Chapter 287: Tied To A Tree

How could a person’s hair be thirty meters long?

Even if she could grow it out that much, she would at least be several hundred years old with aged skin like a tough peach shell.

However, Bai Ruxue was a young woman, a kingdom-toppling beauty at that. Her skin was as fair as snow and her hair as thin as string. Her expression was chilling and her teeth were pure white, just like snow. Even her sweet tongue was as white as jade.

“Swoosh!” Feng Feiyun grabbed two strands of her hair, but they felt like two bone-chilling wires. These thin pieces were even sharper than murderous blades.

“Die!” A thousand strands of hair twisted together in the white snow like a thousand sharp blades. They issued whooshing noises in the air.

Feng Feiyun smirked as five different colors flowed through his arms. Black, red, green, white, and yellow flew out in the form of countless tentacles.

The snow in this area turned into water vapor; a layer of soil was lifted from the ground and turned into sand. All of this was engulfed in a dense light and headed for Bai Ruxue.

“He’s quite a strong disciple from the pagoda. Ruxue, don’t be defeated by him!” Hei Fengyan leaped out of the snow, dragging his iron chains on the ground for a sudden attack to counter the light that consisted of the five elements.

“Boom!” A long saber flew out and struck his heavy armor, blowing him back. He fell into the snow and created an eight-meter pit that stretched for quite a distance.

The saber flew back and was pinned next to the parasol tree.

“How can he be this strong?” Hei Fengyan climbed out of the pit after having lost three chains from his armor.

Even though his Nine-chill Armor wasn’t broken, there was a crack on it from the blade.

The four of them were among the top ten of the Fourth Hall’s younger generation and had never seen such a strong and ferocious disciple from the pagoda before. He actually killed Huang Daonan and defeated Hei Fengyan in one blow!

“Boom!” The energy of the five elements shattered the snow-ladened ground. Two figures were revealed.

“Just who are you?” Bai Ruxue was wearing a white and silky fur dress. Her top was slightly opened, making her look cold and sexy. Her long, exposed legs resembled a jade carving.

Her long hair was even sharper than blades, but they weren’t flying in the air anymore.

Feng Feiyun had her gripped by the hair. If she dared to move ever so slightly, he would rip off her scalp.

“A disciple from Wanxiang...” He gave her a ponytail and made her bend back with her exquisite and white cheeks aiming at the sky. Her plump and full breasts seemed to be popping out of her thin dress.

She showed no emotion in her expression, but this was also an erotic and tempting appearance.

“Do you know who I am?” Ruxue felt a stinging pain on her scalp, causing her to writhe in pain. She had never imagined the day when she would be captured like this, seeing as how she was a heretical disciple.

“Of course I do, you are a great genius from the Fourth Hall, a heretical member.” Feng Feiyun squeezed her breast and felt its cotton-like softness. Of course, it was much more elastic.

“Those who provoke the heretical schools won’t live long. I advise you to let me go for your own sake, then kneel and beg me for forgiveness. I might take you in as a slave then… You… A…”

Her teeth were very white, like the brightest of shells.

Her lips were crystal clear. Moreover… they were sweet and delicious. Biting down on her lips was akin to tasting a delicacy.

Feng Feiyun almost suffocated her. She wanted to bite off his wretched tongue, but the moment her jaws added some force, she felt a fierce pain in her head, sapping her of her strength.

“The taste of a heretical beauty is indeed extraordinary.” Feng Feiyun pulled his lips back and wiped away the saliva that contained her sweet fragrance.

“I’ll just pretend that a dog has bitten my tongue.” Her white pupils carried a wild murderous intent. Her palms condensed two white rays and unleashed a force of eight qilins at the same time.

The faint images of the eight qilins shot out alongside their roars. Feng Feiyun’s eardrum was in pain, making him realize that she was going all out.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun crushed the energy waves and grabbed her wrists. He twisted them with enough force that he broke her left wrist, causing it to hang down powerlessly.

She shivered and groaned quietly.

“Huo Mofang, this bastard is really pushing it. Daring to be this disrespectful to a heretical member, let us take him down together… Mofang, where are you?” Fengyan shouted towards the northern sky. He looked up to see Mofang quickly escaping on a fiery cloud.

A mocking laughter came from the distance: “Fengyan, you really are an idiot. Even if we go together, we can’t beat him. Do you still not recognize him? That’s the successor of the Divine King, the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun!” Mofang’s voice became increasingly distant before vanishing in the chilling wind. He was already fifty miles away.

