Chapter 305: Invincible Commander

The Heaven Punishing Hammer!

This was a weapon that belonged in a mythical era. Rumor has it that it flew here from the outer realms and actually shattered the corner of a continent. The entire world shook before its arrival, but the world hasn’t seen it in a long time.

This Thousand-man Commander actually managed to carry out this incredible art and condensed the image of this wondrous hammer. Even though it was not comparable to a sliver of the real power, it was still quite formidable.

At the very least, it was able to push Nalan Xuezang back!

This was his first time being forced back in battle. In his previous battles, he never had to taste this sensation since he could easily kill his opponents regardless of how strong they were.

“Gasp!” At this moment, everyone seemed to be petrified and deeply moved by the scene ahead.

They intensely looked over to the armored commander once more. Some eyes nearly fell out from their sockets: “How… how can this be?”

Even Princess Luofu, who had been as calm as water the entire time, stood up. Her golden imperial robe rustled from the sudden movement.

The prettiest among the heretical halls had complex thoughts rummaging through their mind. This arrogant commander who publicly declared his intention of making them his concubines was a thousand times stronger than what they imagined.

Ji Feng took a deep look at Feng Feiyun before quietly leaving the battle stage. He stood to the corner while the heretics didn’t dare to come close since they knew of his terrifying power.

The wounded Chengfeng was also helped down by two heretical disciples. He sat at a distance and didn’t bother recuperating. His eyes were fixated on that person, just like Ji Feng. Despite his injuries, a cultivator capable of repelling Xuezang was worthy of observation.

“Haha! Feng Daniu, you are qualified to play with me!” A bright light circled around Xuezang’s body. He started floating three meters above the ground.

That move from earlier with the power of the Heaven Punishing Hammer won Xuezang’s approval. He started to take his opponent seriously. After being at the top of the heretical schools for several years, there were less than five opponents that he took seriously with the addition of Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng.

Feng Feiyun remained standing beneath the tree and said: “I naturally will deliver justice to all of you heretics today.”

His battle intent erupted from his body alongside a glare that penetrated his helmet. However, the direction wasn’t towards Xuezang but rather the girl dressed in white sitting next to the princess inside the distant pavilion. She had a violet wooden zither as her sleeves fluttered precariously in the wind. She turned and left; one could only see her beautiful moving figure from behind.

Feng Feiyun wanted to chase after her, but he wasn’t in the position to do so at this moment. Wanting to see her again yet unable to despite the rare and fleeting chance in this mortal coil. How long will they have to wait to see each other once more?

Nangong Hongyan’s beautiful figure departed in the wind before disappearing completely in the white snow. She was gone again.

Suddenly, a loud shout made Feng Feiyun gather his thoughts.

Before Xuezang did anything, a black shadow came out from the Tenth Hall and said: “I am Zhu Long. Under the orders of the Tenth Lord, I shall take the first battle in Master Nalan’s stead.”

The Tenth Lord naturally saw just how powerful this Thousand-man Commander was. He was afraid that Xuezang might lose, so he ordered Zhu Long to scout the enemy’s abilities first.

As long as he could force this Feng Daniu to use his real techniques, Nalan Xuezang could be prepared and wouldn’t be caught off guard in their real fight. He could even come up with a way to counter Daniu’s moves.

It was the same strategy they used during the fight between Chengfeng and Ji Feng.

“People from the heretical schools are too disrespectful. This type of tactic is so unfair.” Everyone was angry and dissatisfied after feeling that this commander was at a great disadvantage.

Zhu Long leaped above Feng Feiyun. His hair was as red as fire, a color that shared the same metallic and crimson hue. He stood at nine feet tall and had opened 250 meridians. His body rapidly spun in the air and created an immense tornado.

The destructive eye of the tornado directly aimed for Feng Feiyun down below. The winds howled like a monstrous beast!

Feng Feiyun raised his saber and casually slashed at the sky. A saber wave more than ten meters long swept out. Its white color looked just like a crescent moon.

“Pluff!” Blood dripped down from the sky like rain.

In just a moment, the area became calm again. Zhu Long’s body was nowhere to be found. It had been chopped into a rain of blood.

Just a casual slash without any technique already had such an unstoppable power.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” There was no intermission. Deep in the snow, three more black figures rushed out. They were also top geniuses from the Tenth Hall. They came down like comets with a frightening and oppressive momentum.

There was no sign of life in them, but they indeed had the surging vitality of a flesh-and-blood creature! They were certainly not humans!

