Chapter 311: Feng Daniu, Grand Historical Genius

“Boom!” The broken pieces of armor on the iron man’s body fell down one by one while a great brilliance shot out more than ten meters away!

He bent his legs and leaped forward to unleash a palm with unstoppable momentum!

Nalan Xuezang’s expression slightly dimmed as he felt the force coming to assault him. He quickly jumped back and made another sword seal with his index and middle fingers while pointing forward. All nine swords flew out at the same time, turning into a sword ray shaped like a dragon!

“Whoosh!” The swords’ energy rushed into the sky with a majestic power that gathered at the same place. 

Meanwhile, the iron man’s palm had a diagram of a dragon horse. It flew straight towards the nine swords!

Seven loud bangs came about as the palm slammed into the nine swords seven times. The swords were eventually blown away. Some were pinned into the ground and sank into the mud. Another pierced a wall and flew out of the manor. One was knocked up into the clouds and disappeared from sight.

He actually used his palm to repel all nine swords!

“Boom!” The iron man didn’t stop at all. He rushed above Xuezang’s head and unleashed a ferocious palm. The light from this palm erupted fully. Not to mention a person, even a metal ingot would be crushed to dregs.

Despite his calm expression, Xuezang was actually quite anxious and formed 81 sword mudras in a row. The nine swords flew back and turned into a sword tower.

“Boom!” Another palm shattered this defensive tower and slammed into Xuezang’s chest, causing blood to splash everywhere. His body flew for several dozen meters and broke through a row of apricot trees.

Nevertheless, Xuezang didn’t fall down. He stood firmly on the ground with blood dripping down his body while fiercely glaring at Feng Feiyun.

“Swoosh!” The nine swords descended around him and pinned themselves to the ground.

“Boom!” The iron man landed. The armor plates on his body started to fall to reveal his flawless white skin akin to a newborn baby.

His helmet had shattered, exposing a pair of dark eyes where the black was clearly separated from the white. He immediately began to glare at Xuezang.

“That’s a Grand Historical Genius indeed, but Grand Historical Geniuses aren’t necessarily unbeatable at the same level!” There was a huge red palm print that slightly dented his chest, but his battle intent didn’t diminish in the slightest.

The iron man spoke with a dull voice: “You can say that once you beat me!”

“I won’t waste time speaking nonsense. Today, you will get to observe the tenth sword of the Nine Evil Swords.” Xuezang raised both hands and formed the character for the number ten above his head. A sharp light shot out from his palms.

The nine swords flew up and slowly floated around his body with their blinding glints. A supreme sword intent erupted from his body and materialized. He shot straight up into the sky with this image as well as the other nine swords that were arranged in a formation.

Xuezang was at the front with the Dryshadow Sword right behind him. The Sky-deer, Earthspring, and Mortal King Swords made up the third team. The Grand Flaw, Prestige, Celestial, and Whirling Swords followed right behind them.

The ten swords were like dazzling meteors crossing the sky. Ten swords becoming one was the truest form of the Nine Evil Swords!

The iron man jumped up in order to confront the ten swords.

“Boom! Boom!” A chaotic battle ensued in the sky. This didn’t look like a duel between the younger generation at all, it was more like a crazy match between two seasoned veterans.

The sword energies capable of killing both gods and Buddhas ran rampant!

Human figures and sword shadows came together. One could only hear sharp hymns and explosions, stirring the hearts of the listeners.

When Xuezang had just entered grand achievement God Base, the Tenth Lord at first-level Heaven’s Mandate couldn’t do anything to him due to his nine swords. At this moment, he was at the apex of his realm, so he could even kill first-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.

A heaven-defying genius could surpass two minor levels to kill an enemy. However, the gap between grand achievement God Base and first-level Heaven’s Mandate was an entire realm. Moreover, grand achievement compared to the apex of this particular level was also the same as two minor levels.

Because of this, one must be at the apex of God Base in order to stop a first-level Heaven’s Mandate. Moreover, this is predicated on the first-level Heaven’s Mandate having ordinary talents.

However, those who could enter this realm were all geniuses; they were one in a million.

Thus, in reality, fewer than few grand achievement God Bases could actually fight against Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. Only those at the Grand Historical Genius level or those near it could do so. Nalan Xuezang and Feng Feiyun could currently oppose a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator.

However, the frightening part was that Feng Feiyun had only opened 106 meridians so far.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Bursts of explosions continued. They exchanged more than 300 moves.

The figure and sword shadows crashed into the ground, creating mini-earthquakes. A bit later, both of them rushed up and posed motionlessly.

