Chapter 301: Supreme Genius

There was a suffocating atmosphere; it was as if the air itself had been frozen!

In just a second, four heretical disciples were lying in pools of blood. One had their head blown off while the other three got their hearts pierced. Despite all of this, the killer was still nowhere to be found. It was just a single terrifying glare!

The heretical disciples didn’t dare to speak any longer as if their mouths had been covered. The ones lying on the ground were dead because they couldn’t control their mouths.

Hong Mofang’s black cloak was being swept up by the cold wind. A flash flew across his pupils as he looked around and raised his voice: “It looks like a real hero of the pagoda is here. I, Hong Mofang, would like to take you on.”

Hong Mofang looked quite heroic and showed great bloodthirst, but his mind was not calm. He was afraid that this new arrival might be the son of the demon. After all, below Mount Banda, he could still recall how Huang Daonan and Hei Fengyan died to Feng Feiyun.

He thought to himself: ‘Hmph! Even if it is the son of the demon, I still have a chance to win!’

“You… are not qualified!” This voice was not the voice of the demon’s son.

Hong Mofang calmed down right away and thought that this made sense. The demon’s son had slept with Bai Ruxue and offended all of the heretical schools. He simply didn’t dare to come to this manor.

“Then come and see if I’m qualified or not!” Mofang became even more fearless. The fiery clouds behind him emerged once more with his qi image. He had found out the position of the attacker from tracing his voice and unleashed a seal for the clouds to immediately aim for the thicket.

But before the clouds could reach that area, another cold glare pierced through them and struck Mofang’s palm.

It came from another direction completely!

‘Did I get it wrong, or is the enemy’s speed much faster than my attack?’ Blood was dripping from his palm. Fortunately, he pulled his hand back fast enough or else it would have been crippled.

Blood dripped down his fingertips and splashed on the ground.

The prodigies from the pagoda, Dashi’s third prince, the eldest son of the tiger marquis, Mu Dantian, and Mu Shuidi were all looking at each other. Who was this person from the pagoda?

The third prince had just lost to Mofang earlier while the others had similar cultivations to him. Mofang was indeed arrogant, but he was among the top-level geniuses.

And yet there was someone who could wound Mofang in just one move? Their cultivation was simply frightening.

Liu Chengfeng laughed and said: “Mofang, you actually got injured by a disciple from the pagoda, were you overworked on a woman’s belly last night?”

“Haha! I can’t help it! The women from the pagoda feel too good!” A light appeared on his fingers. The wounds immediately healed; even the blood evaporated right away.

Liu Chengfeng was even stronger than Mofang. He was a Third Hall Protector, the number one among the grand achievement God Bases here for the heretical schools. He was a cool and handsome man who aimed for perfection. Each of his actions was particularly unrestrained and dashing.

“Do you need me to help you?” On top of the black uniform, he also wore a white short-sleeved cloak and spoke in an indifferent and easy-going manner.

“How strong could this person be if they’re from the pagoda? There’s no need for Brother Liu to take action. I was only careless and lost by half a move.”

Mofang represented the Fourth Hall, so how could he lose so easily? Moreover, he had many forbidden laws yet to be utilized. Few at the grand achievement God Base level would be able to block them.

“You heretics are vile and don’t shrink away from committing any crime. You dare to publicly humiliate our pagoda’s women?!” The voice in the wind was chilling just like a blade flying through the air.

Mofang was cautious as he laughed: “Our heretical disciples will sleep with all the pagoda’s women until we are bored. Brat, I have probably slept with them ten times more than you have!”

The voice mockingly stated: “Is that so? I heard your Fourth Hall’s prettiest had been tied up to a tree and raped by a fellow from our pagoda though?”

All the disciples from the pagoda present laughed heartily. Even Zhuo Jiwen who had been grievously wounded laughed: “Rumor has it that Bai Ruxue has skin as white as jade — a peerless seductress. I’m having a hard time imagining her being tied to a tree while crying out for help.”

“I’m sure she was crying for her mother and father with tears rolling down her cheeks. What a pity that she had to meet our pagoda’s fiercest man. He played with her for ten days and ten nights, and she almost even lost her life from it.” Even the calm Mu Dantian smirked while feeling good from the vocal retaliation.

“I heard Bai Ruxue is the Fourth Lord’s woman. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to do her before Feng Feiyun. This Feiyun is too immoral, I even feel bad for His Excellency! Haha!” 

“Feng Feiyun is our number one playboy! I heard he has a nine dragons pillar!”

All of the pagoda’s disciples chimed in one after another with boisterous laughter.

On the contrary, the heretical disciples turned pale from rage. Some from the Fourth Hall almost had smoke rising from their heads due to anger.

