Chapter 276: Big Bro Your Sister!

Feng Feiyun felt a cold chill behind his back. It seemed to be freezing his spine. Even his neck was feeling a stinging pain.

This corpse energy was truly powerful. It wasn’t something a first-transformation corpse could compare to.

He quickly touched his boundary stone, sending out a white arc. It was the gigantic stone sword at seven feet long. With one slash, it divided the entire temple into two halves. Both sides collapsed and the area was suddenly cleared.

Countless snowflakes blew back into the sky from the blade energy.

“Rawrr!” The corpse that was initially behind him instantly drifted ten feet back and stood next to a withered purple tree. It looked just like a corpse that had just been hung.

“Gobble!” Blood dripped out of it along with rotten flesh. The skin on its face all the way to the ears was gone, revealing its bloody jaw. Half of its skull was cracked with teeth resembling a row of white nails.

Its black hair draped all the way down to its waist, and its pair of green eyes like two dancing ghastly flames were quite scary!

“This is a second-transformation evil corpse?” Feng Feiyun pinned his blade in the snowy ground and carefully stared at the corpse.

After the first transformation, these corpses would become as hard as steel and gain incredible battle potential.

However, it was quite difficult for them to reach the second transformation.

First, they must devour the flesh of ten thousand mortals. Of course, eating cultivators was even better.

Second, they must refine the divine intent of a cultivator into their own wisp of intelligence.

Third, they must surpass the corpse tribulation from the earth.

After meeting these three conditions, they would turn into a second transformation corpse and be able to cultivate a diamond physique. At that point, it would be exceedingly difficult to shatter their body.

An older second transformation corpse had defensive capabilities similar to a half-step Giant.

Furthermore, they would mutate even further and derive their own offensive forces. Some would gain unbelievable speed, others would have incredible power, and some would even sprout three heads and six hands. A few would be able to grow ten times stronger into a giant…

Why was the undefeated divine martial army completely routed?

It was because these corpses were too strong and outnumbered them. A Heaven’s Mandate cultivator would still be ripped apart and eaten by an old second transformation corpse.

“Gurggg!” A strange sound came from the throat of this corpse as if it was laughing. This noise was capable of making one’s hair stand on end.

This was a newly transformed corpse at the second level, so its battle prowess had not reached a frightening state yet!

Little Demoness asked: “Bro, can you beat it?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “Of course!”

She inquired once more: “Are you sure?”

Feng Feiyun confidently declared: “Of course I’m sure!”

“But…” She wanted to say something else, but he had already left, leaving only the view of a heroic back with his blade on his shoulder.

“Swoosh!” The corpse sensed a murderous intent and turned into a shadow to take the first shot!

A cloud of corpse energy came crashing down. It was blinding and terrifyingly thick. All of a sudden, a bloodless gray hand reached out from within. The oscillating lightning on its nails issued sizzles.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun unleashed a white dragon slash from his blade with ninety percent mastery.

The blade met the claw. Sparks went flying with a deafening impact!

The corpse was blown flying into the violet tree, breaking it in half before rolling on the packed snow.

That slash was strong enough to kill an ordinary grand achievement God Base. However, it didn’t split the corpse’s claw, it could only blow it away.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun wanted to catch up and continued his offensive. However, the snow in front of him surged upward like a white wall and forced him back.

“Swoosh!” Another slash cut the snow wall into two halves. Snowflakes blew all over the ground.

Feng Feiyun took three steps forward, each step further than the previous as if he was soaring to the sky. On the third step, his body was three meters above the ground as he slashed down with both hands.

The corpse that was on the ground leaped up like a cannonball and slammed its fist into the blade.

“Bang!” A strong vibration came from the blade, causing it to ring. Feng Feiyun’s hands were forced back as he almost lost control of the hilt completely.

This corpse was too strong; its strike was comparable to the force of eight qilins. In terms of pure power, it was even stronger than Feiyun.

“Bro, can you actually win?” Little Demoness sat on a boulder using the kitty as her cushion. Her hands propped up her chin while she pouted, seemingly losing her patience.

“I have to!” Feng Feiyun inserted the blade into the snow again. With both palms together in front of his chest, he channeled the power of the five elements. Black, red, white, green, and yellow colors flew out of his palms.