“Son… son of the demon…” Fengyan stared at the youth dressed in the white daoist robe. A flashing glint shot out from his thick armor.

Bai Ruxue naturally heard what Mofang in the midst of his escape. She stared at him intensely and asked: “You are the demon’s son?”

“That’s my name.” He replied with a smile.

“Crack!” Now her right hand was broken, causing her to utter a miserable cry once more.

Bai Ruxue shouted: “Feng Feiyun… you won’t die a pleasant death… only our heretical school can shame your pagoda. Even if you kill me today, our lords will come and take your life!”

“How could I bear to kill someone as pretty as you? I’ll do you first!” He dragged her by her long hair all the way to the parasol tree: “Your heretical school is too arrogant, killing and violating my fellow disciples... Today, you can taste the sensation of being violated as well.”

“Boom!” He dragged her to the back of the tree and pressed her against the trunk before coldly staring into her eyes with an evil smile. Next, he tied her long hair around the tree.

Her struggling was useless and would only add to the stinging pain from her scalp. Blood pearls were coming out, but she couldn’t escape.

“Feng Feiyun, I will kill you sooner or later. I’ll break your arms, cut off your legs, dig out your eyes, sever your tongue, and let you rot under the scorching sun…

“... This is an unforgivable enmity. Men who dared to touch even a single hair of mine have been cut to countless pieces!”

Feng Feiyun slapped her with an indifferent expression. She immediately quieted down with a red palm print still on her pretty cheek.

He said: “Your heretical school likes this kind of play, right? Well, me too.”

When Feng Feiyun stripped her bare, she finally felt uneasy and feebly stated: “Feng Feiyun, you are unworthy of being the Divine King’s successor. What’s so great about bullying a woman?”

His eyes had been dyed in a bloody red. The demon blood in his body boiled as he roughly undressed her by directly tearing large pieces off at a time to reveal her milky color underwear.

It was embroidered with silver velvet linings and exuded a sweet orchid smell capable of bewildering others.

Her milky bra accentuated and guarded her fair breasts, revealing only a tiny bit of white. A wide silk cloth around the size of a palm couldn’t hide her proud chest.

Being tied to a tree with torn up clothes in this freezing tundra was naturally an uncomfortable feeling. On the other hand, Feng Feiyun was having a good time. This type of game was taught to him by Huang Daonan. This was an eye for an eye.

“Haha, a heretical woman dressing in such a slutty manner, who knows how many men have used you before?” His evil energy grew thicker. He grabbed her slender legs and propped them on his shoulders.

“Feng Feiyun, she is our lord’s woman. If you dare to touch her, don’t even think about living no matter how far you run!” Hei Fengyan’s armor weighed several thousand pounds. He ran on the snowy plain; each of his deafening steps caused the earth to crack. More than ten chains soared from his armor like poisonous snakes.

Fengyan was much stronger than Daonan. He was at grand achievement God Base with 180 opened meridians. Coupled with his Nine-chill Armor, he could easily be top five in the Fourth Hall.

Feng Feiyun’s lips curled into a smile as he propped up her legs and pinched her sexy face. His eyes shot out forty divine intents into the stone saber.

“Boom!” Just how powerful were these forty intents? The stone saber flew out of the earth. With a dragon roar, forty dragon-shaped waves shot out at the same time.

With just one slash, he unleashed forty duplicates of the Dragon King’s First Slash, all at one hundred percent mastery.

Being ten meters away, Fengyan was bloodthirsty and ready for battle. However, the forty waves of energy forced him down to the ground. His armor was crushed into pieces of scrap iron while he vomited blood; he was no longer able to stand up from the ground.

“Feng Feiyun, you bastard, you will pay a grave price for violating our heretical school’s woman. You will become the public enemy of all ten halls of the Senluo Temple. Our ruthlessness is beyond your imagination, even the top masters of the pagoda wouldn’t dare to truly offend us in fear of relentless retaliation. They can only endure and stay low.” Fengyan swallowed his blood, not believing that Feng Feiyun would dare to carry out this deed.

“Then you can go back and tell those lords from your school that this woman has been tied to a tree and played with by Feng Feiyun of the Wanxiang Pagoda. If you are evil, then I shall be even more evil; be cruel and get ready for the cruelest. Other Wanxiang disciples might not dare to do this, but I, Feng Feiyun, dare. Hahaha!”

Feng Feiyun grinned and pulled off her milky bra completely to reveal her shapely and irresistible breasts.

He suddenly separated her tightly clamped legs and pushed his waist inside with an unstoppable force that she couldn’t resist at all.

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