Chapter 293: Violetsea Corpse Cave

A corpse controller versus a third transformation corpse!

On the ridge of Mount Banda, the marquis’ broken corpse still carried a sky-shaking power. The pieces of his flesh were powerful enough to crush a grand achievement God Base to death.

He opened his mouth and spewed out a wave of lightning all over the sky.


The young cultivators nearby were struck and instantly charred before turning into black dust.

This was the attack of a third level corpse, ordinary people couldn’t withstand it. Even the slightest touch from a strand of energy would render them into ashes.

“Clank! Clank!” The corpse bell rang on the mountain, carrying a force that instilled fear deep into the soul. Others nearby felt dizzy; it was as if their heads were about to split apart.

The weaker cultivators directly fainted with blood spilling out of their ears. This was a battle of the Giant level. Only incredible people could stand straight under the pressure of Giants.

The corpse talisman loomed up above like a dazzling divine tablet suppressing the mountain. Many corpses were crushed to a pulp.

“The Lawless Lord is powerful to this level? Then just how strong will the ancient corpse caves in the northern region be?” Older cultivators were speechless from fear. They recalled the olden days when the corpse masters almost became the tyrants of the cultivation world…

It was a period that now belonged in the historical annals, but no one could forget.

“The marquis grew even stronger after death, but it still isn’t a match for that old corpse controller.”

The marquis emitted a sky-shattering roar with thunderous explosions, but it couldn’t destroy the talisman.

Several other great powers had made preparations as well. Once the marquis was captured, they would make their way up Mount Banda.

“Boom!” Among the snowflakes floating in the sky like a mat, a white ray shot out from Mount Banda and pierced the black clouds in the sky before striking the corpse talisman.

This talisman was an ancient Spirit Treasure, but it was blown away by this white ray. It lost its power and fell from the sky like a meteor before smashing into a small hill.

“The talisman was blown away?” Everyone was shocked. Who did this?

“Could it be… the Evil Woman? No, this isn’t her energy…” The Lawless Lord was alarmed and controlled the bell floating above his head. His old body became quite tense as he felt a terrifying aura coming forward.

It came from Mount Banda and was accompanied by a fearful chill that reached the heavens.

The marquis was very powerful. If the Lawless Lord didn’t have the bell and talisman, the corpse would have torn the lord into halves easily. However, this new aura was much stronger than the marquis.

The cultivators surrounding the mountain glanced at each other. Some believed that it was the Evil Woman while others thought that it was a Giant from an old lineage. The Giants from the heretical school turned serious as well. This force made them palpitate.

“It’s him…” Feng Feiyun’s heavenly gaze pierced the layers of corpse fog. He saw a man standing before a grave adorned in dust-free white armor while wearing a decaying red cloak.

He silently stood there. Even though he was a corpse now, his posture was still incredibly arrogant and immense like an eternal general.

“Keke! Another old corpse, I’ll collect you too then!” The Lawless Lord had amazing vision. He saw through the fog as well and intensely stared at this white-armored corpse.

This was a timeless corpse. If he could refine it into his slave, its power could deter the world.

“Rumble!” The cave lord took off his black and white robe. The Yin and Yang fish began to quickly rotate.

The robe summoned this diagram of the Yin Yang fish that then turned into a black and white plume of clouds. It aimed to trap the other corpse inside. This robe was a treasure even more powerful than the divine corpse bell and talisman. It was precisely this robe that allowed him to withstand a palm from the Evil Woman without dying. Of course, it was just a casual attack from her. Nevertheless, one could still see just how powerful this robe was.

“Bang!” The fog from the corpses was overflowing from the tomb. Feng Chi stood there, overlooking a steep cliff without any emotion in his eyes. He slowly reached forward with one pale yet powerful hand.

“Whoosh!” The Yin Yang robe that was ravaging the sky instantly fell into his hand.

This was a robe meant to subdue these evil corpses, but now, it had fallen into the hands of one.

This scene was too shocking and caused jaws to drop to the ground. Just what the hell was this corpse? Why was it so powerful?

“To easily grab a corpse repelling robe like that, that man must have been an unstoppable expert when he was alive.” A heretical elder gasped. He was completely intimidated.

The Lawless Lord was even more astonished. After living for several hundred years, he had seen countless powerful creatures with a battle force comparable to Giants. However, he managed to subdue all of them until today when this corpse gave him the feeling of being powerless.

