Chapter 292: Confusion

Experts gathered below Mount Banda. The many forces here had their elders concentrated in this area.

Sometimes, more rays would come from the horizon, meaning that more masters had arrived. They quickly hid in the clouds before they came too close.

The mountain was shrouded by an evil fog. Even the corpses felt uneasy and uttered terrorizing howls like devils or shuras.

“Amitabha, the conflict in this world is endless. Not long from now, this place will be full of blood and lost souls.” Monk Jiu Rou held a large jar of wine and sat on his butt while lifting his head up for a drink. The strong wine spilled from his mouth down to his neck, drenching his buddhist robes.

Nalan Xuejian stood to the side with her black hair draping down. She had an angry grimace while mercilessly shaking the monk, issuing banging noises. However, he ignored her as if he didn’t know she was angry.

This only further fueled her rage. She directly grabbed the staff and hit his head.

“Amitabha, amitabha, girl, can’t you calm down for a little bit?” It was as if he had an eye on the back of his head. He reached back and caught the staff then placed it to the side.

“Calm? How can I be calm? Are you my ancestor or not?” Xuejian came over and grabbed the wine jar from the monk’s hand and slammed it on the ground, shattering it into pieces.

The smell permeated the air while the monk sighed. A good jar of wine was smashed just like that.

“Of course I am.” He was still sad about the wine on the ground, so he grabbed a broken slab with some wine left on it and carefully sipped it like it was a treasure.

She twitched her pretty nose and angrily asked: “Are you my master as well?”

“Of course!” The monk smiled just like a good buddhist.

She said: “I don’t think you’re my ancestor or master at all.”

The monk replied: “Girl, your words are hurting me. Since when did I offend you?”

She complained: “Then tell me, how come you didn’t help me when I was bullied by someone?”

“Who?” The monk played dumb.

She answered: “Nangong Honyan.”

The monk took a deep breath and sat back down: “Buddha says jealousy blinds the heart. Why should a girl like you make it difficult for other women?”

“I’m not jealous at all! I’m telling you, she’s a bad woman. That boy Feng Feiyun is too stupid, so he has surely been tricked by her and will suffer in the future. We have to help him escape his misery.” She squatted down as well and shook the monk’s hand back and forth in a coquettish manner.

“Amitabha, why do I feel like I’m not helping someone escape their misery but more like participating in a quarrel between two women?” The monk got a headache and rubbed his forehead while beating his chest. In the end, he couldn’t handle Xuejian and had no choice but to agree.

In a distant thick forest, an extravagant carriage stopped in its tracks. This carriage was made from gold and decorated with spirit stones. Three large birds around seven or eight meters long were pulling it.

Just the curtains alone were woven from priceless silver yarn, so how noble and wealthy was the master inside?

A fair and soft hand pulled down the silver curtains. The person inside stopped looking out and spoke with a heavenly voice: “Did you see that old monk and girl dressed in the buddhist robe?”

The speaker was Nangong Hongyan; she was speaking to another woman in the carriage.

“Yes.” The other party replied respectfully. She sat below Nangong Hongyan and stared at her with awe and fear. Hongyan’s cultivation was too terrifying, so she had no desire to resist.

Hongyan’s pretty eyes seemed capable of seeing through all things: “Do you know why you are still alive?”

“I want to know who you are even more.” The girl stared at Hongyan, impressed by her beauty. Even though her face was hidden behind a veil, it didn’t conceal her wondrous aura.

Hongyan calmly answered: “Nangong Hongyan.”

“The most beautiful woman in the world?” The girl facing her instinctively stood up and wanted to rush out of the carriage. She didn’t expect to have fallen into this person’s hands.

“Get on your knees!” Hongyan reached out with fire in her hand in order to suppress the fleeing girl, rendering her unable to move in the slightest.

“The world all assumes that Nangong Hongyan is a weak woman. Who would have thought that you are this powerful? It looks like I won’t be able to survive after being caught by you.” Her jade-like face grew pale.

Hongyan smiled and lifted the girl’s chin: “If I wanted to kill you, then the woman Feng Feiyun buried would have been you.”

The buried corpse was naturally not Bai Ruxue since the real one was kneeling before Hongyan right now. However, her white hair had been shaved completely, so she looked like a stunning nun.

