Chapter 282: Grand Achievement God Base

Where did this power of the altar come from?

Ordinary people couldn’t speculate its source since it was too difficult to calculate. However, the Evil Woman was able to find this source and refined it into her body.

Feng Feiyun was sitting on the edge of the altar in order to steal the fruits of her effort. Even if it was only a tiny strand, it would provide him boundless benefits.

Someone once meditated here for one night and went from grand achievement God Base all the way to the level of a Giant. This showed just how mighty the power within the altar was.

“Boom!” Strands of invisible laws poured into his body. The ninth divine intent condensed in his mind.

This was really too fast. He took one step forward in less than an hour; he was now only a little bit away from grand achievement God Base.

This was the power of the ancient altar!

Peak God Base was an important level. The majority of cultivators would be trapped in this level for the rest of their lives. The elders of many sects were mainly stuck at this level.

If they couldn’t cultivate the tenth divine intent, there was no way to reach grand achievement God Base.

Few could reach grand achievement. Even the number one sacred ground in the world, the Wanxiang Pagoda, had less than three hundred grand achievement God Bases.

Out of 100,000 top geniuses, only three hundred would be able to reach this level. Just how low was this likelihood?

And they were only rarer in other places. The previous generation would need to cultivate for sixty to one hundred years before reaching grand achievement.

For a clan like the Feng, they had hundreds of God Bases, but less than ten people were at grand achievement. This clan had sixteen branches of direct disciples that would total to be around one million. However, less than ten reached grand achievement. This number was too low.

This reflected the difficulty of reaching grand achievement. Once one embarked on this path, it would be the same as reaching a new stage altogether. The path of the strong would be available to them at that point.

Feng Feiyun had nine divine intents at this moment. Just one more would turn him into a grand achievement cultivator.

Grand achievement here was referring to the completion of one’s divine intents.

‘I must use this opportunity to steal her dao to reach grand achievement in one go. Otherwise, it will take another two years of normal cultivation before I can reach this level.’ Feng Feiyun felt an urgency to become stronger. The celestial phenomenon of dragons surrounding the sky and the approach of the red star meant that the world would become ten times more chaotic in the future. Being powerless in the midst of turmoil would leave him as an ant waiting to be trampled on.

Feng Feiyun set his own goal to reach the first level of Heaven’s Mandate within three years.

If grand achievement God Base was taking the first step into the world of experts, then first level Heaven’s Mandate meant that one was a real expert.

These three years was the test of the Pagoda’s Hundreds List and Feng Feiyun’s own struggle.

“Boom!” Condensing the tenth divine intent was incredibly difficult, he had failed eighty-seven times already. The problem was that he couldn’t stabilize the intent during the process of accumulation. It was truly difficult to reach grand achievement. Even though his talents were exceedingly high, he couldn’t succeed in such a short period of time.

Two days had gone by. The Evil Woman was still meditating in the center of the altar while Feng Feiyun stayed by the edge. The two of them created an entirely new situation; one was learning while the other stealing.

‘3,400 attempts of condensation, all failed. No, I can’t keep going on like this.’ Feng Feiyun decisively woke from his meditation and looked around. He couldn’t create the tenth intent, so further attempts would only be useless. This method would end up harming the other nine intents instead.

“Maybe I can try to use the Minor Change numbers to condense this divine intent.” A countless number of invisible dao was entering Feng Feiyun’s body from the altar. However, he stopped borrowing them to create the tenth intent and instead let them flow into the other nine intents.

The Minor Change number was forty, but Feng Feiyun only had nine intents. He decided to make a bold decision and actually divided his nine intents into forty small segments.

This was an extremely risky endeavor. One misstep would end in broken intents, and he would fall back into intermediate God Base.

However, this was not a completely foolish act. The reason why other people were able to create ten divine intents perfectly and couldn’t add more was that a human had three souls and seven spirits, summing to ten. Thus, ten intents meant grand completion.

