Chapter 257: Hongyan’s Blood-stained Hand

The phoenix bone issued an incomparable dazzling light with a wave of heat that engulfed Nangong Hongyan’s body. She was completely soaked as the bone slowly entered her blood and body. She looked just like a phoenix being reborn.

A phoenix would gain a new life after this process, and this was no different for Nangong Hongyan. After today, she would be able to embark on the path of cultivation. The beauty would no longer wither.

“Boom!” She pushed him away and ran to the side as if he was a terrible scourge. She only wanted to run as far away as possible and quickly made her way out of the Martial Tower.

Her mind was in disarray. Earlier, she wanted to kill him, but now, she has run away. In the end, she couldn’t bear to finish the deed and had to justify it in her mind: “He was lucky this time. I’ll spare him for now but will certainly take his life if we meet again. I definitely won’t let him live.”

She still couldn’t calm down and didn’t know why she decided to escape. Feng Feiyun should have been the one to run, but the opposite had happened.

The phoenix bone had fully fused with her body, making her skin emit a wondrous light. Praising it as a body made out of ice and jade wouldn’t be enough.

“Whoosh!” A faint strand of spirit energy hovered around her finger. She had actually opened her dantian, allowing her to now gestate spirituality and energy.

Adorned in her snow-white robe, she stood in the bamboo forest in a very proud fashion like an arrogant apricot flower. Her mind was full of thoughts; she needed to take a deep breath to calm down.

A second fiery cloud emerged around her body before she disappeared from sight again.


Xue Wu saw Nangong Hongyan return and came forward to ask: “Big Sis, is Feng Feiyun dead?”

“He… he will die sooner or later. He was lucky this time and managed to escape.” The flame around her body raged on while hovering in the sky with an oppressive aura. Her voice carried an inexplicable chill.

She didn’t want to let anyone know that she was the one who fled before Feng Feiyun, not the other way around. She didn’t dare to admit it even to her closest sisters.

“Feng Feiyun is very closely related to the Evil Woman, so he is full of secrets. Killing him is indeed difficult.” Xue Wu had interacted with Feng Feiyun often so she knew a bit about him.

“The Evil Woman is nothing. Once I gather all five divine garments, I can kill her as well!” Nangong Hongyan snorted as her flame surged like a tidal wave engulfing half of the sky.

Xue Wu felt something was wrong about Nangong Hongyan at this moment, a strange hostility towards the Evil Woman, so she reminded her: “Big Sis, we don’t need to provoke the Evil Woman!”

“Who?!” Nangong Hongyan’s hand reached out and attacked the clouds in the sky. Countless flashes of lightning emerged in that direction.

“Boom!” A silver-haired man was knocked down. He had four golden snakes coiled around his body with strange silver runes on them, resulting in a very bizarre appearance.

Lightning surged through his body contrary to his muddy and dark eyes.

“Lian Yifan!” Xue Wu recognized him.

The man had a Blood Seal Bracelet on his wrist. He was one of the ten esteemed guests in a special seat of the Genius Mansion. His talents were above Beiming Tang as another heaven-defying genius.

“Many of the talents in the meeting that night have inexplicably died. Hongyan, are you trying to erase everyone?”

Lian Yifan was initially one of the top disciples of the Senluo Temple. However, after he saw Nangong Hongyan’s supreme features, he was completely smitten by her and even willingly put on the blood bracelet to be under her control.

He was not the only one. Even the dead Beiming Tang, who was extremely arrogant, also obediently kneeled before her soul-stealing beauty and gave her his clan’s defining technique, the Northern Profound Divine Art. In the end, he died miserably in her hands.

Those who kneeled before her numbered far more than just these two. Even a bunch of old Heaven’s Mandate cultivators were willing to do so. Finally, even the best looking man in the world, Young Noble Flawless, was seduced by her as well. But now, he was imprisoned in a coffin while the others were dead!

It was precisely their terrible deaths that scared Lian Yifan. He felt that Nangong Hongyan was no longer a goddess and more of a she-devil now.

Nevertheless, he still held onto a glimmer of hope since he felt that he was the most qualified to have her and said: “Hongyan, my master is the deputy lord of the seventh hall in the Senluo Temple. Come with me, I will love you forever!”

“Is that so? Love me with what?” Nangong Hongyan felt that this was too funny. Only a foolish girl would believe whenever a man said such words.

Lian Yifan exclaimed: “I… I can even die for you!”

