Chapter 304: The Heated Battle Begins!

The heretical side was furious as their bloodthirst soared to the sky. Each of them looked like an angry godfiend visiting the world.

“Just who is this person?”

“Come out and die already. How annoying! He actually dares to make such an announcement? Does he want our Third Hall’s prettiest, Bi Xianxian, too? This is him wishing to become enemies with all of the Third Hall!”

“Goddamn him! The most beautiful in our Seventh Hall is the Lord herself! Does this bastard want to capture Her Excellency and make her his concubine—”

“Pa! Pa!” This last disciple couldn’t finish his sentence before being slapped twice by Wan Xiangcen. His body spun several times in the air before falling and rolling on the ground.

Ji Feng’s words have undoubtedly slapped all ten halls from the Senluo Temple.

Alas, his might was as clear as day to everyone present. Despite his serious injuries, no one dared to do anything to him.

Nalan Xuezang grimly smiled: “If he has good ties with the pagoda, it means he is our enemy. Is his cultivation the same as yours?”

He felt that only someone of Ji Feng’s level would be worthy of fighting against him. He wouldn’t bother lifting his hand against someone weaker!

“We haven’t fought before, but he has defeated seven grand achievement heretics with just one slash.” Many people couldn’t lift their heads in front of Nalan Xuezang. Some would even kneel on the ground out of fear. On the other hand, despite his injuries, Ji Feng could still look straight at him without arrogance.

Just one slash to defeat seven grand achievement experts!

Just how terrifying was this slash? These words alone were more than enough as one could hear the audible gasps across the field. Even Dashi’s third prince as well as Mu Dantian and Mu Shuidi were surprised. Was there someone this terrifying in the contemporary?

Such a genius couldn’t possibly be unknown! Waves formed in Princess Luofu’s eyes as well. She stared at the group and wondered if there was someone else with comparable talents to Ji Feng among them.

Xuezang’s lips curved into a devious smile: “Is he in the Apricot Manor right now?”

Ji Feng turned his head and looked towards the distance before stretching out his bloodied finger towards an old apricot tree.

Everyone’s eyes, including Princess Luofu, the fairies and dao lords of the Dao Gate, the nuns dressed in white from the Beastmaster Camp, the prettiest girls from the heretical halls, and the prodigies from the pagoda traced the direction of his finger.

The crowd immediately spread out to expose an open space! This was the greatest spotlight; several thousand eyes fell onto one person at the same time.

The old apricot was a meter thick with a black trunk like a black dragon coiling on the ground. Many flowers were blooming on the branches. The wind blew by and red petals fluttered down.

The snowflakes glued themselves to the petals before landing on the black armor, broken saber, and iron boots as cold as ice.

This was a Thousand-man Commander from the martial army, evident by his armor.

Everyone felt that they were tricked. Was Ji Fent pointing at the wrong person or was he just lying to everyone? How could a Thousand-man Commander defeat seven great geniuses from the heretical schools?

The pagoda’s disciples felt a strange sense of disappointment. They thought there was someone who could defeat the heretical schools but felt discouraged after seeing that it was only a Thousand-man Commander.

However, Xuezang was able to see a glimmer of extraordinariness in him: “Are you close to the pagoda?”

Feng Feiyun’s face was hidden behind a helmet with only a single gap to expose his eyes. He stood among the apricot petals and snowflakes while saying: “I had no relations with the pagoda, but four girls from there have just died in front of me. They were raped by some heretical disciples and no longer wished to live, so they ended their youthful lives. When their blood dyed the white snow red, the scene was even more beautiful than the flowers you see here.” Feng Feiyun’s rough words were uttered in a calm manner, yet everyone could hear the anger in his voice!

Ji Feng and the other geniuses from the pagoda turned furious and almost lost their self-control; they wanted to rush over to kill the heretics. Their experience must have been insufferable to drive them to suicide despite having the strong willpower of cultivators. No one could stay calm at this moment.

He continued on: “A life for a life. The heretical schools have no respect for the laws so others might not dare to oppose them, but I’m not afraid in the slightest. I shall bury forty heads from the heretics with them.”

This voice was as sonorous as the thunder in the billowing clouds. It shocked the air and caused ears to ring. The ten cultivators nearest to him were directly blown away by the blast.

Feng Feiyun didn’t want others to recognize him, so his voice was quite rugged like an old veteran on the battlefield.

All of the disciples stared at the man in the black armor while completely stunned!

