Chapter 294: One Guardian, Ten Of Thousands In Fear

“Ding, ding!”

The seventh, eighth, and ninth elders of the Violetsea Cave stood on the snow while shaking their exquisite bells to emit a suppressive aura.

Their robes were violet with golden silk lining. They were bright and beautiful, even nobler than the style of the royal court. A dark flame appeared in the middle of the seventh elder’s forehead like a heavenly eye. He sneered: “A corpse that has been dead for a thousand years just recently came out... It was certainly a Supreme Giant when it was alive.”

Even though his Crescent Heavenly Eye didn’t open completely, he could still see through the background of the white-armored corpse.

The three elders shook their bells at the same time. The three corpse monarchs’ eyes behind them turned violet; they leaped forward at the same time.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” In the next moment, the three corpses landed on Mount Banda and surrounded the armored corpse. Their crowns became even brighter. Looking from afar, they looked just like three demonic purple lamps that emitted a strange energy. The other corpses near the mountain instantly kneeled on the ground.

These corpse monarchs were quite powerful since they were once preeminent characters during their respective generations.

The first monarch wore a white buddhist robe and had a round head. His skin exuded a jade-like brilliance. He had reached the level of Giant at only 140 years of age. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go against fate. The calamity came and he died alone in the desolate mountains. An ancestor from the Violetsea Cave dug him out and refined him for a thousand years into a corpse monarch with unparalleled battle prowess.

The second monarch had a great background. He was a corpse that was sealed at the cave for more than two thousand years. It only woke up recently and was brought to the southern region.

The third was five meters tall, a previous leader of a certain tribe from the Ancient Jiang Race. He was born with natural godlike strength and capable of tearing Giants into pieces.

They were true monarchs among corpses. Each of them was powerful and belonged to the upper echelons of third level transformation corpses.

“Boom!” The broken corpse of the marquis was shattered by the third corpse into four pieces. Even its skull flew off.

“Rawrr!” This giant corpse shouted and swallowed the marquis’ body with gobbling noises as if it was eating a piece of metal.

“The marquis’ cultivation could compare to a Giant, yet it was smashed by just one fist? Just how strong is this corpse monarch?” Wang Meng was also a genius of the Ancient Jiang Race so he had natural godlike strength as well, but he was completely inferior compared to this monarch.

Every cultivator present was shocked. These three monarchs were devilishly powerful. It was no wonder why these three elders declared their intention of capturing the Evil Woman publicly. Ordinary forces couldn’t compare to them.

Feng Feiyun was very close to Mount Banda. The shockwave from the attack earlier affected the surrounding ten thousand miles. The ground shook to the point where he had a hard time standing straight.

“The Violetsea Cave is powerful to this level!” He felt his organs shaking from pain. Without the Infinite Spirit Ring’s protection, that force would have rendered him into a bloody mist.

“I’ll destroy them sooner or later!” The Evil Woman stood behind him. It was his Spirit Treasure that helped her block the shockwave earlier.

There were too many of the older generation outside of the mountain, and some were even Giants. She was severely wounded, so if she were to use her own power, a few crafty men would instantly recognize her, placing her in a precarious situation. Thus, she could only hide behind Feng Feiyun without leaking any of her strength.

“I think… we should run for now?” Feng Feiyun had no confidence in her strong rhetoric right now. Her grievous injuries prevented the use of her cultivation completely. She even needed protection, yet she still uttered such strong words.

Before a stronger enemy, one should naturally hide if they can’t win! As the saying goes, a man does not care about temporary setbacks… Well, she certainly wasn’t a man.

If she suddenly rushed out to fight, he would surely be dragged down with her. The corpse controllers wanted to capture her while Feng Feiyun had offended many people. Death was the only path if they were to reveal themselves.

“Run? Do I need to run?” Her voice exploded by his ear like a diving gong, almost shattering his eardrums. Her majestic demeanor resembled that of an empress. She intensely stared at him with energy looming in her eyes like the moon up above.

He felt his spine freeze up, so he quickly answered: “My Lady, you are invincible in this world with a peerless cultivation, of course you don’t have to run. The ones who should be running are those rats over there.”

Meanwhile, the corpse energy on Mount Banda rose even more. It was thick like what one would find in an evil lair. The three corpse monarchs were as mighty as three towering mountains. They all attacked the motionless white-armored corpse next to the tomb.

