Chapter 266: Tombguard Tablet

“Pop!” The woman’s image formed by the Five Elements Rebirth couldn’t be sustained and promptly fragmented into five different colors again.

“How did a bone of a Feng Ancestor get here?” Feng Feiyun rubbed his forehead. Could it be that a graverobber had taken some bones out of the tomb?

However, Feng Feiyun quickly abandoned this idea because even though the master of this bone was powerful, she was definitely not the first clan master of the Feng Clan.

“Brother Feng, why don’t you give me that bone? I’ll pay 100,000 coins!” Bi Ningshuai’s saliva almost dripped down while gazing at the dazzling jade bone in Feng Feiyun’s hand.

“Not for sale.” Feng Feiyun firmly rejected the idea.

“200,000 then!” Bi Ningshuai immediately doubled the price.

“I wouldn’t sell it for two million!” Even though Feng Feiyun had been expelled from the clan, their blood still runs in his veins. He naturally wouldn’t sell an ancestor’s bone to someone else.

The wondrous marrow in this bone exuded a pleasant fragrance. It was irresistible to evil corpses. If even one drop of this essence touched the ground, all the evil corpses within a thousand mile radius would come running.

Bi Ningshuai wanted it for this reason!

“Clack clack!” Footsteps came from above. It was very quiet at first and gradually became clearer. They could see a young girl bouncing down from the path.

She wore a red dress with a pair of shoes embroidered with a duck. A black belt hung around her waist; she had two pigtails and held a white kitten.

“Meow!” The white kitty looked up and growled.

Each of her steps was able to avoid the murderous energy on the tiny path. She had a cute crescent smile on her face and a pair of round eyes: “Big Cousin, hand the ancestor’s bone over to me, thank you!”

Her voice was immature and sweet like a young oriole!

“Who is this little girl and why is she so cute? Come here, let Brother Bi take a look.” Bi Ningshuai reached out for her white and tender cheeks. Her crystal clear lips made her look quite lovable; people couldn’t help but want to pinch her cheeks.

“Crack! Crack!” Both of Bi Ningshuai’s arms shattered as he squealed from pain. This power continued downward and damaged his knees as well, so he dropped down to the ground.

“Haha, Brother Bi, you are too naughty!” Little Demoness smirked to reveal her snow-white teeth while playfully drawing circles on his forehead with her finger.

Bi Ningshuai didn’t expect this little girl to be so heaven-defying. The cold finger touching his forehead made him too scared to even move. Beads of sweat the size of beans began to drip down.

He was afraid of her penetrating his skull with that finger!

“Big Brother, don’t be afraid, I’ll give you a massage!” Little Demoness put the white kitten on her shoulder and began to rub Bi Ningshuai’s head with both hands.

Bi Ningshuai suddenly cried out like a pig on the chopping block!

The girl gently kneaded his head, but large tracts of blood began to flow down from her fingers. Bi Ningshuai’s skull was about to rupture. His own blood dyed his robe red.

“Meow! Meow!” The white kitty opened its amber eyes and unblinkingly stared at Bi Ningshuai’s head that was on the verge of breaking.

Little Demoness was too nefarious. Despite her young age, she was incredibly eccentric — smiling and killing at the same time while displaying an innocent purity.

She was still just a little girl right now. Once she grew up, she would become a second Evil Woman.

“Help me! Mommy, help me! Feng Feiyun, help…” Bi Ningshuai finally felt the looming threat of death and wanted to take out the exalted pot. However, Little Demoness broke his arms a second time into three or four sections so that he couldn’t even lift a finger, let alone take out the pot.

“Did you dig out this ancestral bone from the tomb?” Feng Feiyun scolded her. An ancestor should never be disrespected. This was human nature. Even though only half of his soul belonged to the Feng Clan and he was already expelled, he still would never excavate the ancestors’ remains. This was a great insult to the ancestors.

Little Demoness was initially going to scalp Bi Ningshuai, but after hearing Feng Feiyun, she slowly pulled back and wiped her hands on her dress. She blinked and smiled: “Yes, Big Cousin. Are you interested in their bones as well?”

“How can you, a descendant, do such a thing like disturbing the rest of our ancestors?!” Feng Feiyun was not overly conservative, but he had his own principles.

This was a big brother teaching a disobedient and naughty little sister a lesson.

“The ancestors’ bones are for the benefits of their descendants. Cousin, hand the bone over to me, I want to feed my cat!” Little Demoness stretched out her little hands and smilingly pouted.

