Chapter 284: Erotic Female Corpse

A flawless female corpse was there, naked and half-buried in the sand. However, this didn’t hide her charming curves and towering breasts above her flat stomach and beautiful snake-like waist.

Her curvy eyes were tightly shut behind her clearly defined eyelashes. A female corpse’s lips should be pale, but hers were exceptionally moist and sparkling.

Feng Feiyun had been a bad person even during his childhood. He had played with many women, but he never had an interest in female corpses. Thus, this corpse didn’t incite any desire from him even though it was exquisite to the extreme.

Or so he thought!

He still maintained this view and considered himself to be a man of taste who would never bend down before a corpse. However, he had lost some control over his own body. His blood was boiling with an evil flame below his abdomen. Something that should be hibernating was becoming hard…

“The greatest sin of men is not refusing their responsibilities for a woman he has slept with, it is sleeping with a woman that he shouldn’t have slept with.”

Feng Feiyun was naturally a sensible man. After all, he had forty divine intents.

If he really did anything to this female corpse, not only would it be tasteless, it would also be quite suicidal.

Feng Feiyun scratched his head and sighed. He suppressed his desire before carefully digging her out from the sand.

She was strangely cold, even more than the snow outside. His fingers touched her alluring thighs. They were very delicate and elastic and he even felt a small electric shock.

He wanted to rub her legs just to see how supple they were, but he managed to endure in the end. After all, even the most supple legs wouldn’t be a match for breasts.

He naturally had his fill of breasts; some were firm and full with a fair shade like the meat of a suckling pig while others were small and cute like little peaches. There were also some surprisingly big ones where his hand couldn’t even cover them completely. This type was a bit too problematic and not as desirable as the other two.

He didn’t intentionally touch her breasts since he felt that touching a corpse was a very perverted and tasteless thing to do. Thus, he only stared at them in an intense and serious manner. His breathing halted as well.

There were no signs of life in this corpse after he got her out of the sand. Her slender figure must have been 1.8 meters tall, about the same as him.

A taller woman had a sexier and better aura like a queen.

“Is she the Evil Woman or the true body?” Feng Feiyun put a white daoist robe on her. Because their height was similar, it was a decent fit outside of being a little loose. She was just too slim.

Of course, there were some unnatural places as well. For example, her chest that belonged to the first category listed above, firm and full. This made the front part of the dress rise a bit. If she slightly bent down, everything would show.

Of course, Feng Feiyun didn't have a bra. There was no way around it. His spatial stone didn’t have bras since he didn’t have such a perverted fetish.

“Xoosh!” He tied a belt around her waist, immediately revealing all of her curves. She looked just like a disciple from the pagoda now, that sexy and beautiful senior sister type.

“It doesn’t matter if she’s the Evil Woman or Xiao Nuolan since she’s dead, there’s not even a strand of life left. I guess I have to bury her.” Feng Feiyun felt that he didn’t let her down. At the very least, he didn’t keep her naked or try to sell her body. In fact, he was certain that he could sell it for a sky-high price.

The body of an expert beyond the level of Giant was in high demand for corpse controllers and evil treasure masters. They would buy it even if it meant bankruptcy.

He put her arm around his neck while he held her soft waist and lifted her up.

“These legs… are really so supple. What a shame… that this is only a corpse, it would be nice if she was alive… Uhh, wait, it is better for her to stay dead.” Feng Feiyun took her out of the altar. It was still snowing outside like before.

The night was as dark as ink with a bleak atmosphere.

Snowflakes landed on Feng Feiyun’s head as well as the corpse’s long hair.

“I don’t care if you are Xiao Nuolan’s true body or the Evil Woman, no matter how beautiful and invincible you are, you can’t escape death. This is the heaven’s will and the fate of mortals. Luckily for you, I’m such a good guy. If this was anyone else, hehe, you would be done for. They would certainly rape then whip you, then rape and whip again…” Feng Feiyun talked to himself while digging a large pit.

However, when he turned around, the corpse was no longer next to him. There were still traces of her lying there just moments ago, but no footprints could be seen.

