Chapter 268: One Of The Ten Contemporary Grandmasters

“Like hell I want to be connected to you!” Feng Feiyun became increasingly annoyed the more he looked at Monk Jiu Rou.

It was indeed strange for this monk to appear here. There must be a reason or at least an absolutely impure purpose.

“Ga, ga!” Among the large flock of devil crows resting on the trees, a group of them flew up with their green eyes and black wings and beaks as sharp as swords.

They were quite terrifying, stronger than even grand achievement God Bases. Ten of them together could rip a first-level Heaven’s Mandate to pieces.

This group consisted of more than seventy crows. They were chilling and even more ghastly than ghosts and made others shudder uncontrollably.

“Amitabha!” Monk Jiu Rou widened his eyes. Two dharmic rings rotated in his pupils that were capable of seeing through the heaven and earth. A dharmic sign emerged in the sky.

He spewed out a golden Buddhist aura that attacked the large group of crows!

“Crackle!” The crows’ feathers were incinerated. They wailed in a frightening fashion amidst the Buddhist aura just like humans.

“Daring to be presumptuous before me?!” Monk Jiu Rou stood on top of a cliff while bathing in the wind. He inserted his thick staff into the ground as his aura rose. A golden statue of an ancient Buddha emerged behind him.

“Boom!” The rest of the crows were aghast. However, a different thunderous roar came from the peak with drifting white clouds.

“Thump, thump, thump!” A sound of something bumping against a coffin echoed. It was even more terrifying than when Young Noble Flawless slammed against the coffin made out of Black Tortoise Steel. This was just like a divine iron sheet being slammed by a skeletal hand. These loud blasts traveled for thousands of miles.

The entire mountain was quaking. The red river below was screaming as well with waves rushing up dozens of meters.

Countless cracks formed on this peak. Blood gushed out from the little crevices and formed a waterfall that dyed half of the sky red.

While standing from a distance for a gander, blood springs could be found flowing everywhere alongside a thick miasma.

“Bang!” A sky-shattering force exploded from the top of the mountain. The abomination within the tomb became angry as it wanted to break out.

A fresh wave of lightning bolts descended. It was countless times more terrifying than the ones that struck Little Demoness. They looked like dragons that could instantly turn Heaven’s Mandate cultivators into ashes.

“Looks like it has indeed become evil.” Monk Jiu Rou murmured to himself and took out his invincible staff again. He threw the staff forward and, like a lightning rod, gathered all of the lightning.

With dharmic rings orbiting the staff, it issued clanking sounds and sucked up all of the bolts.

There was no chance for a breather; the terrifying force came from the peak once more. It was a gray ghastly hand, reckoned to be several hundred meters long.

“Lend me the Blood-being Exalted Pot so I can suppress it!” He didn’t let Bi Ningshuai refuse and simply took it from his hand.

This skull-like pot became incomparably horrifying in the monk’s possession. It shattered the gray hand into ashes and vanished after failing to stop the murderous might of the pot.

“Poof! Poof!” The remaining power of the pot poured out to the surroundings and made all the devil crows in the sky fall down. They turned into black puddles of blood after being killed.

The monk used the pot to fight his way to the top of the peak in order to suppress the devil. Each of his steps repressed the murderous energy on the ground while he emitted the aura of a Buddha.

“This damned monk is way too strong.” Wang Meng couldn’t help but curse.

Bi Ningshuai had an unprecedentedly serious expression. He thought about something before suddenly turning his head towards the monk heading for the pinnacle and exclaimed: “Could this monk be the one in the legends?”

“Who?” Feng Feiyun was surprised and curious about the monk’s identity. He was able to fight against the Evil Woman while protecting others, so he was definitely someone extraordinary.

“Rumble!” An earth-shattering battle was taking place on the peak.

The pot exuded a light like a sun. Its bloody rays covered the entire region and swallowed all of the deathly energy nearby.

In the clouds, one could faintly see a devil manifesting. It was taller than the mountain itself. Even the exalted pot couldn’t do anything to it.

All seventy-three peaks were shaking. The animals in the pine forest were being killed and the birds fell to the ground to become pulp.

Everyone here was wounded. They grabbed pills from Bi Ningshuai and immediately swallowed them. Otherwise, they might have been killed by this force.

No one knew how many pills he had stolen in the past, but even the combined effort the four couldn’t deplete his stock.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun was struck by a lightning bolt. Currents surged around his body and into the divine tablet that suddenly flashed with brilliance. Cold energy rushed out of it and into Feng Feiyun’s body.

“Whoosh!” A layer of frost formed on his fingers and then his arm. The ice crystals continued to spread as if they wanted to encapsulate him.

