Chapter 295: Unstoppable Across The Nine Heavens And Ten Earths

The three corpse monarchs only showed up for a little bit before being turned into dust. These were three monsters with a power comparable to Giants. It was a great loss to the Violetsea Cave.

The corpse repelling bells in the three elders’ hands had exploded while their chests were pierced. Only fear could be seen in their expressions.

After building up their strength for many years, they wanted to come out and shock the world. No one expected this disaster with their three corpse monarchs being dealt with so easily.

They didn’t dare to stay here any longer and swung their sleeves. A plume of mist gathered and condensed into a sky-bridge that led all the way to the horizon. This was the “Ghost Immortal Bridge”.

One step on this bridge equaled a thousand miles. Corpse controllers and treasure masters were similar, both traveled to the edges of the cultivation world. They would normally visit a few Yin Yang locations. After encountering something sinister and ominous, the wisest thing to do was to open this type of bridge.

Due to its ability to swiftly travel large distances, both gods and ghosts would find it difficult to chase them. After feeling Feng Chi’s murderous intent, the elders opened the bridge right away in order to stay alive.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” They stepped on it and managed to flee thousands of miles away, but they still couldn’t escape death. Feng Chi killed them through space. All three were crushed into a bloody powder. The stench of blood permeated the air.

Feng Chi’s hand was still slightly stretched forward, causing dark, blood-colored clouds to billow for thousands of miles. These ominous clouds didn’t disperse until he retracted his hand.

This was too unfair. The three elders were experts among the older generation, but they couldn’t escape death even though they were thousands of miles away. This was the power of a Supreme Giant.

“Damn!” A few youths had begun to retreat from the base of the mountain. With Feng Chi standing guard, even an army wouldn’t be able to do anything. This was an exceptional character of legend.

Among the ten halls of the Senluo Temple, five of their vice-leaders were present. They didn’t retreat until the third day but decided to give up at that point.

Even though they could fight against Feng Chi with a numbers advantage and could even defeat him, the price would have been unimaginable. The three dead elders from the Violetsea Cave were the best examples.

This huge price made them hesitate and ultimately played into their decision to retreat.

“I thought many people will die in this competition, but Feng Chi alone was able to suppress the entire scene and force everyone back.” Feng Feiyun and the Evil Woman were the only ones left at the base of Mount Banda.

The Evil Woman wanted to use the power of the ancient altar to restore her cultivation, so she meditated for another seven straight days without moving or batting an eye.

During this period, some people didn’t give up and returned to this mountain. However, after seeing that the white-armored corpse was still there, they instantly retreated. No one dared to step within ten miles of this area.

Perhaps the corpse energy here was too thick so more corpses gathered in these last several days. It turned into a land of death once more.

“Dragon King’s Saber Art, second technique, Nine Firmaments Slash.” Feng Feiyun leaped into the air with an imposing momentum before falling back down with both hands on his saber for one slash. The energy turned into a white divine dragon. [1. The raw name for the technique is Dragon King Arriving/Looming Over The Nine Firmaments. Way too long, so had to shorten it.]

This energy was eighteen meters long and seemed to be a true dragon lying in the sky. There was a crown on the dragon’s head where all of the blade’s energy gathered.

“Boom!” Three bloody corpses were bitten by this blade energy. Their palm-sized palaces fell down to the ground, still stained with blood.

“This saber art is truly profound and difficult to cultivate. I only comprehended ten percent of this art after seven days.” Feng Feiyun put away his blade with energy and faint dragon runes still flowing through it.

After reaching one hundred percent mastery of the first slash, he began to study the second slash, but he could only utilize ten percent of its power.

He waved his sleeve and the three palaces flew into his spatial stone.

“Three more for a total of 1008 palaces on top of the one from a second-transformation corpse, equal to 2008 points.” The emergence of the heretical schools meant that the challenge was much harder for the pagoda’s disciples. In these three years, they not only had to kill corpses for their palaces, they also had to fight against the heretical youths.

It stopped being an in-house competition due to this new development. This was both a test of strength and intelligence. Of course, only those who could truly endure this test would be top experts in the future.

“Three months have gone by already, and three more will be the next lunar eclipse. Another great battle will take place at the sacred lake. I wonder if the pagoda will be utterly defeated again?” Feng Feiyun sighed.

Suddenly, his heart jumped. He started laughing and turned around while cupping his fists: “Congratulations, Boss. Your cultivation has returned and your battle capabilities have reached the peak once more. You are unbeatable in the nine heavens and ten earths.”

