Chapter 275: Corpse Energy Out Of Nowhere

The sky had not been clear for a long time now! Snow continued to fall for months with no signs of stopping!

Leaves and branches were covered in snow. One could only see dark brown tree trunks and hear the howling of the wind.

A sea of snow engulfed the plains. On top of a hillside, the temple’s doors were pushed open, issuing an unpleasant squeak.

The winds rushed in from this new opening! Chilling flakes flew in before a powerful hand closed the doors.


The fire on the ground was stirred by the breeze. The snowflakes that had just been blown in were melted by a warm touch and wafted in the air.

The refugees near the fire gazed at the young man dressed in white that had just arrived. This white uniform represented the Wanxiang Pagoda.

“Meow, meow!” The fair kitty quietly growled and then lazily lied down in Little Demoness’ bosom.

She gently stroked its fur with a charming smile on her face.

“I’m asking if anyone left their name on the holy monument four days ago.” Feng Feiyun stared at the group.

One of the refugees used the tip of his green sword to play with a fire. He answered with a strange laughter: “Oh. A disciple from the Wanxiang Pagoda, keh keh!”

The others laughed as well. In the past, they would certainly be respectful towards students from the pagoda like a servant seeing their master. However, after the battle at the lake and suffering ten defeats in a row, the pagoda’s supreme status has plummeted to rock bottom.

Nothing was left from the initial respect. This was a poor man watching a rich man eating the best meat and playing with the most beautiful women; of course, there was a sense of respect and enmity looking up.

However, one day, they found that this rich man’s face had been beaten swollen and his history is one of debts. Naturally, the poor man would stop finding him special and even sneer at him.

This was the current embarrassing situation for the pagoda’s disciples.

Feng Feiyun nodded: “Yes, I’m from the Martial Tower.”

“A Martial Tower’s disciple, hahaha!”


Mocking laughter accompanied their words.

Little Demoness’ lips slightly perched as her eyes narrowed.

Feng Feiyun held her hand tighter and responded: “You think being from the pagoda is very funny?”

“The pagoda has fallen as it has no more talents. Those who could fight have already lost to the heretical disciples; some have even submitted to them. Haha, number one sacred ground! Haha, is this not hilarious?” The person holding the green hilt carved a rune with his sword on the ground. His eyes slightly focused. It looked as if he wanted to try defeating a pagoda’s disciple.

He would have never dared to even think about such a thing before, but now was a different story.

“There are too many ignorant people in this world!” Feng Feiyun rolled up his sleeves and pointed his forefinger forward: “Answer me or die.”

“You still think you are somebody? A real badass for being from the pagoda? What a joke, I—” Before this refugee could finish his sentence, his sword had already fallen to the ground, issuing clanking noises.

His forehead had been pierced. A steady stream of blood dripped down with white brain matter oozing out as his body dropped straight down with a bang.

“Whoosh!” The howling wind came again in a frightening matter.

The entire temple was quiet. The other refugees shrank down and stared in horror at the swift murder. It was way too decisive and without any hesitation.

The pointing of a finger ended with the loss of one’s life!

Feng Feiyun retracted his finger and said: “The pagoda is indeed nothing great, but these are words only experts are allowed to say!”

These refugees were all cultivators, but they were quite weak. The highest was only an early God Base, the very man who was so easily dispatched by Feng Feiyun.

A skinny man bravely asked: “What, what do you want to know?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “I ask, you answer.”

The rest nodded their heads continuously as if a slight sign of disobedience would result in death to this young man.

Feng Feiyun asked: “In the battle at the lake, which ten came out from the Wanxiang Pagoda?”

“The first was Ning Fengdao, the second was Wang Yue, the third was Mu Tantian… the last one was Shi Yelai…”

The pagoda was renowned, so those who were on the list were quite famous. Even the cultivators from the remote regions had heard of their names.

Alas, these preeminent cultivators had all lost to the heretical disciples.

Feng Feiyun murmured with a frown: “Even Mu Tantian lost!”

He asked again: “Did anyone leave their name on the monument?”

“No, the three lords and Princess Luofu all tried. Some unknown masters attempted as well, but none were successful.” The refugees watched from a distance that night, so they were aware of the events.

