Chapter 302: Who Is The Most Talented?

Ji Feng was riding a white cloud with his daoist robe fluttering in the snow. His sleeves were slightly rolled up and had a whisk in his hand. Despite his young age, he gave off an otherworldly aura.

It wasn’t just the heretical members who were shocked, so were the Dao Gate, the Beastmaster Camp, and the members of the royal family. Hong Mofang who had defeated seven heaven-defying geniuses in a row died to this young man?

Ji Feng! Everyone memorized this name. It looked like the pagoda still had many great prodigies. This Ji Feng might be its most talented member.

Even Princess Luofu who always had a stern expression revealed an enchanting smile at this moment.

“Are you the best genius of the Wanxiang Pagoda?” Liu Chengfeng showed a dark smile while posturing with both hands behind his back.

“Not right now.” Ji Feng stared him down.

“You aren’t?” Chengfeng’s brows slightly furrowed.

“Impossible, you can’t find a second like him with such talents at the pagoda!”

“Who is he trying to scare? If the geniuses from the pagoda were this strong, how could they have lost ten times in a row back at the sacred lake?”

The disciples from the Fourth Hall didn’t believe it either and thought that Ji Feng was the greatest prodigy in the Wanxiang Pagoda. At the very least, they wouldn’t be able to find someone stronger than him below Heaven’s Mandate.

Lightning seemingly flashed across Ji Feng’s eyes with a blinding power. The rest of the heretical disciples quickly closed their mouths and turned mute.

Ji Feng coldly spoke: “If the real genius of the Wanxiang Pagoda comes out, how can your heretical schools withstand him?”

Liu Chengfeng smiled and said: “Even your historical genius, Shi Yelai, has lost to our lord. Does the pagoda still have someone better than him?”

Ji Feng sneered: “Shi Yelai? Haha! Don’t you know that Shi Yelai lost to Feng Feiyun when they were at the same level?”

The heretical disciples began to curse again after the name Feng Feiyun was brought up. This name was taboo to them, but they were more afraid of people bringing up the phrase “nine dragons pillar”!

Ji Feng frankly admitted: “I have lost to Feng Feiyun as well.”

This was a resounding statement that stirred thousands of waves. The crowd was sent into an uproar.

Even though the heretics knew that the demon’s son was highly gifted and had been taken in by the Divine King as his successor, they didn’t know that he had defeated Shi Yelai before. Even the youth with his great cultivation ahead had just admitted his defeat to Feng Feiyun.

Just how terrifying was this son of the demon?

The heretical schools had just come out again, so many of them had only heard of their reputations without seeing them in person. If the Wanxiang Pagoda still had a genius with greater talents than Shi Yelai and Ji Feng, it would be quite horrifying.

“If my martial uncle was here, all of you heretical geniuses wouldn’t be his match!” Wang Meng’s shout echoed across the courtyard. He was sitting on a branch like a gorilla, almost crushing the apricot branch completely.

Bi Ningshuai was next to him like a skinny monkey. He was wearing a straw hat in order to hide his black face to prevent others from recognizing him.

He looked around as if trying to find someone. He thought that Feng Feiyun’s absence was strange under this situation. Why was he not here yet?

“Hmph, it is Feng Feiyun’s luck that he isn’t here. If he was, I would definitely take his life. My heretical schools have countless experts under Heaven’s Mandate. Hong Mofeng barely counts as one of the top ten, the real masters have yet to come out.”

The ten heretical lords were all at the Heaven’s Mandate level, the real force behind the curtains. Today, only grand achievement God Base experts were taking action, but Hong Mofeng was not close to being the strongest among them.

Ji Feng asked: “Who are these real masters then?”

“Me, Liu Chengfeng!” A cold response resounded.

Ji Feng felt a heavy mountain crashing down on him. The sky above his head darkened as a huge shadow came pressing down…

It really was a large mountain!

It had a total of five peaks with evil flames surging around it. It was shaped like a person’s palm with an eternal suppressive power.

This was one of the twelve great evil arts of the Senluo Temple, the “Boundless Palm Mountain.”

All twelve arts were matchless techniques. Each was profound, and once cultivated to a certain level, they could burn the sky and boil the sea as well as chase the stars and the moon.

The Boundless Palm Mountain was rumored to have been created by an evil monk. He used to be the leader of the Third Hall back when the Senluo Temple had yet to be divided. In that period, the Senluo Temple was the strongest among all heretical schools with a status comparable to the modern Jin Dynasty.

In that era, no one dared to disobey its will.

Liu Chengfeng had actually managed to cultivate this evil art successfully. A simple flip of his palm was able to unleash this burning mountain.

Everyone felt a terrifyingly evil aura as if part of the sky was caving in. They activated their defensive techniques to avoid being pressed to death by the mountain.

Ji Feng’s eyes were firm. The whisk in his hand began to rotate in the air in order to create a Taiji diagram.

