Chapter 308: Trembling Blood

“Dryshadow Sword!” This was a thick stone sword that exuded a two-meter-long penetrating aura as wide as a person’s palm.

The sword energy came like lightning after it flew out.

Feng Feiyun used his Yellow Earth Art to control the earth’s power, but it couldn’t stop this sword completely. Its energy pierced his armor and arm. If he was slowly by a split second, it could have chopped off his arm completely.

“A fusion of metal and earth.” Feng Feiyun used his heavenly gaze to identify the material of this sword. So it turns out that because there was also the power of metal inside it, the Yellow Earth Art couldn’t control it.

This particular sword was very famous in the Jin Dynasty. Rumor says that it was groomed by the world itself at one of the eight ancient ruins, the Nether Peak. It was only a shadow at its inception. When the sun rose, its shadow would be projected onto the cliff.

Thus, it didn’t have a real form as it was only a shadow in the beginning. One thousand years later, the sword body eventually grew from the cliff. This was why it was called the Dryshadow Sword.

It formed an arc and flew forward again. However, the spirit vessel materialized and sent it flying. The impact created fiery sparks that arced more than ten meters.

The vessel had been refined by the Evil Woman. Even though its holy spirit had yet to awaken, its monstrous frame was stronger than an ordinary spirit treasure already.

The Dryshadow Sword attacked eight more times while Feng Feiyun retaliated with the vessel. The result was the same each time with the sword losing the exchange.

“Sky-deer Sword!”

“Earthspring Sword!”

“Mortal King Sword!”

With a fierce glare, Xuezang formed sword seals with his fingers and unleashed three more swords to help the Dryshadow Sword against Feng Feiyun.

In the past, he only needed to use one sword and one technique to kill ninety percent of his enemies. Less than twenty people had been able to force him to use two of them, and less than three managed to face three swords.

But now, he was using four at the same time. This was indicative of how highly he viewed Feng Feiyun.

The four swords and their auras intertwined. Those with weak wills would lose all courage the moment these swords left their sheaths; they would feel as if they were stabbed in the abdomen.

The spectators might not be able to sense these terrifying swords, but Feng Feiyun was within their striking radius and they felt like four gigantic dragons.

The power of these swords far exceeded the Ice World!

“Swoosh!” The Sky-deer Sword flew around Feng Feiyun’s neck with a one-foot-thick sword ray behind it. It cut off some of his hair, causing it to flutter in the wind.

That was quite close!

These three swords all came from the same place, the same person in fact. It was the greatest blacksmith master of the Jin Dynasty since its formation, Mu Liansan.

The Divine King’s Insignia, the Divine Seal, and the Queen Order of the imperial family all came from Mu Liansan. This person specialized in researching the sky, earth, and men, so he always used the number three as the foundation. Each crafting session would create three items.

The Sky-deer, Earthspring, and Mortal King Swords were made from the same material. However, after their refinement, they became completely different and represented three different sword dao.

Their connection was even more terrifying than the Dryshadow Sword and always aimed for Feng Feiyun’s vulnerable points. They pierced his armor and slashed his skin several times.

The power of these swords wasn’t too overbearing, but they had the agility of a soaring dragon. It made the vessel less effective and drove Feng Feiyun closer to the edge.

He recalled the spirit vessel and activated the second technique from the minor art: “Minor Change Art, Heavenly Battle Altar!”

The air violently fluctuated with little ripples. Forty of these ripples came together and turned into forty platforms with a circular altar that encompassed Feng Feiyun. It swiftly rotated and repelled all four swords.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” With this altar protecting his body, the swords simply couldn’t reach him at all.

“My turn now!” Feng Feiyun sprang up from the ground while his bloodthirst engulfed Xuezang. The forty parts spun again and the altar unleashed a light straight for Xuezang.

“Rumble!” The heavenly altar made the debris on the ground fly everywhere with its endless power. Xuezang had to form another sword seal and took out his fifth sword.

“Grand Flaw Sword!” This was a three-meter-long sword capable of decapitating dragons. Just one slash shattered the spiritual altar.

However, the moment it shattered, a huge palm came from the inside with five colors that represented the five elements. It aimed straight for Xuezang’s head and shattered his hairband, causing his hair to drape down in a disorderly fashion.

If the five swords didn’t come back to protect him in time, this palm wouldn’t have just shattered his hairband.

“Xuezang already summoned five swords!” Chengfeng was taking deep breaths. This Feng Daniu was indeed extraordinary.

From the battle today, his name will echo across the entire dynasty. Of course, the first requirement is him surviving the battle with Xuezang.

Feng Feiyun retreated after the unsuccessful blow and stood on top of a crimson apricot tree. He gathered his energy once more to form the altar with forty sections for protection.

Xuezang was much stronger than what he expected and had cultivated the sword dao to a frightening level. No one could be a better sword user than him among the younger generation.

He emptied his mind and focused on the five swords without relaxing one bit. A slight moment of carelessness would result in death.

“Swoosh!” The five swords flew over again with the Dryshadow Sword leading the pack. The Sky-deer, Earthspring, and Mortal King Swords were right behind it with Grand Flaw in the back. Their sword rays spanned dozens of meters like five meteors crossing the sky.

In a split second, these five rays slammed into the spiritual altar. They carried an irresistible momentum so the entire altar violently shook as one corner was breached.

The five swords flew inside and aimed straight for Feiyun’s heart.

“Boom!” He retaliated by summoning the vessel again and directly blew the five away. They issued quiet hymns and instead of breaking into tiny pieces, they went straight back on the offense.

There were just five swords, but their shadows filled the sky as if ten thousand swords were surrounding Feng Feiyun without leaving behind the tiniest gap.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” No one saw how Feng Feiyun attacked behind the shadows of the swords. They could only hear the metallic impacts. This was the sound of the swords slamming into the vessel. The noises intensified in both volume and frequency like raindrops.

Xuezang wasn’t comfortable either. Controlling five ancient swords at once consumed a great amount of his spirit energy and concentration. Normally, a grand achievement cultivator would be squeezed dry after just one breath of this type of offense. Even their mind would be injured.

Xuezang had opened 350 meridians and only one step away from the Earth Tribulation to seize the Heaven’s Mandate.

These meridians had been completely opened, and energy gushed in and out like a spring between his body and the worldly force.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun’s blood began to boil and flowed at an increasing pace. His golden blood churned like oil in a wild river.

He was turning his heart into a cauldron and his veins into rivers. The blood began to change; each drop of blood was surrounded by spirit energy. They seeped into his blood; there were signs of returning to the origin.

Feng Feiyun was ecstatic. His Immortal Phoenix Physique had begun the fourth blood transformation. His blood was changing from a golden color to red. This process required absorbing a great amount of energy.

If he could complete this process, his physique would ascend to the next step. He wouldn’t only be able to defeat someone three minor levels higher, he may even enter the Grand Historical Genius level.

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