Chapter 259: Combination Dao Offering

A cart pulled by an ox hovered in the sky while being controlled by a bearded man. The ox was white with a one-meter long horn that was bent like a blade!

The old man was only the cart driver. The real Ox King was inside the carriage behind a curtain as strong as steel. The cold breeze couldn’t make it flutter at all.

The King exclaimed: “Get ready to pay the price if you want to rescue someone from the Genius Mansion!”

A circle of black waves rushed out from the ox cart, heralding billowing black clouds in the sky. A gigantic hoof around a hundred meters wide that seemed to be part of a divine ox stomped down from the clouds. Just this hoof alone could trample the land.

The exalted pot of the bloody being rushed out from the ground. It emitted a scarlet brilliance like an arrow leaving its bow that shot straight into the sky to strike the hoof. A large fire broke out from the impact.

“Boom!” This explosion echoed in the sky. The black clouds rolled up and down from this force!

The six diagrams broke through the small building and formed a great barrier to seal this area. It worked together with the exalted pot to create a majestic energy.

Bloody clouds appeared in the sky. A supreme murderous energy combined with a spirit treasure unleashed their untethered power. The cultivators of the Wanxiang Pagoda were frightened and began to flee far away.

Just a single strand of stray energy from the fallout shattered a six-meter-wide street completely, crushing it to little pieces.

“Motherless, your father can’t hold on anymore!” Bi Ningshuai was coughing out blood as his palms began to crack. [1. Motherless instead of Flawless if that wasn’t too clear.]

Even though the exalted pot was an incredible weapon, the Ox King was simply too powerful. He was able to kill Heaven’s Mandate cultivators, so in order to stop him, Bi Ningshuai had to risk his life.

Feng Feiyun was not faring any better. He was focusing on two different things — controlling the ring while channeling four different elements to maintain the space underground. Without his domain, they would have been buried alive already.

“Boom!” The fourth chain had been refined. Flawless’ wound closed up a bit more while the spirit energy from the surroundings continuously rushed into his dantian. It was an all-accepting ocean, capable of taking everything inside.

His eyes resembled two stars that shot out a brilliance more than three meters far. There was a golden glow on his skin, washing away his previously miserable state. This was once a dragon trapped in shallow waters that was about to soar to the heavens.

“Rumble!” The five million pound coffin was being dragged by him. His boundless energy began to assault the nails that pinned down his hands, feet, and clavicle.

Feng Feiyun thought to himself: ‘He really is strong!’

The nine heavenly meridians on his body hadn’t been fully unsealed just yet, but his power had already become quite horrifying. Its coldness began to disperse from the coffin.

Flawless slammed the coffin with his feet continuously, issuing banging sounds. The coffin continued to shake with loud thunderous blasts that echoed for miles.

Bi Ningshuai and Feng Feiyun felt a stinging pain in their eardrums. The flood-like waves caused the buildings on the ground to collapse and turned the pavilions to ashes. The piles of bones on the ground instantly turned into white mist.

“Boom!” The ox cart finally landed and broke through the heavy gates of the Genius Mansion before rushing inside.

“Die!” A dark blast came out of the cart and turned into a huge ox head. It bellowed and crushed the remaining buildings in the mansion. A thick layer on the ground was unearthed from its power.

The power of this Ox King was quite terrifying, fitting for one that belongs to the Heaven’s Mandate realm. If Feng Feiyun didn’t have a spirit treasure, just this force would be enough to seriously wound him and force him into submission.

Feng Feiyun shouted: “Combination Dao Offering!” He and Bi Ningshuai slit their wrists and let their flowing blood fill the Blood-being Exalted Pot.

Feng Feiyun’s blood was golden while Bi Ningshuai’s blood was a blinding red.

This evil pot that resembled a skull was activated. It crazily devoured the blood from the two and emitted a bloody stench. Its white skull was no different from an unpolished piece of jade and turned increasingly clear with strands of blood flowing inside.

“Kaka!” A creepy voice came from the pot like a bloodthirsty demon, causing others to quiver uncontrollably.

The pot was the most devastating weapon of the Yang World’s Monarch with the potential for boundless destruction. Once activated, very few people could control it. It might even swallow its master.

A thousand years ago, the pot had devoured a master, so it was much more accurate to call it a devil pot instead of exalted pot.

After having its fill of blood, a bloody wave overflowed from within. The scarlet clouds also covered this entire area.

The white ox was frightened as well and uttered a long cry!


