Chapter 272: The Empress’ Style

Long Jiangling!

If time were to go backward for two thousand years, her name alone would make all men in this world tremble in fear.

Back then, no man stood before her without kneeling and bowing their head.

Even the powerful and ambitious heroes in that era all stayed away from her, not daring to get close.

A woman proclaiming herself to be empress required far more than a powerful cultivation. She was ruthless and extremely intelligent and able to overcome all the weaknesses of the fairer sex.

Such a woman might not show up again in another ten thousand years!

However, a fatal weakness always accompanied such a strong woman. Even if their cultivation could reach the heavens, there was still no way to overcome it.

Ultimately, she died an unnatural death. After 250 years of reign, she was still as gorgeous as a flower and as young as a sixteen-year-old maiden at the moment of her death.

That day, her blood stained the palace. The mourning bell cried all the way to the nine heavens.

Such an empress who was as beautiful as a fairy had suddenly passed away. No one knew how she died or who actually killed her.

However, in that generation, only one person was capable of killing her!

It was… herself!

She had been dead for more than two thousand years. Even though she was once a brilliant talent and as pretty as a swan, her descendants could only see her name in the historical annals.

However, her figure has emerged on the lake from the words that made up her name. She wasn’t wearing an imperial dragon robe, but a noble aura was still being exuded from her body. Others could only look up to see her due to this oppressive aura.

This was an eternal figure, but she was only a peak God Base at this moment!

“Boom!” Her aura deterred all others. With a single wave of her hand, the golden spear from the cultivator split into three sections.

“Pluff!” This cultivator dressed in gold had reached peak God Base with nine divine intents, yet he was still rendered to a bloody mist. Not a single bone remained.

The protection of the empress returned to the tablet and transformed back into the three ancient words “Long Jiangling”!

This scene was too magical. Just an intent of their soul engraved on the monument was several times stronger than a cultivator of the same level. It was simply unstoppable.


“Is that what the empress looked like when she was young?” Princess Luofu murmured inside her dragon carriage shrouded by the black clouds of the northern sky.

She seemed to be asking herself questions.

Meanwhile, Shi Yelai had reached the ranks of grand historical geniuses, but he was still only her servant. Of course, he was unwilling in his mind. No one wanted to stay as a dog, but he could only endure it.

He was waiting for the chance to completely subdue the princess. With that, he would rise to the position of the master and the princess would become the dog instead.

His blood couldn’t help but boil whenever he imagined the princess groveling like a dog before him and letting him do whatever he pleased; she would have to endure his scolding and beating.

If he could wait until that day, then it wouldn’t be a problem to act like a dog for now.

The princess naturally knew that this dog was very restless. It was a ferocious dog that would bite people for sure. However, if she wanted to become a supreme empress like Long Jiangling, she must be able to tame this kind of dog. If not, how could she even think about ruling the world?

“That’s all Long Jiangling can do. If I took action, I would definitely shatter the remnant soul she left behind on the holy monument.” Shi Yelai was wearing a white robe while standing next to the dragon carriage. He acted respectfully without the slightest sign of impudence.

“Hmph! When the empress left her name, she was only a peak God Base. If you try to go there right now, your opponent will not be the empress but another wise sage or overlord at the same level. You have only barely reached the grand historical level, you’re still far from competing against these overlords.” Mu Tantian sneered.

Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi were the top geniuses from the Mu Clan. Both were among the best grand achievement God Bases and were also two capable officers of the princess.

In order to leave behind a name on the tablet, the first step was to defeat a predecessor at the same level on the tablet.

“Are you pissing your pants now? The former empress is no joke at all. She is incredibly strong, how can such power belong to a peak God Base?” Bi Ningshuai was truly shocked to see the empress’ figure take action. He couldn’t believe that a peak God Base could be this formidable.

“Uncle, can you be that strong too?” Wang Meng was weaker than the man earlier, and he was killed in just one slap. Wang Meng naturally didn’t want to go any closer.

Bi Ningshuai also shifted his gaze towards Feng Feiyun since this was another monster! At intermediate God Base, he was able to kill a peak God Base with seven divine intents. After leaving the Immeasurable Tower, he must have gotten even stronger.

