Chapter 288: Did He Do It?

Bai Ruxue was from the heretical school, so she was cold and ruthless at times and enchanting and charming at others. However, at this very second, she felt ashamed and embarrassed. Her white breasts were covered with a shiny layer of snowflakes.

Feng Feiyun’s strong and tough hands were pressed on her fair neck, pushing down on the snowflakes to form a thin layer of ice. His lower half moved rapidly and relentlessly while pushing up her exquisite thighs into her breasts, causing them to deform.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The large parasol tree was shaking like crazy, causing snow to pile on the ground alongside falling leaves. This scenery became particularly beautiful.

Her initial threats had turned into curses. Soon after, they turned into pleads before finally changing into moans and heavy breathing that grew faster and faster…

Suddenly, her whole body spasmed. Even her long eyelashes were trembling. Her eyes looked like those of a dead fish, rolling up and turning white. This was trembling from the soul.

A turbid stream of beautiful liquid poured out from where the two were connected.

“Xshh!” It ran down all over Feng Feiyun’s thighs before dripping onto the ground.

“So fast for the first time with a heretical beauty, this won’t do at all…”

Feng Feiyun shook his head and continued his ramming while increasing his pace and intensity. He became crazier and more violent with no semblance of lovemaking. It looked as if he wanted to stab her to death.

He thrust in and pulled out! In and out! In and out! [1. The raw on 17k is censored so this part is completely omitted.]


The snow falling from the tree grew even more urgent while the pile on the ground grew denser. It was as if a silver veil was added to the sky. Everything under the tree became blurred.

This icy veil was accompanied by the willow catkins and dandelion seeds floating away with the wind. [2. Plant imageries describing a graceful/weak woman; most likely depicting a loss of innocence/chastity. It could just be describing the snow as well with these white colored flowers, or semen]

Bai Ruxue had spasmed many times with gushing streams. The initial moans of pleasure turned into pleads. She felt that there was a thick iron rod stabbing into her, causing her to lose all sensation in her lower half...

No one knows how much time had passed!

Her face was pale while her entire body felt weak due to the unceasing pain below her waist. She could only lie on the ground. Her silver hair acted as a quilt that covered her bloodied body.

Her originally fair legs were stained red. Blood was not the only thing on the ground, other liquids were also present. Her spotless, white body was now excessively dirty.

“Rustle!” Feng Feiyun had put on his white daoist robe and chopped off Fengyan’s head. He took two silver strands of hair from Ruxue and hung this head on the parasol tree.

The chilling wind froze the blood still dripping from his neck, turning them into red icicles.

His eyes contained indignation and fury as well as helpless frustration and shame. One could easily imagine how much hatred he felt at the time of death before being decapitated.

“Should I bring you or her with me?” Feng Feiyun went to the other side of the tree and asked the Evil Woman who was still sitting there.

She naturally heard everything that had transpired earlier because she was too close. She could hear Ruxue’s cries and begging as well as feeling the violent shaking of the tree.

She paused for a moment before asking: “How is she?”

She didn’t want to say anything at first but decided to ask after seeing his eyes.

He replied: “She won’t die.”

The Evil Woman bluntly replied: “Then you’d better kill her now. Once she recovers, she will definitely try and kill you.”

Feng Feiyun chuckled: “On the other hand, I think I should kill you now. Once you recover, I won’t have any chance to live.”

There was no emotion in her eyes as she responded: “You can try and see.”

Feng Feiyun’s glare turned colder. The Evil Woman was countless times more threatening than Ruxue. No living being could survive in front of her. If she had a sliver of energy, not even Feng Feiyun’s corpse would remain right now.

Thus, she had to die!

The stone saber couldn’t even penetrate her skin. Perhaps only the Infinite Spirit Ring had a chance of injuring her.

Spirit energy flowed on the surface of the ring. Its spirituality woke along with a slowly rising pressure. A world-moving power was condensing.

“Hmph.” The Evil Woman scowled. Her voice was like thunder exploding in the air. The spirit in the ring seemed to be vanishing.

Two groups of evil runes revolved in her dark eyes like two terrifying altars wishing to devour the world and its creations.

“Rumble!” The ground cracked with her as the center. These chasms extended far into the distance all the way to Feng Feiyun’s feet, as if they desired to tear his body apart.

“If we continue to fight, both of us will die. Fine, it looks like your life isn’t meant to end today!” Feng Feiyun put away the ring and the spirit energy flowed back into his dantian.

The evil aura coming from her pretty eyes also subsided. The two groups of runes returned to the depths of her pupils.

If he couldn’t kill her, then there was no point in staying here any longer. It was better to stay as far away from her as possible.

