Chapter 281: Evil Woman On The Altar

The kitty saw Little Demoness, so it jumped out of Feng Chi’s chest and ran to grab the girl’s skirt.

Feng Chi was still standing next to the black pond while staring at the purple bead as if he was petrified.

Feng Feiyun dragged the little girl out of the tomb. Even though a fourth-rank pill was tempting, it belonged to someone else. To try and steal it would only end in their own demise. Though Feng Chi was an ancestor of the Feng Clan, he was dead now and nothing more than a corpse at the third transformation.

They left the tomb and directly headed for the top of the mountains without stopping to rest.

The two of them finally made it to the halfway ridge. Suddenly, a blaring roar came from the distance.

“Boom!” The Lawless Lord’s laughter shook the entire mountain. His bell had defeated the broken corpse while the talisman was placed on its forehead. The Omni-Heaven Marquis wanted to retaliate several times, but it was continuously suppressed.

“Omni-Heaven Marquis, you are already dead. Throw away your pride and glory, be my obedient slave!”

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Countless corpses were crushed by the power of the talisman and turned into dust that scattered on the ground. Several thousand corpse palaces were piled up.

Meanwhile, the more powerful corpses were prostrating on the ground due to the suppression of the bell. They respectfully worshipped this cave lord as if it was a pilgrimage of death.

“The corpse masters from the northern frontier are truly strong. I can’t believe he actually subdued a corpse at the Giant level. The Lawless Cave isn’t one of the most terrifying ones either, I wonder just how strong the ancient corpse caves are?” Feng Feiyun saw the marquis being subdued and looked further towards the distance. He noticed an old man in a black robe floating in the sky. Despite his archaic appearance, he wasn’t feeble at all and had a hawk-like gaze accompanied with a chilling aura.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, a world-destroying power came from the peak of Mount Banda.

This power made the sky turn dark while the world trembled as if a meteor was descending.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun was alarmed. This power made his legs sink into the ground. He smashed his stone saber into the soil and tightly gripped the hilt with both hands in order to stabilize himself with difficulty.

It was a horrifying scene. The dark clouds in the sky parted as a monstrous hand came crashing down. The Lawless Lord’s body exploded with blood gushing out everywhere. His corpse-repelling Yin Yang robe was destroyed as well. What was left of his body slammed into the ground, creating a huge pit.

This force was simply unstoppable! Even a Giant would be completely trampled!

“Boom! Boom!” The corpse controlling talisman and bell were blown away; both of them showed cracks. These spirit treasures were almost shattered in just one blow!

All the quivering corpses prostrated with their heads almost touching the ground.

“A supreme expert is at the top of Mount Banda!” Feng Feiyun looked down to the ground. There was a gigantic palm seal that spanned for thousands of meters. The resulting crater was dozens of meters deep, just like a newly formed ravine.

Smoke and dust blew everywhere with violent vibrations. The world was almost turned upside down.

“Evil… Woman!” The Lawless Lord was bleeding profusely, but he eventually climbed out of the mud in horror.

Even though he had suffered a grievous injury, he recalled his broken talisman and bell and then fled northbound without looking back. An imperious cave lord had failed and escaped in such a pitiful manner.

He was so frightened that running was the only thing on his mind!

A cold breeze flew by and more snow fell. The entire mountain became quiet.

Feng Feiyun touched his chest and felt a sharp pain. Even though that palm attack from the peak was dozens of miles away, he was still jolted by the impact.

That power was unreasonably mighty.

An untouchable corpse energy engulfed the world. All the corpses were still prostrating, only the broken corpse of the marquis could stand straight next to the ridge.

No, there was another white figure by that hillside. He gave an indifferent stare towards the north, and with his white armor, he looked like a lonely wanderer looking for a way back home.

Feng Chi was lonely like the falling snow — silent and cold.

“This power… and aura…” Feng Feiyun looked at the peak shrouded in clouds. The chill became even more unbearable.

The Evil Woman was still here at Mount Banda?

The Infinite Spirit Ring rotated on its own. The six ancient diagrams flashed continuously as if it could feel the aura of the Azure Spirit Vessel.

Little Demoness asked: “Bro, are we still going to the top?”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes were full of determination. An urge within him grew stronger and stronger. He pondered for a moment before replying: “I must go, you stay here!”

That power at the peak was simply too strong. Even if it wasn’t the Evil Woman, it would be another terrifying existence. They truly deterred anyone from approaching, but Feng Feiyun had no choice.

The path of cultivation required one to push themselves to desperate straits in order to break through.