‘Ugh…’ Feng Feiyun almost vomited blood. ‘What is this about a nine dragons pillar? Ten days and ten nights? Number one playboy of the pagoda? Who the hell spread this garbage?!’

‘It’s over, it’s over. Please don’t let Hongyan hear about this, she’ll be so disappointed in me.’

The crowd’s gaze made Mofang livid. His face turned black like a piece of metal.

“I’m going to cut you now!” The cold voice was accompanied by a white glare that seemed just like an immortal sword sweeping through the sky.

With his qi image above his head, Mofang’s palms turned red like a heated iron. The wind blew by with embers flying everywhere. A twenty-meter-high pagoda was condensed from his fire. There were a total of seven floors seemingly made from hot iron that weighed millions of pounds.

“Boom!” He brazenly threw out this pagoda to break the white glare.

Mofang roared: “If you don’t show yourself, you can’t be my match.”

“Fine, today will be your funeral then.” A young man in a white daoist robe left the thicket. While holding a bronze whisk, he had a green daoist hairband with a pin running through it. His hair looked just like a white waterfall. The bundle of hair was from a heavenly horse and contained a spirit compared to that of a spirit treasure. [1]

The most astonishing part was the third eye on his forehead. It was a Full Moon Heavenly Gaze that was closed at this moment, but it still emitted a power capable of destroying the world.

It was this person who killed several heretical disciples earlier.

“It’s Ji Feng!” Someone recognized him right away.

“Ji Feng reached the sixth level of the Immeasurable Tower at peak God Base, his talents are right behind the other Grand Historical Geniuses!”

“I heard he was taken in as a disciple by a big character from the Dao Tower and went into isolated cultivation at the top of the tower. This top performer has finally come out.”

Feng Feiyun already knew that it was him who delivered the fatal blows. Only his heavenly gaze could have such terrifying power. Even though he had defeated Ji Feng in the past, it took all of his strength. Moreover, his eye wasn’t completely open at that time.

Now, it looks like his natural heavenly gaze could open fully. Even though he wasn’t a Grand Historical Genius, he would definitely not be any weaker than them if they were at the same level. This was the power of the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze.

On that day of the test, Feng Feiyun, Little Demoness, and Ji Feng were the most promising newcomers.

Feng Feiyun was taken in by the Divine Monarch, Little Demoness was taken by an old woodman, and Ji Feng was accepted by one of the three Untethered of the Dao Gate, the Transcendent Daoist.

The three Untethered daoists were monsters from the previous generation, the strongest of the Dao Gate. As the Transcendent Daoist’s disciple, Ji Feng naturally learned from the best of the daoist’s scriptures. Perhaps he improved even faster than Feng Feiyun.

However, if the two of them were to fight again right now… how could Feng Feiyun not handle the heavenly gaze with his forty divine intents? It was difficult to determine the victor in this scenario.

“Who are you?” Mofang slightly squinted at the youth with the green hairband and sneered.

“Ji Feng.” His white robe was fluttering in the wind as he stood on a cloud without touching the ground. He had the charm of a reclusive daoist.

Mofang snorted: “I’ve never heard of someone with your name from the pagoda before.”

“It’s fine if you haven’t heard of me.” Ji Feng waved his sleeve. A group of blue clouds rolled out while he flicked his whisk. This attack pulled away the fiery pagoda from Mofang’s hand like a raging river and redirected it towards Mofang’s chest.

Mofang was aghast and quickly used three forbidden techniques. They were all supreme arts from the heretical school, but they barely stopped the fiery pagoda.

He heaved a sigh of relief only to find that his neck had been wrapped by the whisk. The bind on his throat grew tighter and tighter before it finally cracked. He panicked and gathered energy in both hands in order to use another forbidden art, but it was too late. The whisk decapitated him, sending his head flying.

“Splash!” A jet of blood gushed out from his neck. Its hot temperature melted the snow on the ground.

“Bang!” Mofang’s head fell to the ground with his eyes still wide open. He didn’t understand how he died this quickly.

Ji Feng nonchalantly said: “Because the dead doesn’t need to know my name.”

The entire audience went silent with shock! This was indeed frightening. It only took two breaths before a top heretical expert died in his hands.

“Is this the best genius of the pagoda?” The Seventh Lord of the temple, Wan Xiangcen, had absolutely beautiful eyes with an unspeakable charm, but a small ripple could be seen on their surface.

Ji Feng’s horrifying talents surprised even the heretical lords.

Lu Sanchuan respectfully told Wan Xiangcen: “Hmph! The best genius of the pagoda is Feng Feiyun. Ji Feng lost to him before.”

[1] What it looks like.

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