Chapter 253: 81st Floor Of The Treasure Tower

Ji Cangyue was forced to summon the Grand Wind Banner again to stop this claw from Feng Feiyun. Her body was as agile as a serpent demoness. With a swish, she flew several hundred meters away and ducked into the main entrance of the Spirit Treasure Tower.

Feng Feiyun could only tear some fabric from her dress. He also gave chase without thinking. After stepping into the gate, one would discover that the two guards watching the entrance were already killed by her. Their bodies were covered with a layer of black frost.

“Whoosh!” Several wind-breaking sounds could be heard. Someone was aware of this development at the tower at immediately came running. These were the two silver-armored guards. They only needed three breaths to run to the main entrance and saw the two corpses lying on the ground. This was the work of an Evil Spirit Treasure Seeking Art!

“It is an Evil Spirit Treasure Master! Someone is breaking into the Spirit Treasure Tower, go and inform the guards on each level right now to maintain alert.” The two guards released a silver light at the same time. It started from the first floor all the way to the top. All of the cultivators in the tower were notified and knew that there was an intruder.

“Boom!” Bi Ningshuai, who was sneaking into the tower, took another step. For some reason, the runes on the ground suddenly rushed out and almost swallowed his leg whole.

“Fuck, what’s going on?!” He hurriedly dashed backward to escape from the runic formation. From his own experience, he guessed that someone had activated all the formations in the tower. It has entered a comprehensive defensive state.

Just who was alarming the people in the tower?

Of course, all thieves were cowardly in a sense. He wanted to retreat and leave the tower for now. However, the moment he turned around, a slim black shadow appeared right before him. It was a stunning beauty with a cold expression adorned with a black dress that failed to cover her exquisite figure.

Her pretty eyes resembled two black gems with a layer of coldness. No one would dare to look at her directly.

Bi Ningshuai was quite courageous when it came to women. He looked straight at her in astonishment with a shaking mind.

At this time, he could hear shouting. One of them was like thunder exploding next to one’s ears, causing his head to ring: “Scram now!”

Ji Cangyue dashed right over and kicked him flying before rushing to the top of the tower, disappearing on the stone steps leading to the 81st floor.

His head struck the wall, issuing a loud bang. The poor fella almost broke his nose and his face became quite swollen. He cursed: “Your mother! You think you can kick people whenever you want just because you are pretty?! Your father is gonna… ah…”

“Swoosh!” Feng Feiyun rushed up from below and covered his mouth: “Stop shouting, all of the experts in the tower are coming here now.”

Several terrifying auras came from different levels of the tower. Each of them represented an extremely strong expert.

These were the secret places in the tower, so incredibly strong experts were stationed here.

A similar aura came from the 81st floor, so both Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai hid their own auras and while silencing their breaths. They also slowed down their blood flow while remaining motionless like two statues.

After a long while, the aura on the 81st floor finally disappeared. The two heaved a sigh of relief!

“That is definitely a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator protecting the Cloak of Invisibility. He has been alerted so we should wait and go again another time!” Bi Ningshuai was quite frightened. If they were spotted by that person from earlier, they would be lying on the ground right now.

He was in awe of this power and didn’t dare to take another step forward.

“Wait a minute, weren’t you motherfucking watching outside? Why are you in here now? Wait, I know, did you see a beautiful woman in a black dress and followed her, waiting until there was no one around to take action by pushing her down, taking off her outer dress and tearing off her bra and pants… Gee, you just wanted to do those despicable things, I really despise you for giving us, the Dao Gate’s heroic duo, a bad name!” Bi Ningshuai let his imagination run wild. He was quite heated while calling Feng Feiyun an animal! [1. Dao Gate = Thief Gate, not Dao Gate. Just a play on words.]

“Well…” Feng Feiyun was indeed chasing Ji Cangyue into the tower, but he had already done said despicable thing a long time ago, so he didn't deny it. Of course, he wouldn’t tell Bi Ningshuai either.

“Fuck, you chased her into the tower, right? All of those experts were alarmed by you two? Damn, Brother, you need to be gentle with the ladies. We are here to steal the cloak, not to steal a woman.” Bi Ningshuai looked down on Feng Feiyun for ruining the plan just to flirt with a girl.

But most importantly, the one who got to flirt was Feng Feiyun while the one who was beaten was him.

“Sigh, one shouldn’t be afraid of having a god for an enemy but rather pigs for teammates. Stealing this cloak should have been as easy as eating breakfast, an effortless endeavor, but just look at things now, sigh! Things seem hopeless now, so you have to go and explain it to the master!” Bi Ningshuai lamented and denied any accountability while placing all the blame on Feng Feiyun.

“Eh? Wait! You still want to infiltrate the 81st floor?” After seeing Feng Feiyun running up the stairs, Bi Ningshuai followed right behind him before looking around for a bit. Eventually, he bit his teeth and continued on.