Feng Feiyun squinted his eyes. Through his heavenly gaze, he could see through the true form of these three “people”. They were Abnormalities, one of the three Stranges from the Yang World.

Their form was very different from humans, towering at ten meters tall with nine heavens. Their arms were so unreasonably long at seven to eight meters that they nearly reached their knees.

Of course, the three were a bit different as well. One didn’t have a mouth, the second lacked ears, and the last didn’t have a nose. They weren’t Abnormalities with complete bodies like Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu.

A strange force enveloped and shrouded their true forms. They didn’t look any different from a human while wearing their black robes. Nevertheless, this still couldn’t hide their nine pairs of eyes underneath the shroud. Of course, outsiders assumed that this was a strange art from the heretical schools and didn’t think too much of it.

The auras of these three were even stronger than Zhu Long’s. Their combined attack would almost be unbeatable under Heaven’s Mandate.

“Whoosh!” Feng Feiyun slashed forward with his blade covered in petals. Another sharp wave coiled around the three Abnormalities.

They knew that the opponent’s saber energy was quite formidable. Their robes bulged with black fog floating around their bodies, making them look like three black skies.

Each region had nine pairs of eyes, each as bright as the stars in the night sky. They stopped Feng Feiyun’s slash, but three screams still resounded. These black skies contracted back to their human forms. Their eyes had been pierced by the flower petals as a black blood dripped down from their faces.

All of their eyes had been blinded! However, this actually aroused their ferocity. They roared like wild beasts. One unleashed a palm with a hand larger than a water bucket.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun’s location was shattered by this strike, but he shifted ten meters away and stood there in a cool manner. The second one had already detected his movement and attacked him with haste.

The power hidden in these three Abnormalities was incredible; it was one level higher than a force of eight qilins. Nevertheless, Feng Feiyun didn’t falter and stretched out one hand to meet this palm head-on.

His hand looked like a matchstick in comparison to these gigantic hands. It gave the feeling that it would break on contact.

“Bang!” The seven-meter-long arm was firmly caught then torn off and flung outside.

“Pluff!” A saber glint flashed and a body was split in two. Black blood stained the sky.

Feng Feiyun’s fist seemed to be even scarier. His punch shattered the second Abnormality’s hand into five fragments.

Next, he leaped forward and stomped its head to pieces. A string of bone-breaking noises resounded, starting from its head down to its feet. Its body turned mushy like rotten meat and fell to the ground, paralyzed.

These simple techniques easily killed two Abnormalities on the spot. The third one crazily roared as its mouth turned into a jaw as large as a well. A great suction force came from the inside, aiming to swallow Feng Feiyun whole.

He pointed forward with a finger and shot out a black ray. This third monster instantly turned into a dried corpse. All of its water was sucked out due to being refined by the Dark Water Art.

For the spectators, these three were top geniuses of the Tenth Hall; their cultivations were stronger than many of the young heroes in the contemporary. However, they were slain in just two or three moves by this Thousand-man Commander ahead of them.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The corpses exploded and turned into a black pus that seeped into the ground. Someone purposely destroyed these corpses so that others wouldn’t find out that the Tenth Hall had something to do with the Yang World’s Stranges.

“This Lord Thousand-man Commander is really too strong. Four supreme prodigies have died to his hands just short of a quarter hour.” People started to change the honorific by calling him “lord.”

“Unfortunately, he is underappreciated as a Thousand-man Commander despite having such a great cultivation. I’m sure that after today, many powers will try to recruit him.”

This Thousand-man Commander had a very horrifying cultivation and slaughtered the ferocious heretics as if they were pigs. The rank of Thousand-man Commander was a great injustice for someone like him.

Although it was difficult to believe, this had happened in history before. A few supreme geniuses were born into nothing but still trained hard and met many fortunes. Alas, due to their humble backgrounds, they could only join the military to stand out.

This Thousand-man Commander might be one of them. He was currently rotting in the army, but after today, he will become a renowned hero.

The Young Marquis and Dashi’s third prince all expressed their admiration for his talents. They would do whatever it takes; perhaps they would even ask the Tiger Marquis or Dashi’s King to personally recruit him.

The heretical lords also noticed his infinite potential and wished to recruit him for the protector position. As for the prettiest girls in the sect who had nothing but contempt for him earlier, they started to change their minds and began to scheme. A bright smile appeared on their faces.

To have such a supreme genius was no different from controlling an unparalleled master in the future. This would allow them to sweep through the world.

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