Chapter 286: What Goes Around Comes Around

The Evil Woman was truly hurt, but even her injured self was still incredible.

When Huang Daonan saw her glare, he felt as if the entire world had collapsed. His heart seemed to have stopped beating. This was an unprecedented experience for him.

He was a young expert of the Fourth Hall. At only twenty, he was ruthless and devious, never showing mercy. He had killed countless geniuses, but the number of beauties he had slept with was even more impressive.

However, there had never been a woman who instilled this much fear in him. Just her glare alone made him freeze up completely. He couldn’t raise his hand or lift his head.

The snow was cold, but his heart was even colder, as if it was about to solidify.

Feng Feiyun said: “Some women are untouchable.”

Huang Daonan couldn’t raise his head in front of the Evil Woman, but he could still speak: “Who is she?”

Feng Feiyun laughed: “You are closer to her, so ask her yourself!”

Huang Daonan exclaimed: “I’m asking you!”

“You are too afraid to ask her.” Feng Feiyun sneered.

“Who says I’m afraid? There is nothing in this world that I don’t dare to do!” Daonan snorted. His robes swelled up like a balloon to more than seven times the size of his body.

This apricot robe was a treasure capable of storing items!

“Boom!” A pitch-black corpse was thrown out from his robes. He was actually hiding a corpse inside his clothing!

What was he trying to do? Does he think that a corpse could frighten Feng Feiyun or the Evil Woman?

Even though the body of this corpse had been burnt to a crisp, its face was still intact, and the same was true for the white daoist collar that showed that he was a Wanxiang disciple.

Huang Daonan’s robes shrunk to return to its previous state as he asked with a dark expression: “Recognize him?”

There was also a golden brilliance in his palm due to a Taichi diagram. Despite only being the size of a matchbox, it shined brightly like a golden star.

He used this golden energy to kill this Wanxiang disciple.

Feng Feiyun squinted a bit and gently nodded: “Yes, he’s Dongfang Mu.”

Daonan smugly smiled: “Is he strong?”

Feiyun nodded again: “Of course. He’s a grand achievement God Base with 99 opened meridians on top of cultivating the Dragon Lake Righteous Energy of the Yin Gou Clan to the fifth level. Even that clan doesn’t have many youths with the same talents as him.”

“Haha! It’s a shame that he was from the pagoda and tried to disturb my fun, so he had to die even though he was a Yin Gou.” Daonan laughed.

Not too many people would dare to kill a prodigy from this clan. Who could withstand the fury from Dongfang Jingshui? Huang Daonan certainly couldn’t. Even if the Fourth Lord of the Senluo Temple was there, it would still be hard for him to withstand three moves from Jingshui.

Feiyun said: “Looks like you’re a courageous one.”

Daonan laughed even more freely as he replied: “Don’t you want to know what fun I was having before he bothered me?”

Feiyun responded: “You’re about to tell me.”

“There are a lot of disciples from the pagoda running to Trinity, one prettier than the last, and I just so happened to catch one of them. Keke!” Daonan grinned.

Feng Feiyun frowned. A white glow emerged on his stone saber, signaling his murderous intent.

Daonan acted as if he didn’t see this and vividly described the situation: “She was only sixteen, a direct disciple of a master from the Pill Tower. Her face seemed to be made of water, especially when she cried like a little lamb. You just can’t help yourself from wanting to grab and ravage her. However, I managed to endure since I had a better way to play...

“... I tied her up to a big tree and slowly took off her white dress. She wiggled while crying and begging, but it was useless. She could only watch as I took off her clothes, including her yellow bra with pink embroideries and white fox-fur leggings…

“... Her skin was really white, even whiter than the snowflakes falling down on her nice breasts. She was soft as well, especially her slender neck, it was almost as tender as tofu fresh out of the pot. It really makes you want to take a bite, and bite her I did… Keke! I could taste the sweetness of her neck mixed with her tears.”

This youth was short with a monkey-like mouth. If a girl was really tied to a tree and subjected to being stripped naked by him in the snow only to be kissed all over, it really would be a fate worse than death.

The other three heretical disciples were smiling obscenely as if raping a disciple from the pagoda was an enjoyable deed.

“The more she cried her heart out while begging for help, the more I couldn’t wait any longer. But at this time, Dongfang Mu arrived, don’t you think it would be incredibly frustrating?” Daonan’s tone suddenly changed to one of annoyance.

However, he quickly regained his smile: “I have heard of Dongfang Mu before. He’s another prodigy of the pagoda, decently strong, but the techniques of the pagoda really are too weak. They have fallen too far…

“... This so-called prodigy was too weak and was directly suppressed by my golden aura right below the tree. He stared at me with indignation while I put my foot on his back and used it as a cushion. My hands reached for the girl’s thighs, and I quickly began. Next came the sounds, ‘Pa, pa, pa’, hahaha…

“I was thinking about what this prodigy was thinking while I raped that girl. I’m sure he felt as if his heart was being pricked by a knife, but there was nothing he could do but act as my stepping stone. Keke, what could I have done? I’m very short while her legs were long, so I had to use him like this. Why are you looking at me like that? Are you jealous that I got to fuck a beautiful girl from the sacred ground?” Daonan’s eyes squinted from laughing too hard. He stared at Feng Feiyun the same way he stared at Dongfang Mu.

