Chapter 258: Extorting Young Noble Flawless

The Genius Mansion was shrouded by gloomy clouds. One could smell the stench of blood from afar.

A corpse was nailed at the top of the house. The head had been cut off; its hands were crushed to a pulp. Blood flowed from the neck down along the vermillion glazed-tiles and dripped onto the ground.

“Plop! Plop!” The initially jade-paved path had been soaked with blood as if it was ruby. Seven or eight corpses were scattered left and right, making it seem like hell. Even cultivators didn’t dare to enter this place. The most courageous hotshots would definitely be frightened and run away after seeing what was inside.

“What the hell is going on here, is everyone dead?” Feng Feiyun looked at the scene and couldn’t connect this place to its past brilliance.

Countless pretty maids once gathered here along with geniuses. But now, these maids were merely corpses piled together with the rest of the burning bodies. The billowing smoke indicated that these beauties had turned into bones.

The only thing left of them will be ashes!

Feng Feiyun saw the corpse of an older Heaven’s Mandate cultivator. His right hand was shattered by the blood bracelet. On his chest was a claw mark several times the size of a human hand. It had penetrated his chest completely.

Furthermore, there was a patch of soft black hair with mold that looked to be quite poisonous.

Bi Ningshuai picked up the black hair and carefully twirled it in his fingers. His expression quickly changed after realizing that it was the hair from the ox rider: “This must have been the work of the mysterious master. Those who were involved in this operation must all die.”

There were several extremely scary characters following the mysterious master with the power to kill Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. The bizarre man that rode an ox was one of them.

“We probably won’t see any of them right now.” Feng Feiyun’s heart was heavy as he rushed into the depths of the mansion. He went before a small building; it was still closed just like before. He shattered it with one palm and a formation instantly appeared in the sky.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun easily blew it away as well and entered the room with Bi Ningshuai right behind him.

Since the formation was broken, the underground passage was opened as well. The iron chains began to clank together as if this was a pathway to hell.

Young Noble Flawless was buried underground and trapped within a coffin made out of Black Tortoise Steel. Because of this, he wasn’t the first to be killed. Feng Feiyun took the opportunity to come while the master was absent.

“Boom!” He was familiar with the area, so he didn’t waste any time at all lest the master came back. He pushed the heavy coffin lid off with both hands. A chilling aura emanated from within.

Luckily, he had already used the ring beforehand. The power of the six diagrams stopped the corrosive power of this aura.

“Haha, the number two most handsome man in the world is truly disappointing, he’s so far off from number one — me.” Bi Ningshuai was initially afraid of Flawless stealing his number one spot, but he was suddenly happy to see Flawless.

Indeed, Young Noble Flawless was in a sorry state. His long hair was messy while both hands were still nailed to the walls of the coffin. Both legs and collarbone were pierced by an iron chain. Meanwhile, nine different chains ran through his sternum, locking him to the coffin.

His dashing face was full of blood that had turned black. His sharp eyes that could steal the souls of women were bleeding while his vitality had been sapped completely.

Bi Ningshuai was laughing in the beginning, but after truly seeing Flawless’ condition, he couldn’t laugh anymore. A Grand Historical Genius was no joke. He still hadn’t yielded completely even after being tortured to this level. Such willpower was truly frightening.

If it was someone else, they would have been crying and begging for mercy. There would be no chance of surviving for so long like this.

“Su Yun!” After removing the lid completely, Feng Feiyun also shattered the chains as thick as an arm on the coffin.

Young Noble Flawless slowly opened his eyes as well as his dried and cracked lips: “Feng… Feng Feiyun, you still, haven’t… died to her yet…”

“Fuck, this crow-mouth guy. We are kind enough to save you, yet you actually say these unlucky words. I would have slapped you already if you didn’t look half dead right now!” Bi Ningshuai wasn’t happy at all to look at Flawless. Even though Flawless was in a dismal state, he was still much more handsome than him. How could the number one most dashing gentleman in the world accept this?

Feng Feiyun said: “Take out the Second Dark Hellflame and help him break the seal!”

The inner chains were made out of Black Tortoise Steel, so only this level of hellflame would be able to refine them. Coincidentally enough, Bi Ningshuai’s exalted pot just so happens to have some Second Dark Hellflame.

A wisp of blue fire flew out of the pot and emitted two extremely cold sparks. They began to melt the chains on Flawless’ body.

“Feng… Feng Feiyun, what is your relationship with Dongfang Jingyue?” Flawless was slowly regaining his strength. After the first chain was melted by the flame, a boundless spiritual light flowed from his chest. Just like a black hole in space, it continued to absorb the energy nearby. The wounds on his chest quickly closed.

