Chapter 289: Nine Dragons Pillar

The black-faced boy slammed down and declared in a heroic manner: “He fucked her!”

These words couldn’t be any more vulgar, but they had a special charm at this moment, making others shake with excitement and great spirit.

The youth took a shot of his wine and smiled: “I can tell you all the details. It went like this, Bai Ruxue’s figure was naturally wonderful like a fairy. However, the moment she saw Feng Feiyun’s treasure, she was scared pale. A demoness from a heretical school like her almost fainted from horror.”

Someone exclaimed out loud: “Feng Feiyun has a sky-raising pillar?” [1. A funny idiom meaning a large penis/boner.]

“Smart!” The youth gave a thumbs up along with an approving glance: “But you are still looking down on Feng Feiyun. He has more than just a sky-raising pillar. Don’t you remember who he is? As the son of a demon, half of his blood flowing through him is that of a demon, and his treasure... it is the legendary… nine dragons pillar. Hehe, scared now? Now you all know why she got so scared?” [1. Nine dragons holding a pillar. You can go look up pictures of this type of pillar. The funny thing is, nine means royal and auspicious but also “long-lasting”, which plays to the joke as well.]

“Click-clack!” A man wearing a white trouser while carrying a sky halberd as thick as a bowl came. Half of his chest was exposed. He laughed and said: “Feng Feiyun can reign among the younger generation with his powerful cultivation, so how did he not know you were hiding there?”

Someone else voiced the same skepticism: “That’s right! I heard Feng Feiyun’s spiritual sense is quite frightening. If you can take a good look at his nine dragons pillar, how could he not see you?”

The youth gave the man the side-eye, clearly blaming him for ruining his stage. His expression became slightly serious as he responded: “What do the two of you know?! All of Feng Feiyun’s energy and focus was spent on Bai Ruxue. Moreover, there were other heretical experts watching nearby and I was hiding in the most secretive place, so he naturally couldn’t notice me.”

After hearing this, the disciples from the pagoda were astonished. Bai Ruxue was already strong enough, yet there were also other experts? Could Feng Feiyun handle so many by himself?

The youth successfully diverted the crowd’s attention towards the heretical experts.

“Who were those experts? I’m sure I’m about to scare everyone here. Huang Daonan, Hei Fengyan, and Hong Mofang.”

“Hiss!” Everyone took deep breaths.

These names were notorious. These were ones that specialized in hunting disciples from the pagoda; numerous geniuses had died to their hands.

They were experts among grand achievement God Bases, so they were quite dreadful with their bloodstained hands. All of the disciples here had to avoid them.

“Unfortunately, they disturbed Feng Feiyun’s fun, so Huang Daonan was crushed with one stomp, not even leaving a corpse. Hei Fengyan’s head was chopped off and hung on the tree. Only Hong Mofang ran away like a dog with a dead owner. Hehe, if he didn’t run, he would have lost his life as well.” This black-faced youth spat everywhere.

Outside of the suspicious dragon pillar comment, everything else seemed to be consistent enough with the situation. Others began to think that he was actually there.

The half-exposed man grew doubtful as well. He pondered for a bit before asking: “Hehe, I want to hear about the thing between Feng Feiyun and Bai Ruxue.”

“He’s right, that’s the important part!”

Everyone, right now, had been convinced by the youth and wanted to hear the most important part of the story.

The youth lifted his head and sighed with a strange melancholy: “It was a very sad picture. Feng Feiyun’s demonic nature erupted like an ancient ape or a hell dragon. His nine dragons pillar was an invincible spear that was thrust until Bai Ruxue pitifully cried for her mommy and daddy. So much blood trickled down…”

“... Feng Feiyun howled like a wild beast and kneaded the flowers mercilessly while tearing out the young buds. When he stomped, the entire ground trembled, when he looked up and roared, the sky lost its color. He was truly too virile and never backed down. He could probably take down a female qilin… Cough, this is just a metaphor.”

Everyone gasped once more, completely entranced by the story.

Only the half-naked man coldly stared at the youth as if he wanted to rush forward and pierce through his disgusting mouth with his halberd.

This brat was bragging far too much. If Feng Feiyun was really this fierce, then even ten Bai Ruxues would be played to death.

“Sigh. It was a tragic carnal encounter that lasted for three days and three nights. No, five days and five nights. Wait, ten days and ten nights… Oh lord! How pretty the young beauty used to be. She was so lovable, but now, her legs are stained with blood and she is barely breathing. At that time, Feng Feiyun finally put his robes back on, but he was still not satisfied, so he shouted: ‘Your father still wants to fuck you tonight’!” The youth shouted the finishing line.

The half-naked man turned out to be Wang Meng. He really couldn’t bear to listen any longer and directly swung his sky piercer: “Bi Ningshuai, stop fucking slandering my senior uncle, I’ll crush you!”