The oldest son of the Tiger Marquis suddenly stood up and asked: “The martial army actually has a real man like this. Brother, which marquis are you under?”

He felt that this Thousand-man Commander was exceedingly heroic, so he wanted to recruit him for his father. Being only a Thousand-man Commander was simply an injustice to this fella.

Feng Feiyun had met this person twice and they had some ties, so his answer was relatively polite: “I’m only a defeated soldier, I’m not a real man at all! Young Marquis, I’m just a rough loser, so you can call me by my name, Feng Daniu!”

Feng Daniu! A defeated soldier? Everyone understood right away. It must have been the earth-shattering war not long ago. Three marquises and a hundred million strong army were defeated by the corpses. Their remains were scattered across three thousand miles.

It was a stirring and tragic battle. If it wasn’t for the Evil Woman being too strong and killing the Omni-Heaven Marquis as well as crippling the Heaven Shaking Marquis, the martial army wouldn’t have lost so miserably.

Perhaps forty million troops have died. The rest were separated and retreated to the Grand Southern Prefecture. Some of these remnant branches were still fighting the corpses even now. This Thousand-man Commander must be one of them.

The Young Marquis laughed and said: “If you aren’t a disciple from the pagoda, then it isn’t your turn for revenge. Leave it to me.”

“He’s right. This is our pagoda’s vengeance so we should be the ones to dish it out. Even if I, Mu Dantian, have to die, I will still take some of them down with me. Count me in for two of the forty!”

“Me too, only the blood of the heretics will be able to wash away our shame.”

All of the disciples from the pagoda were stirred with their blood boiling. Some were afraid of the heretical schools, but if even an outsider wasn’t afraid, why should men from the pagoda be?

“Just a bunch of trash. The heretical schools have been building themselves up for one thousand years just to emerge once more to reign over the world. Even if you all desperately try your best, you won’t be able to change anything!” Xuezang spat out each word like divine swords that could pierce through the world, rendering the entire scene silent.

More than ten heaven-defying geniuses from the pagoda had their eardrums ruptured with blood oozing out. Three fell head first onto the ground and actually went unconscious.

Even the stronger experts like the Young Marquis and Mu Dantian had their protective energy shattered. They were slightly pale and their legs were quivering. The wave almost blew them backward.

This was Nalan Xuezang, the Devil Apprentice! He was truly too strong. Just one sentence was enough to repel more than ten top geniuses of the pagoda, devoiding them of their will to fight.

In the face of absolute power, the pagoda’s heroism was suppressed once more. Even if they risked their lives, they wouldn’t be able to hurt Xuezang in the slightest.

Even the geniuses from the other powers were shaken. This youth was too powerful. One hundred years later, he will become an unstoppable monster in this world.

It looked like the heretical schools have been planning this for a long time. This was their golden age with many devilish talents. They might not only want to suppress the pagoda but also meddle with the entire dynasty.

During this moment of silence, the Thousand-man Commander spoke: “The heretical schools want to reign once more, but will it act lawlessly with wanton regard for justice? Our martial army’s creed is to fight for the peace of the land. Very well, see if you can take me down.”

This commander was too cool. Xuezang was so strong, yet he still dared to step up. Was the martial army not afraid of death, or was this commander just dim-witted?

“Our heretical schools don’t give a shit about the laws!” Xuezang’s evil aura soared with an oppressive momentum. Just this aura alone turned day to night. Countless lightning sparks rose as if the world had turned into hell.

Two evil images formed in his eyes as they shot out two dark rays shaped like legendary evil swords. They flew forward for a hundred meters.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Their target was Feng Feiyun, but there were two grand achievement God Bases along the way. They were only lightly grazed by these sword rays but were instantly cut in half with blood gushing everywhere.

“I specialize in beating up lawless bastards!” Feng Feiyun wasn’t afraid of the sharp glints. He proudly stood under the apricot tree. His forty divine intents in accordance with the Minor Change number quickly arranged themselves to form a blinding hammer that flew out from his eyes.

“Heaven Punishing Hammer of the Minor Change Art!” This was a black hammer formed by forty divine intents. It spanned several hundred meters and covered half of the sky. [1. The full name is Heaven Punishing Immortal Quaking Hammer.]

This power was simply incredible like a tiger howling against the heavens. Its might could sweep through mountains!

“Rumble!” The world shook as this hammer came crashing down. Xuezang’s sword rays were immediately shattered. This force made him take three steps back before he could stabilize himself. Half of his body from the waist down was pushed down into the mud.

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