Feng Feiyun felt an impulse to beat him up. Only the first chain was gone, yet this pervert’s first thought was about women. This guy was such a degenerate, to recall Dongfang Jingyue the moment he regains some strength.

How can a man act this shamelessly?!

“Cough… Don’t get me wrong. If I, Young Noble Flawless, can escape today, I will be a celibate for three years without touching even a woman’s finger.” Even though he was smiling, there was an undeniable hatred and bitterness in his eyes.

He considered himself the finest man in the world. With just one clap, any beauty would rush into his embrace. However, he had lost all confidence after being imprisoned by a woman. He wanted to be a celibate for three years in order to become even more sensual and better at dealing with women. After leaving his training, he would never lose to a woman again.

Feng Feiyun quipped: “You? A celibate for three years? Only a fool would believe this.”

Flawless earnestly replied: “I am very serious this time. Feng Feiyun, because you have saved me, I won’t steal Dongfang Jingyue from you. Frankly speaking, if I really wanted to, it would be as easy as turning my palm over. I’m a professional in this respect.”

The second chain on his body had melted. Another huge burst of spirit energy came back to his body. His figure was engulfed in a brilliance. Even the coffin that weighed five million pounds was shaking violently.

The nine chains on his sternum sealed his nine heavenly meridians. Two had been melted away, allowing him to regain some of his power. A world-destroying aura condensed in his body like a raging river.

“I really want to hit you!” Feng Feiyun made a fist while feeling that Flawless was just a gallant pervert. Releasing him might be a mistake.

Bi Ningshuai felt the same way: “Dude, I think that if we release this guy, he will steal our meals. Why don’t we just close the coffin again then throw it down an outhouse and seal it for another ten years before fishing it up?

“It’ll smell really great down there! The amazing Young Noble Flawless might die from the stench. Why don’t we just take the coffin to the capital and then have an open-casket parade for three days?

“We’ll have to add a big banner that says, ‘sow-rapist claiming to be Young Noble Flawless’.”

Flawless’ expression quickly shifted. He was truly frightened by these two and cried out: “Reputation is even more important than one’s chastity. You two can’t deliberately screw me over just because of my peerless charisma.” [1. The word “chastity” here can mean losing integrity or losing one’s chastity, even in the case of rape. The way I read it, it means the latter, almost like a justification for a playboy/borderline rapist. It’s one of the questionable statements that can be construed in different ways — difficult to translate.]

“Okay then, we’ll disfigure you first before letting you out.” Bi Ningshuai had been unhappy with Flawless’ appearance much earlier. He took out a rusty knife from his crotch, wanting to cut off Flawless’ ears and nose.

Flawless exclaimed: “Fine! All right! From now on, whichever woman you two fancy, I will definitely avoid them without giving them a single glance!”

“That’s not good enough. In the future, if we fancy anyone, you will have to help hook us up.” Bi Ningshuai pushed it further.

Flawless asked: “And then…?”

“And then... of course we will try to get to know each other even better… in bed, while you stay outside to act as a lookout for us!” Ningshuai spoke with confidence.

“...” Flawless had nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun smiled and nodded his head while cooly crossing his hands in front of his chest.

He had seen Flawless’ charm before. Many golden daughters from great clans were willing to be his maids. Countless pretty girls volunteered to follow and serve him.

“No, absolutely impossible.” This was a matter of dignity. Flawless would not relent even if they beat him to death.

Bi Ningshuai wanted to continue to threaten him since he felt that this was the best time for blackmailing this pretty boy to benefit later on. However, there was a scream from above. A surge of power came billowing down.

“How bold, daring to infiltrate the forbidden ground!” The ox-rider had returned to the mansion and noticed the rescue mission, so he directly attacked.

Bi Ningshuai countered with his exalted pot. A bloody wave devoured the whole area and barely stopped this attack.

“That monster ox guy is back so the master might be returning too. Flawless, can’t you be fucking faster?!” Ningshuai started cursing. Even though his pot managed to stop the attack, he spat out a mouthful of blood. The opponent was just too strong.

“I want to be faster too…” How could Flawless not want to escape right away? However, the hellflame had only melted the third chain. His power had not finished condensing yet, so he couldn’t rush out of the coffin.

Feng Feiyun summoned his ring; the six diagrams came out to seal the entire underground level. He stomped one foot on the ground in order to channel the elemental forces to form a “domain” that turned this whole area into a fortress.

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