and walked in with a friendly smile on his slightly chubby face.

Feng Feiyun seemed to have known that the manager was standing outside, so he wasn’t surprised in the slightest. He sat there quietly while thinking to himself.

“Does the Yin Gou Ward really dare to do any business? Are you not afraid of offending the ten heretical halls?” Feng Feiyun asked with a sigh.

It looked like the Yin Gou Ward was the buyer of this big business; they wanted the ten beauties of the heretical schools. Of course, the real price between Dongfang and Ningshuai was still unknown. This was a big transaction indeed.

“The Yin Gou Ward is a business. Plus, we haven’t done anything, so why should we be afraid?” Dongfang Yiye was very crafty and came from the main Yin Gou Clan. This was an extraordinary character with great strategic vision.

Feng Feiyun came around and nodded his head: “So you came to me to push me to the front of the waves to become a rapist? The target of all the heretical experts?”

Wang Meng firmly declared: “Not a rapist, a hero who defends traditional and moral principles from the heretics. So many of our pagoda’s female disciples have been ruined by those bastards. They are still living in hell at this very moment. This is the time for a character like you to appear and reverse the tides. Just how exciting is this?! Uncle, this is the time for you to make your mark!”

Ningshuai covered up his face and acted as if tears were falling down. He threw his cup down to the ground and indignantly exclaimed with a slightly sobbing voice: “Brother Feng, are we really so wretched and immoral in your eyes?”

Yiye added with a smile: “Brother Feng, you really are misunderstanding Young Noble Bi’s intention. The truth is that the one to do all of this isn’t Feng Feiyun, the son of the demon, but the Thousand-man Commander, Feng Daniu.”

Feng Feiyun raised his brow and pondered some more. After a while, he said: “Why does it have to be me?”

“Because you have said so outside of the Apricot Manor. It will be perfectly reasonable for such things to happen now.” The tears in Ningshuai’s eyes disappeared right away.

Wang Meng solemnly stated: “The main thing is that this will be a great blow to the heretics, and it could even determine the outcome of the duel at the sacred lake. Uncle, you are not alone in this fight, we are your right and left hands.”

“Yeah, you are not alone! I have come up with a particular code name for this mission. Operation Falcon — what do you think?” Bi Ningshuai looked around and felt quite smug for this name that took him too long to come up with.

Feng Feiyun’s heart shrank a bit. He had involved himself with these criminals, this might not be a reliable endeavor at all!

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