The snow on the ground instantly melted into water and then turned into a swirling mist storm. It rotated around Feng Feiyun at a rapid pace. This was the power of water.

Fire, wood, metal, and earth elements condensed and joined the rotation. This was a move from the Grave Palace Record that specialized in suppressing the creatures from the Yin and Yang Worlds. Of course, these corpses were included.

The monster felt a terrifying power materializing and aiming to dissolve its diamond body, so it roared and quickly dashed forward as its aura grew denser.

This one fist could shatter the world!

Feng Feiyun pointed his finger to meet this strike. Five different lights circulated around his fingertip, encompassing the great power of the five elements.

“Boom!” The corpse’s hand shattered while the elements poured into its body, rendering it into a bloody mist.

A white corpse palace fell to the ground. This second-level palace could be redeemed for one thousand points, the same as killing one thousand regular corpses.

Feiyun stored it in his spatial stone then turned to look at Little Demoness: “What do you think now?”

“Bro, you are too handsome!” She laughed and followed right behind him.

Feiyun grimaced and turned to leave. The little girl was still right behind him, matching his speed.

“Bro, are we going to Mount Banda now?” She quickened her pace a little bit in order to grab onto his sleeve.

“Yes.” His movement became faster. One step could take him ten meters further, and he could take ten steps in just one breath.

“Bro, why are we going there? To find that ancient altar?” She was still on his right-hand side.

“Yep.” His speed increased even more. Now, one step took him twenty meters while his pace quickened to twenty steps per breath.

She stared at him and asked while keeping up: “Bro, do you want to meditate there? But I heard that for the past several hundred years, no one has learned even half a dao from there, so it is completely deserted.”

Eventually, Feng Feiyun stopped to look at her: “Can’t I just go to take a look?”

She stubbornly said: “No, that place is too dangerous, it contains all the corpses!”

Feng Feiyun startlingly said: “Don’t you want me to die? Alright, why are you following me like this, what do you actually want?”

She stood there and gazed at him in a stupor without saying anything. She was quite young, so this appearance looked quite pitiful; it was as if she was wronged and couldn’t stand up for herself.

“Don’t act pitifully. We don’t know each other, so let’s go our separate ways.” Feng Feiyun took back his sleeve and soared through the snow like a white dragon. He felt much better after finally letting go of that unstable bomb. However, he looked down and noticed that Little Demoness was holding his right sleeve again.

“Are you going away or not!” He almost wanted to curse eighteen generations of her ancestors, but he felt that something would be wrong if he did so, so he hurriedly swallowed the curses. [1. Because they have similar ancestry.]

She still didn’t say anything and only raised her head to pitifully stare at him.

“Meow, meow!” The white kitty in her embrace also looked up and stared at Feiyun with its cat eyes. It was also touching him with its paws.

“Meow your sister!” Feng Feiyun grabbed the kitty from the girl’s bosom and threw it into a pile of snow. The kitty growled even more urgently.

Little Demoness quickly ran down the slope and hugged the kitty again. She busily patted away the snow on its body while comforting it: “Whitey, don’t be angry, big bro is just mean, a wicked and stingy person…”

Feng Feiyun naturally used this chance to turn into a fleeting shadow and rushed into the barren forest. In the blink of an eye, he crossed through four hills.

Little Demoness was a big annoyance with an unpredictable temperament. He wouldn’t know when she would scheme against him, so it was best to lose her as soon as possible.

“Ugh!” After crossing through seventeen hills, he looked down and saw his sleeve being held again. No one knows when she caught up with him, but she was there to his right.

“Why are you following me?” Feng Feiyun became quite discouraged.

She tilted her head and cutely stated in a matter-of-fact manner: “Haha, because you are my big bro!”

“Big bro your sister!” Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but curse. [1. This can also be construed as big bro’s sister! The americanized saying would be "big bro my ass!" So she is making a joke as why he is cursing at his own sister because he is "big bro" and his sister is her. So the next line works in Chinese, but not really in English. I would have to rewrite it completely for this joke to work without the note]

She acted surprised and puzzled while scratching her forehead: “But your sister is me…”

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