Chapter 309: Lightning Fusion

“Xuezang isn’t just a disciple of the Tenth Hall. I heard he obtained the inheritance from the Nether Peak which is why people call him the Devil Apprentice.”

“All of his swords have a great background; they were left behind by ancient lineages. For some reason, they all flew to the sword pond inside the Nether Peak, so Xuezang obtained all of them.”

“He killed his father to refine the swords, so all of them are stained with his father’s blood.”

This battle had exceeded everyone’s imaginations and left them in shock. Even the Heretical Lords were astonished. They weren’t this powerful back at grand achievement God Base.

Everyone was discussing without holding anything back and a certain secret was revealed.

“I heard Xuezang is the young noble from the Nalan Clan. Unfortunately, his mother was from the lower class and gave birth to him after being raped by his father, so his status was wretched in the clan as well. Even the servants bullied him by not giving food to the two of them.

“One winter, the situation was particularly severe and the two were freezing and starving. The people outside of their room all assumed that they starved to death. Suddenly, Xuezang came out with blood dripping from his mouth. He killed all the servants outside without leaving a single one alive before leaving the clan and disappearing into the biting wind and snow.

“Later on, someone walked into the room and was horrified by the scene inside. They found someone boiled in a pot — his mother. He survived by eating his own mother.

“Five years later, he came down the Nether Peak with his nine swords and murdered his father. After offering his father’s blood to the swords, he headed west. After another three years later and ninety thousand miles of killing, leaving nothing in his path, he finally joined the Tenth Hall of the Senluo Temple.

“He once fought against the Tenth Lord after joining the temple. Xuezang had only just reached grand achievement God Base while the lord was already at first level Heaven’s Mandate. However, the moment he used his nine swords, even the Tenth Lord couldn’t do anything to him.”

This was a frightening youth. Many who had heard of his experience felt their scalp tingle. His glare alone made them tremble in fear, let alone thinking about fighting him. It was no wonder a top prodigy like Lu Chengfeng didn’t want to fight him. There was too much of a psychological burden to go against someone like Xuezang.

“After fighting against the Tenth Lord, his swords rarely left their sheaths. After all, they must taste blood once they’re unleashed.”

“I thought that if this commander could stop three swords, it would already be amazing. I can’t believe he can stop five at the same time.”

Those who knew a bit about Xuezang couldn’t stay calm at this moment. Meanwhile, the prodigies from the pagoda were quite astounded. They calculated how many swords of his they could stop, but the answer left them pale with shaking heads.

“Orchard Sword!” The sixth one came out.

This old sword was as thin as a fish intestine with a needle-like body at two meters long. There was a white halo surrounding its blade like bright moonlight on the surface of the ocean.

Its hymn was sharp and could be heard from 300 miles away.

“Boom!” Its appearance completely suppressed this Thousand-man Commander!

This sword was indeed unstoppable. It stabbed through the armor and pricked the skin right outside of Feng Feiyun’s dantian, forcing out a drop of blood. Feng Feiyun already had a force of eight qilins in his palm and pushed the sword away, but there was still a shallow wound on his stomach.

If he was a split second late, it wouldn’t have just been a shallow wound, he would have been cut in half. A drop of golden blood dripped down with a red shimmer.

Feng Feiyun was quite surprised at how amazing this sword technique was! He channeled his phoenix physique and his blood flowed twice as fast. An absurd amount of spirit energy crazily poured into his body.

“With the sixth sword out, Feng Daniu will die within thirty moves. Oh? Wait a minute, what’s going on?” A few powerful cultivators present felt an unusual atmosphere and that the worldly energy here had become chaotic like a storm, and its eye was Feng Daniu!

This was a strange transformation; it was as if the world’s original source of energy was being moved. It was akin to a cocoon trembling on top of a branch. Very soon, this cocoon will break open and a butterfly will emerge.

Originally, Princess Luofu was ready to take action to protect Feng Daniu’s life even if it meant a loss; she didn’t want this top genius to die to Xuezang. However, even though she reached out with her jade-like palm, she pulled it back after sensing this unusual aura.

Was this a breakthrough?

Many top geniuses could tap into their potential in moments of life and death to reach the next realm. Many people here thought of this!

“This Feng Daniu isn’t simple at all. Not only is he able to force six swords out, he can also stimulate his own potential to ascend.”

“If he can take this next step, perhaps he can force Xuezang to use the seventh sword.”

A few experts could see that Feng Feiyun had only opened 64 meridians, so there was still a lot of potential left in him. His cultivation would be much stronger after this breakthrough.

“But Xuezang will definitely not give him a chance to break through.” Everyone channeled their spiritual eyes to see Feng Daniu in the sword shadows. After a short period of time, he had been struck five times. It looked like Nalan Xuezang intended to kill him now.

The sword energies in these wounds wouldn’t dissipate. They cut through Feng Feiyun’s skin and penetrated his body.

“Boom!” A golden light shot out of Daniu’s body as a dazzling and thick brilliance appeared on his chest. Another meridian had been opened; this was his 65th.

Spirit stones and medicines could help a cultivator open these meridians, but Feng Daniu was stimulating his own potential in order to break them open. Every meridian he opened would increase his power by a bit.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The three meridians on his left thigh opened and three spiritual vortexes began to spin like small tornados.

The 66th, 67th, and 68th had been opened!

With this, he could channel energy into his left leg, making him even faster.

The fourth blood transformation of the phoenix physique was very difficult. The blood wanted to become sentient as well as simple to reach the origin. It was turning back to a red color just like the blood of ordinary people. The whole process required a large amount of energy to enter the body. This energy would condense into the blood, but there was a limit to the amount of energy a body could withstand. Thus, the channels between the body and the worldly energy would be stressed.

Because of this, meridians were forced open in order to facilitate this blood transformation.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Blood continued to spill from his body as many meridians were being burst open all the way to his 94th meridian!

His blood circulated faster and faster; it was now flowing at a rate far beyond the physical limit of his body. Violent spasms traveled all the way to his heart.

Each circulation was tempering his entire body!

After the blood circulated around his body 1400 times, the speed of his blood had finally reached the apex!

“Boom!” His body quaked intensely as a large plume of blood mist shot out. His skin was shattered and stained with red blood that continuously dripped to the ground.

This blood looked just like red apricot flowers!

He kneeled on the ground with one leg as his black armor was broken for the most part. One could see his blood wetting the armor, rendering quite a shocking scene.

The six swords were on top of him with their ferocious sword auras. They hovered around like condors ready to swoop down at any moment.

“106th meridian!” Feng Feiyun slowly rose to his feet as the air violently moved with his form!

“Boom!” A thick bolt of lightning suddenly gathered in the air and crashed down on his body.

Where did this lightning come from? Why did it just strike him?

This scene was very strange. The ray of lightning didn’t carry any murderous intent. On the contrary, it felt harmonious to the rhythm of the heavenly dao.

The blood on his skin was charred by the lightning and turned into a layer of mud. He stood there motionlessly as if he had been shocked dead.

His aura seemed to have disappeared. Could a genius have met his end in such a baffling manner?

Xuezang created another sword seal and ordered his Grand Sword to cut Feiyun down from above.

“Clank!” A lightning bolt condensed in the air and slammed into the sword, pinning it into the soil.

The fifth lightning bolt gathered and coiled in the air like a lightning serpent before flying straight at Feiyun’s head. It flowed across his body before entering it completely.

He stood there quietly and motionlessly. His armor had been melted into liquid by the lightning and began to solidify, so he looked like an iron man.

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