Chapter 278: Corpse Controller

Into Trinity they went!

Mount Banda should have been a land of pilgrimage, but it was engulfed in a thick corpse energy. The roars of corpses echoed loudly, instilling fear in everyone and deterring them from taking a step into this place…

“Pluff!” Feng Feiyun slashed forward. A white dragon energy rushed out and ground three corpses to dust. This was the first slash of his technique at ninety percent mastery still. He couldn’t comprehend the last ten percent just yet.

He waved his sleeve and collected the three corpse palaces on the ground before throwing them into his spatial stone.

Feng Feiyun counted: “833 first transformation palaces, 1 second transformation, equivalent to 1833 points.”

This place was not far from Mount Banda. Gazing from a distance, this gigantic mountain resembled a huge beast lying on the ground to block the path ahead completely.

According to the sheepskin parchment, an average man would need half a month to cross this mountain. Even a cultivator wouldn’t be able to cross it too quickly.

Feng Feiyun had been observing right outside the mountain for several days, but he couldn’t find an uphill path. Some of the dangerous locations have been occupied by corpses. If he were to rush there, he would be surrounded by them instantly.

The number of corpses gathered here far exceeded his expectations. Even while standing dozens of miles away, he could still see groups of corpses. Some of them were worshipping the mountain while others patrolled the cliffs. There were a few second-transformation corpses cultivating at the peak. They absorbed and released sky essences and the power of the earth.

This was an infernal hell. An aura of resentment permeated the area alongside a stench of blood.

Little Demoness pulled on Feiyun’s sleeve and curiously asked: “Bro, what are they trying to find? It looks like they’re trying to dig some bones out of the mud…”

“The Omni-Heaven Marquis recently died here. His body was shattered by the Evil Woman after slamming into this mountain, so these corpses are surely digging up his bones. Just a little piece of a Giant’s bone would allow their body to reach the next level.”

Feng Feiyun has been studying the Eight Arts Volume recently. The upper half of the book specialized in these corpse evils.

The three evils of the Yin World included specters, corpses, and fiends. These were creatures walking on the thin line between life and death. It was difficult to define what they were and of course, they were difficult to kill.

For example, the body of these corpses was absurd. At second-transformation, it was the same as an untouchable diamond body. Even spirit weapons couldn’t destroy them without a sufficiently powerful user. If the user wasn’t at a particular level, it would be a fool’s dream. [1. This “diamond” is a vajra protector in Buddhist mythos, not necessarily true “diamond”, even though it is the same word for diamond. This is a common word to describe an impervious physique, we have one in Emperor’s Domination too.]

Specters were even more devilish. They didn’t have a physical body, so they were completely immune to regular attacks. Even spirit weapons had limited effects on them. Only a few artifacts were able to seal, subdue, suppress, and destroy them.

Lastly, fiends were the most mysterious and intangible.

Of course, this was mainly for ordinary people. As for treasure-seekers, they specialized in restraining the three evils and three strange of the Yin and Yang Worlds with their special techniques.

After the marquis fell, his blood seeped into the soil and dyed Mount Banda completely red. However, this red mountain was covered in snow right now.

“Whoosh!” A brilliant light that contained a majestic power surged from the bottom of the ground. This was a piece of bone from someone’s hand and only the size of a little peach. It was as clear as jade with a burning temperature like an unearthed gem.

It belonged to the marquis.

A corpse with a half-decayed body dug it out. It attracted the attention of the other corpses, so they all rushed towards it.

The bone of a Giant was a deadly temptation to these corpses and would allow them to cultivate to a more powerful state.

Feng Feiyun quietly looked at this crazy scene from the distance. These corpses were slaughtering each other until the sky turned dark for this piece of bone. Even three second-transformation corpses rushed out and smashed their own to smithereens.

It was a flood of corpses. Even grand achievement God Base cultivators would be easily torn to pieces.

“Rumble!” A close-by cliff collapsed and heavy boulders rolled down, sending dust flying everywhere. Two terrifying rays shot out for dozens of miles. This was a gaze that belonged to a corpse!

“Rawrr!” Its roar alone shattered several hundred corpses nearby.

All the trees and rocks cracked as well from this sonic blast.

Feng Feiyun could feel this avalanche of power coming towards him, so he unleashed nine slashes to shatter the wave roar.

“So strong, is there a third-transformation corpse in this place?” His eyes lit up to increase his vision so that he could see the corpse crawling out of the ground.

“Boom!” Another large section of the cliff fell!