“Very well, I’ll take your life then!” Two iron needles shot out from her fingers and pierced his eyes. His body went flying before being nailed to a stone wall, still spasming.

He wanted to open his mouth and scream, but the tip of his tongue had been severed by a crimson knife so no sound came out, only a stream of blood.

‘You… are too ruthless!’ He wanted to say this but couldn’t utter the words not only due to his lack of tongue but also because his heart had been ripped out. With him dead, she crushed his heart mercilessly and burned it to a black crisp.

“Another wretched man spewing sweet words! If I actually turn into a hoary woman one day, they would be the first to wish for my early death.” Feng Feiyun’s words echoed in her mind the same. It was the same romantic rhetoric yet that bastard spoke it with such earnest, causing her heart to crazily thump.

“Big Sis, one person has escaped.” Yu Chan came by and took a quick glimpse at the bleeding Lian Yifan without any shock at all.

“Who?” Blood was still dripping from Nangong Hongyan’s hand and knife.

Yu Chan said: “Bi Ningshuai.”

Hongyan inquired: “Even the bracelet couldn’t kill him?”

“He had a supreme weapon that stopped the power of the bracelet and escaped afterward.” Yu Chan blamed herself a bit and was afraid of being scolded by Hongyan. She directly kneeled to the ground out of fear.

“Get up! We’ll return to the Genius Mansion first. This Young Noble Flawless can’t be kept alive since his willpower is too strong. We can’t get any information out of him so we might as well kill him!” Hongyan had lost her patience. Her eyes turned cold as she soared into the sky with flames emanating from her body.

Xue Wu and Yu Chan both heaved a sigh of relief. They felt great pressure standing before Hongyan, especially during her murderous tendencies that gave off an instinctive fear.

The two glanced at each other then followed right away.

“Feiyun, Feiyun! Run now! Fuck, that mysterious master wants to silence everyone, we have to tell the Divine King right away!” Bi Ningshuai ran to the Martial Tower and kicked the door open. He wanted to get Feng Feiyun to see the Divine King.

Earlier, he almost died to some unknown people including an ox cart driver, a sheep master, and a snake controller. He mustered all of his efforts and managed a hasty escape. Otherwise, he would be dead right now.

They activated the power of the bracelet, but the exalted pot saved his life.

“We can’t tell the Divine King this. The moment we put on the bracelets, we joined the mysterious master’s boat. If the king sees the bracelets on our wrists, he would only be suspicious of us. Even if he is as wise as a sage, he wouldn’t allow any person he can’t trust to stay by his side after a seed of doubt has been planted.” Feng Feiyun shrewdly showed his grasp of the ways of the world.

“But we bear no treacherous intent.” Bi Ningshuai felt quite wronged and wanted to scream that he was forced into doing it!

Feng Feiyun shook his head and replied: “One must wear the bracelet for it to be activated. Since we have done so willingly, words are now useless. The wily master has already thought of this and took it into account. We can’t let the Divine King know about this or we’ll die even faster. Since we have treasures of the spirit level for self-protection, the bracelet can’t kill us anyway.”

“Will the master personally try to kill us in order to keep this a secret?” Bi Ningshuai was not as calm as Feng Feiyun and became quite anxious. Even his brows were on edge.

Feng Feiyun said: “Then we have to find someone who can contend with the mysterious master. Moreover, this person has to be on the same side as us.”

Ningshuai asked: “Who?”

“Young Noble Flawless!” Feng Feiyun responded.

“A Grand Historical Genius? The second most handsome man in the world, Su Yun? Where is he now? Can you actually invite him?” Bi Ningshuai was ecstatic.

Su Yun had been famous for nearly twenty years. Back then, he was already forcing the prodigies to bow before him. His current power could now challenge half-step Giants from the previous generation.

In Bi Ningshuai’s eyes, Su Yun could only be regarded as the second most handsome man in the world because the number one spot belonged to him!

Feng Feiyun spoke in a serious manner: “He had been imprisoned in the Genius Mansion by the mysterious master!”

“If he got captured once, what is he gonna do differently to fight the master this time?” Bi Ningshuai’s excitement died down and cursed: “These rumors can’t be trusted at all. They boasted Su Yun to the sky, but the guy is now just a prisoner. I really want to go slap that Scholar Heaven Calculating, Su Yun should be ranked after me.”

Feng Feiyun laughed and shook his head: “Even though Su Yun has lost to the master before, his fighting prowess is still quite frightening, which is why the master is guarding him so tightly. If we can release him, it should be enough to contain this master.”

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