Chapter 296: Three Spirit Grasses

There was a river of blood around a hundred meters wide running underground from the south to the north. Its powerful waves slammed into the rocky bottom, issuing loud and sonorous noises like copper gongs.

The Evil Woman was standing inside the river, letting its red water cover her. An endless blood energy entered her body.

“A river of blood like this is actually running through Radiance. Could it be that the blood of everyone who was killed in the southern prefecture gathered here underground and formed this river?” It was dark underground, but darkness couldn’t impede Feng Feiyun’s sight.

They were several hundred meters underground, right below Radiance. There was a passage in the city leading down to here. If it wasn’t for the Evil Woman’s guidance, he would never have guessed that there was this type of scene down here, it was like the yellow river in hell!

“She might not be eating people, but this is even scarier.” He waited for two days by the river. She had no intention of leaving and continued to devour this form of vitality. Who knew how long it would be until she wakes up?

“I would have to be stupid to not leave right now!” Feng Feiyun followed the pathway to get back to the surface. It took about an hour before he saw the sun again. The exit was a relay station with dozens of coffins lying around. [1. Relay station = post office.]

Through his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, he could see that the coffins were full of dense, green energy around corpses with fierce expressions.

This station was still chilling even though it was daytime. A layer of snow covered each coffin.

“Swoosh!” A gray-haired old man watched over the place. His withered body looked like wood as he swept the floor with a broom.

Two days ago when Feng Feiyun and the Evil Woman arrived, he was also here sweeping away despite the fact that not a single leaf was on the ground.

“Quite a powerful corpse, he must be at the third transformation.” Feng Feiyun’s spiritual awareness found that he didn’t have a strand of life in his body.

He carefully walked around him and finally heaved a sigh of relief after getting out of the station. The aura of a third-transformation corpse was too immense; it was capable of suppressing the soul.

In recent days, cultivators gathered everywhere at Radiance. Some came for the ancient altar while others were here for the upcoming battle at the sacred lake. Before one knew it, this city had become lively with carriages everywhere.

“Clank! Clank!” Feng Feiyun, adorned in his commander armor to hide his face, was riding a bull larger than an elephant while swaggering through the streets.

On his back was an iron battle saber around 780 pounds; he truly had the style of a fierce soldier.

“Scram, get the hell out of my way or I’ll cut you down.” Feng Feiyun spoke like an official with an imperious manner towards the cultivators blocking the way. They saw that he had the uniform of the martial army and quickly scattered to the sides.

“Yin Gou Ward!” Feng Feiyun stopped by this location outside of Radiance with both hands on his waist and his head up high while reading the plaque.

As long as there were people and cities, there would be no shortage of Yin Gou’s industries. What places had the most treasures in the world? It wasn’t the imperial palace of the Jin Dynasty nor the Wanxiang Pagoda, and it was definitely not the Senluo Temple either. The answer was these Yin Gou Wards.

Feng Feiyun had reached grand achievement and needed to rely on spirit grasses and stones in order to rapidly increase his cultivation. As long as he had money, he could buy both at the Yin Gou Wards.

A single millennium grass could open ten meridians and one True Mysterious Spirit Stone could open one.

“Bang! Bang!” He walked to its large gate and slammed into it with his saber while yelling: “Anyone alive in there?”

“As long as you can pay, we will even sell people.” A slightly overweight middle-aged man came out.

He was around the age of forty with an embroidered robe and a big smile on his face. His narrow eyes had a bright glimmer like a fox that had just come out of their burrow.

Feng Feiyun asked: “You sell people here too?”

The man smilingly answered: “Yes. If you want to buy slaves, there are three different qualities. The same is true for women. As long as people are willing to pay, we’ll sell the dead too. There is no business that we won’t do at the Yin Gou Ward.”

Feng Feiyun cleverly asked: “There are people who buy the dead around here?”

The man replied: “Of course, and there are many too.”

Feng Feiyun asked for clarification: “By the dead, you mean Corpse Evils?”

The man slightly nodded. There were two types of people who would buy these corpses: corpse controllers and disciples from the Wanxiang Pagoda.

The first bought them in order to refine those corpses into slaves. The disciples from the pagoda naturally bought them to trade for more points.

“The Yin Gou Clan’s business is truly big, it’s no wonder why it is called the richest clan in the world.” Feng Feiyun commented before asking: “Are you the manager of this ward?”

“Sir Thousand Commander, my name is Dongfang Yiye, I just arrived at Radiance yesterday.” His squinting eyes only had a small opening. It was still bright like before.