An ominous cloud gathered in the sky. The many layers eventually turned into a huge vortex.

A broken corpse flew out from the cliff and lifted its head to roar at the sky.

The clouds above shot down several hundred lightning bolts that struck its body. Not only did this fail to vanquish it, it made it even more tenacious. Electric currents continuously flowed throughout its body like worms. It had become a lightning corpse!

“Such power!” Little Demoness hid behind Feng Feiyun from fear while looking at the broken corpse.

“Don’t tell me… that’s the Omni-Heaven Marquis?” Feng Feiyun stared intensely at the robe on the corpse. It had been damaged beyond words, but one could still see the mark of a marquis on the inner shirt. Half of a golden lion’s head was still embroidered on it.

The body was truly annihilated. Its skull was smashed with a large section chipped away. The left torso and hand had been severed. There were many parts missing on this particular corpse.

It must have suffered an attack from a supreme master when it was alive. Even at the Giant level, it was almost split into a thousand pieces.

The assailant must have been the Evil Woman and this broken corpse was definitely the Omni-Heaven Marquis.

A great marquis had actually turned into a corpse evil, and not only did his power not deteriorate, it actually grew. A single breath could turn the vegetation within a dozen miles into a black death.

Little Demoness asked: “Bro, do we still want to go there?”

Feng Feiyun asked: “Are you afraid?”

“Yes!” She nodded repeatedly.

A third-transformation corpse had unexpectedly appeared and guarded Mount Banda. It collected broken bones to form its own body. The low-level corpses were shivering while kneeling on the ground as if they were worshipping a king.

Feng Feiyun glanced at the towering mountains once more. There were many locations shrouded in mists and clouds. One particular place had a treasure light that pierced the sky. Others had waterfalls flowing with several-meter-long silverfish swimming at the bottom.

On a particular cliff were engravings of pictures and ancient characters. There were also statues of people and Buddhas.

This place was once incomparably prosperous. Many humans would come here just because of its great reputation. Sages had left their footprints behind, but it has now turned into a land of death that was occupied by these monsters.

Feng Feiyun really wanted to see the ancient altar. He felt that it was a great location. There was an invisible force that was leading him to that place.

In the end, he didn’t leave and started to walk around the mountain. He opened a cave a hundred miles away as a temporary haven while waiting for the right time.

One month passed by incredibly quickly. The broken corpse was still cultivating at the mid-section of the mountain. The ominous clouds in the sky accumulated to a thicker level as more corpses gathered. Even more second-transformation corpses arrived.

Of course, this was to Feng Feiyun’s advantage. He could hunt dozens of stray corpses each day, so he collected more and more palaces. This was killing two birds with one stone.

Little Demoness always started early and returned late. Each time she came back, she would carry a bag of palaces several times larger than her body. She looked just like a dwarf carrying a mountain. From afar, she actually looked like a big snail!

This made Feng Feiyun quiet angry. He had to sneak around, plant traps, and ambush them in order to not alarm the mass of corpses nearby. Each day, he could only take down a couple dozen corpses, but Little Demoness obtained ten times his amount, perhaps even more.

She put down the bloody bag and patted it with her tiny hand before sitting down. She wiped away the sweat on her forehead and said: “Bro, do you want me to give you half?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “Uh… no need.”

Several more days passed!

In the sky, a series of soul-stealing rings resounded! A gigantic black bell came from the northern sky while issuing these rhythmic noises that contained a power that clawed at the mind.

It continued to echo without stopping. An old man wearing a corpse-repellent robe walked towards Mount Banda. The great bell hovered above his head at the same pace.

His robe looked like a daoist uniform, but it wasn’t. The left side was white and the right was black. It represented the Yin and Yang Worlds. In the middle was a taiji symbol with black and white rays floating through it. They were two Yin and Yang Fish.

“Yin corpses are coming, people of the Yang affinity, make way!” The old man with a slight hunchback wore an iron crest. Wrinkles covered his face that had narrow eyes and an aquiline nose.

“Rumble!” Wherever he went, the bell would ring. The evil corpses began to follow right behind him in a line just like a group of servants.

There were hundreds of them, resulting in a long, black line. They walked in a uniform fashion on the snowy plain. This shocking scene was quite eye-catching and strange.

Someone was actually able to control hundreds of these corpses. This ability was even more formidable than that of treasure masters.

“A corpse controller from the Northern Frontier Prefecture is actually here. With his cultivation, I think he might be a character of the lord level from a corpse cave.”

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