Chapter 270: Snowstorm Overnight

There were many inexplicable things in this world. Right at this moment, Wang Meng was quite vexed!

“It is clearly late autumn right now, so why is it so damn cold after just one night as if it was winter?!”

Wang Meng was riding his bull with a big red cloak. His hair and shoulders were covered with snow. He could see his own breath coming out.

The sky was dark with snow everywhere!

This snowstorm came too suddenly like the hair of a swan fluttering down. Looking ahead, the mountains and rivers were wrapped in a silver shade.

In the old forests, trees of all sizes were covered with snow, including even the leaves that had yet to fall. Many branches might break from the increased weight.

The cold wind roared like monstrous beasts, causing these snow-covered leaves and snowflakes to fly everywhere.

“We have traveled five thousand miles in one night already. This is the northern region of Trinity, a desolate woodland. I heard all four seasons here are as hot as summer with strange beasts roaming everywhere. Trees cover all eight thousand miles, ordinary people simply can’t cross this barren forest.” Bi Ningshuai had a thick jacket on. He was extremely puzzled while looking at the snowy sky.

The barren forest had turned into a field of snow. The most important part was that it was still autumn. Something must be amiss!

The four of them were on the road together with two bulls. After treading onward for an entire night, they were now several thousand miles away from the Feng ancestral ground.

Bi Ningshuai and Wang Meng rode together in front to make way. Feng Feiyun and Little Demoness shared the remaining bull right behind them. The large hooves of these bulls stomped on the snow-ladened ground and left behind two lines of deep footprints.

The tiny demoness obediently sat behind Feng Feiyun. She was wearing a thin silver dress and a white fox-fur scarf, still hugging her little kitty. Her clear eyes had a hint of deviousness with her long eyelashes burdened by little snowflakes. She cutely blinked her clear eyes shaped like black grapes like a little snow fairy.

“Whooosh!” A chilling breeze as sharp as blades passed by. She quickly lifted Feng Feiyun’s white robe and sneaked her little body inside, only revealing half of her red face.

“Bro, do you think the monster in our ancestral ground is the old ancestor coming back to life?” Little Demoness held down Feng Feiyun’s robe and latched onto him as if she was afraid of being blown away by the wind.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun sat in a meditative pose on top of the bull with an old bamboo scroll in his hands. He was still studying the Eight Arts Volume, but he couldn’t focus. Little Demoness gave him quite a headache.

In terms of relationship, she could be considered his little cousin, but he had been expelled from the clan. Moreover, the reason why she came out was to kill him.

But now, he didn’t know why she didn’t try to do anything to him. Moreover, she stopped asking him about the ancestor’s rib and divine tablet and acted like a real sister. She glued herself to him and wouldn’t leave.

Since she’s already here, he might as well accept it.

“Perhaps, but maybe not. After all, the first clan master died more than one thousand years ago. Even a Giant can’t live for that long, so how could he still be half-alive in there?” Feng Feiyun found it unlikely.

The Feng Clan’s ancestral ground has turned into a death zone for hundreds of miles. Moreover, there was something monstrous at the top. Even Monk Jiu Rou with the exalted pot couldn’t suppress this terrifying existence.

Moreover, the gigantic skeleton under the river of blood had been there for who knows how long. It was possible that it didn't belong to this world or even this era. Feng Feiyun felt that it would come out one day and wreak havoc on the lands.

“But I heard that Giant is not the highest level of cultivation. There are realms higher than ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate, such as Nirvana that controls life and death…” Little Demoness leaned her cute head and playfully stroked the kitty in her chest.

Feng Feiyun asked: “Which level are you now in Heaven’s Mandate?”

Little Demoness’ eyes sparkled as she smiled: “Haha, I won’t tell you!”

“Uncle, something is wrong!” Wang Meng’s surprised voice came from the front!

The two bulls that were running as fast as the wind abruptly stopped.

There were dark footprints ahead. A large hill was to the far right of the forest with heavy snowfall, reducing people’s vision.

“I smell the dead!” Little Demoness batted her lashes while gazing at the hill ahead.

“It’s evil corpses!” Feng Feiyun channeled his phoenix gaze and could see death energy everywhere on those hills. The atmosphere was quite somber as well.

Wang Meng said: “This is the northern region of Trinity, I can’t believe the corpses made it here already. It looks like the entire county might have become their territory.”

