Chapter 264: Tomb

The seventy-three mountains towered to the rosy clouds. There were many white cranes and strange birds in this location. However, one could only hear their tweets since they were nowhere in sight.

The mist and fog here were too thick. Even the heavenly gazes from cultivators were useless.

Bi Ningshuai asked: “Hey, Feng Feiyun, aren’t we going to Trinity to kill corpses for points? Why are we here?”

“The hunt is going to last for three years, so there’s no need to rush right now.” Feng Feiyun jumped down from his bull and walked along a path ladened with weed to enter the forest.

Wang Meng, shirtless, carried his sky piercer and followed right behind Feng Feiyun. Bi Ningshuai gave up and came along as well.

The fog became thicker as they went deeper into the forest. It was difficult to see clearly.

They didn’t get too far before Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped. He condensed a yellow glimmer onto his fingertip and unleashed it into the ground. This was the Yellow Earth Art, the last among the five elements of the Minor Change Art. It had the greatest power as well as being the most difficult to cultivate.

Feng Feiyun had been learning this art during this short period of time. Even though he was far from mastering it, he could still utilize some of its power.

The yellow ray entered the ground by creating a small crack. A True Mysterious Spirit Stone the size of a big wine cup flew into his hand.

Even though it was the last among the eighteen stones, it was still quite precious and could sell for at least 200,000 gold coins.

“Damn, you know treasure-seeking techniques as well?” Bi Ningshuai had a confused expression, but his eyes were full of greed while looking at the ground. He smiled and said: “Brother Feng, you are not honest at all. This place must be a treasure ground full of spirit stones, right?”

“Of course not!” Feng Feiyun put away the spirit stone and smiled while walking ahead.

This was his first time here as well, but he found that there were treasures everywhere. After half a day, he dug out seven True Mysterious Spirit Stones, four ancient crimson bronze pieces, and two strange grasses of over five hundred years of age.

This was indeed abnormal. Did treasure masters not come to this area? But that was impossible. Why was it that no one was here to excavate this land full of treasures?

Did the Feng Clan order some experts to protect this area?

‘This must be a treasure ground full of resources and deposits. Feng Feiyun, you think you can deceive me?!’ Bi Ningshuai was following and gritting his teeth while watching Feng Feiyun put one stone into his spatial container after another. If it wasn’t for Feng Feiyun putting it away quickly, he would have tried to steal it.

The value of Feng Feiyun’s successful treasure hunt had exceeded five million gold coins. It was almost equal to the yearly income of a medium-sized immortal gate.

The treasures here were abundant to a frightening level. It was as if no one had searched this place for several thousand years.

After an arduous climb, they saw a river dozens of meters wide. There was a mountain path leading up on the other side, who knows how long it has been since it was created? It carried a sad and ancient feeling.

“Finally, some traces of people. Why do I feel like this isn’t a large mountain and more like a tomb?” Bi Ningshuai had great spiritual sense and felt that something was amiss.

Wang Meng nodded in response: “It does seem like a tomb, but how can it be so large?”

This mountain was several thousand meters high. Its walls consisted of natural rocky foundations and old cypress trees just like an ordinary mountain. It didn’t look like it was man-made.

It was late autumn. At the peak of the mountain were several red leaves fluttering down. They were shaped like little hearts with a fiery jade color while the veins of the leaves resemble blood vessels. This type of leaf was unheard of.

The mountain itself was full of cypress trees, so the entire place was lush with a green hue. There were no red trees around, so where did these strange leaves come from?

Only three leaves like this fell down from the peak. The three of them flew up at the same time and each caught a leaf. They landed to take a careful look and found that these crimson leaves were quite abnormal.

They were as hot as fire, enough to make water in a bucket boil.

“I can smell the faint stench of blood, this is coming from the leaf itself!” Wang Meng felt that there was life in the leaf.

“Oh… heavens… Could this be a legendary Daomization Leaf?” Bi Ningshuai exclaimed in horror and tightly grabbed the leaf in his hand so that it wouldn’t fall down.

“It really is a Daomization Leaf.” Feng Feiyun confirmed his speculation.

A Daomization Tree was much rarer than a Daomization Stone. It was unheard of for a God Base level dynasty to have a Daomization Tree. Who would have thought that this place would have one? It must be growing at the very top of the mountain.

Every single leaf was an incredible treasure for dao-enlightenment. They were also an irresistible temptation for Heaven’s Mandate cultivators.

Even characters of the Giant level would kill each other just for a single leaf.