Her long hair had been transplanted on the female corpse in order to truly fool Feng Feiyun. Hongyan understood Feng Feiyun more than anyone else and knew that he wouldn’t use his divine intent to inspect a woman’s body, especially a corpse.

Not only did Bai Ruxue not become ugly, she grew even more beautiful and gained an indescribable charm. Her finely sculpted facial features stood out even more. Her long brows, bright eyes, aquiline nose, red lips, and most importantly, her bald head.

However, she bore no semblance of a nun since not a single one in this world was as alluring as her.

Everyone knew that Hongyan was the son of the demon’s lover. Ruxue thought death was assured after being captured by Hongyan, but this was not the case.

Hongyan pulled up the curtains once more and looked towards Jianxue’s direction. Her brows slightly narrowed, resulting in an exceptionally charming look. She smiled and said: “Do you hate Feng Feiyun?”

Ruxue replied: “I want nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood.”

Hongyan asked: “A woman who has been raped must feel quite miserable, right?”

Ruxue was a bit confused and didn’t know why she asked this question.

“A woman, after having such a miserable experience, might see through the world and shave their head to become a buddhist nun — isn’t this quite normal?” Hongyan smiled.

Ruxue only became more confused: “You, what are you implying?”

She considered herself to be quite clever, but she was unable to understand Hongyan at all.

Hongyan stared at her and explained: “I want you to worship that monk as your master and become a nun.”

“How can a monk have a nun for his disciple?” Ruxue also saw Monk Jiu Rou. His face was quite fierce with a seemingly evil temperament. Clearly, he wasn’t a good monk.

“This monk is not simple, you won’t be able to find a second one like him in the entire world. Even if a Grand Historical Genius kneels before him, he might not bother giving them a single glance. However, if you cry and beg him, he will surely accept you as a disciple.” Hongyan gave a mysterious smile.

Ruxue questioned: “And why is that?”

“Because you are a woman Feng Feiyun raped.” Hongyan smiled.

After hearing his name, Ruxue’s eyes became cold. Two strands of evil energy surging within her pupils.

She asked: “Why should I make him my master?”

Hongyan elaborated: “To help me obtain two things.”

Ruxue inquired: “Which two items?”

“The Nalan Buddhist Robe and Nalan Xuejian’s life.” Hongyan was still smiling as she threw a Blood Seal Bracelet towards Bai Ruxue.

“Stealing and killing? It looks like you found the right person, haha.” Ruxue sneered. She knew that she couldn’t oppose Hongyan, so she obediently put the bracelet on her wrist and got down from the carriage.

She looked towards the direction of the monk and maiden with a cruel glint in her eyes.

Ruxue eventually asked: “How should I convince the monk to take me in as his disciple?”

Hongyan’s voice came from the carriage: “Just tell the truth about your experience, tell them about his evil deeds. I’m sure a woman from the heretical school like you are capable of this.”

Ruxue smiled after understanding the plan. “Bang!” She suddenly broke her arms, causing her complexion to become quite ragged. She spread blood all over her body and unsteadily walked over towards the monk. Her teary eyes were full of despair and pain.

“This woman learns quite fast, I shouldn’t keep her alive.” Hongyan took out a red knife and gently peeled a pear. She did it quite quickly and carefully looked over the fruit in her hand.


There were too many cultivators gathered at the base of Mount Banda, such as the Evil Woman, Monk Jiu Rou, and Nangong Hongyan… They were hiding in the darkness.

Some came for fun while others had their own plans. A few wanted to wait until the last moment before taking action, not wishing to expose themselves too early and face the first wave.

However, some couldn’t wait any longer!

“Work together to clean up the corpses on this mountain before probing the ancient altar.” A majestic voice came from the black palace hovering in the clouds. Its heavy and awe-inspiring tone echoed for hundreds of miles.

“Let our Northern Frontier Prefecture deal with taking care of the corpses!” The Lawless Cave Lord still couldn’t forget about the Omni-Heaven Marquis’s body. The Evil Woman’s aura was no longer there at the peak, so she must have left.

He wanted to try to turn the marquis into his slave again. He activated his corpse bell and talisman, one in each hand. The cracks from the last battle had been repaired.

In his red and black corpse robe, he floated into the sky and seemed to be drifting with the wind towards the ominous mountain.

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