Chapter 307: Nine Swords’ Protection

Sanchuan cast his Hell Iceberg again in order to stop the incoming hammer. Three icebergs towered in the sky, but they were easily shattered by the hammer.

Nothing could resist this Heaven Punishing Hammer.

“Boom!” A trail of blood ran down Sanchuan’s fair arm. His body sank into the ground as if he was being buried alive.

This hammer was too powerful. With the Minor Change Art, one could borrow a sliver of this legendary forbidden weapon for their own use. Techniques from heavenly scriptures were not necessarily a match for it.

Feng Feiyun had learned five percent of the Minor Change Art and could use two different techniques. The Heaven Punishing Hammer was one of them. A forbidden weapon from the old era was unstoppable. Even a mere shadow of it could break all the laws in this world.

Lu Sanchuan jumped out of the mud and took out his white daoist robe. It spun around in the sky with white, snakeskin patterns and turned much larger just like a spatial pouch.

It was full of talismans written from the powders of spirit stones inside this robe. There was a total of 720 talismans that flashed bright lights like heavenly lamps. They had turned this robe into its own world. No wonder why after joining the Seventh Hall, he still didn’t take off this daoist robe. So it had such a mysterious usage.

Feng Feiyun flipped over his palm for another attack. A black ray rushed out while the hammer slammed down. The majestic power of an iron mountain shattered dozens of talismans in the robe, but it didn’t break through completely. The attack was akin to throwing a rock at a net made out of yarn.

The white robe with blue clouds floating around it wrapped around Feng Feiyun.

“Haha! This is too easy. You really are a brute who can’t do anything else.” Sanchuan sneered. A light flashed in his palm as he recalled the robe to his hand.

This robe could contain an entire domain so it was only natural that it could also take in a person.

The pagoda’s disciples had ugly expressions. Feng Daniu had also lost to this dog Sanchuan, even his body was taken into his spatial robe. It was all over this time.

“Boom!” The white robe quaked intensely and swelled into the size of a hall. It seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

“This bastard…” Sanchuan was aghast and quickly unleashed his ice technique in order to freeze the spatial pouch, but it was too late. The pouch was shattered by the spirit vessel that has expanded to more than seventy meters long.

While wielding a corner of the vessel, the Thousand-man Commander rushed forward like a mountain and directly slammed it on Sanchuan’s head. A piece of his skull flew out along with half of his head.

“Boom!” Sanchuan spun around five times in the air before rolling on the ground.

“Son of a bitch, killing your own sect members is punishable by death!” Feng Feiyun thunderously roared and continued to attack with his vessel. Sanchuan desperately resisted and summoned five different treasures. Alas, they were shattered by the light of the vessel and turned into powder.

“Crack!” One of Sanchuan’s thigh broke as the vessel slammed into him again, sending him flying with blood splashing all over his clothes. The black cloak on his body became tattered like fluttering black butterflies.

“Die, you cowardly traitor!” The rusty vessel slammed down again and shattered his arm, leaving behind a bloody gap on his shoulder.

The power of the vessel was too mighty; just one blow was enough to kill him. However, Feng Feiyun didn’t want him to die this easily.

“Please stop, I beg you!” Sanchuan was indeed a coward and began to beg without the backbone of a cultivator at all.

The entire scene was filled with jeers. It wasn’t just the disciples from the pagoda, even the heretical members from the Seventh Hall were embarrassed and glared at him with disdain.

Despite being ferocious and evil, the heretics were courageous. Huang Daonan and Hei Fengyan died to Feng Feiyun without uttering a single plea.

Cultivators shouldn’t only have pride, courage was necessary as well. Otherwise, what was the point of cultivating if you were to prostrate and beg for mercy after taking two hits?

“Hitting you will only dirty my hands, but I must make a display of killing a dog like you.” Feng Feiyun’s red eyes were full of murderous intent; he truly wanted to kill.

Sanchuan naturally felt this bloodthirst and knew that begging was useless. He gritted his teeth and stood with one leg while intending to fight to the very end.

“You leave me with no choice! Oh heavens, take my boiling blood and grant me strength!”