He seemed to be saying that even a prodigy from the pagoda was stomped by him, what could a little brat like Feng Feiyun do even if he was angry?

Feng Feiyun replied: “What happened afterward? Did you kill that little junior after raping her?”

“How could I bear to do so? I refined her mind and made her eat half a pound of aphrodisiac before letting her stay with the other female disciples from the pagoda so that I could take them back to the Fourth Hall later. There are many brothers waiting back there. Hehe, that’s right, even this blockhead Hei Fengyan thinks that she looks quite sexy and exquisite, a perfect seed to be a slave girl, right, Hei Fengyan?”

“Yep! So damn pleasurable, gotta do her again once I get back.” A depraved laughter came from the black, heavy armor.

They were staring at Feng Feiyun, wishing to see his humiliated and indignant face. However, they were disappointed to find him being very calm.

However, the murderous aura on his stone saber grew thicker.

Feng Feiyun closed his eyes for a bit before suddenly opening them to say: “It seems like this is a premeditated move from your heretical school. You didn’t only want to capture the pagoda’s female disciples, you also wanted to humiliate our prodigies. The re-evaluation of the pagoda’s list has given you an opportunity.”

“Because they are the number one sacred ground, the heretical school has to trample on the pagoda in order to make everyone else in the world kneel before us when we want to come out.” Daonan laughed: “Brat, tell me the identity of this supreme beauty or else you will suffer the same miserable fate as Dongfang Mu.”

Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but laugh: “You want to tie her on a tree and step on me like a stool to help you?”

“Naturally.” Daonan might be afraid of the Evil Woman’s aura, but he was confident that if he tried, he could use his powerful cultivation to stop the aura.

What was so scary about a dying woman?

“You think I am Dongfang Mu?” Feng Feiyun laughed even louder.

Daonan laughed right back at him: “At the very least, you are still trash, just like the rest of them. You can only bang your head on the ground out of hatred while watching me do your fellow friends. Don’t you see Dongfang Mu’s forehead? I didn’t beat him, he banged it on the ground by himself.”

Daonan was talking this much in order to force this boy in front of him to obediently submit like a fish on a chopping block. To his disappointment, this boy refused to kneel. Instead, he picked up his blade.

“Hmph, how naive. Even Dongfang Mu wasn’t a match for me, yet you still dare…” Daonan saw that Feng Feiyun had unleashed a slash. The guy must be tired of living.

He attacked with his golden Taiji diagram. It turned into a shield around the size of a rock with a dazzling evil aura that shot up a hundred meters high.

“Boom!” The diagram was chopped by the blade. The blade edge twisted and Daonan screamed while flying backward. Both of his arms had been ground and turned into inches of minced meat by the blade’s energy.

He sounded just like a pig at the slaughterhouse.

Before he could land on the ground, he felt his face going numb after getting slapped more than ten times by Feng Feiyun. His teeth all fell off, and he had to swallow them.

He dropped to the ground and rolled three times in the snow. His monkey face had been turned into a bloody pig’s head. His mouth had been battered completely, so he couldn’t utter a single word.

“I told you, I’m not Dongfang Mu.” Feng Feiyun walked forward and stomped on Daonan’s head. His forehead slammed into the ice and crushed it while his blood continuously spilled out.

“How contemptuous, a fool from the pagoda dares to hurt a prodigy from our heretical school?” A white shadow rushed towards them with extreme speed. She looked like a beautiful phantom with her thirty-meter long hair fluttering in the sky.

Bai Ruxue not only referred to her name, but also her skin and hair. Every inch of her body was as white as snow. This was the most beautiful disciple of the Fourth Hall. She was also the strongest and coldest one. [1. Bai Ruxue = White as snow.]

“Swish! Swish!” Her body moved like a white phantom. It was difficult to see her shadow clearly in this snow.

“Perfect. Your father wants to do a heretical beauty as well so that others will stop thinking that my pagoda is so easily bullied. A man will have his revenge. Who doesn’t know how to fuck a woman? I’m very experienced! What goes around comes around.”

“Pluff!” Feng Feiyun stomped on Daonan’s back once more and twisted it. The apricot-colored robes were destroyed along with Daonan’s body. His flesh turned into bloody pulps while his bones turned into powder.

Next, Feng Feiyun flew towards the field of snow, flashing about rapidly. He stretched out two fingers and clamped two strands of white hair floating in the sky. He then gripped them and powerfully pulled back.

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