Bi Ningshuai laughed and commented: “These corpses are nothing. As long as we don’t encounter the Evil Women, we can just kill them and take those corpse palaces for points.”

Wang Meng gave him a side-eye in response: “How can you be so uncultured? Don’t you know that a third-transformation evil corpse is comparable to an ancestor of the Giant level? Even for a second-transformation corpse, there are some older corpses with terrorizing battle prowess that can easily slaughter Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.”

Bi Ningshuai immediately stopped laughing.

“They’re there.” Little Demoness quietly spoke and suddenly flew out from the bull’s back. She crossed through the snow and made it to the hill in an instant.

Her sharp descent shattered all the death energy.

Not long afterward, she slowly came back from the distance with a cloth bag several times larger than her body. Its uneven shape was dripping with blood and corpse fluids.

“Bam!” She opened the huge bag and a large pile of corpse palaces appeared like a little mound, around 237 of them.

“Bro, help me pack them up!” She wiped away the sweat on her forehead using her sleeve.

The three were astounded. This Little Demoness was way too strong. Even a first-transformation evil corpse had the defensive capabilities that mirror a peak God Base while their offensive strength fluctuated from early to peak God Base.

More than two hundred of them could easily slaughter a peak God Base, but she only needed a little bit of time to kill all of them and take their corpse palaces.

This was equivalent to 237 points.

Feng Feiyun had a Boundary Spirit Stone with enough space for a mountain’s worth of stuff. He shot out a white ray with his hand and gathered all the corpse palaces into his stone.

The group hurried on their way with heightened caution. The appearance of evil corpses was a dangerous signal.

A few hundred might be nothing, but if they were to encounter an army by chance, then even Little Demoness wouldn’t be able to escape alive. It would be a force capable of destroying an entire sect.

Along the way, they saw several groups of corpses that had just come into existence recently. All were killed by Feng Feiyun’s group.

Little Demoness was the fastest and strongest; she collected 854 palaces.

Feng Feiyun was next with 140.

Wang Meng had 37 and Bi Ningshuai received 43.

This was their record along the way. Little Demoness alone accounted for about eighty percent of all the points. She truly stole the limelight.

Everyone had their own calculations. The other three secretly wanted to go their own way after entering Trinity. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get ahead with Little Demoness taking everything.

They went another two days down this path and finally met other cultivators, many of whom were geniuses from the Wanxiang Pagoda.

One of them had a total of ten golden carriages and more than a hundred slaves and guards. This group flew over them when it was near dark.

The ten golden carriages were pulled by strange beasts around five hundred years old. The wheels rolling in the sky issued a crisp clanking sound as they divided the snowflakes up above.

“This is a top fifty genius of the pagoda, Ning Fengdao. He is from the Omni-Heaven Marquis’ camp. Not long ago, the great army was defeated and even the Omni-Heaven Marquis himself was slain by the Evil Woman. His blood stained half of a mountain. Shortly afterward, Young Lord Ning inherited the noble title of Marquis.”

“Ning Fengdao is the only son of Young Lord Ning. He is extremely gifted and dominates the pagoda. His father had just become a marquis, so his own status reached an even higher level. Many other prodigies have chosen to follow him.”

This Bi Ningshuai really knew a little bit about everything.

A ten-meter-long cyan bird crossed the sky. With a white Confucian robe and both hands posed behind his back, a valiant youth could be found standing on its back. A black sword was flying up ahead to make way. They quickly disappeared into the horizon.

“That’s Dashi’s third prince. This person is relatively strong at grand achievement God Base, he’s probably never tasted defeat.”

Before nightfall, several more experts flew towards one direction with haste. The majority was from the pagoda, but there were still some that Bi Ningshuai didn’t recognize.

One was stronger than the previous; they were all big shots of the younger generation.

Of course, in addition to these geniuses, there were some cultivators with dark auras. Bloody clouds floated above their heads as they all held black banners that fluttered in the cold wind.

Bi Ningshuai wanted to hide in the piles of snow after seeing this group. Wang Meng had to drag him out.

“Shit, they are the students of the unorthodox dao. There must be a few young lords and princes of the Heretical School.” Bi Ningshuai was very wary of this group.

They were all flying towards the same direction. It looked like something urgent was happening over there!

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