Chapter 303: Devil Apprentice

Another great genius of the heretical schools has fallen!

Two cold scowls could be seen. Two grand achievement God Bases from the Third Hall attacked. Both were quite amazing. One had opened 210 meridians while the other 230.

These two disciples looked identical in their black robes. They had narrow cheeks, their brows were arched upward, and their eyes were as narrow as a blackfish.

Each of them had a spear in hand as they lunged forward. Their bodies almost merged with their spears; they resembled two long ridges.

The disciples from the pagoda turned furious when these two were going against Ji Feng two to one. However, they didn’t even have time to voice their displeasure before the sound of flesh exploding came about.

The spears had been split by the power of the heavenly gaze. Their bodies were pierced and fell down from the sky. Once they made contact with the ground, only two stained robes were left.

These two top experts didn’t even reach Ji Feng before being completely annihilated. Before one knew it, three top experts from the Third Hall had been slain on the spot.

The several thousand spectators couldn’t react until three seconds later when some started to scream and shout.

The stage was in an uproar!

Ji Feng’s combat capabilities were too heaven-defying and had shut down the opposition completely! He had regained some momentum for the pagoda!

This youth’s figure was carved into the minds of the heretical disciples in an indelible manner.

“I have seen your moves. The Pure Eight Arrays Formation and the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze are what you rely on the most. Others can’t stop these two techniques, but I can and will take you down within fifty moves!” Liu Chengfeng took out an astronomy chart, making it seem as if he was holding a starry sky. He had just come up with a method to break Ji Feng’s techniques.

As the number one genius of the Third Hall, he was only weaker than the Third Lord, so he was quite confident. He once killed a grand achievement God Base when he was only at the middle level.

His words made many heretics quite excited. If he said fifty moves, then he would certainly not have to use the fifty-first.

Ji Feng abruptly responded: “Come then!” He touched both of his temples with one finger and opened the heavenly eye. It didn’t look like a human eye, it was more like a round moon.

A divine ray that resembled a white-jade sword more than twenty meters long flew out. It pierced through the Boundless Palm Mountain and aimed for Chengfeng’s neck.

A drop of blood spilled! The attack earlier almost severed Chengfeng’s neck. He touched his neck with one finger and snorted. A heart-shaped piece of iron flew out of his heart and turned into a thick, ancient shield. It danced around his body before striding towards Ji Feng.

“Boom!” This shield had its own spirit. No one knows what treasure was used to create it, but it was able to stop the attack from the heavenly gaze.

“Your gaze might be strong, but my Black Tortoise Origin can still stop it…”

“Boom!” After he finished speaking, the shield was penetrated by the heavenly gaze and made a crack in the center. Even this shield failed to stop Ji Feng’s offense.

Nevertheless, Chengfeng used this chance to get closer to Ji Feng. From the previous exchanges, Chengfeng was able to observe from afar that Ji Feng’s technique and dao laws were quite powerful. His long-range capability was unbeatable at the same level, but as long as Chengfeng could get within ten steps of him and resort to close combat, how could Ji Feng stop him?

He unleashed a fist of eight qilins. A power of 1,280,000 pounds rushed out and made Ji Feng take three steps back, resulting in three huge holes on the ground.

Sure enough, Ji Feng was not used to close combat!

Chengfeng’s figure shifted into shadows and surrounded Ji Feng while he constantly sent out attacks of eight qilins. This was a confrontation of pure power. There were qilin shadows everywhere in the air as if they had come to an ancient battlefield waging war for several days.

Chengfeng was indeed the top genius of the heretics. His body was very powerful as energy surged through him without depleting. He completely suppressed Ji Feng into a passive state where he couldn’t even use his techniques.

A power of eight qilins could destroy mountains and split the earth. An ordinary grand achievement God Base would be exhausted after just one strike of this magnitude, but Chengfeng unleashed seventy-two in a row and Ji Feng’s energy was still magnificent like a divine whale roaring in the ocean.

576 qilin shadows surrounded Ji Feng. The area turned into a prison where a primordial beast emerged. This force couldn’t be described with words. Even the heretics were speechless. They didn’t expect Chengfeng to be this powerful.

“Pluff! Pluff!” The flesh on Ji Feng’s thighs was being smashed apart since it couldn’t withstand this power. It was as if he was being split in two.

“Fifty moves failed to take your life. Ji Feng, you are truly strong, but you shall die by the 73rd move.” Chengfeng slammed down from the sky as his black cloak fluttered like an evil cloud. A palm descended with another eight qilins.

“Not necessarily!” Ji Feng raised both of his hands and spat out blood along with five red jewels that were situated on his spine. They looked just like the legendary gold core. They formed a five corner star that wished to break through the entrapment of the qilins.

