Chapter 273: The Three Lords

This white-faced black-robed man’s name was Xue Changxiao. [1. Changxiao means long laughter.]

However, no one had ever seen him smile before.

He was lord from the fourth hall of the Senluo Temple, a direct disciple of that hall’s master and someone who represented the will of the temple.

The heretical successors have shown themselves once more. Everyone here was speechless and pressured by his sinister aura.

Even the lights on the boats were turned off. The young prodigies all converged their auras. If possible, they didn’t want to be involved with the Heretical Schools.

“Whoosh!” Another shadow rushed forward from the sky. He was holding a miniature palace and landed next to Xue Changxiao.

“Third, you are late!” Xue Changxiao stood on the lake as if he was standing on the ground. Snow continued to fall on his long hair without melting.

Falling snow was very beautiful indeed. However, when the flakes landed on his hair, it gave off a sad emotion as if he was an old man with graying hair.

“It’s because I met someone along the way and exchanged three moves with him.” This man called Third was playing with the palace in his hand.

It was made from Black Tortoise Steel and must have been ten times heavier than a real palace. However, it floated in his palm as if it was just a piece of scrap metal.

Xue Changxiao asked: “Oh? Why only three moves?”

“Because if we exchanged another move, I could have been killed by him.” Third laughed.

Third was naturally not an ordinary person. He was the lord of Senluo’s third hall. The Heretical Schools’ successors were all chosen under great scrutiny and boasted great battle records.

However, Third didn’t find it shameful to be defeated after three moves. In fact, he actually took pride from it.

Xue Changxiao grew curious and asked: “Who was it?”

“Young Noble Flawless, Su Yun!” Two ghastly flames burned in Third’s dusky eyes. He looked just like a lone wolf in the middle of a plain. Both his pupils and complexion had a green hue to them. It was the color of green grasses growing near a grave.

“Oh, that guy!” Xue Changxiao understood right away. Very few could withstand even a single move from Su Yun, so exchanging three moves with this person was quite incredible.

This man here was indeed worthy of being the third lord from the temple.

“Su Yun doesn’t like fighting against men. Why didn’t he kill you with the fourth move?” A voice rang.

Third looked over the lake to see where the voice came from. He saw a white-robed young man with a cute little lady holding onto his sleeve. They looked like a pair of brother and sister standing in the snow together.

The brother was clearly from the Wanxiang Pagoda due to his uniform. The little sister was cute with her sparkling eyes, white complexion, and a kitty in her hand.

Third raised his brows and smiled: “Because he was chasing someone.”

Feng Feiyun asked: “Who?” Didn’t Su Yun go to recover? Why was he here at Trinity? Could he be looking for that person?

“The number one beauty in the world, Nangong Hongyan.” Third laughed deviously, causing the snow to fall even faster.

“That can’t be!” Feng Feiyun didn’t believe it at all.

Even though Flawless was the biggest playboy, he also had his principles and was reasonable with his conduct. Otherwise, Feng Feiyun wouldn’t have viewed him as a friend.

Flawless knew that Hongyan and Feiyun had a special relationship, so how could he chase after her all the way to Trinity?

“Why not?” Third smiled.

“Because if Su Yun is trying to win Nangong Honyan over, he wouldn’t be Young Noble Flawless.” Feng Feiyun was certain in his judgment.

Third elaborated: “He is chasing her not to court her, but to kill her.”

This answer left all the young prodigies surprised. No one knew why Su Yun wanted to do this.

Someone was actually ruthless enough to try and kill the prettiest girl in the world, and it was the biggest playboy at that.

Third was the lord of the Senluo Temple, so there was naturally no need for him to lie.

“Did Young Noble Motherless hit his head somewhere? Why is he trying to kill Hongyan and even lie to us about getting treatment? What is this guy trying to do?” Bi Ningshuai’s head was in a pile of snow once more. His voice barely came out.

He was afraid of being recognized by Xue Changxiao and Third from the Heretical Schools, so he acted like a hibernating turtle and shrunk his body into the snow.

Feng Feiyun grimaced and asked again: “Then did he catch up to her?”

Third replied: “Of course.”

“What’s the result?” Feng Feiyun became more anxious.

“The result is… Young Noble Flawless became blind while Nangong Hongyan’s whereabouts and fate is unknown.” Third sighed and added: “From now on, Young Noble Flawless is flawed!”