The pot fought against the Ox King. It blew the cart away and the ox-rider was heavily wounded with one arm destroyed completely. He immediately ran for his life.

“Blood-being Exalted Pot!” The Ox King cried out in fear as if he had just seen the most terrifying thing in this world. Could it be that the Yang World’s Monarch was here?!

The Yang World’s Monarch and Yin World’s Queen were among the evilest people in this world. He would immediately run for his life upon seeing them.

This pot was renowned in the entire world for its great evil affinity. It was capable of instilling a primal fear. There was a devil among the bloody waves, showing off the fangs inside its bloody jaws.

“No, it isn’t the Yang World’s Monarch, only a junior.” A white sheep pulled an old carriage forward in the clouds. It was even bigger than the bull with four thick chains connecting it to the cart. This particular carriage was cloaked in rust as if it had just been dragged out from the ground.

A servant held the reins while the Sheep King spoke the previous words.

This was the second bizarre man that attacked Bi Ningshuai!

“Right, if the Yang Monarch was here, then I would have been blown to smithereens already.” The Ox King calmed down. All of the fear dispersed from his mind as he attacked again. Seven gigantic black hooves stomped down, creating huge pits on the ground. Cracks appeared everywhere as well.

“Rumble!” The difference in cultivation was too great. The exalted pot was forced back despite its demonic howls and screams!

Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai had wounds all over their bodies, as if they were cracked glassware. However, their eyes still held determination and their will to battle had yet to rescind. To be able to fight to this level against Heaven’s Mandate cultivators was already quite amazing.

“My turn!” Feng Feiyun gripped his great stone saber with both hands and slashed through the hooves. He leaped from the ground in order to kill the Ox King.

The pot was attacking from a distance while he chose to close the gap. This was the only way to stop the Ox King to buy Young Noble Flawless more time.

Otherwise, all of them were going to die here.

“Rumble!” How could Flawless not know that these two were risking their lives? He was quite moved and screamed as his long hair fluttered in the air.

He was enraged and the two nails that pinned his hands went flying. His hands were now glowing as he unleashed a palm strike to the bottom of the coffin. A golden blast spread from the epicenter.

“Boom! Boom!” The nails on his feet were blown away as well; he had regained control of his limbs. This allowed him to gather a dazzling golden energy into his body.

“Boom!” The sixth chain had also melted at this point. The hellflame was still burning these chains into drops of molten metal that dripped through the coffin.

“Not good! Someone is trying to release Young Noble Flawless!” Xue Wu had just flown into the Genius Mansion. She stood on top of a broken wall while looking at the bloody waves undulating above.

“Just who is so bold?” A crimson flame descended from the sky and floated several meters off the ground. A world-melting heatwave rushed from her body.

“The master is here!” The Sheep King flew out from his carriage and respectfully bowed before Nangong Hongyan like a devoted servant.

Out of the six strange men below her, only the Ox King and Sheep King were present. The Ox King was preoccupied with the exalted pot so he couldn’t spare the time. Otherwise, he would be kneeling as well.

“Bang!” A long saber soared out of the ground and unleashed a white dragon slash accompanied by the roar of a beast. It was a successful ambush since the bronze walls of the ox cart were chopped into pieces.

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” Feng Feiyun had understood ninety percent of this attack. After destroying the carriage, he aimed for the Ox King’s head.

The cold edge of the blade was full of draconic energy, bringing along immeasurable force.

“Boy, you want to die?!” The Ox King countered with his hoof-like hands, unleashing a strike right onto the blade. He shattered the dragon shadows and smashed Feng Feiyun flying into a thick wall.

Feng Feiyun quickly got up again from the rubble. With a straight posture, he readied his saber once more and prepared to fight again.

The Ox King’s hoof-like hands had a faint blood mark on them. He was actually wounded by the blade!

“It’s Feng Feiyun!” Xue Wu watched from a distance: “He won’t be able to escape this time. Big Sis, should I go and end him?”

Almost all the people who were involved with the operation had been killed, only Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai managed to escape. They thought he would be hiding in the Martial Tower, but it looks like he actually took the risky initiative to come here.

This was a godsend opportunity.

“Rumble!” The ground continued to quake.

“Master, this trivial bounty, leave it to me!” The Serpent King had just arrived.

An eight-meter long snake with a body as thick as a water bucket was pulling a wooden carriage out of the ground. It was covered in mud and a corrosive, green liquid.

This serpent was extremely ferocious with its tongue popping in and out. Its eyes were crimson and its mouth contained two fangs as sharp as poisonous blades.

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