Chapter 263: Feng Clan’s Ancestral Ground

“Boss, just 500,000 gold coins for one copy, but if you want to buy it, I’ll give you half off!” The youth pulled another person closer. This person was tempted by the deal and, after bargaining for a long time, he ended up spending 150,000 gold coins to buy one copy and left as a happy customer.

Meanwhile, the youth frowned after seeing Feng Feiyun coming over. He was cursing his bad luck in his mind and turned around to leave. However, he saw that out of nowhere, Feng Feiyun was already standing behind him with a cheerful grin.

Feng Feiyun said: “Bi Ningshuai, you’re a real swindler. You’re not giving up any opportunities at all.”

This black-faced youth was of course the thief, Bi Ningshuai!

“Cough, cough. So it is you, Brother Feng. Please, you are wrongfully accusing me, I’m selling genuine maps, they’re definitely not fake at all!”

He handed one map over to Feng Feiyun and laughed: “We are basically brothers who have been through life and death together, so I’ll just sell this one to you for two million gold coins.”

He knew that Feng Feiyun had a big backing and no lack of money, so he named an exorbitant price.

Feng Feiyun unrolled the sheepskin map to take a look. Lines, circles, triangles, and other symbols were drawn very carefully on the map. The twenty-eight counties were divided into the different sects’ stations and hordes of corpses. The most dangerous locations and recent battlefields were marked as well, and so on and so forth…

There were some roads including shortcuts to the counties as well as a few ancient secret locations. The marked locations were consistent with Feng Feiyun’s geographical knowledge. This didn’t seem fake at all!

In the corner of this map was an eye-catching small red dot.

“This is one of the eight ancient ruins, the Heaven’s Emergence Burial located in the Trinity County. I heard an old icy palace floated from the bottom of this cemetery and is still hovering in the sky right now. Someone went there and guessed that it has at least eighty thousand years of history. Several big shots have gone there, but they couldn’t break inside.” Bi Ningshuai spoke with a mysterious tone towards Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun was surprised to hear this. He had heard about this icy palace from the Treasure Tower Lord before. This was indeed the truth. Could it be that this “thief” had bought a real map?

He pried: “Where did you get this map from?”

The shrew fella noticed that Feng Feiyun was tempted and hurriedly took the map from his hands then smiled: “A great character drew it and I had to spend five million gold coins for it. We are brothers though, so just take out two million and I’ll give it to you.”

Earlier, the price was only 90,000, but now he purposely raised it to an astronomical amount as if Feng Feiyun was a fat sheep.

“Well, I have perfect memory so I have remembered the whole thing, there’s no need to buy it.” WIth that, he turned around as if wanting to leave. [2. Photographic memory is the better term here, but I don’t think there are cameras in this world.]

Bi Ningshuai was stunned and secretly cursed Feng Feiyun for being shameless. He quickly chased after him: “Brother Feng, one million is fine too.”

Feng Feiyun ignored him.

“Okay, 100,000 coins, I can’t go any lower.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t even bother looking at him; it was as if he had made up his mind about not buying.

Bi Ningshui gritted his teeth and shouted: “What if it’s free, do you want it then?!”

“Of course!” Feng Feiyun suddenly turned back and grabbed the map in Bi Ningshuai’s hand and threw it into his spatial stone right away before smiling: “There are a few places that I haven’t memorized, but I guess I’ll take it since Brother Bi is insisting.”


“Okay then, see you later, Brother Bi, there’s no need to see me off!” Feng Feiyun didn’t linger around since Bi Ningshuai might change his mind. He strode out of the city and went southward with Wang Meng on their bulls.

“Damn you Feng Feiyun!” Bi Ningshuai realized that he was tricked by Feng Feiyun, so he took out a series of swords wrapped in sheepskin. There were ten of them that he began to ride in the sky in order to take back the map from Feng Feiyun.

There was too much information on the map. Even if it was someone with perfect memory, they wouldn’t be able to take in everything so quickly.

While sitting on his bull, Feng Feiyun opened the map and carefully studied the symbols as well as the divisions of the twenty-eight counties.

“Uncle, I find that many of the students from the pagoda are going to the Trinity County.” Wang Meng stared at the horizon and saw the rays crossing through the sky.

All of these people were riding on their weapons and treasures. Even though this resulted in great speed, it also required a lot of spirit energy. Even a grand achievement God Base would only be able to fly for three hours at best before having to land and rest.

Because of this, prior to the Heaven’s Mandate realm, the majority of cultivators chose to ride beasts instead. It was less tiring and they could maintain their peak condition the entire time.