“Then… Nangong Hongyan was the one who blinded him?” He wanted to ask about her disappearance, but he still inquired about Su Yun in the end.

A friend and a lover — it wasn’t easy for a man to pick between the two.

“Not quite. He was the one who pricked himself blind because he had seen Nangong Hongyan’s face. Only by blinding himself would he be able to suppress her charm and be able to kill her.”

“Any man with eyes would never be able to kill her…” Feng Feiyun didn’t know why Flawless had such a strong enmity towards Hongyan to the point where he didn’t mind blinding himself.

Third spoke again: “His will to kill is resolute; he would show no mercy to even the number one beauty.”

Feng Feiyun’s heart couldn’t stay calm. It was as if someone had thrown a pebble into a lake to cause a series of ripples.


The moonlight was still especially bright while the snow continued to fall. With the two in combination, tonight should have been a beautiful time for lovers to look at the moon and snow. However, this pretty painting had become an extravagant hope.

Several dark energies mercilessly ruined this scene. Neither the snow nor the moon was beautiful.

Xue Changxiao suggested: “There are only about fifteen minutes for us to compete after the eclipse and darkness. If we all go together in such a short period of time, the competition will never end and no one will be able to come before the holy monument. I have an idea; before it is dark, why don’t we find out the strongest person in each cultivation level?”

Someone replied: “This isn’t a bad idea, but there are too many students from the pagoda here. Aren’t the other schools like us at a disadvantage?”

“Hahaha, Wanxiang Pagoda! Only a bunch of useless lambs claiming to be the number one sacred ground for learning. The truth is that it has been in decline in the recent years.” An extremely piercing voice came from a boat made from sandalwood floating on top of the lake.

This boat was gigantic and capable of accommodating tens of thousands. It was completely black without a single light and gave off a mysterious feel.

“Who is so arrogant to dare not place the Wanxiang Pagoda in their eyes?” Ning Fengdao confronted the voice on his violet boat.

“Am I wrong?” A snicker came from the sandalwood boat: “Back then, every tower of the sacred ground contained supreme existences. The heroes in the world nearly all came from the pagoda. It used to be incredibly glorious and influential, even more than the dynasty itself. But now, it has fallen to an unbelievable level. Among the eight Grand Historical Geniuses, the pagoda doesn’t even have one.”

A student from the pagoda retorted: “Two more Grand Historical Geniuses have come out of the pagoda!”

A resounding laughter came as a response from the boat: “Are you talking about Shi Yelai and the Feng Clan’s Little Demoness?”

A graceful figure appeared at the bow. She wore a dress decorated with a symbol of the sun. Her ethereal nature looked like smoke swaying in the wind.

She had a flower in her hand, a Red Hell Lotus.

Even Xue Changxiao and Third, two lords from the Heretical School, took two steps backward after seeing this woman. They didn’t dare to be too close to her.

This woman was also a lord from the Heretical School with a similar status to these two. However, the two were not a match for her with regards to strength.

Bi Ningshuai, who was lying in the snow, shivered twice and murmured to himself. No one could hear what he was saying.

Shi Yelai snorted: “You think those two aren’t qualified to be considered grand historical?”

Xie Honglian sneered: “Is Shi Yelai worthy of this title? In terms of cultivation, willpower, and even battle prowess, there is too much of a gap between him and the other eight; he’s not on the same level at all. Little Demoness’ talents might be peerless, but she is still too young and can’t compete against the other eight right now.” [1. Honglian means red lotus.]

“If you wish to belittle my pagoda, your cultivation must be incredible, right? I want to have a taste!” Ning Fengdao flew into the sky. Ten golden carriages followed him as well. Flashing rays of golden light rushed straight for Xie Honglian.

“There’s no need for First Sis to take action against the likes of you. I’ll show you just how far the Wanxiang Pagoda has fallen! No one can carve their names onto the holy monument besides our Senluo Temple’s lords!” Third went forward with his palace and directly slammed into the ten carriages.

A great battle erupted!

On one side were the lords of the Senluo Temple while their opponents were the top prodigies of the Wanxiang Pagoda!

The strongest Heretical School versus the number one sacred ground. Today, they were about to go all out not only to leave their names on the tablet, but also to decide who was stronger.

This might have played a big part in why three lords of the temple came to Trinity. They wanted to defeat the pagoda in order to let the world know of the Heretical School’s re-emergence.

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