Suddenly, a white ray shot towards him. This corpse wanted to kill him now?

“Pluff!” The white ray was frightening. It broke through eighteen defensive arts that the lord shot out and pierced through his old body, leaving behind a gaping hole.

“Run! Run! Run!” This was the only thought in the lord’s mind at this moment.

He didn’t get far before a gigantic white palm stretched out from Mount Banda to seize his body.

The lord screamed: “No, you can’t kill me so easily! I have reached the Giant level, no one can kill me…” Patterns emerged from his wrinkled skin. Each pattern was refined using corpses and was more powerful than a wondrous armor.

“Bang!” These patterns were crushed while the lord desperately struggled. His body was crushed into a bloody mist as well.

The white palm withdrew and disappeared into the clouds.

“What… a Giant just got crushed to death, a cave lord that had lived for hundreds of years…” In this cold atmosphere, everyone felt fear rising in their minds.

Giants were characters that stood at the peak of the cultivation world, but one was just crushed to death in the air. The killer’s mighty cultivation made everyone feel uneasy.

Could there be a Supreme Giant in Mount Banda? Supreme Giant was the title given to the top characters among this level.

“Ding, ding, ding!” More bells rang amidst the howling winds.

Three old men dressed in corpse-repelling robes slowly came from the northern snowy plain. All of them held a little bell that emitted a violet glow. Their sandals were woven from wisteria plant.

Three ancient corpses were behind them, walking in a stiff manner. They wore dazzling violet crowns like kings. One could still see this radiance from dozens of miles away.

“The heavens is really helping our Violetsea Corpse Cave. If we can have such a powerful corpse in our control, it will turn into a weapon capable of slaying everything.” One of the old men creepily smiled like a ghost in the night. The bell in his hand clattered even more.

The Violetsea Cave was one of the oldest lineages in the northern region, countless times stronger than the Lawless Cave.

“These are three elders of the Violetsea Cave along with three corpse monarchs.” The crowd was shaken this time. This was the first time in a thousand years where the corpse controllers from the Violetsea Cave left the northern region. Was there a deeper significance behind this?

In the distant past, these corpse controller made the entire world tremble. They refined many ancestors from different sects into slaves, and some clan masters suffered the same fate as well. Sects like the Violetsea Cave almost became the tyrants of this region.

At that time, the Jin Dynasty had yet to be established, but the Violetsea Cave was already there. It was one of the top caves back then, much more powerful than the current four great clans right now.

After the great war, the corpse controllers were forced back to the Northern Frontier Prefecture. Countless caves were destroyed, but the Violetsea Cave was not among them. It continued to survive without leaving the northern region.

After so many years, just how powerful was this lineage now? Today, three elders and three corpse monarchs had arrived at the Grand Southern Prefecture. This was terrible news comparable to the emergence of the heretical schools.

These three corpse monarchs were enough to sweep through half of the Grand Southern Prefecture.

Even the heretical members didn’t wish to offend the Violetsea Cave and gave way to the three elders.

“Such a formidable corpse coming out of nowhere... perfect, just perfect. After subduing it, perhaps we will be able to refine it into the king of our corpses.” The seventh elder gazed at the fog in the mountain with a gray glimmer in his eyes.

“The dragons will devour the sky while the Supreme protects. The chaotic times are inevitable while the current establishments will end. Our Violetsea Cave shall return to the world to overcome the eventual turmoil.” The eighth elder’s voice echoed across the area. Everyone clearly heard him.

The ninth elder smiled and added: “Since we want to appear once more, we must shock the world first. We are here this time to subdue the fourth transformation female corpse and refine her into our slave.”

In the entire Jin Dynasty, only the Evil Woman was at the fourth transformation. Could the Violetsea Cave be thinking so little of her and wanted to make her their slave? After so many years, were they strong enough to have the ability to take down the Evil Woman?

Without absolute power, how could anyone dare to utter such a bold statement?

Everyone was astounded. They actually wanted to maneuver against the Evil Woman? Was this a shameless boast, or were they mighty to such a horrifying extent?

The three elders with their corpse monarchs were indeed a mighty force that headed south. They didn’t try to hide at all. This was a move even more blatant than the return of the heretical schools.

They spoke to the world with their actions: “We are not messing around.”

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