Chapter 280: Feng Clan’s Legend

The air froze as their bodies seemed to be trapped in ice, unable to move. The armored corpse slowly walked over. The soles of his feet produced ominous clouds. It stretched out its hand towards the two that were still dozens of meters away. Despite the gap, they were already suppressed by this corpse.

It was a creature comparable to a Giant.

“Meow, meow!” Only the kitty in Little Demoness’ bosom could still move. It jumped out of her chest and turned into a white ray that rushed towards the tomb behind the corpse. Its amber eyes were fixated on the purple light in there.

The corpse stopped. It shot out two gray beams from its eyes that made the air ripple as they chased after the cat. However, they didn’t hurt it at all.

“Swoosh!” The kitty burst into the grave.

Little Demoness shouted: “Whitey!”

The armored corpse’s miasma was too thick, so she didn’t dare to go forward and could only anxiously hide behind Feng Feiyun.

The old man stopped and converged all of the energy back into his body before he turned back towards his grave to chase the kitty.

He walked in a very slow and stiff manner, yet it only took a moment for him to return to the grave.

“Bro, Whitey!” Little Demoness grabbed onto Feng Feiyun’s sleeve and was on the verge of tears.

Feng Feiyun replied: “Stay here, I’ll go take a look!”

She said: “I’ll go too, Whitey is definitely in there to eat some bones.”

“Cats don’t eat bones.” Feng Feiyun prepared the earth with his Minor Change Art in order to find an entrance. He refined the corrosive corpse energy and carefully walked towards the grave.

Because there was a third-transformation corpse here, the corpse energy was incredibly frightening. The ground and rocks were all stained with it. If this form of miasma were to touch the body, they might be poisoned and turn into corpse evils as well.

With the spell, the corpse energy on the ground receded to the sides like the tide.

“Whitey likes to eat bones, it’s not an ordinary cat!” Little Demoness maintained her grip on Feng Feiyun’s sleeve.

“Is it a dog then?” Feng Feiyun was starting to get frustrated.

She earnestly nodded: “During a full moon, it would copy a dog and bark. It thinks that the sky is a big pancake, so it keeps on trying to eat it.” [1. Chinese readers would immediately think of the Tiangou, or Heavenly Dog. The Tiangou resembles a black dog or meteor, which is thought to eat the sun or moon during an eclipse.]

“I see…” Feng Feiyun naturally didn't trust anything that came out of this little girl’s mouth.


“Rumble!” In the distance, the corpse of the Omni-Heaven Marquis was shrouded in corpse energy. The world seemed to be engulfed by a black ink as it tried to stop the corpse bell and the suppressive talisman.

Energy waves rushed everywhere, damaging the cliff, causing boulders to roll down.

If Mount Banda didn’t span for three hundred miles, it would have been decimated to the ground.


Here was a little ravine far from the ridge of the great battle. This particular grave was very remote. These small hills made out of bones had been polished throughout the years.

If it wasn’t for the ancient corpse walking out of the grave by itself, no one would think that this was the tomb of a Giant.

The ground constantly quaked like a boat on rough waters. Boulders continued to roll down alongside tumbling corpses.

The tomb was eerily quiet outside of the ringing footsteps.

Little Demoness was still behind Feng Feiyun while biting her index finger like an innocent child.

“The soil here is quite old. It must have been buried here for more than a thousand years.” Feng Feiyun picked up a handful of soil and sniffed it.

The deeper they went, the darker the tomb became. The miasma also thickened; only his ring was able to stop it.

Without this spirit treasure, even a grand achievement God Base would be invaded by this corpse energy. They would either turn into a bloody puddle or a corpse evil.

A black pond appeared in the tomb with boiling water. Plumes of steam came from the pond with a group of violet light lingering above it. The source was a purple bead.

The black steam that came out of the pond looked like ghost hands, as if the pond was giving birth to countless apparitions. Eerie laughter seemed to be emanating from it.

Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped, causing Little Demoness, who was distracted, to slam into his back. She kept on rubbing her forehead afterward.

“Such a powerful Yin energy!” Feng Feiyun looked at the purple bead and noticed runes orbiting it before entering its body.

“Isn’t that a fourth-rank spirit pill?” While salivating, Little Demoness’ eyes flashed with a glimmer.