The black-faced storyteller was naturally Bi Ningshuai. He seemed to know that Wang Meng would attack him, so he moved like a monkey and jumped up to the roof more than ten meters high and smiled: “I’m not slandering him, I’m just telling the truth. Motherfucker, I’m so jealous of him, Bai Ruxue is really pretty and he was really violent at that time!”

Wang Meng retorted: “Fuck off, you dare to admit that he made that last statement?”

“Uhh. Well… if he didn’t kill her, then isn’t it obvious that he wants to keep her around for another session?” He squatted on the roof while scratching his head.

He added: “Oh yeah, he left some words on the tree as well.”

“What words?” Wang Meng snorted.

“ ‘I, Feng Feiyun, killed him and did Bai Ruxue, all below this tree. I’m bringing her along to do her again tonight.’ He left these words behind, so naturally he would continue the fun later tonight.” Bi Ningshuai sighed after stating the exact words.

“Would normal people leave their name behind after raping someone? Why do I feel like it was you who left them behind?” Wang Meng became even angrier.

“Uhh… are you kidding me? You think I would do something so tasteless? But then again, wouldn’t the lords from the heretical schools go crazy after reading them?” His expression was a bit strange. He clearly wasn’t saying what was on his mind.

Then these words were definitely left behind by him!

Wang Meng attacked again with his sky piercer, unleashing a white ray of light just like lightning. Bi Ningshuai quickly ran with Wang Meng right behind him.

No one understood why Bi Ningshuai knew everything that transpired, but this news from him was spread and everyone believed him.

Not long after, all ten lords of the Senluo Temple sent out a message at the same time about killing Feng Feiyun at all costs.

Whoever could capture Feng Feiyun would be rewarded with ten female slaves from the pagoda and ten million gold coins.

After this news came out, people lost all doubts. It looked like Feng Feiyun really did screw a heretical female disciple. Otherwise, the other experts from that sect wouldn’t make such a big commotion.

Also, rewarding ten female slaves from the pagoda on purpose? Wasn’t this a blatant provocation?

Feng Feiyun had truly offended the heretical school!

“Was Feng Feiyun’s incident a form of the pagoda counterattacking? It looks like this duel between the sacred ground and the heretical school will become increasingly brutal, a competition to see which side is more ruthless.” An insightful person made this speculation.

The older generation wasn’t allowed to interfere with a duel between the younger generation. This had always been a rule of the cultivation world.

If the older generation were to become involved, then it would signal an all-out war, a situation a thousand times more tragic than it was right now. A single careless move and a great power would be erased from the world in an instant.

No one wanted to see such a situation, so competitions were left to the younger ones. This reduced casualties and also served as mental training for the youths.

Young people would only truly grow in the face of enemies.

The pagoda also had young heroes whose cultivations weren’t weaker than the heretical disciples at all, so why was it that they were completely suppressed?

The crux of the matter boiled down to cruelty and schemes as well as battle experience from the heretical school. Just their murderous aura alone was enough to pressure the disciples from the pagoda into becoming weaker.


Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t know his romantic deed had been exaggerated by Bi Ningshuai across the world. He was renowned for his nine dragons pillar lasting for ten days and ten nights as well as his demon blood waking to screw the heretical disciple. The tale continued to say that he will be making his way to kill the ten heretical young lords…

These words had circulated across the disciples from both the pagoda and heretical school. Even cultivators from the ancient clans and sects found out. Everyone had unceasing thoughts about this matter. Some said that he was quite courageous while others believed he was too arrogant.

But what was Feng Feiyun doing right now?

The atmosphere became colder during the night.

The snow covered the nearby hills and reflected a clear white layer frost. There were large footprints on the ground. They looked like hooves but were ten times larger than that of an ordinary cattle.

These lonely footprints weren’t erased even by the snow and gales.

A qilin more than five meters high slowly walked forward under the moonlight.

“Clatter!” Feng Feiyun was holding onto iron reins connected to the nose of this bull-like creature with one hand behind his back. His white robe fluttered in a very cool and unrestrained manner. However, his heart was quite heavy.

His eyes occasionally gazed at the far mountain range. The corpse clouds crazily covered half of the sky and were coming closer.

They ultimately had to go back.

The Evil Woman was sitting on the qilin’s head with its long horns to her sides, resembling two black mountains. It made her look even more demonic.

The starlight fell from above right onto her body. Those who were proficient in reading energy could see that these lights were entering her forehead.

She was able to absorb the power of the celestials; it would be difficult to find a second person with this ability in the entire dynasty.

Feng Feiyun stopped right below Mount Banda.

Shadows blew by in the mountains full of eeriness and death. The howls of the corpses were echoing in the distance.

This was a hill full of corpses. The surrounding radius of 300 miles was full of danger, almost like an ancient land of death. Feng Feiyun really didn’t want to come back.

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