This was a Spirit Treasure, the Meteor Fire Jewels! They acted like five hot suns and struck with power like the real deal. The qilin shadows in the sky were shattered. Five golden rays rushed into the air and resembled five towering pillars.

The crowd wondered: “Ji Feng actually had a Spirit Treasure in his possession, can he turn the tide with this?”

A thunderous snort came from the horizon. The Third Lord tossed down a black palace straight into Chengfeng’s hand. This was another Spirit Treasure that was used to defeat Shi Yelai.

With an equivalent artifact, Chengfeng began to fight against Ji Feng once more for another 270 moves. The two treasures fought until the sky lost its light. Their figures disappeared into the raging battle of these two mighty weapons.

“Boom!” The palace fell to the ground and drilled thirty meters into the earth. A great amount of debris went flying.

Chengfeng also fell from above and slammed into the ground with his quivering body. He couldn’t stand up at all, so he only stared at the sky.

Ji Feng slowly landed. His legs were mangled and gushing out blood. Some areas showed his bones as well, but he still stood proudly.

Despite defeating Chengfeng, he had paid a great price. Blood beads were dripping from nearly all of his orifices. One could see just how fierce this battle was!

The crowd was stunned for a second time!

“How could Chengfeng lose?!” The heretical disciples crazily roared, unable to accept this reality.

However, the truth lay before them, so they had to accept it. The pagoda’s ultimate genius had defeated their great genius from the Third Hall of the Senluo Temple. An undefeated legend has been crushed.

The heretical schools were not unbeatable!

The disciples from the pagoda were elated as they all stood up and fanatically screamed: “Ji Feng is invincible! Sweep through the heretical schools!”

“Ji Feng is invincible! Sweep through the heretical schools!” 

“Ji Feng is invincible! Sweep through the heretical schools!”

The chants were met with mocking laughter: “Invincible? Sweep through the heretical schools? Is there anything more ridiculous?”

A youth dressed in black with nine swords floating behind his back walked along an apricot thicket with an unrestrained stride. Each of his steps carried a wondrous rhythm. He was clearly walking at a slow pace, but it made people feel that they couldn’t see his figure.

The pagoda’s disciples were immediately enraged. One of them couldn’t hold it in and retorted: “Even their best genius, Chengfeng, has lost. Who else from the heretical schools can be Ji Feng’s match?!”

“Chengfeng… haha!” The youth had somehow reached the stage despite his slow pace back in the thicket. With this bizarre entrance, he touched his chin and coldly said: “The Third and Fourth Halls have really lost our school’s face, to actually lose to a disciple from the pagoda...”

The pagoda’s disciples swiftly glanced at each other and were about to yell again. However, their eyes directly exploded after being glared at by the youth dressed in black; all that was left of their pupils was a bloody pulp.

“Can it be… is that the legendary figure from the Tenth Hall?”

“Are you talking about…” Even the heretical members felt afraid while staring at this swordsman. It was as if he was a devil from hell.

“At the tender age of five, he ate his mother and killed his father to cultivate his sword — Devil Apprentice, Nalan Xuezang!”

This sword-wielding youth was named Nalan Xuezang, but he was known in the heretical schools as the Devil Apprentice. After eating his own parents, he was a character that scared even these heretics. His cold-blooded and nefarious nature knew no bounds.

He was one of the three most terrifying characters among the younger generation of the Tenth Hall.

Even Liu Chengfeng at his peak would retreat instead of fight any of these three.

“Ji Feng, haha!” Xuezang smiled and said: “You are qualified to fight against me. I will give you six hours to rest so that I can cripple you afterward.”

Although he was smiling, this smile made people quiver uncontrollably.

“There’s no need for me to battle. If you want to fight, there is someone among the heroes here who can take you on right now.” Ji Feng coughed up blood twice. His grievous injuries couldn’t heal within three days, let alone six hours.

Xuezang furrowed his brows: “Is he also a top disciple of the pagoda?”

Ji Feng shook his head in response: “Though he’s not from the pagoda, he has ties with it. Earlier, he cut down two heretical experts outside of the Apricot Manor and saved four women from my pagoda. Cough, cough! Moreover, he announced that he will capture the most beautiful women in the ten halls and make them his concubines!”

The crowd went wild once more after these words came out! Capture the most beautiful women in the ten halls and make them his concubines?! These words were simply invincible!

The heretics were completely stunned and couldn’t curse for a while. Even the Seventh Lord, Wan Xiangcen, scowled.

There were several supreme beauties from the various halls of the heretical schools hiding in the darkness right now. Their features were flawless and on the same level as the fairies from the Dao Gate. They came today in order to see all the amazing characters in the world.

At this moment, their expressions turned awkward as they bit down on their lips with a murderous air in their pretty eyes. They resembled daughters of heaven but were extremely evil. Even the heretical members wouldn’t dare to touch them, yet someone was actually aiming for them with impure thoughts!

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