Wang Meng asked: “Do cats eat bones?”

“My Whitey wants to eat bones.” Little Demoness stared at Wang Meng a little bit and chuckled.

This white kitty was named Whitey.

After the glare from her, Wang Meng felt as if there was a huge mountain crashing into his chest. His throat tasted a little sweet as he spat out blood. Even his eyes had blood flowing out of them while he was sent backward.

Just her glare alone was enough to kill!

Nobody would believe that a cat would eat such a thick bone. She was clearly excavating these bones to take the spirit marrow inside in order to attract evil corpses and collect a crazy amount of points.

Amidst the commotion, both of the wounded youths had been taken down. Little Demoness continued to stare at Feng Feiyun’s hand before suddenly making her move.

“Boom!” She was extremely swift, but Feng Feiyun was already cautious of her. The moment she moved ever so slightly, he directly unleashed a palm onto the stone wall and activated the murderous energy in this place.

“Rumble!” Countless human-shaped lightning bolts rushed out from the top of the mountain and exploded, turning this whole area into a sea of lightning.

Little Demoness was slightly startled and quickly retreated. However, she was too late and the lightning waves wrapped around her body, unleashing their wrath.

Feng Feiyun was stuck inside this thunderous sea as well. However, all of the lightning was absorbed by the bone in his hand. Not a single bolt struck him.

Eventually, these waves dissipated.

Little Demoness was still standing before him. However, her snow-white face was completely black from the lightning strikes. Some remnant currents were still running through her hair. The black and white in her eyes became quite distinct. She blinked twice and some green smoke even came out.

Whitey, sitting on her shoulder, spat out black smoke and had been quite injured as well with current coursing through its body.

If anyone else were to be struck by these lightning waves, they would have been burnt to ashes. However, Little Demoness was able to handle it. Unfortunately, her red dress was burnt completely and only her silver silk undergarment was left.

“Clank!” An iron tablet that was hiding in her red dress fell to the ground and caused sparks to go flying.

This iron tablet was black and around half a foot long. Ancient flowers decorated its outline with three twisted ancient letters. Because so much time passed, the font had changed drastically, making it difficult to read.

“You actually took the tablet of the ancestor away?” Feng Feiyun felt that this Little Demoness was too devilish. He was the son of a demon, yet he wasn’t this nefarious. At the very least, he would never do something as unfilial as digging up the graves of his ancestors and taking out their remains.

Feng Feiyun picked up this plaque on the ground and felt its weight and biting coldness. This piece of iron wasn’t that large, yet he almost couldn’t pick it up. It must be at least 100,000 pounds.

“This is not the memorial tablet of the ancestor. I took it down from the coffin of the first generation clan master. It was used to suppress the coffin, but after so many years, there is no need to do so anymore, so of course I can take it away.” A milky glow surged around her body. Her charred skin began to become soft and white again.

After holding it, Feng Feiyun confirmed that this was not a memorial tablet because he could sense that this thing had existed for more than ten thousand years. It was much older than the first generation clan master from the Feng.

This was an object of the ancient era!

Many of the older great characters would cultivate some forbidden arts in order to prolong their life. Some chose to go on the path of evil, but instead of a successful life extension, they would turn into an abomination.

Because of this, these coffins were often suppressed by supreme artifacts so that no monsters would climb out from their graves.

This divine tablet was used to suppress the first clan master’s coffin, but Little Demoness took it down after infiltrating this tomb.

“After his death, they actually used this tablet to suppress and guard the coffin. Could it be that this clan master cultivated an evil art at the later stages of his life and became an abomination?” Feng Feiyun suddenly had this thought in his mind. For example, the gigantic skeleton sleeping at the bottom of the river as well as the fatal curse in this place.

The many mysteries hidden in this place made others start speculating. If people knew what was buried here, even the ancestors from the Feng Clan might not want to take a step inside.

This Little Demoness was incredibly bold. She actually took the divine tablet away from the coffin. This was taboo!

“So many years have passed, even if something ominous was inside the coffin, it would have been corroded into nothingness by now, what is there to be afraid…” She only finished half of her sentence before a bizarre scream interrupted her. This scary howl echoed for thousands of miles.

It came from the cloud-covered peak where the first clan master was buried! The horrifying howl didn’t sound like a human or beast. Anyone would feel their hair standing on end. Even Little Demoness turned pale from fear.

Whose cry was this from the top of the tomb?

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