Chapter 298: One Versus Seven

The Divine Martial Army was the most powerful force in the Divine Jin Dynasty. This was universally acknowledged. [1. I usually omit the divine part here for brevity.]

Yet a mere Thousand-man Commander was arrogant like this! He had just declared his intention to sleep with the Seventh Lord of the Senluo Temple, Wan Xiangcen. How could the heretical disciples present stand for this?

These eight youths dressed in black robes were the top prodigies of the Seventh Hall. However, even they were inferior to dogs before Wan Xiangcen.

The heretical schools were extremely cruel with a strict hierarchy. They believed in the law of the jungle where the strongest takes all.

Being one level higher meant they were a god, being one level lower meant they were dogs.

“Have you no shame with your blustering? How suicidal!” The disciple with his severed arm had used spirit energy to seal his wound with a layer of scarlet light.

He was very confident with his cultivation. The only reason why he lost an arm earlier was because of the sneak attack that caught him off guard.

If it was a real confrontation, how could he lose to a Thousand-man Commander? What a joke!

The so-called Thousand-man Commander title meant that he was in charge of one thousand soldiers. The martial army had more than one hundred million troops, so a Thousand-man Commander was trash and as common as a cabbage.

How could a heaven-defying genius like him handle losing to a common “cabbage”?

“Boom!” A killing intent condensed in the air. The spirit energy of this area grew sharp. A yellow bird on a branch was quietly cut into halves by this murderous energy and fell to the ground.

This heretical disciple’s body emitted 180 black glimmers. Even his robe was fluttering from its force. He had opened all 180 meridians and could be considered an expert among grand achievement God Bases.

“Lightning Wave!” He only had a left hand now. It seemed to be made out of divine metal with seven currents running through it just like a dragon. Before people knew it, his lightning-covered hand had already lunged for Feng Feiyun.

“Ploof!” The saber slightly flashed as a sharp shadow flew forward.

Another severed hand was sent into the sky with an electric wave still channeling through it. Blood spurted out from the open wound.

“Your saber…” Both of the disciple’s arms have been crippled. He didn’t even know how it happened this time.

“My saber is very fast.” The Thousand-man Commander patted his saber clean with loud banging sounds like a knife peddler on the street.

However, such a crude man was able to cripple a heaven-defying genius from the heretical school!

He flipped his blade over again and unleashed another slash to split this disciple standing ten meters away into halves. The left and right sections were blown away. This casual cut was inescapable.

“This whatever Seventh Hall is some bullshit, so weak. It looks like the heretical school is declining nowadays.” The Thousand-man Commander sarcastically lamented, causing the other heretical disciples to gnash their teeth in anger.

“We’ll kill him together!” The seven shouted as their meridians erupted. A brilliance engulfed the area while the spirit energy nearby turned chaotic.

They were all grand achievement God Bases. The weakest had opened 60 meridians while the strongest had 280 opened.

The strongest one was extraordinarily powerful. He took out an ink grindstone, something that was almost a Spirit Treasure; it was capable of exerting a force around ten percent of a real one. Nevertheless, it was still quite frightening and capable of killing from several hundred miles away.

All seven leaped up at the same time and poured their energy into this grindstone. The focused blast shook the sky and shattered the street. The majority of the houses on both sides collapsed.

The commander sonorously roared: “Motherfucker, I’ll take all seven of you on!”

He heroically stood in the middle of the street while his black armor exuded a cold glint. A sharp ray rushed out from his saber that towered more than ten meters high into the air. With both hands on the saber, he unleashed a vertical slash with the shape of a crescent moon towards the grindstone.

The spirit energy in the sky was penetrated by the slash as if it was cutting through water.

“Boom!” The great grindstone was blown away. All seven disciples vomited blood at the same time as they went flying like kites with their strings cut before falling to the ground. The commander was too ferocious; he grievously injured seven grand achievement God Bases with just one move.

Zhao Tian was stunned while being pleasantly surprised. Sir Thousand-man Commander was very much like a divine soldier descending to the mortal realm. He possessed great fighting prowess and a hatred towards evil while beating those evil heretical geniuses into submission.

“Boom!” He had iron soles on and stomped on the chest of a heretical genius. He dragged along his black iron saber and pointed it at the guy’s neck while shouting: “Say it with me, the Senluo Temple is dog shit!”

His thunderous shout almost made the guy fainted. The cold edge of the blade had its energy tightly fixated on the youth’s neck, almost freezing it.