Blood stopped flowing from his severed arm since it began to boil in the air. His 330 meridians spun like vortexes as they crazily absorbed the spirit energy in the surroundings.

“Seventh level Hell-ice Technique, Ice World!” This was Sanchuan’s final card. He burned up half of his lifespan in order to utilize all of his potential for this Ice World technique.

The area turned into a world of ice. The sky was blue; even the air turned blue as numerous floating icebergs engulfed the Apricot Mansion. The trees here were frozen completely.

This Ice World technique was five times stronger than the Hell Iceberg.

“Don’t even think about it.” Feng Feiyun was completely frozen with a thick layer of ice over his arms, but this didn’t diminish his bloodthirst. The other hand controlling the vessel moved even faster. A large section of the Ice World was smashed open.

He withdrew the vessel and directly jumped into the Ice World. Next, he lifted Sanchuan up above his head and mercilessly slammed him into the ground, splitting his body into several pieces. Blood splashed all over Feng Feiyun’s armor and began to drip down.

“Boom!” Sanchuan has been smashed to death!

The Ice World collapsed, exposing a man wearing blood-stained armor standing in the chilling wind with his stalwart pose.

This picture looked like the last soldier on the battlefield. There were corpses all over him, yet he didn’t falter. No one could take him down.

Even a great genius like Lu Fengcheng felt suffocated. Where did this butcher come from? Will he not stop until he kills every single heretical disciple?

Ji Feng intensely stared at this commander with a glimmer in his eyes. He felt that this scene was very familiar. Feng Feiyun was also the same as he led others to their deaths. After all, many geniuses had fallen to Feiyun’s hands as well.

“This Daniu is too badass, he even took down Sanchuan.” Although the pagoda’s disciples all hoped for Sanchuan to die, they were still caught off guard by this scene. After all, Sanchuan was famous at the pagoda for many years, so people felt that his death was unreal.

The smile on Nalan Xuezang’s face disappeared long ago. He stared at Feng Feiyun and considered him to be a formidable foe. The nine swords floating behind his back continuously jittered.

“Swoosh!” All nine swords left their sheaths at once and hovered in front of him while their tips still issuing metallic rings pointed at Feiyun.

This was a phenomenon called “nine swords protecting their master”. Even the swords felt pressured in the face of a supreme opponent and automatically flew out to protect Xuezang.

“Return!” Xuezang shouted and the nine swords flew back into their sheaths like obedient children.

Feng Feiyun naturally saw this. To be able to train his swords to this degree, this Xuezang wasn’t simple at all. Who knows how much effort he had spent in order to reach the level of “swords as slaves”?

He was a slave to the sword while the sword was also a slave to him. This was an ancient state of sword mastery. Many Giants wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach this level. Xuezang was only a grand achievement God Base, yet he had reached this sword level. It wasn’t a secret why he was one of the top three most terrifying youths of the heretical schools, someone feared by his own peers.

Xuezang slightly smirked and said: “Feng Daniu! I, Nalan Xuezang, cooked my mother and ate her flesh when I was five, then I killed my father to offer his blood to these nine swords. I severed all familial ties and my human nature just to cultivate the Emotionless Evil Swords. I left my clan at ten and traveled across half of the Jin Dynasty. I killed to cultivate my sword and ate people to remind myself that if I don’t do so, others will be the ones to eat me.”

Xuezang was only around fourteen or fifteen and wore a floral-brocade robe with a black cloak. He was quite dashing, just like a young noble. However, his words made people shudder uncontrollably.

If even familial ties were nothing, just how terrifying was this emotionless sword technique?

“Why are you telling me this?” Feng Feiyun glared straight into Xuezang’s sharp eyes. They were even colder than the Hell-ice technique.

“Because you are qualified to listen to my story.” Xuezang smiled grimly.

Feiyun replied: “I suppose it is my honor then.”

Xuezang revealed his snow-white teeth and declared: “There’s no need to think much about it. I’m only saying this to let you know that after I kill you, I will also drink your blood and eat your flesh since you are qualified.”

“This… doesn’t seem like an honor at all.” Xuezang’s swords had already flown out by the time Feiyun started to speak.

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