Chapter 267: My Dharma Name is Jiu Rou

The mountain was full of death and void of all wind.

The scream from earlier creeped out everyone and made them think of some terrible things.

“Boom!” Another explosion came from the peak, causing the entire mountain to tremble to the point where no one could stand firm. Many boulders covered in bright blood began to roll down from the top.

Bi Ningshuai and Wang Meng were half dead already, but they got up from the ground right away after being jolted by the terrifying scream.

“Just what the hell is on top? That scream earlier almost shattered my soul.” Wang Meng used his sky piercer to support his body. At this moment, he stood fairly far from Little Demoness since he was very wary of her.

Bi Ningshuai swallowed several spirit pills, reconnecting his broken arms. He quickly took out the exalted pot and was quite nervous about a monster running down from above.

“This is trouble!” Feng Feiyun was holding the iron tablet. A chilling air emanated from within. Even his hand was about to freeze.

It was inevitable for them to have some wandering thoughts about this strange phenomenon, especially after the guardian artifact of the coffin was taken away.

Little Demoness was a little afraid as well. She embraced the kitten even tighter while her body slightly twitched: “Even if the sky falls down, someone else will take care of it. Big Bro, hand over the tablet and bone to me.”

“No way.” Feng Feiyun answered.

She frowned and pouted her lips before trying to seize them. This time, she was a lot more cautious in order to avoid being hit by the lightning again.

Feng Feiyun activated the murderous energy once more to bring about endless lightning. However, she was able to evade them this time.

“This little girl is too arrogant, let’s take her down together.” Bi Ningshuai had some grievances against her since he almost got killed earlier. He took out the exalted pot. The combined efforts from the three of them barely stopped her.

“Raaaa!” Another long howl came from the top of the mountain. It was even clearer this time. Despite the protection of the pot, the three of them still felt their blood churning from its impact and even vomited some.

“Poof!” Little Demoness had a hard time as well. She bounced back and used a powerful dao to stop this inexplicable power.

“Rumble!” The mountain shook again. A gray energy oozed out from the seams and cracks and swiftly covered this entire area.

“What kind of aura is this? It is even more terrifying than a miasma of resentment. My skin is corroding into this black stuff…” Wang Meng was still being stained by this gray aura despite hiding behind the exalted pot. His thighs turned black and he couldn’t move at all.

More and more gray energy oozed out and covered the entire mountain. The ground turned black as the vegetation withered away. Countless birds became ashes in an instant.

Anything touched by this miasma-like air instantly turned into black dust.

Even though Little Demoness had an excellent cultivation, she still couldn’t stop it and had to use a strange stepping technique to run out of this mountain. However, she only managed to flee a hundred feet before a group of lightning struck her. Green smoke dispersed from her body and her cute fate was charred again.

“Impossible, I clearly followed the return path on the divine scroll, why am I still triggering the murderous laws here?” Little Demoness had a bad feeling and stumbled one step backward. This triggered another murderous law where she was almost devoured by the bloody spring that gushed from the ground.

“You took down the divine tablet and woke up this monstrous abomination. The laws of this entire mountain have changed. If you take another step, it’ll probably kill you.” Feng Feiyun continued to simulate the laws around here and found them changing at a rapid rate like a loach in water.

An earth-shattering change occurred with a world-destroying force.

“Boom!” The ground was quaking violently.

A palm-shaped chasm appeared right in front of Little Demoness and cut off her retreat. Blood gushed out from this crack before descending to the river below like a waterfall, issuing continuous splashes.

“Big Bro, Little Whitey is afraid…” Even though Little Demoness was quite sinister, she was still too young. After being assaulted by the murderous energy and struck by lightning several times, she had grown fearful of this location.

She frowned and squatted down on the ground while holding her kitty, no longer daring to walk around randomly.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun had set up a different alignment on the ground using the five elements in order to find a way out.

“Feng Feiyun, hurry up! That thing is barking again, its a hundred times worse than before!” Bi Ningshuai’s ears were ringing.

Another crack appeared. It was much wider this time with more blood pouring out like a waterfall down the summit.

The entire mountain seemed to be torn apart as if something was trying to escape.

“Follow me!” Feng Feiyun had found an escape path. Even though it was very dangerous, it was still better than sitting here, waiting to die. He didn’t run down the path and instead actually went up the mountain.

Little Demoness rushed forward and pinched Feng Feiyun’s sleeve with her slender hand while hiding behind his back. She mirrored his footprints like his little tail while gazing forward with her bright eyes.

“Meow, meow!” The white kitty was looking everywhere as well.