Feng Feiyun mumbled: “It really is a fourth-rank spirit pill refined from water. An ancient corpse was actually performing alchemy in this tomb…”

A second-rank pill was already a rare treasure. A third-rank pill wasn’t something one could buy with money. The exceedingly scarce fourth-rank pills could compare to spirit treasures. No more than ten alchemists in the entire Jin Dynasty could produce one.

A second-transformation corpse had a certain level of intelligence. One at the third transformation was just as smart as an ordinary person.

Even though a corpse performing alchemy was a bit shocking, it certainly wasn’t impossible.

“Meow, meow!” The white armored corpse stood by the pond, completely stiff and motionless. He was hugging Whitey who was docile to the extreme. The cat’s eyes were glued to the purple light above the pond.

With the corpse’s cultivation, it naturally detected Feng Feiyun and Little Demoness, but it didn’t turn around. Instead, it only showed its back like a statue.

“Bro, look at his armor…” Little Demoness gently pulled Feng Feiyun’s sleeve.

Even after a thousand years, there were no signs of decay and rust on its white armor. A white light was still flowing on the plates. It clearly wasn’t an ordinary item.

There was also a red cloak that had rotted completely. Nevertheless, it still resembled a broken banner fluttering in the wind.

One could imagine just how majestic and heroic this corpse must have been when it was alive.

However, the thing that caught Feng Feiyun’s attention was the circular stamp on the armor with the word “Feng”. It looked like a conspicuous round shield.

“Could… he be a master of the Feng Clan?” Feng Feiyun moved his palm in order to activate his Minor Change Art to calculate the origin of the corpse. However, an invisible force severed his connection and almost broke his palm.

Little Demoness took out a yellow scroll from her bosom. It was carved by iron and made from bamboo. A golden wire connected a total of 300 tiny pieces; names and dates were engraved on each of them.

She held it with one hand while using her fingers on the other hand to meticulously read these scrolls.

“What are you holding?” Feng Feiyun quickly glanced at the scroll.

“The sacred list!” She was still looking.

“Sacred list? Don’t tell me you stole the clan’s genealogy listing?” Feng Feiyun took the scrolls from her and sure enough, it was the clan’s history. The real names of their ancestors were carved with great detail on these scrolls.

She really did steal it…

Every ancient clan had a genealogy record. It didn’t only contain the names and lives of their predecessors, but also the secrets of the clan. For example, the four ancestral grounds of the Feng were clearly recorded here.

Due to having too many secrets, this list would normally be stored in the clan’s ancestral temple and guarded by supreme experts. Outside of the clan master in each generation, others would never be able to see it.

He read the list for a long while as more black lines appeared on his forehead. No wonder why this little girl could enter the Feng’s ancestral ground and even dig out the ancestor’s bones. So it turns out that she found the method of entry from this list!

“A thief in the family is difficult to detect.” Feng Feiyun repeatedly sighed.

“I didn’t steal it, Whitey was the one who snuck it out.” She blamed everything on the cat.

Could a cat steal this list from the heavily guarded ancestral temple?

If that was the case, then those supreme experts from the Feng Clan were too incompetent.

“Oh, is it him?!” Feng Feiyun found some clues on the list. Perhaps this was the true identity of this man who had died more than one thousand years ago.

The Feng had been established more than one thousand years ago. Their brilliant first clan master was quite talented, but regardless of how strong he was, he alone couldn’t create a great clan like the Feng.

These records wrote about his younger brother who was even more gifted than him. The younger brother was the king of that generation who fought 780 battles without suffering defeat.

Anyone who dared to defy the Feng would be forcefully suppressed by him. He would beat them all into submission. Even the Grand Southern Prefecture Lord lost three times to him.

The records had a great evaluation of him. He nearly broke through the Giant level before the age of thirty and was known as the “Feng’s Number One”! If he didn’t die, he most likely could have led the Feng Clan to become an entity comparable to the four great clans.

Very few people knew his real name, but it was recorded on the list — Feng Chi.

Sigh! A hero who went missing in Trinity and never appeared in the world again.

This was an unsolved case of the Feng Clan. No one knew where he had gone. Some saw him appear right outside of the Feng’s ancestral ground before entering Trinity, then he disappeared into thin air.

If this armored man was indeed an ancestor of the Feng Clan, then Feng Chi was the only one who matched the genealogy records.

Could it be that the number one member of the Feng unexpectedly died at Mount Banda and was buried beneath this hill?

What a lamentable story. If the Evil Woman didn’t come out, then this legend of the Feng Clan would never see the light of day again.

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