“Haha! We’re rich now. If we sell these leaves to the Yin Gou Square, it would sell for at least ten million. No, actually, money can’t buy these leaves. Maybe we can trade it for dozens of True Mysterious Spirit Stones.” Bi Ningshuai was ecstatic. The value of these leaves was too great. Even a large clan like the Feng Clan could only produce several hundred spirit stones each year.

One leaf alone was worth several dozen stones. It was indeed more precious than a thousand-year-old spirit root.

These leaves would dissolve the moment they touch the ground and could only be caught with a physical body made of flesh and blood while in midair. The three were very careful so that they wouldn’t drop these leaves or else more than ten million gold coins would disappear in an instant.

“If we can find this Daomization Tree, it would be even better than finding an ancient treasure grove.” Bi Ningshuai stored the leaf in his underpants. Even though the leaf was quite hot to the point of it hurting his balls, he still felt that this was the safest place to hide it. Even if others were to steal it, they might not necessarily be willing to eat it. This was a pain he was willing to endure.

Wang Meng tied it up to his thigh. His skin was indeed thick enough since he didn’t feel the heat of the leaf at all.

“Bunch of monsters...” Feng Feiyun thought to himself while storing it in his sleeve. He used his energy to contain the temperature.

“We can’t go up this mountain!” Feng Feiyun shouted after seeing Bi Ningshuai jumping through the lake to get to the mountain.

“No one can stop me from becoming rich today!” Bi Ningshuai felt that Feng Feiyun was not trustworthy at all and ignored his warning. He rode the waves through the large lake, but before he could land on the other shore, a human-shaped lightning bolt rushed out from the mountain and knocked him back.

“Pluff!” Blood gushed out from his mouth as he was blown several hundred meters away. He fell down in a bush like a dead dog. He twitched for half a day before being able to get back up.

His skin was already quite dark, but now, it had been charred and was still smoking.

“Feng Feiyun, where the hell is this place? Don’t tell me you brought us to a forbidden death zone?” Bi Ningshuai ached all over while his bones were cracking. If he didn’t sense the danger in advance to activate his defensive skill, he would have been rendered to ashes by that lightning strike.

Feng Feiyun replied: “I warned you earlier, but you just had to rush in!”

This mountain that towered into the clouds was most likely the tomb of the Feng Clan’s first master. Who knows if the Daomization Tree was up in those peaks?

Even though this was the Feng’s ancestral ground, it was also a forbidden location. Only the previous masters of the Feng Clan were allowed to come here in order to worship their ancestors.

Some children from this clan had tried sneaking in here as well in order to reach this tomb. However, they were afflicted by an unknown curse. Three days later, their bodies would become frozen. Their death heralded a great hail.

These kinds of things happened more than just once, so later on, their descendants didn’t dare to carelessly come here again. Even if they came, they would only stay outside of the pine forest in order to avoid the curse. Despite the existence of this curse, the clan masters should have a method to restrain its power, so the Feng Clan could have relocated here.

“This place is even more terrifying than I imagined. I’m not sure if the Feng Clan would be able to survive if they were to move here.” Feng Feiyun felt a terrorizing aura — chaotic and complex. It created a suffocating aura. Even children from the Feng Clan would be assaulted by this aura.

After confirming that the Feng Clan was not here, Feng Feiyun planned to leave right away.

Wang Meng suddenly shouted: “Guys, look at the river! The water’s color is changing!”

The originally green river had taken on a blood-red color all of a sudden. Its turbulent flow was mesmerizing.

Feng Feiyun felt that this was an illusion, so he channeled his phoenix gaze in order to see the truth. However, what he saw left his hair standing on end. At the bottom of this crimson lake was actually a huge humanoid skeleton.

This skeleton was more than two hundred meters long. It lied at the bottom of the river and was partly immersed in the sand bed. Each bone was several times thicker than a pillar.

How could a human skeleton be so large?

Even the largest member of the Ancient Jiang Clan would only reach four meters tall at most, and they were already considered giants.

This monstrous skeleton had been lying down here for who knows how many years? This scene was too shocking and simply inconceivable.

Just whose skeleton was this?

Or perhaps this was not a human but the skeleton of an ancient god or devil?

Luckily for the other two, they weren’t able to see this scene or else their legs would tremble with fear.

“There is a projection on the river’s surface, a little girl holding a kitten. Could it be that someone has climbed to the top of the mountain before us?” Bi Ningshuai pointed at the river. He was quite anxious at this moment.

He naturally couldn’t see the huge skeleton at the bottom, only a figure at the top of the bloody river. It was a girl full of evil energy. She walked step by step towards the pinnacle before disappearing into the white mist.

It was something that had happened recently and left behind a projection.

This scene was quite frightening, like a young ghost girl heading into the tomb.

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