Feng Feiyun shook his head in response: “Her battle prowess is ten times greater than mine. Even if I cultivated a ninth divine intent, I would only be able to withstand one move from her at best, her second would slay me with certainty.”

Feng Feiyun had formed his eighth divine intent and was only two steps away from grand achievement God Base. He had observed what happened earlier very carefully. There was too great of a gap between himself and the empress which he found quite unbelievable.

A human could actually have such incredible talents; this race could indeed surpass phoenixes in this regard.

Bi Ningshuai asked: “What if you use your Spirit Treasure?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “No point, the treasure will be suppressed by the holy monument’s power. One must rely on their own ability to leave their name on the tablet.”

“Then is it hopeless for you, Bro?” Little Demoness held his sleeve and looked up at him.

She clearly wanted to leave her name as well, but she didn’t know how powerful her foe would be just yet.

“Not necessarily, if this is…” He stopped as his eyes focused on the tablet with blazing flames in his pupils.

He had noticed some clues and wanted to see through the stone tablet. He felt a legendary force within this tablet that had been mentioned in the ancient scrolls of his phoenix clan. However, it was just a similarity that he couldn’t confirm at the moment.

Under the moonlight, the holy monument shone as bright as a piece of jade. The monument having this much spirituality made it seem as if it had fallen down from the heavens.

Feng Feiyun thought: ‘If this is indeed that type of spirit stone, then one day, the people with their names on this stone will be able to obtain a stone body. They could then refine that into a true body and come out of the tablet for an unbelievable rebirth.’

There were eighteen types of spirit stones in this world, one stranger than the previous. The higher ranking ones were exceedingly rare to the point where only a single piece might exist.

For example, the Dragon Spirit Stone at the tenth spot was unique in the entire Jin Dynasty. It could protect a kingdom’s fate and allow the dynasty to enjoy several thousand years of peace.

As for the Daomization Stone in the seventh spot, this was something formed after the death of a saint. If one could comprehend the essence of this stone, they could eventually become a saint themselves.

And in the legends, there were even more precious stones compared to these two. Some could even replenish the heavens, suppress a world, or illuminate an entire galaxy…

This stone tablet ahead made Feng Feiyun think of a mythical spirit stone. He had never seen it before and would never believe that such a thing would appear in a human kingdom, so there was no point in revealing it.

No one dared to approach the monument since they didn’t want to follow the footsteps of the golden-robed man.

“After the lunar eclipse, darkness will come and the monument will lose half of its power. That will be the best time to take action.” Many people knew that it was prohibitively difficult to defeat these ancient sages. Only when it was dark would they be able to take advantage of the weakened stone.

“Even if the monument loses half of its power, who in this generation can defeat the empress at peak God Base? How about a grand achievement God Base to defeat Nalan Hongtao? Or a third-level Heaven’s Mandate to take down Fo Canzi?” No one in the crowd answered this rhetorical question.

“Not necessarily!” A sinister voice came about.

A sail-like black cloth that also resembled black clouds came from the western sky. It blotted out the moonlight and dispersed the snowflakes.


A bloody mist lingered above this man dressed in black. He floated above the lake and stretched out his hand to recall the divine sail.

This man’s face was completely pale. It was whiter than the snow on the ground or the bones of a corpse.

His white face and black robe created quite a colorful contrast. The moment he appeared, everyone turned silent.

“Shit, they actually came here!” Bi Ningshuai plunged into the snow, leaving out only his buttocks and legs like an ostrich.

This was a disciple from one of the Heretical Schools. He didn’t mention the exact one that was scaring him so much.

Wang Meng pulled out Bi Ningshuai by the legs and asked: “Who are these people? Even if they are the kings of hell, do you need to be so scared?”

“That’s who they are! Young reapers!” Bi Ningshuai blocked his face with both hands due to the fear of being recognized.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m going the throw you over there.” Wang Meng smiled and was about to swing Bi Ningshuai’s skinny body away.

Bi Ningshuai’s cultivation was stronger than Wang Meng’s, but he was too scared to utilize his strength at this moment.

“Don’t, don’t! I’ll tell you!” He was indeed afraid of being thrown over there as he would die for sure. He slowly revealed: “The white-faced person is the prince from the fourth hall of the Senluo Temple.” [1. Senluo Temple is also Yama’s Palace, or the King of Hell’s palace.]

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