However, this was not the same for Feng Feiyun. Not only did he have the soul of a human, he also had the soul of a phoenix. A phoenix soul was three times stronger than a human soul.

A human had three souls and seven spirits while a phoenix soul had nine souls and twenty-one spirits!

Thus, it was possible for Feng Feiyun to cultivate forty divine intents. However, this was only in theory because a body that contained souls from both a human and phoenix had never appeared before. He was definitely unique in this case.

This was a big difference between him and other people. He needed to find his own path through exploration and experimentation.

Forty intents was four times more than the average. If he could actually create all forty, then he wouldn’t simply be four times stronger than others because it wasn’t simple addition, it was a case of multiple layers reinforcing each other.

Normally, Feng Feiyun wouldn’t attempt such a crazy idea because it required a monstrous amount of spirit energy as the foundation for cultivation. Even if he prepared one hundred pieces of True Mysterious Spirit Stones, it still might be inadequate for absorption.

But now, he was in the altar and could steal the dao fruit of the Evil Woman. This was simply plundering of an astronomical magnitude. With this situation, his worries were eliminated, allowing him to proceed with this outrageous decision.

He had been robbed by her before, so it was time to return the favor.

The nine intents were divided into forty small segments!

Normally, it was impossible to divide these intents because they would dissipate into plumes of mist right away.

However, this was possible due to the derivation of the Minor Change numbers on top of the continuous dao laws being poured into them. They didn’t dissipate and instead grew stronger.

It was a process of incubating forty embryos that eventually turn into babies and then independent adults capable of autonomous cultivation.

This was a very long process! Seven days passed by in this fashion.

These small segments doubled in size. They were initially the size of a chicken egg, but they slowly took the shape of tiny people while emitting a blue light. They were arranged into a Minor Change formation like forty jewels engraved in a cloth, similar to the rules of the altar itself.

In his mind were forty lights floating around like a little starry sky. Spirit energy filled this empty space.

“This, does this count as grand achievement God Base?” Feng Feiyun didn’t know to what extent his strength had reached. He only found that the spirit energy in his dantian was several times purer and it filled the entire region. All of his cells were full of energy.

“Boom!” The nine fate meridians in his chest opened like a bottle with its plug removed. Even more energy expanded inside his body. It surged outside and blended with the world.

The size of a person’s dantian was limited, unlike the world. In order to contain more spirit energy, one must turn the world into their own dantian and have access to its energy at all times by manipulating the energy from the two separate entities.

The nine meridians that had been opened just now were the bridges between one’s dantian and the world.

To truly achieve grand achievement, one must open these meridians on top of the ten divine intents to form a bond with nature.

Ten divine intents, the creations of the world connecting with the meridians, and an endless amount of spirit energy — these were the true requirements for grand achievement God Base.

Of course, there were separate divisions in this level as well. It was predicated on the number of bridges with the world. In other words, the opened meridians.

A body had a total of 360 fate meridians. At birth, all 360 would be closed; their opening would start at grand achievement God Base.

Feng Feiyun had only opened nine of them, the other 351 were still closed, so he had endless potential. The more he opened, the more powerful he would become.

Once all 360 were opened, one could experience the Earth Tribulation to try and reach first level Heaven’s Mandate.

“Whew!” Feng Feiyun took a deep breath: “This is grand achievement God Base! Perfect divine intents, the body has connected with the world and its inexhaustible, unwithering energy.”

“How strong am I now?” Feng Feiyun felt that he must be much stronger than the other grand achievement God Base cultivators. After all, when he was still a peak God Base, he could already kill the weaker grand achievement cultivators.

Plus, he has created forty divine intents. Even though he was still a grand achievement cultivator, his fighting prowess couldn’t be assessed with ordinary conventions.

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” A blade condensed in his palm and the arc shot out completely in the form of a divine dragon. It roared in the air for a long period before dispersing.

Feng Feiyun was unable to fully comprehend the first variation of this saber technique in the past, but at this moment, he suddenly understood and reached perfect mastery. This slash alone could kill several other grand achievement God Bases!

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