Chapter 254: Blood-being Exalted Pot

It was an old man wearing a sheepskin robe with old-fashioned cotton shoes. He was holding a pile of scrolls in his hands while standing right behind Bi Ningshuai. He laughed and said: “Young man, you aren’t a disciple of the Spirit Treasure Tower, right?”

He was standing very close to Bi Ningshuai while slightly quivering due to his old age.

“Well…” Bi Ningshuai shuddered and felt a strange aura engulfing his body, causing him to tremble without being cold.

This old man continued to smile cheerfully at him.

Bi Ningshuai smiled back right away before suddenly taking action. A wisp of light shot out from his fingertip while his other hand unleashed a palm strike straight for the old man’s head.

Since he was found out, he might as well take the initiative!

“Boom!” No one could see the old man’s move, but Bi Ningshuai was knocked to the ground from one punch.

He lied there on the ground with a huge bloody bruise the size of a bell on his forehead.

The old man was still smiling!

Feng Feiyun also noticed the changes on that side and hurried over. He stared intensely at the old man and noticed a void in his dantian so he couldn’t tell his cultivation. The old man’s pair of eyes had a blinding glow!

“Fuck your sister! Can you not hit the face?!” Bi Ningshuai didn’t slow down his escape while still cursing. He fled to Feng Feiyun’s back and whispered: “This old man isn’t easy to mess with, he’s probably the guardian of the 81st floor.”

The two turned serious. They wanted to join forces and use the Infinite Spirit Ring. Perhaps the power of a spirit treasure would be able to contain this old man.

They exchanged a quick glance before unleashing all of their energy into the ring to activate it. All six ancient diagrams flew out. They wanted to end this battle quickly. Even if they couldn’t suppress this guardian, they still had to escape from the tower right away.

“Boom!” A wondrous brilliance shot out from the ring. The combined force of these two did far more than just double the power of the ring.

“I guess you two didn’t come here to play!” The old man threw up the pile of scrolls. The top volume was endowed with a layer of light that seemed to turn the volume itself into steel. However, it was immediately minced by the power of the spirit treasure and turned into little wisps of fire.

The old man was slightly surprised before a smile emerged on his face. He waved his sleeve. A wave of faint blue flames of frightening power came out. It came from a brass bottle that contained both hot and cold affinities.

The power of the spirit treasure couldn’t stop this fiery wave as one layer was broken after another.

Feng Feiyun exclaimed in all seriousness: “That’s… the Second Dark Hellflame!”

“Oh? Little fella, you have some knowledge in you. This is indeed a plume of the second level of hellflames. I went through the Tea Horse Road to the Yin World and spent sixty Mysterious True Stones to buy it from a third-evolution Specter. Even a spirit treasure can’t stop the power of this flame.” This old man was a senior Treasure Hunter, so it wasn’t difficult for him to enter the Yin World.

“Not necessarily!” Feng Feiyun channeled the ring with one hand while condensing the Crimson Fire Art with the other. He wanted to use it against the second-level hellflame.

Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai could feel the flame wave breaking through their spirit treasure’s attack. The hot and cold energies from the flame made their bodies crackle.

“Crimson Fire Art!” Feng Feiyun finally unleashed his technique against the other flame.

“Blood-being Exalted Pot!” Bi Ningshuai attacked with a pot around the size of a human skull. Bone powder and fleshy pieces were wrapped around the entire pot. One could even see black hair fluttering in some places.

However, this was still a divine pot with an aura of the earth and its veins.

It looked just like a human head. Even though it was not as strong as the Infinite Spirit Ring, it could still stop the hellflame. Coupled with Feng Feiyun’s fire art, they directly slammed this plume of flame into the pot.

Even though this hellflame could destroy a spirit treasure, it was still absorbed by the pot and couldn’t come out. This pot gave off an evil aura that was calm yet terrorizing.

“Where did you get this pot?” The old man was shocked since it made him recall a terrifying character.

He looked at Bi Ningshuai as his old face turned a bit pale.

“I found it.” Bi Ningshuai put the pot away. Of course, he didn’t find this pot randomly. He stole it from a bloody being, so he gave it the name Blood-being Exalted Pot.

It had an incredible evil affinity, so he gave it this cool name. In the beginning, he found it quite fun to play with. However, as he kept it by his side, he eventually felt a fear like never before. Each night, the pot would whisper indiscernible devilish hymns, so he couldn’t sleep at all. He felt that the skull could fly out at any time and float next to his bed, gazing at him with its bloody visage.