“What… are you kidding me!” A cold wind blew by. Feng Feiyun shuddered and felt a sting on his nape as if there was an evil ghost standing behind and staring right at him.

He turned around right away and found her standing right there, half a meter away from him. He could see the snowflakes on her eyelashes and his own figure in her pupils.

“Hehe, you, you are standing! Congratulations!” Feng Feiyun had beads of sweat running down his forehead. He had a forced smile uglier than if he was crying.

“I was just kidding earlier, just talking to myself, really. Don’t look at me like that, I’m an honest man. Look, I helped you get dressed and even dug this hole… Uhh! This hole is of course not to bury you, well, not me either…”

The corpse stared at him intensely, causing him to feel fear, his legs were shaking quite a bit.

“Boom!” She fell forward straight into his chest. Her soft body was feebler than ever, there wasn’t even an ounce of strength. She was breathing weakly, a sign that she has come back to life.

Feng Feiyun was gripping his stone saber and didn’t dare to hug her. He let her lean on his chest before slipping to the ground.

“What the hell is going on? She really is alive. How can this be? Her life has ended completely.” He then touched her wrist and felt warmth. There was heat; even if it was very faint, it was much better than before.

Feng Feiyun murmured to himself: “What do I do now? Is she the Evil Woman or Xiao Nuolan?”

If this was the Evil Woman, then murder must have become part of her nature. It was best to kill her now while she was unconscious.

However, it was a different case if this was Xiao Nuolan. After all, she was a top-level expert who owed him a favor. Killing her would be a great waste. If he were to save her and make her owe him a favor, then even if she didn’t repay him with her body, he could ask her to kill a Giant should he provoke one in the future.

This was giving him quite a headache, who the heck was she?

“Let the heavens decide then!” Feng Feiyun’s eyes became serious. He raised his stone saber and declared: “One hit! If you don’t die, then it means that your life isn’t meant to end here so you are Xiao Nuolan. If it kills you, then your fate is over since the heavens do not want to help you. Don’t blame me for being merciless, blame the heavens! It is the one who wants you to die, I can’t protect you.”

Feng Feiyun channeled all of his power into the Dragon King’s First Slash and chop down at her fair neck.

“Boom!” The saber bounced outside and pinned itself into the snow a hundred meters behind Feng Feiyun. The hilt was still trembling and issued a clattering noise with snow splashing everywhere. Feng Feiyun’s hands were numb; he had to take seven steps back to even his footing. The backlash almost broke his bones.

On the contrary, the woman’s neck didn’t even have a bit of blood!

“The body is strong to this level, her grandmother must have been a bear or something... Fine! It looks like your life isn’t meant to end today.” Feng Feiyun went to pick up his saber. He wanted to go down the mountain, but he still returned and picked her up before going down.

If you want to kill someone, then kill until you server the root. If you want to save someone, then rescue them to the very end.

Since he has decided to save her, he naturally wouldn’t let her stay here all by herself. If she was truly Xiao Nuolan, then this would be a great opportunity to create a relationship. Even if she had a thick face, she still wouldn’t bite the hand that helped her due to the creeds of cultivators searching for the dao. One must return a favor.

Corpses were still everywhere down in Mount Banda. A broken corpse was still cultivating by the ridge with mist accumulating in its vicinity.

The tomb in the middle of the mountain was still open, but there were no signs of the white-armored corpse. It must be protecting the violet pill inside.

This mountain had two third-transformation corpses guarding it. It has become a death zone; even an intruding Giant could die in this place.

The thousands of corpse palaces around this location had disappeared completely. Who knows who took them all?

Feng Feiyun evaded the corpses and left Mount Banda.

‘I wonder if Little Demoness is still down there? It would be great to not see her again…’ Feng Feiyun felt that all of the palaces were taken by her.

He wanted to dodge her and this dangerous area altogether. While carrying this corpse that could be Xiao Nuolan or the Evil Woman, he visited the cave that he opened earlier near the outskirts of the mountain before heading north.

One month had passed since the great battle. Countless masters from both the young and old generations were attracted to the periphery of Mount Banda. It wouldn’t be easy for Feng Feiyun to leave Mount Banda.

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