“Pure Eight Arrays Formation!” This was an ancient technique from the Dao Gate rumored to come from the Trinity Dao Mantra and passed down by the Dao Ancestor. It was derived from the first mantra, the “Pure Radiant Mirror”.

This was a technique that had been lost for 300 years. The fairies in their blue dresses from the Dao Gate were astonished. Their minds were strong like calm lotuses on a lake, but they were still shaken at this moment.

The Pure Eight Arrays Formation was the defining technique of one of their three Untethered, the Transcendent Daoist. However, the daoist started traveling across the world three hundred years ago, so this technique had never been seen again.

Could this talented youth be the Transcendent Daoist’s successor? This identity would be incredibly frightening. It would be comparable to some Giants in status.

The Boundless Palm Mountain and the formation slammed into each other like an ocean contending against a mountain. Eventually, both techniques dimmed and a golden explosion tore through the air.

Many cultivators were blown away and fell to the ground. A few acted as if they were struck by a big bell and fainted.

Liu Chengfeng took a powerful step backward. His palm ached as if it was cracked and all of its bones broken.

“Bang!” The auspicious cloud below Ji Feng’s feet scattered as he sunk into the ground. The bones by his thighs issued cracking noises as if they were about to break.

Such powerful attacks!

Chengfeng was among the best geniuses of the heretical schools. His battle prowess was double that of Hong Mofeng. He stood at the apex of cultivation for his level.

All the heretics thought that Chengfeng could suppress this great genius from the pagoda with one move, but Ji Feng remained standing there with his figure as straight as a pine tree.

This youth named Ji Feng was very powerful and capable of fighting evenly against Chengfeng. The pagoda couldn’t be considered to be in a great decline with someone like him present. He was winning glory for the pagoda.

Even Princess Luofu quietly stated: “Well done.” Shortly after, she gave an order to Attendant Yu next to her. He smiled and walked closer towards the stage.

The attendant smiled and declared: “Congratulations, Young Noble Ji. The princess has high hopes for you, don’t let her down!”

“I, Ji Feng, would rather die than dare to let you down!” Ji Feng slightly bowed.

He knew just how capable and resourceful she was. Even a grand historical genius like Shi Yelai was willing to be in her camp.

It was indeed a great honor to earn her recognition.

The attendant nodded and continued: “Mofeng is dead. As long as you can defeat Chengfeng, it can be considered a victory over the Third and Fourth Halls. Doing so will reclaim our pagoda’s reputation.”

He stopped there and turned around to go back.

The heretical schools had many prodigies like hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Ji Feng might be strong, but it was impossible for him to fight them all. It would already be remarkable if he could defeat the top geniuses from these two halls.

All the pagoda’s disciples present thought so as well. They didn’t dare to imagine defeating all the heaven-defying geniuses from the heretical schools. That’s simply impossible.

Chengfeng alone was already so terrifying, but the heretical schools still had several halls yet to show themselves. Perhaps there were people even more powerful than Chengfeng among them.

“The Wanxiang Pagoda cannot lose today!” Ji Feng was full of pride and the will to win in all the upcoming battles.

“You shall lose!” Chengfeng’s sleeves bulged up as the amount of air inside constantly increased. They turned into two blue clouds with countless worldly laws condensing inside.

Xu Gao interrupted him: “Brother Liu, our lord wishes me to fight in your stead.” This person came as fast as a ghost, leaving behind residual images like a black dragon.

Chengfeng was the greatest genius of the Third Hall. If he were to lose, then it would be the same as the Third Hall losing. The Third Lord didn’t wish to see this, so he sent out another great genius to fight instead.

With Xu Gao’s appearance, Chengfeng immediately retreated. Both of them were hall protectors under the Third Lord, and Xu Gao’s cultivation was not weaker than Chengfeng’s by much.

Xu Gao took out a white iron pot that looked a bit like a flower vase. There was a beast diagram carved on it. He placed his palm on the diagram and a huge fiery qilin flew out from inside.

“Roar!” It was as big as a hill. The scales on its body resembled little gems. This was a strange six-hundred-year-old beast soul. Xu Gao’s cultivation wasn’t high enough to fuse this soul into his body, so he had to keep it in a beastmaster pot.

Six-hundred-year-old beast souls were the highest grade souls for grand achievement God Bases. Once they became seven hundred years old, they could even kill first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.

“Poof!” Ji Feng opened his Full Moon Heavenly Gaze. An invisible strand of moonlight from the sky above rushed into his eyes. A horrifying glare of boundless magnitude shot out and destroyed the fire qilin’s soul.

His swordlike glare seemed to have taken physical form.

“Boom!” Xu Gao’s body broke down into several pieces. His blood was even redder than the apricot blossoms.

Just one move ended a hall protector from the Third Hall! A swift and silent death.

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