The iron man had three sword scars on him with blood flowing down. However, they healed right away and his skin became flawless again.

Xuezang’s body had seven bloody palm prints on it, but no one had to help him since he could still stand steadily.

At this moment, the nine swords dimmed and automatically flew back to their scabbards.

“After 542 moves, I stabbed you a total of seven times.” Xuezang gritted his teeth and sneered.

The iron man replied: “I also struck you seven times!”

“Yet you have no wounds on your body.” Xuezang gritted his teeth even more.

The iron man declared: “Which is why you have lost!”

“But you couldn’t kill me. My defeat today is only because your body is too strong. Wait until I offer my blood to my swords to become a true devil, then I will challenge you again.”

Xuezang controlled his swords. They turned into clouds and took him out of the Apricot Manor. After leaving Radiance, he spat out a mouthful of blood, staining his robe. He stared at the sky with a gaze full of perseverance and coldness.


Even the Devil Apprentice, Nalan Xuezang, has lost!

Of course, this defeat was well-deserved because everyone knew Feng Daniu has entered the ranks of Grand Historical Geniuses.

The heretical schools wanted to obtain the spirit grasses in order to humiliate the pagoda. However, this Feng Daniu came out of nowhere and defeated their best genius.

The heretical disciples stared at the iron man standing in the snow with fear. None dared to fight any longer.

“Although Feng Daniu has defeated Xuezang, the remnant sword energies have seeped into his body. The external wounds are easily recoverable, but not these sword energies.”

“Feng Daniu is currently injured, whoever goes up to fight will definitely be able to kill him! You will make your mark in history by killing a Grand Historical Genius!”

In a corner of the apricot forest shrouded in fog, a lot of encouraging shouts could be heard. It was indeed a great feat to kill a genius of this level; it would be difficult to not become famous afterward. This tempted many of the cultivators here.

If they weren’t apprehensive about Daniu’s great showing earlier, someone would have taken action already.

“I’ll show you whether I’m injured or not!” The iron man shouted before rushing into the dense fog. Next, sounds of collisions and weapons shattering came about. Broken treasures flew out of the fog along with panicked screams.

The white fog had taken on a scarlet hue.

“Boom!” A palm strike dispersed the fog. The iron man, covered in blood, stood there proudly. There were corpses with black cloaks all over the ground, pierced by palm attacks.

“Those are disciples from the Eighth Hall, I recognize one of them. That’s a grand achievement God Base, the top genius from that hall!”

“The Eighth Lord didn’t come to the manor. Otherwise, these disciples wouldn’t have died like this.”

“That’s right! Even the disciples from the Third and Fourth Halls didn’t dare to run their mouths, yet they dared to provoke Feng Daniu’s invincible momentum? That’s just courting death!”

Even though their lord was absent, the Eighth Hall still had nine other top geniuses here. Alas, none of them could stop a single one of Feng Daniu’s moves.

In a few breaths, nearly a dozen heretical geniuses were killed. They were the elites of the Eighth Hall, so this was a great blow.

The ten halls of the Senluo Temple were independent and even competed against each other. This was why the other lords didn’t bother to help and just quietly watched this massacre with happy grins on their faces.

Some of the forces that initially wanted to join in the competition quietly left. Feng Daniu was too murderous, they didn’t want their elite disciples here to die.

Even the main successors from the ancient corpse caves in the northern region hesitated. In the end, they chose not to take action since they weren’t certain of defeating Daniu even with their corpses.

The sudden appearance of this Thousand-man Command who had just rose to the Grand Historical level gave people a big headache since he single-handedly disrupted their plans.

“Feng Daniu is Feng Feiyun though… Ah…” Bi Ningshuai almost loudly exposed Feng Feiyun, but Wang Meng blocked his mouth with his shaggy hand.

Wang Meng whispered: “Shh! Quiet down. You are right though, Senior Uncle has used this name before back at the Huang Feng Ridge to take an innocent girl by force as a bandit.”

Bi Ningshuai escaped from Wang Meng’s clutches and spat out a bunch of hair. His eyes twirled a bit before flashing from a revelation: “Hehe, so Feng Feiyun used to be a bandit? It looks like we really are the dual heroes from the Dao Gate. This is really good, I’ve been wanting to get him for a big job!”

“What is it?” Wang Meng glared at him and felt that this Ningshuai was too wretched. He had been staring around this manor nonstop. Who knows what he was trying to do?

Could this thief be trying to drag Feng Feiyun down with him in order to do some nasty deeds?

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