“Okay, I won’t go then!” Contrary to his expectations, Little Demoness didn’t stick to him this time and turned back down the hill.

“Who knows what is on this girl’s mind?” Feng Feiyun watched her tiny departing back and felt that she was up to no good. There was no way she was truly frightened.

The path up the mountain had calmed down. He seldom encountered corpses.

There were a few second-transformation corpses that he avoided by taking a long detour.

A thick aura remained present at the peak. Even though it was not visible, it was certainly real. Other cultivators would be fleeing from fear after sensing it.

He finally made it to the top. This place was desolate as the vegetation had turned into dust while the ground had turned into sand. Snowflakes were still falling from the sky, but they immediately melted before reaching the ground.

Sand was flying all over the sky while the howling wind pounded on his eardrums. It was as if he was walking in a desert.

He finally saw the ancient altar. It was comprised of several thousand stone tablets arranged into a platform, buried deep in the sand for an eternity. Even a tornado wouldn’t be able to move them in the slightest. To tell the truth, these stone tablets were more like pieces of coarse rocks.

Feng Feiyun stood right outside. There was a white stone tablet three times taller than him that emitted an extraordinary aura. It was ancient and profound, as if it contained something indescribable.

“Strange, could this altar have been arranged using the Minor Change numbers?” The platform was huge and looked like a labyrinth of rocks. Even a divine intent couldn’t enter since it contained some strange laws.

This altar might just be a large forest of stone tablets in the eyes of others, but Feng Feiyun could see that it was special.

He sat down on the ground in a meditative pose and wanted to use the numbers of the Minor Change Art to rearrange them.

A tornado of sand abruptly appeared. A green light from the depths of the altar shot to the sky. His ring shook like crazy and almost flew off his finger.

‘Someone is in the altar, is the Evil Woman really meditating there?’ Feng Feiyun couldn’t think calmly and slowly walked into the altar!

“Boom!” The first step forward caused stars to move and the world to reverse. Another small tornado of sand slammed into his body and blew him sideways outside.

When he fell down, he found himself to be in a random location within the altar. He firmly stood up and was startled, so he took a step backward: “It’s her!”

A slim figure was meditating above the floating sand; it was as if she was sitting on a holy lotus. Even though it was only her back, he was definitely not mistaken.

She was engulfed in an azure light — ethereal and wondrous. There was a particular evil rhythm and immortal intent; these two opposing forces were condensing in her body.

An azure ship was floating on her palm!

Her palm contained a boundless power like a vast ocean. Even the vessel couldn’t fly away from her grasp.

Starlight descended and fell on top of both the boat and her body as the two started to blend into one being.

‘Fuck! So shameless, she’s actually trying to refine the vessel after stealing my Daomization Stone! She might as well go be a bandit!’ Feng Feiyun was very angry, but he didn’t yell at her. He began to think about how to take the vessel back. This was a holy treasure, so he must retrieve it regardless of the price.

This ancient altar contained a magical power and was rearranged by the Evil Woman, so she was able to grasp part of its power. Even though she looked to be fully concentrating on refining the vessel, the moment someone tried to disturb her, she would instantly kill them mercilessly. The best example was the Lawless Cave Lord from earlier.

Though it looked like she wasn’t far away from him, she could appear several hundred meters away in just one blink. In reality, she didn’t move from her spot at all.

“Shrinking the earth to an inch. So close yet worlds apart!” Flames surfaced in his pupils. He could see runes on the ground but couldn’t remove them since they were carved by the Evil Woman.

He secretly praised his fortune for not sneak-attacking her earlier. Even though the two appeared to be quite close, they could have been thousands of meters apart. This was a wondrous technique that even the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze had trouble deciphering.

If he couldn’t break this spatial technique, then he simply wouldn’t be able to get close to her.

Forcefully trying to seize the vessel right now was the same as courting death. It would be better to quietly increase his cultivation and wait for the right opportunity. If something unexpected happens, Feng Feiyun would have a chance.

“Since you are trying to comprehend the dao here, I’ll use this opportunity to steal your dao fruit!”

Feng Feiyun sat down on top of a boulder and tried to understand the strands of laws from the altar by absorbing them into his body.

Few people could gain enlightenment from the mysterious power inside this altar. However, the Evil Woman was an incredible talent and had managed to find the source of power from the altar, allowing her to learn in this place while refining the vessel at the same time.

Feng Feiyun wished to use a secret technique from the phoenix race in order to steal a little bit of her dao enlightenment to strengthen his own cultivation.

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