“I’ll have you know that I also flirt all the time, but right now, the tower is very dangerous. We should really just come back again some other time, that little girl is very fierce and won’t be pushed down so easily! Even if you want to strip her naked, we would need three to five experts to push her down. Hey! Are you listening to me at all? That girl might have grown up quite nicely, but she’s too spicy. What if she kicks you and turns you into a eunuch? Fuck, do you not care for your life at all, all of this for a girl?” Bi Ningshuai blabbered on and on.

Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped and said: “If you keep on yammering on like this, we really won’t be able to steal the Cloak of Invisibility then.”

Bi Ningshuai whispered: “There is a supreme expert protecting it, we can’t steal it anyway.”

They had made it to the 81st floor. It was dark and empty with countless bookshelves and didn’t look like a treasury but rather a library.

It was one shelf after another; there must be at least one million volumes here.

Flames suddenly flashed in Feng Feiyun’s eyes. He noticed an aura hiding in the sea of scrolls that suddenly rushed out. This was a disciple of the Spirit Treasure Tower. He was skinny and wore a white daoist robe.

Feng Feiyun reached out and easily grabbed his hand. It turned out to be “Murong Ta.”

Of course he knew that Murong Ta was Ji Cangyue. After grabbing her hand, he contemplated in this short moment about whether to attack or not.

This woman really knew how to act. Without the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, he would have been tricked by her completely.

“Mu, Murong Ta!” He acted very surprised and slowly let go of her hand and thought: ‘If you want to continue this masquerade, I’ll entertain you.’

After seeing that it was Feng Feiyun, “Murong Ta” immediately heaved a sigh of relief and patted his chest: “It’s you, Brother Feng. You really scared me there. I thought it was the bad guy infiltrating the tower.”

“Of course I’m not a bad guy.” Feng Feiyun smiled.

The two of them conversed casually for a bit. “Murong Ta” was holding a bamboo scroll in his hand and bade farewell: “The tower lord wanted me to get an old book for her. I have to go hand it over so I can’t accompany you for now.”

The Spirit Treasure Tower Lord was clearly not in the tower right now. She came up with this bad excuse to escape, so how could Feng Feiyun let her leave? He had a slight grin on his face.

“Murong Ta!” He called after the boy who wanted to leave and chased after them: “How come you aren’t wearing the bamboo necklace I made for you?”

“I… don’t want to break it!” “Murong Ta” was cursing Feng Feiyun countless times in her mind. Only Feng Feiyun would do such a senseless thing like gifting someone a crappy necklace.

Under his repeated nagging, “Murong Ta” took the necklace out.

Feng Feiyun was glad to see that she hadn’t destroyed the necklace yet. She probably really wanted to destroy it but was afraid of being asked by Feng Feiyun and slipping up, so she carried it with her.

“I’ll help you put it on!” He deliberately wanted to disgust her while thinking in his mind: ‘If you want to play, I’ll make it unbearable for you!’

He took the bracelet from her and walked closer to her front so that their bodies were pressing on each other tightly. He had both hands on her neck as if wanting to embrace her.

Ji Cangyue tightened her fists and really wanted to move back, but Feng Feiyun’s hands were firmly placed around her neck. She felt that it wasn’t the string of the necklace but his fingers touching her.

This feeling made her very uncomfortable as her face was pressed against his chest. She could smell his dirty sweat and felt that he was doing it on purpose.

A little bit back was Bi Ningshuai, staring at this scene in horror. His chin was about to drop to the ground as he felt a tingling sensation on his scalp. He held his head with both hands while inwardly screaming: ‘This Feng Feiyun! He is being so close with a man, this is too gross! Oh heavens, just kill me!’

He naturally didn’t know that Murong Ta was the beauty in the black dress that he saw earlier, so he thought that Feng Feiyun had an abnormal orientation: ‘No wonder why he looks at me so strangely, don’t tell me… he wants to do something to me?’

Bi Ningshuai rubbed his butt where his wound had yet to heal. It was caused by Feng Feiyun’s attack. While looking at the scary scene ahead, he couldn’t help but shudder and swore to never be so close to Feng Feiyun again. ‘Fuck, this isn’t safe at all.’

“What are you looking at?” An old voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Are you blind?! Don’t you see the two men hugging so intimately? No wonder why that bastard Feng Feiyun could be so calm after seeing the prettiest girl in the world, Nangong Hongyan. So he likes men…” Bi Ningshuai suddenly paused and felt a chill behind his back. ‘Who am I speaking to?’

‘Fuck, this is the 81st floor of the Spirit Treasure Tower with a top-level master guarding it! This is all the fault of that gay Feng Feiyun, chasing after both men and women. This is not a joke anymore!’

‘There won’t be an old ghost behind me, right?’ He felt his heart palpitating while his undershirt was getting cold. He began to slowly turn his head to look back with great anxiety.

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