“Come carry me away from here!” Her voice was weak, but it carried an irresistible charisma like the decree of an emperor.

He smiled: “Why should I?”

She stated: “Because I have the power right now to take both of us down together!”

His smile turned stiff: “I’m not a good person, especially when there is a beautiful woman before me. As you saw earlier, aren’t you afraid of me—”

She retorted: “If you aren’t afraid of staying with me, why would I be afraid of staying with you?”

Feng Feiyun had no response.

This woman was indeed more frightening than Feng Feiyun. If they were together, others would be worrying about him, not her. Feng Feiyun himself believed this as well.


One hour later. Dark clouds flew from the north with flashing lightning. A black divine sail fluttered in the sky. A white-faced man dressed in black jumped out of the clouds and stood before the parasol tree.

His eyes were obscured. He didn’t focus on the skull but rather the two strands of exquisite white hair. The gray in his eyes became even more profound. The entire snow plain could feel his rising fury.

If this flame of anger could burn the heavens, then this entire world would instantly turn into a furnace.

There were powerful words written on the trunk. They were carved by a blade with a lingering sharp energy: “I killed him and did Bai Ruxue, all below this tree. I’m bringing her along to do her again tonight.”

Xue Changxian had never laughed before, but he did now. It was a thunderous laughter.

“Boom!” The parasol tree turned into powder and the ground sank. Everything in the nearby vicinity was destroyed.

“My Prince, Feng Feiyun is being too arrogant, we must hack him to pieces.” Hong Mofang respectfully stood behind him and stressed this fact.

“That’s not enough. I must capture him and let him taste a fate worse than death by slowly flaying his flesh, so that he will come to find just how cruel our heretical school is.” Xue Changxiao gritted his teeth; he was filled with a suppressive murderous aura.


On this day, a message soared like an unrestrained horse and crazily spread across Trinity. All the cultivators were shocked upon hearing it.

“What?! The demon’s son tied Bai Ruxue of the Fourth Hall to a tree and almost fucked her to death? How can this be?” [3. The word is censored with a *, so I guess its sleep/fuck. Fuck makes more sense in this context.]

This was an old city not far away from Mount Banda. This question was asked many times since no one could believe it.

After all, the news was about certain female disciples from the pagoda being captured by the heretical school and experiencing inhumane treatments.

“Hehe, you have to ask me if you want to know. I was hiding on top of that tree in a pile of snow and saw everything.” A youth with a face as dark as the bottom of a pot recalled the vivid scene as if he was watching it again.

He was also wearing a white daoist robe. Not only was his face black, his hands were as black as coal as well.

“I actually saw it with my own eyes.” He smiled: “Feng Feiyun is worthy of being a top prodigy of my pagoda, a new leading pervert, especially with the cool line: other Wanxiang disciples might not dare to do this, but I, Feng Feiyun, dare. After saying this, he tied Bai Ruxue to the tree and stripped her naked, revealing her delicate and sexy body.”

Many disciples from the pagoda were around. They all gathered and relished this story; they felt their anger going away.

It was just as good as listening to a story of a shocking battle.

Not long ago, the total defeat of the pagoda to the heretical school at the sacred lake had been keeping them down. They couldn’t lift their heads to look at the heretical members at all.

After the battles, these heretical members became even more outrageous. Every day, there were stories of prodigies dying to them as well as beauties being ruthlessly ravaged with aphrodisiacs. They were imprisoned in iron cages and taken away to be sex slaves.

Of course the disciples from the pagoda couldn’t endure this injustice. Many came to risk their lives against the heretical school, but they didn’t return after being completely decimated.

Among them was no shortage of young heroes from the Hundreds’ List. However, all of them were killed or eventually kneeled before the heretical geniuses and became their servants.

In the last two months, these disciples were about to go crazy from this humiliation and wanted to run back to the pagoda. However, the way back had been blocked by several lords of the heretical school.

They couldn’t even run away.

If this was any other day, many disciples would be despising Feng Feiyun, calling him scum for throwing away the reputation of the school by committing such an immoral act.

However, this news had excited the disciples in Trinity. Their blood boiled; they couldn’t calm down at all. This was a great remedy for their current indignation and anger.

Feng Feiyun seemed to have turned into the hero of the entire pagoda.

“Feng Feiyun did such a beautiful job! I heard that Bai Ruxue is the prettiest in the Fourth Hall, and best of all, she is the one that Xue Changxiao likes. This is definitely a big, resounding slap to their faces.” A bookworm disciple slammed the table and began to laugh wholeheartedly.

Someone asked in excitement: “After stripping her naked, did Feng Feiyun fuck her?” All of the disciples from the pagoda felt that doing a woman from the heretical school was an extremely magnificent event, deserving of great fame.

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