“This is… the power of the curse?” Feng Feiyun hurriedly channeled his phoenix physique. The blood in his body crazily flowed and refined this cold energy into his own vessels.

After refining the chilling touch, the remaining essence jumped into his head and formed another strand of divine intent. This was his eighth intent!

“Just what the hell is this tablet? Why is it that the cold energy inside it could help me form another divine intent?”

Anyone else would have turned into an ice sculpture after being invaded by this coldness. However, the Immortal Phoenix Physique seemed to specialize in restraining this energy. It turned it into something beneficial for Feng Feiyun.

His cultivation rose again; he was getting closer and closer to grand achievement God Base.

Maybe if he was struck by another bolt, he could gather the ninth intent!

However, no more lightning came down. Instead, Monk Jiu Rou ran back with his staff in one hand and the exalted pot in the other. He ran towards the base with only one shoe left. A large part of his pants had been ripped apart, so he looked quite tattered.

“Go! It has turned evil. This is its territory, so it is able to condense the momentum here for its own use. Even with the exalted pot, I still cannot suppress it!”

He shot out a golden wave that swept over the group. It turned into a golden stream to break through the murderous energy present in order to fly outside.

He didn’t stop until they were several hundred miles away before releasing the group.

From afar, a radius of several hundred miles — with the tomb and river as the center — had been shrouded by the gray miasma. The vegetation withered and the earth turned black. The once lush pine forest had lost its brilliance and was now a dark forest of death with chilling gales. No one would dare to venture inside anymore.

“Raaa!” The creepy howl came from the distant mountain like a frightening asura from hell.

“Feng Feiyun!” A maiden’s voice came from behind Feng Feiyun. In the blink of an eye, she ran over and hugged him from behind.

“Xuejian!” He didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Nalan Xuejian.

Monk Jiu Rou was immediately unhappy to see this scene. He stood to the side and coughed, but she ignored him completely.

“Feng Feiyun, I don’t want to be a nun, will you stay true to your words?” She embraced him tightly with her pretty face on his back as if she was afraid that if they were just a bit farther away from each other, Monk Jiu Rou would drag her away.

Last time, the monk forcibly took her away. All the crying and pleading was futile.

“What, what did I say?” Feng Feiyun played dumb.

“You really forgot?” She angrily stomped her foot.

“I have said a lot of things, what are you referring to exactly?” He continued the act.

She was exasperated as her brows shot up: “You didn’t call me Jianxue before, you called me—”

“Wife!” Feng Feiyun smiled.

“That’s right, since you called me wife, you can’t possibly let your wife become a nun!” She smiled with music playing in her heart. So it turns out that he hasn’t forgotten.

Feng Feiyun was quiet. It seemed that men shouldn’t speak so casually, especially to someone as gullible as Nalan Xuejian.

Monk Jiu Rou couldn’t bear to watch this any longer and shouted: “Are you two finished?” He had always felt that Feng Feiyun was taking advantage of his little disciple.

“Is it any of your business?” Feng Feiyun had always been annoyed with the monk. If it wasn’t for the great disparity in cultivation, he would have given him a rough beating.

“Of course it is none of his business!” She was still embracing him with a slightly charming smirk.

Monk Jiu Rou wanted to vomit blood after hearing this.

“This Feng Feiyun is too bold, he even dares to provoke this monk by seducing his disciple. Damn, he is truly a motherfucking genius!” Bi Ningshuai had guessed the monk’s identity which resulted in his astonishment. If possible, he would want to become the monk’s disciple even if it meant becoming a monk as well.

Wang Meng asked: “Who is this bastard monk? Is he really that great?”

Bi Ningshuai glanced at him in response: “You are so uncultured. Have you not heard about the names of the top ten masters listed by Scholar Heaven Calculating? If I’m not mistaken, this monk is an ancestor from Nalan, one of the four great clans of the Jin Dynasty. He became a monk more than 1,800 years ago.”

“Impossible, even a Giant at ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate can’t live for more than one thousand years!” Wang Meng felt that Bi Ningshuai was exaggerating.

“Talking to you really is an insult to my intelligence. Great Monk Jiu Rou is the last surviving monk of the Mortal Life Temple. If he has survived for this long, his cultivation is clearly above the Heaven’s Mandate realm. He is on the same level as top characters like the Jin Emperor or the Sacred Spirit Palace Master. If I worship him as my master, I will be able to do whatever I want later on.”

Bi Ningshuai became too excited and directly ran over to grab the monk’s thigh while crying: “Master, I really had such a tough life. I lost my father at three and my mother died when I was four. On this path of decline I walked alone, struggling with this mundane life while trying to understand this mortal coil. With these experiences, my heart is set on Buddhism. Master, please take me in as your disciple!”

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