The skinny man added: “But these supreme geniuses didn’t leave. They will wait for half a year before trying again.”

Feng Feiyun puzzlingly asked: “Half a year?”

“A lunar eclipse will come every six months. If they couldn’t do it this time, there is another chance in half a year. A few people were only a little bit off, so they wouldn’t want to give up the chance of carving their name on the monument. The second meeting will be in half a year.”

Everyone knew that the monument had a mysterious power. Those who could carve down their name would be blessed by this power. It was quite intangible, similar to something like the force of fate, force of faith, force of curses, and so on…

Those who gained the providence of the monument would become tyrants of their generation. Because of this, people flocked to this place.

“Also, I heard that the prodigies from the Wanxiang Pagoda are all coming to Trinity in order to declare war against the heretical lords. The meeting time is still half a year from now at the sacred lake.”

Four days ago, only Shi Yelai and Princess Luofu were among the top ten of the pagoda’s list at the scene.

The ten defeats were simply too humiliating. The prodigies in closed cultivation couldn’t endure this anger. It would be even stranger if they didn’t come out to declare war.

“Can, can we leave now?” The refugees stared at Feng Feiyun in horror and didn’t want to stay any longer.

Feng Feiyun pondered for a moment before asking: “Do you know about a yellowstone mountain near here, one with an ancient altar at the top?”

The refugees blurted at the same time: “Are you talking about… Mount Banda?” Their voice was full of amazement.

One must cross through Mount Banda on this old road towards Trinity. There were rumors about an ancient altar, so everyone wanted to take a look.

“Is this the altar where someone meditated and went from grand achievement God Base to the level of Giant in just one night?” Feng Feiyun asked for confirmation.

Why do these people wear such an expression when talking about such a holy place? It was a look of fear!

“Not long ago, a terrifying war broke out at Mount Banda. The Evil Woman defeated the Omni-Heaven Marquis there. His blood stained the mountain red while his bones slammed into the mountain.

“Because it was the blood of a Giant that stained the ground, countless evil corpses gathered there with their miasma spreading for several hundred miles. It’s not a place people can go to.” The refugees quickly answered Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun replied: “You all can leave now.”

The refugees were immediately relieved after hearing this; it was as if they were spared a life. They lifted up the dead cultivator and exited the front gate.

The doors were closed once more. Meanwhile, the fire in the temple was still ongoing.

Terrifying screams resounded from outside. It was as if they had just seen something truly frightening.

It was the bunch of refugees. They didn’t manage to walk a hundred feet away from the temple before falling to the ground. Feng Feiyun didn’t kill them; they were murdered by something else.

Their heads were eaten by something, leaving behind their thick necks with blood oozing onto the snow. The blood quickly froze into a red ice that looked just like beautiful rubies.

The cold gale blew again. The rubies on the ground flew into the doors and windows, issuing booming sounds like a ghost knocking at midnight.

This situation didn’t go unnoticed from Feng Feiyun’s divine intent.

However, his sense couldn’t tell who took their heads. The speed was too fast, and there wasn’t even a single footprint on the snow.

A terrifying corpse energy engulfed the temple and even the entire mountain.

This mighty and terrorizing energy left others out of breath!

“Bro, are there ghosts in this world?” Little Demoness squeezed her tiny body into Feng Feiyun’s chest. Who knows if she was afraid of the cold or frightened by the screams outside. Or maybe, she just wanted to lean on him.

Girls didn’t only want the embrace of a lover, they also yearned for the safeguard of a big brother’s chest.

A lover’s embrace was warm while a big brother’s chest was more than tough enough.

“You are afraid of ghosts?” Feng Feiyun felt that this girl was even scarier than ghosts.

“Of course I am scared. Look, it is behind you right now. It has a pair of green eyes and a bloody mouth. Such long teeth and tongue…”

Little Demoness threw herself into his chest while still holding the kitty, causing it to meow pitifully. Her big round eyes were staring at the evil corpse behind Feng Feiyun. It looked really fierce with blood and flesh foaming from its mouth, making it appear that it had just finished a meal.

Who knows when this ghost with black hair and a pair of horrific ghastly eyes managed to get behind Feng Feiyun.

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