Feng Feiyun pointed over at the Trinity County and smiled: “The Heaven’s Emergence Burial and icy palace are located over there. The whole world is excited about it, so any genius who is confident about their power would not miss this event. But…”

Wang Meng raised his brows and asked: “But what?”

“But the Trinity County is one of the twelve counties that was invaded and ranks first in terms of danger. It is about to fall into the hands of the Evil Woman.” According to the symbols on his map, the Trinity County was so dangerous that even Heaven’s Mandate cultivators died there. Any young cultivator would just be courting death.

Even though riches were often accompanied by danger, a blind commitment would only lead to an early death.

“Feng Feiyun, your father is here! Give me two million coins now or I’ll report you for robbery!”

Ten sword rays rushed out from the clouds. Bi Ningshuai was riding on one of the swords as the rest inserted themselves before the path like nine pillars to block the way of the bulls.

“Swoosh—” The ten swords turned into a formation with extremely sharp glints.

Wang Meng snorted and wanted to take action, but Feng Feiyun shouted with a smile instead: “Brother Bi, you can’t be shameless to this level? You clearly wanted to give the map to me which is why I accepted it, but now you want to take it back?”

“You out of all people is calling me shameless?” Bi Ningshuai’s expression turned even darker than before: “Feng Feiyun, don’t pretend to be pure. You can trick others but not me! I heard that the fourth lady of the Yin Gou Clan fancies you. With their money, isn’t two million gold coins nothing but losing a piece of hair to you? If you deceive me for such petty amounts of money, wouldn’t that harm our brotherhood?”

“Let’s go!” Feng Feiyun waved his sleeve and a white energy slash came out. The ten swords were blown away and fell to the ground one by one.

Bi Ningshuai quickly rushed forward and shouted: “Feng Feiyun, I have big news. It is about Nangong Hongyan.”

Bi Ningshuai was afraid that Feng Feiyun would ignore him and leave. That would be a huge loss to him.

Feng Feiyun pulled the iron reins back to stop the bull and asked: “Price?”

“Two million.” Bi Ningshuai was inwardly ecstatic and showed no mercy.

“Here you are!” Feng Feiyun threw out a stack of money from his spatial stone towards Bi Ningshuai. [3. In historical China, they have both paper notes and coins like we do now.]

This was the money given to him by the Yin Gou Square from last time, totaling more than thirty million gold coins. It had been stored in his spatial stone all this time.

Bi Ningshuai didn’t expect Feng Feiyun to be generous enough to throw out two million so fast. There was no justice in this world! He regretted it quite badly and felt that he named too low of a price. Nevertheless, he didn’t bargain any further.

He answered: “Someone saw her going to the Trinity County. Her voice attracted many birds along the way.”

Feng Feiyun sought confirmation: “Is this true?”

“Absolutely.” Bi Ningshuai carefully put the stack of money away. This was his biggest profit today.

‘Why is she going to Trinity?’ Feng Feiyun pondered with a grimace.

Bi Ningshuai directly jumped on the bull’s back near the tail and smiled: “Everyone in the world knows that the son of the demon and the prettiest woman are best friends. Trinity is full of dangers and corpses right now. Brother Feng, are you willing to let her go all by herself?”

“Go!” Feng Feiyun threw a wind talisman onto the bull. It already had astonishing speed, but it was even faster now, just like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, it crossed over several mountains as it headed for Trinity.

Bi Ningshuai was almost flung away, but luckily, he was holding the bull’s tail with his hands.

Feng Feiyun’s original plan was to go to the Existence County in order to train, but he had changed his mind and decided to go to Trinity instead. It was not only because of Nangong Hongyan since he had other plans as well.

He remembered that the Feng Clan had an ancestral ground located at the edge of Trinity. Perhaps the Feng Clan has relocated there, so he wanted to go there for clues.

This ancestral ground had a cemetery for the Feng predecessors. Some seniors were staying there since it hid many ancient secrets of the clan.

After all, each ancestral ground was quite extraordinary. It was an honor for the descendants to be able to go there to worship their ancestors.

The bulls were able to travel eight thousand miles each day. After half a month, they finally made it to the borders of the Trinity County.

Feng Feiyun didn’t directly enter; instead, he took the long way around. He went inside an old forest with seventy or so mountains. All of them were covered with lush pine trees and surrounded by clouds. It was a very transcendent scene. There were long bells ringing among the mountain range.

This was his first time coming to this place. His father once said that these hills contained the first ancestral ground of the Feng Clan. Their first clan master was buried in this place.

Since he was already here at Trinity, he might as well go and take a look.

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