Chapter 269: Breaking The Couple Up

Bi Ningshuai latched onto the monk’s thigh while howling with a heart-piercing pain. His tears and saliva wetted the hem of the monk’s robe.

“Amitabha.” The monk put on a profound and inscrutable appearance. He tapped on Bi Ningshuai’s head with two fingers while secretly sending him a message: “If you can break those two up, then I can indeed take you in as a disciple.”

He then pointed over towards Feng Feiyun and Nalan Xuejian with a sinister grin on his face as a signal for the little thief.

Bi Ningshuai looked over and immediately understood the monk’s wish. He squinted his eyes and revealed a devious smile as well.

“Got it! No problem!” He fixed his clothes and stood up. With a friendly mug, he walked over towards the two and immediately went between them by pushing Xuejian to the side. He cupped his fists towards Feng Feiyun and cheerfully said: “Wow! Absence really makes the heart grow fonder. Brother Feng, I really envy you for having so many beauties as friends!” [1. This is a liberal translation with a very close meaning. The raw is “reuniting after a short separation makes for a better mood than the honeymoon.” Sometimes, this has to be translated more literally for some wordplay or situational jokes. In this case, the English equivalent is good enough.]

‘What the hell is this guy doing right now?’ Feng Feiyun thought.

“Miss Nalan, congratulations, congratulations!” The thief suddenly turned around and beamingly smiled at Nalan Xuejian.

Xuejian was wearing a Buddhist dress with a blue ribbon tidying up her hair. With features as fine as a flower and willowy brows, her slender and charming features stood out like a pure lotus in the lake, unstained by even specks of dust.

One could see a natural Buddhist rhythm coming from her body after cultivating the Mortal Life Scripture. The six Buddhist essences have completely fused into her body, so she became even holier just like a Bodhisattva.

She was already as beautiful as a painting. During her cross-dressing period, she was even more handsome than Young Noble Flawless. With a feminine outfit, she was not much lesser than Dongfang Jingyue or Nangong Hongyan.

Due to her natural Buddhist constitution and her monastic dress, there was a faint Buddhist aura on her body. Normal people would definitely think that she was a Bodhisattva even more majestic than the statues in the temples. They wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to prostrate and worship her.

“Congratulations? For what?” She pinched her emerald beads while still emitting her scintillating and untouchable aura. Her phoenix eyes were pure and clearly-defined. She stared at Bi Ningshuai, forcing someone as shameless as him to lower his head since he didn’t dare to look at her directly.

He felt that this was a Buddhist saint descending to the mortal world. Looking straight at her was a great disrespect.

“Feng Feiyun is the current successor of the Divine King. In the future, he will inherit the position. Miss Nalan, you can become his lover in the future!” He clicked his tongue and spoke with such envy.

“Why a lover?” Her brows slightly perched.

“Hehe, he has to marry a princess in order to become the next Divine King, thus, he has to be a royal prince-in-law in the future as well. And of course, a prince can’t marry someone with a humble background. But that’s okay, just being his lover is already enviable enough!” He explained.

“Marry a princess?!” Her expression changed as she stared at Feng Feiyun.

He touched his nose and coughed twice awkwardly: “Don’t listen to his nonsense. I haven’t even seen any princesses.”

Bi Ningshuai once again stood between the two of them. He cooly posed with both hands behind his back and looked up into the sky to say: “He’s right! A princess is nothing. Brother Feng already has the most beautiful woman in the world as his companion. He will never be lonely on his path, I’m so jealous of him!”

“Who is this most beautiful woman in the world?” Xuejian angrily asked as she twirled her hair, pulling them out one strand after another from exasperation.

Bi Ningshuai continued before Feng Feiyun could speak: “The number one beauty, Nangong Hongyan — this is Brother Feng’s close confidant. The two of them had an unforgettable time together at the Wanxiang Pagoda. It was a period of her playing her tunes and accompanying him through the late nights. It has become a legendary tale already.”

“Feng Feiyun, is Nangong Hongyan prettier than me?” Xuejian waved her sleeve. A Buddhist light swept the annoying Bi Ningshuai away.

Feng Feiyun rubbed his forehead. Even if Xuejian didn’t do it, he would have thrown this big-mouthed Bi Ningshuai out as well. What an annoying guy. Someone clearly ordered him to deliberately do this.

And who could this evil hand behind the curtains be besides the evil Monk Jiu Rou?

Xuejian was Feng Feiyun’s childhood sweetheart with deep feelings for him. Thus, her jealousy was quite great at this moment. In her mind, she had already labeled Nangong Hongyan and this princess as her enemies.

Feng Feiyun answered: “Of course you are prettier than her.”

A fine man is one who could lie to a woman. It was not the man’s fault that they have to lie. The ones at fault here were the women for they left the men no other choice.

“Really?” Her eyes were full of smiles as she was quite pleased with herself.

“Of course!” He calmly responded.

Bi Ningshuai screamed from the distance: “He’s lying to you. Nangong Hongyan’s beauty is peerless in this world. Feng Feiyun once spent 2 million gold coins just to find out where she was, he really can’t forget about her.”

He ran over again to say: “Miss Nalan, I hate horrible guys who trick women. Even though he is my good brother, I still have to expose his ugly side. In the face of morality, I have to stand firm on the side of justice. I will never tolerate evil.”