The Evil Woman in her white daoist robe looked just like a beautiful older sister from the Wanxiang Pagoda. She was standing a hundred meters away beneath a dead black tree. Her black hair was fluttering in the wind. Who knew how long she had been standing there for?

Since Feng Feiyun noticed her, she took one step forward, leaving behind a series of shadows in the air. One second later, she stood right in front of him.

She stood coolly with both hands behind her back and snorted while glaring at him: “If my cultivation was back, do you think you would be able to detect me?”

“Then Boss, how much of it is back?” Feng Feiyun smiled. He naturally knew that she hasn’t completely recovered. The words from earlier were meant to flatter her.

Her expression was full of murderous intent. She took another step forward and reached out with her hand shrouded in faint evil flames to grip his neck. She awe-inspiringly stared at him while threatening: “Hmph! Enough to kill you without a problem.”

Feng Feiyun felt his throat being sealed and his blood freezing up. He couldn’t breathe as his neck was about to be crushed by her, prompting him to cough. However, his expression remained unchanged as he raised his voice: “Boss, you are matchless with no rivals in the nine heavens and ten earths.”

“It’s good that you are aware of this.” She scowled and let him go. With a calm pose, she stared into the horizon: “Get up already.”

Feng Feiyun placed both of his hands on his dantian and channeled a crimson flame. It melted the chilling energy in his blood and forced it out from the skin of his neck.

No wonder why she was known as the Evil Woman, her mood could change at a moment’s notice. If it wasn’t for her recovering cultivation and how he still had some worth to her, he would have been killed already. As she once said herself: “There should be no living creatures in front of me.”

This was because she was not a living being. One should never treat her as a person and definitely not a woman.

Taking her down the mountain was definitely him digging a pit and jumping into it. However, he had no regrets. Everything had two sides; there was never an absolutely right choice. Perhaps he will be lucky in the future by taking her down Mount Banda. One’s vision shouldn’t be limited to what immediately lies ahead.

Feng Feiyun grabbed his blade and followed her.

The Trinity County had many ancient locations. Radiance was an ancient city with more than a thousand years of history. It was located at the edge of an old route leading towards Trinity’s hinterland, one of the few cities that had not been invaded by the corpses.

It was between the sacred lake and Mount Banda, so cultivators from everywhere gathered here to create an unprecedented lively scene.

At dusk, five months of heavy snow had finally stopped. However, the cold wind blew even more urgently, causing the thick layer of snow on the ground to be blown everywhere. They hit a carriage being pulled by a five-meter-tall bull. It trampled on the snow and rapidly made its way through the plain, creating two deep lines along the way. It finally made it to Radiance before nightfall.

The soldier sitting on the bull wore the official martial army’s uniform, indicating his rank of being a thousand-man commander. His armor was as black as ink. Even his face was covered with a layer of metal, exposing only his profound and sublime eyes. He appeared to be young, quick-witted, and unrestrained.

“Boss, don’t tell me that you want to go to this old city to eat people? I heard corpses can eat people to increase their vitality and cultivation.” The young commander turned back to ask the person inside the carriage, causing his plates to issue clunking noises from rubbing against each other.

“The power of the altar is far from enough to restore my cultivation. I must absorb a monstrous amount of vitality.” A woman’s voice as cold as ice answered him.

If anyone outside were to hear her voice and didn’t die from freezing right away, they would be pressed down to the ground, unable to stand back up.

“Are you really here to eat people?” The commander’s heart jumped.

“Correct, I’m here to feast.” Her voice became colder.

He asked: “Who will you eat?”

She replied: “I’ll eat whoever is delicious or have sweet enough blood for a drink.”

“Wow, so domineering! Boss, you are indeed the number one in the nine heavens and ten earths, no one can oppose you!” This commander was naturally Feng Feiyun. His heart felt a chill after hearing her response. A Corpse Evil was still ultimately a Corpse Evil; it looks like the cultivators in this ancient city were about to be unlucky.

Many experts gathered at Radiance, the only city between Mount Banda and the sacred lake. The young, the old, and even Giant level cultivators were here. If the Evil Woman wanted to feast, she naturally would have to pick a populated location. She hid her identity and quietly snuck inside, which was why Feng Feiyun was wearing his current outfit.

The martial army had just suffered total defeat at Trinity. There were many abandoned carriages and sets of armor. It wasn’t difficult to get this equipment. The snow stopped and night fell. An aggressive commander with a black carriage swaggered into Radiance.

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