Chapter 265: Path Of The Dead

“Little Demoness!” Feng Feiyun’s lips slightly twitched.

The crimson river resembled a mirror. Some smoke was lingering above and the image on the surface slowly disappeared. However, it left behind a lasting impression to the three spectators. Little Demoness had actually climbed to the top of the peak!

Was she not afraid of the fatal curse?

Feng Feiyun wanted to leave, but after seeing that image, he stopped and noticed that Little Demoness’ pace was very bizarre. Despite going on the winding path to the top, she was not attacked by the lightning.

Was this a special way to ascend the mountain? How did she know this method and why was she going there?

“Those movements were very strange. How about we follow her footsteps, maybe we can even climb to the top?” Bi Ningshuai was quite excited and thought about going up there for the Daomization Tree.

He took out the exalted pot to try again. He flew over the bloody river and descended to the other side right onto the first footstep of Little Demoness. There were no attacks against him this time.

He excitedly exclaimed: “Haha, just as expected!”

This was the tomb of the first Feng Clan Master, so it was full of danger. After pondering for a bit, Feng Feiyun also floated over the large river. When he looked down to look at the gigantic skeleton, he felt another chill.

He quickly looked away and crossed the water with haste. Meanwhile, Bi Ningshuai had made it very far on the narrow path towards the peak; it was as if he was afraid that Feng Feiyun would take his Daomization Tree.

Wang Meng followed right after them and asked Feng Feiyun: “Uncle, that little girl was the Feng Clan’s Demoness. Just what is this place?”

“The dangers of this place are no less than that of an ancient forbidden ground. Don’t ask too much, just follow me.” Feng Feiyun was very careful along the way and observed the topography of this area in order to find clues.

Normally, lightning would come down from the sky. However, the ones from here had the shape of humans, so it was quite strange. It gave off a sense of chaos in the Yin and Yang as well as the world’s order.

“Never go against the will of the heaven and earth, otherwise…” Feng Feiyun was thinking this in his mind. Suddenly, there was a scream that came from up front.

A bloody mist rose into the air! Bi Ningshuai was attacked once more for some reason. There was a large bloody hole in his chest; he didn’t even have the chance to summon his pot before being blown away. If Feng Feiyun didn’t catch him, he would have fallen into the bloody river.

“Why, why?! I clearly followed that little girl’s steps, how come she wasn’t attacked but I was?” He swallowed a first-rank pill and the hole in his chest rapidly closed.

“Not good, blood is gushing out of our previous footprints?!” Wang Meng was at the very back, so when he turned around, he noticed that their footprints were sinking into the ground with blood oozing from them.

This was a truly frightening scene.

“It looks like there is a worldly reversal taking place here!” Feng Feiyun frowned. This small path has left the mountain, but the naked eye couldn’t discern it. It might not lead to the peak and instead to a different realm with no way back.

The laws on this path kept on changing. It had changed once more after Little Demoness’ trip. If they continued following her shadow, they would be punished.

“I think… we should go back.” Bi Ningshuai felt that something was heading south and wanted to run.

Feng Feiyun replied: “We can’t. The path behind us has turned into blood. It is even more dangerous to go back the way we came.”

Bi Ningshuai was skeptical of this claim, but after seeing the bloody pits that replaced their footprints in addition to suffering twice, he became much smarter.

“It would have been nice if I had learned the Minor Change Art as I would definitely be able to break the worldly reversal here.” Feng Feiyun trained in the Eight Arts Volume, something that could change the momentum of the heaven and earth.

Bi Ningshuai asked: “How close are you?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “The Yellow Earth Art isn’t yet complete, so only around four percent of the Minor Change Art.”

The Minor Change’s number was forty and thirty-seven are used. [1. Divination numbers in the Book of Change. I have no idea how the author is using this phrase, but we might find out later. This is just a literal translation for now.]

“That’s still okay, I guess it is up to you now to see if we can get the Daomization Tree.” Bi Ningshuai didn’t dare to be in front, so he hid behind Feng Feiyun instead.

Feng Feiyun channeled his phoenix gaze and used his five elemental arts to prepare the momentum of this area. He carved three lotus platforms on the ground in a very meticulous manner before slowly walking forward. With this, they were able to avoid many attacks. It wasn’t until when they reached the mountainside that some punishments were sent out.