This person’s cultivation was no joke. He had trained the Dragon Lake Righteous Energy to a great level. Even the phoenix gaze couldn’t see his real strength.

His last name was Dongfang as well. It looked like he was an expert sent by the Yin Gou Clan in order to benefit from this chaotic region. With the heretical schools and corpse controllers coming out, Trinity’s situation was very complex, so the clan wouldn’t send an ordinary person. Such a man should be able to handle the situation and profit from the chaos.

“Manager Dongfang, you are too polite. I am only an insignificant Thousand-man Commander.” Feng Feiyun became cautious again.

“The paying customers are always right at our Yin Gou Ward.” Dongfang Yiye smilingly stared at him. His eyes seemed to be able to see through Feiyun’s armor.

Feiyun said: “No wonder why your business is so successful.”

“It’s what you have to do to be a lucrative businessman. You must treat your customers like they’re the boss.” Yiye smiled back.

Feiyun replied: “But in the end, people will come to find that the real boss is you.”

The both of them laughed at the end of this conversation. Yiye invited Feiyun inside. It was even more extravagant with resplendent decorations to make it look like a palace.

It was surprisingly large with a staircase leading up to what was seemingly forever. Who knows how many floors this place had?

“What are you looking for, Thousand Commander?” Yiye asked.

Feng Feiyun answered: “Millenium Spirit Grass.”

Yiye stopped and glanced at Feng Feiyun one more time. His sharp eyes turned brighter.

“Don’t tell me the Yin Gou Ward doesn’t have them?” Feiyun frowned.

“There’s nothing one can’t buy here at the Yin Gou Ward, the key is whether they can afford it or not. You are no Thousand-man Commander.” Yiye laughed and spoke with certainty.

This person had very frightening insight.

“Haha.” Feiyun didn’t give a response.

“It doesn’t matter if you are or not. More importantly, the ward has three roots right now: two crane natans and one green maternal flower. Each one will cost 5 million gold coins. As long as you can afford them, I’ll sell them to you right away.” Yiye smiled.

This price might be steep for millennium spirit grasses, but if they were real, then it was worth the money. Both of these types were rare and about twenty percent stronger than ordinary millennium grasses. Feiyun still had notes worth 16 million gold coins, so he could easily buy them.

Three black jade boxes around three feet long were brought to them by three pretty maids with makeup and silk dresses. The jade boxes contained a yellow liquid that could maintain the spirituality of these grasses.

Feng Feiyun checked the three boxes before putting them into his spatial stone. They really were too expensive. Just one was enough to buy several small and medium-sized sects. Even though he had just spent 15 million, he still felt that it was worth it in order to open thirty meridians in a short amount of time. It would be a great improvement to his cultivation.

The battle at the sacred lake was imminent. All the elites from the pagoda and the lords of the heretical schools would be there. It was best to be as strong as possible before that time comes.

“I have a certain piece of information for sale, maybe you will be interested.” Yiye counted the paper money in his hand to confirm the transaction before putting into his sleeve. A green light flashed as they disappeared.

Feng Feiyun asked: “What info?”

“It will cost one million gold coins, I can guarantee you that it is worth the price.” Yiye paused for a moment before grinning.

Feng Feiyun stared at this middle-aged man before him. Does he know the exact amount of gold Feiyun had left? Earlier, the price for the grasses was perfectly fifteen, and now this information was one million.

Feng Feiyun was about to be drained of his money and squeezed completely dry. How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

Feng Feiyun stared at him for a long time before biting his teeth while taking out the last of his gold notes to hand it over.

Yiye cheerfully accepted the money and quickly put the bills away before slowly speaking: “Princess Luofu is finding invincible experts among grand achievement God Bases in preparation for marking the holy monument. Anyone who is chosen by her will be rewarded with five spirit grasses. Only the princess can afford such a grand gesture.”

“Five spirit grasses! Where is she right now?” Feng Feiyun was truly tempted. This was a reward that could drive any grand completion God Base crazy. Not to mention five, just one was extremely hard to come by.

Yiye revealed: “In the northern suburbs of Radiance is the Thousand Plum Manor. As far as I know, several heaven-defying geniuses from the heretical schools and a few successors of some corpse caves will be there. Many disciples of the pagoda will go too, but the result is fairly obvious. They will be suppressed by the heretical geniuses, so those spirit grasses will fall into the hands of either the heretical members or the corpse successors. Even if the princess is unhappy about it, she still has to keep her word and distribute the rewards! Sigh, it seems that the pagoda has really fallen.”

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