Chapter 306: Highly Sought-After

Wan Xiangcen had to take a second look at this Thousand-man Commander. She felt the same urge to recruit him. She gently lifted a corner of her green veil to reveal a flawless face with delicate jade-like skin before quietly giving out an order.

Lu Sanchuan nodded and leaped into the sky. He landed close to Feng Feiyun and cupped his fists with a smile: “General Feng, you are a true hero unbeatable in the same realm.”

He suddenly sighed and said: “But it is a pity that your personality is too strong. Today, a disaster has befallen you, I’m afraid you won’t be able to see the sun rise from the east tomorrow!”

“Is it that serious?” Feng Feiyun pretended to be surprised.

Sanchuan sighed again: “You are too upright and frank. First, you have offended the Seventh Hall, and just now, you ended up killing four more geniuses from the Tenth Hall. Even a half-Giant would die if they caused so much trouble.”

There was a saying: if the heretical schools want someone dead, not even the king of hell can save them.

“You think I’m someone who is afraid of trouble?” Feng Feiyun was annoyed to see the white daoist robe under Lu Sanchuan’s black cloak. A great prodigy had such a weak mind that he willingly became a slave for the heretical schools while murdering his own peers.

Sanchuan shook his head: “If you were someone who was afraid of trouble, you wouldn’t be standing here right now. However, I don’t think you see the overall picture too well. Allow me to elaborate. There was a Divine Commander under the Omni-Heaven Marquis with peerless fighting prowess named Ji Moba.”

“His fighting abilities surely must be peerless if he became a Divine Commander.” Feng Feiyun revealed a shocked and excited look befitting a Thousand-man Commander when listening to a story about a Divine Commander.

A Divine Commander was in charge of one million, a rank countless times higher than a Thousand-man Commander.

Lu Sanchuan insipidly said stated: “Yes, but he is now dead because he offended an elder from the Seventh Hall half a year ago. In the middle of a dark night in January, all 3,873 members in his mansion were massacred. 3,854 were cut down, and even his head was chopped off and hung at the entrance.”

Ji Moba indeed died half a year ago. Someone slaughtered his entire mansion overnight. This had been a mystery so far, so if Sanchuan didn’t reveal it just now, no one would know that it was the heretical schools who committed the deed.

Feng Feiyun smiled in response: “Well, nineteen people are still alive! It looks like the heretical schools can’t do whatever they want, some still managed to escape.”

Sanchuan shook his head: “The nineteen who survived are suffering even more. Five of them are Moba’s concubines while the other fourteen are his daughters. They are imprisoned at the Lust Palace back in the Seventh Hall. Any disciple who gained some contribution would be able to enjoy them. After half a year, only seven are still alive. Of course, they were broken and used, so they were sold to a brothel a while ago.”

Feng Feiyun turned silent for a moment before bursting out in laughter: “Haha! But I am alone without a wife or daughter.”

Sanchuan glared at him for a bit and became exasperated: ‘Motherfucker, this Feng Daniu is such an idiot, that’s not what I’m insinuating at all!’

He snorted: “I am simply telling you the truth. Offending our Seventh Hall carries grave consequences.”

Feiyun replied: “It does seem pretty serious from what you have said.”

Sanchuan sneered in his mind: ‘Looks like this guy still knows fear. That is for the best then.’

He continued on: “Our lord wishes to recruit you for our Seventh Hall to become her protector. All of the previous grudges can be forgotten, what do you think, General Feng?”

He finally got to the crux of the matter!

Feiyun revealed a contemplating expression, so Sanchuan stood there waiting silently. He believed that even if he was slow-witted, he would still be afraid of death.

“Impossible. My responsibility is to purge heretics like you to maintain justice and peace, so how can I be in cahoots with you? Your Seventh Hall isn’t shit! Anyway, the deed is done. If you want to kill me, you will have to ask my fist first.” Feng Feiyun declared this with a righteous and cool demeanor. He spat out his saliva more than ten meters away, splashing all over Sanchuan’s face.

“Well said!” The Young Marquis couldn’t help but cheer from the distance.

He had been in the martial army’s camp for some time during his trips. Even though the soldiers there were all hot-blooded heroes, very few of them had Feng Daniu’s firm courage.

His desire to recruit this person grew even stronger.

“It is the dynasty’s fortune to have such a great soldier. This Feng Daniu shall be mine.” The princess firmly spoke, showing her great evaluation of this Thousand-man Commander while not allowing outsiders to meddle.