“Rumble!” More black clouds condensed in the sky. With a cold whirling gale, the clouds turned into three black dragons. Feng Chi stood there proudly with a tall stature like an immovable pine tree on a cliff. His eyes were as deep as the sea as he slowly pointed forward.

His fingertip created a white water ray that rose three hundred feet into the air. It connected with the world to form a translucent barrier.

The attack from the three monarchs was completely stopped by this barrier. Only three ripples were created in this failed breach.

An incredible scene happened next. Feng Chi performed the same finger motion and completely suppressed the three monarchs ten meters away. They floated in the air, absolutely immobile. Even the violet crowns on their heads dimmed.

“How could this be…” The three elders were aghast as sweat ran down their cheeks. Their spirit energies erupted in order to power their corpses. This white-armored corpse’s might was beyond their expectations.

“Vigorous…” Feng Chi’s mouth slightly opened as he uttered a vague word.

“Gale…” The second word was even more ambiguous.

“Method…” The third word was mixed with the wind so no one could recognize it.

Even though the words were vague, Feng Feiyun heard them clearly and was surprised. The Vigorous Gale Method was the cultivation technique of the Feng Clan. This further confirmed that this man was the supreme genius of the Feng Clan, its number one member in the past, Feng Chi.

“Boom!” After uttering the words, a crushing sound came from his fingertip. This was the sound of air shattering and turning into a storm that ravaged this region.

The mighty gale covered hundreds of miles like countless knives flying in the air.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The monarchs were in the front so they suffered the heaviest blow. All were crushed into little fragments by the gale and drifted away like grains of dust.

Even their corpse palaces were completely crushed to smithereens by the Vigorous Gale Method. They weren’t the only victims. Feng Chi’s single finger attack engulfed hundreds of miles. More than one hundred cultivators were killed by the shockwave. Some of them were at the Heaven’s Mandate level.

Feng Feiyun resorted to using the spirit vessel to protect the two of them, but the gale pushed the entire vessel down to the ground.

“How could the Vigorous Gale Method be this strong? Could this be the legendary ninth level?” Any Feng disciple could cultivate this art, but few could reach the sixth level. Right now, only three ancestors from the clan were able to reach the seventh level. In the legends, Feng Chi was the only person who made it to the ninth level.

All the corpses on Mount Banda were shattered just like the three monarchs. Black sand was everywhere while the land turned quiet. There were no other sounds except that of the wind. However, people were most afraid of hearing the sound of the wind right now.

Feng Chi quietly stood there next to the tomb. A white kitty crawled out from inside and jumped onto his shoulder. It looked towards the cultivators below the mountain in the distance without any fear at all.

A solitary corpse on the mountain had deterred everyone. The heretical school, those of the orthodox path, and the corpse controllers didn’t dare to take a single step forward. In fact, they didn’t dare to move at all.

Just how unstoppable was this? One person was enough to hold the gates while tens of thousands trembled in fear!

Eventually, someone shouted while pointing at the man: “Everyone, look, there is an ancient word on his armor, ‘Feng’.”

“His armor is very similar to the armor from the Feng Protector Hall. Could he be a great character from that clan when he was alive?”

“Impossible, the Feng might be relatively powerful in the Grand Southern Prefecture, but it isn’t much when looking at the entire dynasty. How could they have produced such a supreme character?” A heretical elder flatly dismissed this notion.

The vice-leader of the Fourth Hall said: “I have a guess. He is a heavenly genius of the Feng Clan. It is a pity that he had died more than a thousand years ago. Alas, his light is still so dazzling after climbing out of his grave.”

An old man with gray hair and three spirit lotus flowers on his head looked over towards the mountain with a flashing gaze: “I know who he is. This might be the greatest member of the Feng Clan. If the ten pinnacle experts don’t come out, it will be hard to find an opponent for him.”

A heretical elder responded: “Even if he is stronger, he’s only a Corpse Evil…”

“Pluff!” Before he could finish, a white ray came from the peak and pierced through his body, rendering it into a bloody pulp. The vice-leader wanted to save him, but he couldn’t stop Feng Chi’s attack.

Someone commented with a tinge of emotion: “The Feng Clan actually had such an amazing character. It’s no wonder they produced two top prodigies in this generation.” He thought about Little Demoness and the son of the demon from the younger generation. Alas, the boy had already been expelled from the clan by its current master.

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