He gritted his teeth and pointed at Feng Feiyun with a trace of regret in his eyes: “You… you really have disappointed me too much!”

Feng Feiyun couldn’t stand him any longer. He grabbed his shoulders and threw him away even further this time. His figure disappeared into the horizon…

“Feng Feiyun, you’re angry because I’m right! Haha, Miss Nalan, you shouldn’t trust anything from a guy like him, stay as far away from him as possible… Ah…” Bi Ningshuai’s voice grew lower and lower until a loud bang could be heard. He fell into the forest and issued a scream.

Feng Feiyun truly wanted to give him a good beating, but Wang Meng already took the first step: “Uncle, leave this bastard to me, I’ll smash his mouth in.”

Wang Meng rolled up his sleeves and rushed into the forest with his long halberd.

“Xuejian, listen to me…” Feng Feiyun had quite a headache.

She began: “There’s no need to explain, I know that she is definitely prettier than me, better than me, and more attractive than me…”

“Well…” Feng Feiyun found himself to be quite clumsy at this moment. This was an unprecedented stupor since he couldn’t even lie right now…

“But so what if she’s better than me? She’s my rival! And this makes complete sense. Even the number one beauty likes you, this means that I have a good eye and great taste.” She smilingly stated.

Feng Feiyun was taken aback by this answer, but he smiled all the same: “Xuejian, you’re such a nice person!”

“Haha, all I need to do is kill her!” She was still smiling like before. However, this smile was very dark. Even the holy aura on her body couldn’t contain this murderous intent.

Crescent swords condensed in her eyes with burning flames around them. It was a very scary sight.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t laugh any longer!

Xuejian came over and captured Bi Ningshuai who was caught by Wang Meng just now. She threw him to the ground and stomped on his chest to ask: “Where is Nangong Hongyan?”

“She, she should have gone to the Trinity County, but I don’t know the exact location!” Bi Ningshuai’s lips were trembling so his words weren’t too clear. He was secretly thinking that a jealous woman was too scary.

“She’s dead!” Xuejian clenched her fists. The emerald beads in her hands emitted boundless lights. Her gray Nalan Buddhist Robe had a gorgeous green light circling around it. The little wisps came together to form many sacred Buddhist seals.

“Whoosh!” This Buddhist light became increasingly stronger. A ninth-rank lotus took form below her feet. She controlled it in order to soar into the sky.

Monk Jiu Rou gave Bi Ningshuai a satisfied smile before turning into a golden ray as well to chase after Nalan Xuejian. Trinity was being invaded by the evil corpses, so it was quite dangerous. He was worried about the little girl going crazy there.

This was quite bad. If Nalan Xuejian were to really find Nangong Hongyan, then maybe she would actually kill her.

Feng Feiyun rubbed his hands together and smiled grimly while walking towards Bi Ningshuai!

“Brother Feng, what do you want? Let’s talk first… Don’t do this! This will ruin our friendship… a gentleman uses his words, not his fists! Okay! Fine, just don’t hit my face! Ahhh!...” Bi Ningshuai screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng rampaged on him until his face was full of bruises while he tried to scurry away.

“Stop hitting me, I was fucking tricked by that damned monk too. Not only did he not accept me as his disciple, he didn’t give me back the exalted pot either, I’m the biggest victim here…” Bi Ningshuai felt like crying.

“You deserve it!” Wang Meng mercilessly kicked his butt twice, causing the guy to almost sink so deep into the ground that he couldn’t even climb back up.

This inhuman abuse lasted for an entire half an hour before ending. Both Feng Feiyun and Wang Meng were exhausted while panting non-stop.

An area of several hundred miles around the Feng Clan’s ancestral ground was covered with deathly energy. Occasionally, horrifying howls would echo. They didn’t belong to humans or beasts, more like countless screaming specters.

Even if there was a Daomization Tree on top of that tomb, they didn’t dare to infiltrate it again. It has turned into a land of death. Even its periphery was difficult to break through!

“We’ll go to Trinity now!” Feng Feiyun stared at the seventy-three peaks in the distance. They had turned dark and had an oppressive aura of bloodthirst.

“Trinity’s terrain is very complex with many dangerous locations, including one of the eight ancient ruins, the Heaven’s Emergence Tomb. It is a very ominous place, many cultivators have inexplicably died along the way there.”

“Some died trying to pass through the wooden planks on narrow paths, others in the barren forest, and even more at the Heaven’s Emergence Tomb… They all tried to enter forbidden places and paid with their lives. However, I know one way to Trinity that is very safe. Most cultivators usually take this path.”

Bi Ningshuai took out the sheep-skinned parchment and opened it. His finger traced a twisting road: “Many young prodigies from the pagoda will go to Trinity to kill the corpses, and they will definitely take this path. This will be a very fun event, we gotta hurry and get there or else someone will steal our thunder.”

He continued on: “See this dot here? This is a great ancient lake, the entrance to Trinity. There is a monolith there with many deified figures in history. Their names are all recorded on this monolith.”

“Here is a large yellowstone mountain, and at the top is an ancient altar. I heard one thousand years ago, someone meditated on this altar and learned a supreme technique. In just one night, this person went from grand achievement God Base all the way to the level of Giants alongside his newfound unrivaled fighting prowess. Yes, this is another path into Trinity.”

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