The commander himself was exceedingly rare. He had a fearless heart and a never-bowing head on top of being loyal to the dynasty. In her mind, if she could recruit him and train him as her confidant, he would be even more valuable than Shi Yelai.

She was telling him that she had his back since he was a soldier of the dynasty and that there was no need to be afraid of the heretical schools. Of course, this was also her warning to everyone here to not have any ideas about him since she has chosen him.

Despite her lofty status and position, she couldn’t suppress everyone. After all, there were many young scions here with great identities. They began to think about a backup strategy since it was impossible to give up on such an invincible genius.

The most important part was that this genius was fearless yet principled. Anyone would want to have a subordinate like him.

The Tenth Lord was also tempted and secretly sent a message to Nalan Xuezang. Xuezang’s ears slightly twitched after hearing this, then he revealed a gloomy smile: “Daniu, there are two paths before you.”

Feng Feiyun asked: “And what might they be?”

“The first is to submit to my Tenth Hall, the second is to die to my hands.” Xuezang gently rubbed his palms while smirking, but this expression was quite frightening.

If he couldn’t be recruited, then he must be eliminated.

Feng Feiyun became even more unruly with his response: “Your father is already angry and only came to kill some heretical bastard. If I were to join the heretical schools, won’t I become a bastard as well?”

All of the pagoda’s disciples stood up and loudly applauded. They were full of admiration and goodwill for this Thousand-man Commander.

Sanchuan scowled; he knew that the commander was cursing them: “Ignorant madman, if you want to die, then I’ll help you out.”

He clearly received the same order as Xuezang, and that was to kill Feng Daniu if he didn’t submit.

A chilling cloud emerged above his head. The temperature suddenly plummeted by a dozen degrees. The delicate apricot flowers froze and became harder than iron. Three large icebergs flew out from this cloud.

The tip of these icebergs was even sharper than a sword. The temperature dropped once more, causing the ground to crack.

“Hell-Ice Technique’s sixth level, Hell Iceberg!” Mu Tantian was startled since he knew that this was Sanchuan’s ultimate art.

This youth was initially a supreme genius from the pagoda with talents only below Shi Yelai. Two years ago, Tantian fought against him and lost after just nine moves. At that point, Sanchuan was only at the fifth level of his technique.

After two years, he opened 330 meridians and his cultivation rose countless times. He was only one step away from having all 360 meridians.

A disciple from the pagoda wanted to test the power of these icebergs, so he threw a medium-level treasure in the form of an iron jewel towards the sky.

“Boom!” However, this jewel only managed to reach ten meters before it started cracking from the cold temperature. Lines similar to spiderwebs appeared on the surface.

Sanchuan might be weak-willed, but his talents were indeed frightening and infinitely close to the Grand Historical level. He could rival Chengfeng and Ji Feng.

Feng Feiyun fiercely stomped on the ground in order to leap up and unleashed a white wave of energy more than thirty meters long like a round moon illuminating the sky. Its blinding brilliance made it difficult to keep one’s eyes open.

The cold energy couldn’t stop this slash from Feng Feiyun! The wave split into thirty-six rays of energy and darted through the air while cutting apart the wind.

“Boom!” The three icebergs fell down and turned into little icy blocks like a swarm of meteors, creating many pits on the ground.

Feng Feiyun landed with his saber. The black armor on his body had a thick layer of ice on it while his weapon had a crack, indicating that it was damaged.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” A string of cracking sounds came about. This saber shattered shortly afterward; only the hilt was left in his grasp. One could see just how cold the temperature of the Hell Iceberg technique was!

“Haha! Feng Daniu, you are no stronger than this. How are you going to fight me now without a blade?” Sanchuan mockingly smiled: ‘This is the limit of this Thousand-man Commander.’

Many people didn’t like looking at this heretical servant. A lot of the female disciples from the pagoda had been caught because of Sanchuan’s tip-offs.

A piece of scum willingly becoming a servant and killing his own peers was even worse than the heretical disciples.

Some disciples of the pagoda wanted to take out their weapons in order to help the Thousand-man Command kill this dog. However, Feng Feiyun politely refused.

“So what if I don’t have a weapon? I’m even stronger unarmed!” Feng Feiyun’s forty divine intents condensed in his mind with a rotating radiance that eventually erupted from his body.

A black divine light hovered in the sky with fire and lightning jumping inside.

“Minor Change Art, Heaven Punishment Hammer!” A hammer several hundred meters high appeared once more along with his surging battle intent. It looked like a thunder god had descended in order to slam this divine hammer down on Sanchuan.

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