The three were ambushed at the same time, but due to the exalted pot, they were able to stay alive.

This seemed like a path to the netherworld. Even though they could see the peak, every single step was full of fatal danger. One misstep would result in death and eternal damnation.

“We can’t go forward anymore. I can feel each grain of sand ahead being filled with murderous and evil energy from this blood. It is a power capable of destroying the soul itself.” Wang Meng’s skin began to crack from an evil hand that reached out from the cliff wall and almost tore his body apart.

“Going back is death as well, are we really trapped in this place?” Bi Ningshuai was very unwilling.

“Wait a bit for me, I will use the Daomization Leaf. Maybe I can gain a better understanding of the Minor Art Change in a short period of time.” Feng Feiyun took out the crimson leaf and held it in his palm. Its veins looked just like blood vessels while being full of life.

He rolled up the leaf and gently placed it in his mouth. His whole being entered a zen state. If they were to survive, he must make improvements on his Minor Change Art, especially the Yellow Earth Art.

Countless dao laws gathered towards Feng Feiyun while the Blood-being’s Exalted Pot sheltered the three within a bloody barrier. Meanwhile, at the top of the peak, a murderous light erupted like a waterfall and became increasingly frightening. Nevertheless, these rays of light were stopped by the pot.

Without this incredible weapon, the three of them would have died in this reversed zone already.

“That Little Demoness is so pernicious. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have tried to break into this hell hole!” Wang Meng gritted his teeth.

“I actually think that she purposely dropped the three leaves down to lure us into this death zone with this chaotic Yin and Yang.” Bi Ningshuai looked towards the peak and noticed that there was no wind at all. How could the three leaves have fallen down near them? It was likely that Little Demoness was deliberately plotting against them.

They could only place their hope in Feng Feiyun to cultivate the Minor Change Art. This was a spirit technique within the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record; it specialized in restraining a chaotic location like this.

It was their only chance at survival!

Feng Feiyun had finally absorbed the entire leaf. He opened his eyes that have become much more profound and could see the murderous energies on the small path.

The other two asked at the same time: “So? Is your Minor Change Art at full mastery now?”

Feng Feiyun shook his head in response: “Only around five percent.”

Even a Daomization Leaf could only improve his understanding by this small amount, proving just how powerful it was.

Bi Ningshuai was a bit disappointed. He took out the leaf in his underpants and handed it over to Feng Feiyun in order to help his dao comprehension.

“Uhh, forget it. Just five percent is probably enough.” Feng Feiyun had nothing to say. If this Daomization Leaf hadn’t been taken out of the guy’s underwear, he would have taken it without any hesitation.

Wang Meng also reached for the leaf beside his thigh, but he stopped after hearing this.

Even though the five elements won’t be able to harmonize and he was only at the second number of the Minor Change Art, its power was already extraordinary and capable of predicting dangers and avoiding death.

They continued to move up. Along the way, Feng Feiyun picked up a bone inside a stone crevice.

This was a human rib as smooth as jade with a flowing light just like water. It contained a thick amount of energy, no less than a spirit stone. Just how strong was this person to be able to cultivate his bones to the level of spirit stones?

“Why is there a bone here?” The energy of the five elements was condensed on his right hand’s fingers. Black, red, green, white, and yellow energies entered this bone and converged to form a strange figure.

“Whoosh!” This was the “Five Elements Rebirth”. He could use these energies to materialize the form of the bone’s previous life. If he could finish cultivating the Minor Change Art, then he would be able to use just a single strand of hair to create a puppet identical to the hair’s owner.

If he could complete the “Grand Change Rebirth”, then he would be able to use this bone to revive the owner. Of course, this was only a legend since no one has been able to master the Grand Change Rebirth before.

Not to mention the Grand Change Art, even mastering the Minor Change Art was something that belonged in the legends.

A faint mist condensed on this bone and a figure gradually appeared. This was a supreme beauty when she was still alive. After countless years, her form has emerged in the world once more. Of course, she was only an image.

She looked like a graceful ghost floating on top of the rib bone. Her eyes were ethereal and her head had smooth, long hair. One could easily imagine how famous she used to be back then. Everyone must have fallen for her.

This was the bone of an old ancestor from the Feng Clan. She looked a bit similar to Little Demoness. However, the demoness was still too young and lacked the alluring charm and grace of this woman; she was cuter with better features and a dark aura.

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