“Impossible, this is the strongest murderous tool from a monarch of the Yang World, the Bloodgarb Monarch. He refined the skull of a sage from the ancient era, there is no way that I would mistake it.” The old man knew quite a few things about the Yin and Yang Worlds. He also understood how terrifying these monarchs from the Yang World were, so he was quite frightened by the pot.

“Fu--ck… That person… was a Yang World’s monarch!” Bi Ningshuai’s hands started shaking as he almost dropped the pot. Blood began to spill out from inside along with a red mist.

His legs turned soft as he lost control of his body, having to lean on Feng Feiyun’s shoulder for support.

He had done it this time. That bloody man turned out to be a monarch of the Yang World. Bi Ningshuai’s eyes dilated while feeling suffocated: ‘It’s over, it’s over…’

“Can… can I just return it?” He had never been so scared before.

Feng Feiyun was sweating for him as well. This guy was quite something, to even steal something from the Yang Monarch himself. If this news were to be spread, he would become very famous in the world. Many people who considered themselves to be gods at stealing would die from shame.

“You should suppress the aura of the pot first. If the monarch were to sense it, it would be difficult for you not to die.” Feng Feiyun quickly gave a reminder.

Bi Ningshuai was woken up and quickly performed a forbidden law to hide the presence of the pot again. He swore to find a place to bury it. This was not a spirit treasure but a life-ending talisman.

He was a first-class thief, so he was very good at hiding the auras of treasures — truly worthy of being praised as a professional.

“And here I thought you were the successor of the Yang World’s monarch, so it turns out that you are just a thief! Hand the blood pot over!” The old man snorted and reached out with a withered claw like an eagle. Even the air began to burn up in his attempt to seize the pot.

The pot was the greatest weapon of the Yang World’s monarch, one of the strongest offensive weapons in the entire Jin Dynasty. Its power was countless times that of an ordinary spirit treasure. If he came into the possession of this weapon, then he would have the power to take on Giants himself.

Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai had no choice but to use the pot again. However, a wave of fire suddenly flew over their heads. It was a red cloud of fire that encompassed a person within. This was the mysterious master; he had also arrived on the scene.

“Leave this old man to me, go find the cloth, quick!” The master reached out with a fiery hand and repelled the old man. His sleeve was completely burnt to ashes, revealing his aged, yellow hand.

“Who are you?” The old man was startled and looked at his burnt arm. He felt that this person wrapped in fire was quite powerful. If only he still had his second-level hellflame, he would be able to put up a fight.

However, since it had been taken by the pot, he became much weaker and might not be a match for this mysterious master.

“Your killer.” The master replied with a hoarse voice and pointed with a finger. The fiery cloud turned into a sword that pierced through the air and the universe. In the blink of an eye, the sword pierced through the old man’s body.

“Pluff!” This flame was as hot as a cauldron of the devil and had an extremely sharp aura. It penetrated the old man’s body and directly cut it into two halves. He died on the spot.

“Can’t even handle one move!” The mysterious master snorted.

Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai exchanged glances while their hearts were jumping. This mysterious master was extraordinarily powerful and only needed one move to kill a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator! This was quite a fearsome power.

‘How unlucky, she got away!’ Feng Feiyun noticed that Ji Cangyue had used this opportunity to escape the 81st floor.

Several dreadful forces rose from the tower as if a few extra suns had appeared in this area. They were all rushing to the 81st floor.

“Daring to infiltrate the Spirit Treasure Tower? Die!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”


Five different voices resounded with the next stronger than the previous.

The experts of the tower had recognized that something was happening on the 81st floor. One person attacked from a distance with a palm strike. The power of nine qilins soared forth from the void as if a portal had been opened.

“Boom!” The nine qilins were shattered by one palm from the mysterious master. The fire around his body burned even brighter and covered the entire 81st floor. He was fighting against the five top experts through space.

These people didn’t come in person, but their combat prowess had not weakened by much. Someone sent an ancient cauldron to attack while another unleashed a palm print from the sky. One more controlled a black brush to fly towards the tower like an unstoppable black spear.

“Rumble!” The mysterious master stood in the middle of the tower motionlessly while fighting one on five. A billowing sea of fire rushed out from his body. He was not at a disadvantage at all. Such style resembled a fire god suppressing the nine heavens.

“Hurry up!” Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai were trying to find the Cloak of Invisibility on this level. They resorted to their strongest techniques; Feng Feiyun used his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze while Bi Ningshuai activated his Undetectable Grasp. It was a perfect combination as they swept through the entire floor.

One could see through all illusions while the other could pluck the stars from the sky. No one would believe it even if they themselves claimed to not be the Dao Gate’s Heroic Duo.

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