This commander was very bloodthirsty and had a grumpy demeanor. The disciple that was split in half by him still had his innards vividly sprawled on the ground.

Even though this disciple was arrogant and had been subjected to life-and-death training, being glared at by this commander was erasing nine out of the ten divine intents in his mind.

The willpower that made him unafraid of death was being shattered!

“Don’t kill me! I’ll say it, the Senluo Temple is dog shit!” This disciple was completely suppressed by Feng Feiyun’s forty divine intents. His mind almost collapsed.

The commander roared: “Louder!”


The commander mockingly laughed: “Keke! Keep going, say that the Seventh Lord of the Senluo Temple, Wan Xiangcen, is Feng Daniu’s mistress.”

“Ugh… The Seventh Lord of the Senluo Temple, Wan Xiangcen, is Feng Daniu’s mistress.” This disciple was about to cry.

“Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right! I, Feng Daniu, am very free and romantic as I tread through this world. Since I’m still young, if I don’t do something earth-shattering, wouldn’t it be a waste of my invincible self?” The commander murmured to himself, but it sounded like he was asking the disciple on the ground.

“Ugh, then what kind of earth-shattering event do you want to make happen?” The disciple had no choice but to play along out of fear.

The commander said in a serious and earnest manner: “I want to capture all of the prettiest girls in each of the Senluo Halls and make them my mistresses. The temple has ten halls, so that should be ten kingdom-toppling beauties. Wow, I really have such amazing romantic luck.”

“...” The disciple was at a loss for words. He was simply out of his mind. The prettiest girls in the temple were all scorpions as well as mighty experts.

Just sleeping with any one of them would already be remarkable. Keep in mind that the competition was extremely fierce in the heretical schools. More often than not, the competition between women was even more vicious and sinister than the ones between men.

A beautiful woman would incite jealousy and die an early death. Thus, to become the prettiest girl in the temple while staying alive, they had to be powerful and capable. For example, Bai Ruxue of the Fourth Hall and Wan Xiangcen of the Seventh Hall…

Since she was able to become the young lord of the Seventh Hall, Wan Xiangcen must be far stronger than Bai Ruxue, and craftier as well.

Feng Feiyun said this just because he saw the tragic fate of these female disciples from the pagoda. He became extremely angry, so his choice of words was quite ruthless. If he could capture all of the prettiest girls from the temple, it would deal a great blow to them like ten continuous and resounding slaps. It would definitely feel good, but he would have a hard time surviving afterward.

The heretical schools would pay any price to kill him at that point. Some of their ancestors would come out as well. After all, no one would be able to endure this type of humiliation.

He was currently the Thousand-man Commander, Feng Daniu, so he could casually utter any arrogant and malicious words with wanton regard. It was fine to provoke all ten lords from the temple. If it came down to it, he just had to take off the armor and return to being Feng Feiyun.

Of course, if he knew that the rest of the world had already been talking about how he slept with Bai Ruxue and how the entire Fourth Hall considers him a mortal enemy, he wouldn’t be acting this indifferent right now.

“Pluff!” He decapitated the disciple he was stomping on and kicked his head like a ball. This was the second disciple from the Seventh Hall that fell to his blade.

The other six were badly wounded and became fearful of this Thousand-man Commander. They all staggered backward.

“Who says that they were going to take Wan Xiangcen’s chastity earlier?” An extremely cute voice came with the wind. Anyone would quiver after hearing this; their limbs would definitely go numb.

Even before hearing her voice, a sweet, flowery fragrance touched the tip of his nose. It was even more enchanting than the scent of a woman’s body.

Just this trace of the fragrance would strip people of their self-control. They began to see illusions of a peerless seductress without an article of clothing, slowly taking them into their embrace.

The six disciples were shocked after hearing this voice. They quickly prostrated and shouted: “We welcome you, Your Highness!”

“A bunch of trash, the face of our Seventh Hall has been thrown away by you. You know what you have to do now, right?” The voice turned domineering, causing the disciples’ hair to stand on end.

The fragrance in the air changed into the coldness of a snow lotus. This was coming from her body; it would change according to her mood.

Six muffled cries came at the same time. The six disciples all chopped off one of their fingers, staining their palms with blood.

Feng Feiyun touched his nose and said: “A heretical lord… Looks like it’s for real this time…” This was his first time smelling such an enchanting fragrance. However, outside of her voice and scent, Wan Xiangcen was nowhere to be found.

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