Feng Feiyun was absorbed in looking at the terrain’s momentum, so he allowed her to hold his sleeve.

Little Demoness’ eyes lit up below her long and curvy brows. She asked him with a sweet voice: “Big Bro, are you trying to release the power of the divine tablet again?”

“There’s no use putting it back…” Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped, so she slammed into him.

“Ouch!” She rubbed her white forehead.

The other two far behind Little Demoness stopped as well. They looked further up the path.

“Just what is that thing? Feng Feiyun, are you bringing us to our death?” Bi Ningshuai felt the urge to turn around and escape.

This was the end of the winding path. It was originally covered with lush vegetation and trees, but it was now a scene of blackness. There were at least a couple thousand crows hovering above them.

The crows were much darker than ordinary crows, seven or eight times larger. Their eyes were frighteningly green as they all gazed at the group at the same time.

“Ga, ga!” They screeched with a voice as hoarse as a corpse and looked as if they hadn’t tasted human flesh in a long time.

“Big Bro, when I was here before, I didn’t see them. They must have just flown here.” The kitty right behind Feng Feiyun opened its black eyes wide to secretly stare at these crows.

“Why do I feel that these are devil crows that have been gestated in the coffins for several hundred years and finally came out?” Wang Meng’s thighs turned weak as he leaned back on Bi Ningshuai, almost pushing him onto the ground.

“Devil crows eat corpses and maggots, they probably won’t try to eat us!” Bi Ningshuai stepped on Wang Meng’s foot. The big guy screamed from the pain and quickly backed off.

“Not necessarily. I once saw thirteen crows in an ancient ruin. They tore apart several Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.”

“Several Heaven’s Mandate cultivators were torn apart?” Bi Ningshuai was cramping from fear.

“They were eaten down to the bone! These devil crows are even three times bigger than the ones I saw back in those ruins. Maybe they’ll even mangle Giants and eat them.”

“Even Giants can become food?” Wang Meng leaned on Bi Ningshuai’s back again.

“That’s right, with your cultivation right now, it wouldn’t be enough to even feed one of them.”

“Then what do we do?” Bi Ningshuai and Wang Meng were frightened out of their minds and almost started hugging each other.

“A devil crow is a type of specter that belongs to the Yin World’s Three Evils. If you hand this monk the Blood-being Exalted Pot, maybe I will be able to suppress them.”

“All of this talking, wait a minute, who are you?” Bi Ningshuai suddenly realized something.

“Amitabha, my dharma title is Jiu Rou. I’m just passing through, but we monks are charitable so I want to save Benefactors from this trouble.” A big monk with a scary face had been standing behind them since who knows when. His left chest had an azure dragon tattoo while the right chest had a white tiger. He had beads on his neck, each of them as big as a fist. [1. Jiu Rou means Meat and Wine, not exactly a good title for a monk.]

The monk was topless and had a big red belt; he looked more like a meat butcher at the market. Instead of a big butcher knife, he had a Buddhist staff as thick as a rice bowl.

“Who is this guy?!” Wang Meng turned back and shouted before jumping back.

“Once again, my dharma title is Jiu Rou, I specialize in helping people in distress. Please hand the exalted pot over so that I can subdue this evil!” Monk Jiu Rou revealed his white teeth with a smile he believed to be respectable. However, the smile in his eyes was cunning and sinister. It made other people feel quite uneasy.

“My intuition is telling me that you specialize in robbery and evil deeds!” Bi Ningshuai clutched his exalted pot even tighter so that the monk couldn’t steal it.

“It’s you, bastard monk! Why are you here at the Feng Clan’s ancestral ground?” Feng Feiyun couldn’t stay calm after seeing Monk Jiu Rou and felt the urge to go give him a good kick.

This monk once kicked Feng Feiyun in front of the Evil Woman and it almost killed him. Feng Feiyun still hadn’t forgotten this grievance.

“Cough! I was just passing by before suddenly seeing this murderous aura in the sky with echoing howls. Thus, I calculated with my fingers and knew that you Benefactors were in mortal danger. I am here with my dharma to save everyone! Amitabha!” Monk Jiu Rou spoke with great integrity.

“Don’t utter that nonsense in front of me. I’m asking why are you here at my clan’s ancestral ground!” Feng Feiyun felt that there couldn’t be such a big coincidence. There was no way that this monk was simply passing by. Perhaps he had been here for several days and was trying to dig up some graves.

“Well… well… Amitabha! Young Benefactor Feng, this can only show that we are connected by fate!” With a serious demeanor, the monk placed his palms together and praised the dharma.

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