Chapter 252: Reappearance Of The Evil Banner

The Spirit Treasure Tower resembled a mountain with great brilliance. Twisting runes covered the steep cliffs to the point where divine intents would be destroyed instantly.

Despite repeatedly cursing Feng Feiyun in his mind, Bi Ningshuai still entered the tower with a bizarre movement technique. He had a pair of spirit clogs that allowed him to step on these formations as if they were flat ground. He quickly made it up the steep cliff and entered one of the doors.

Even the formations couldn’t stop him from going inside.

“That’s an expert for you.” Feng Feiyun commented while watching from the bamboo forest. This young man’s origin must not be so simple. His methods were incredible, so he must have learned it from some amazing manuals.

For any cultivator, even if they didn’t have a master, they would still have a legacy or system to learn from. It was not that there weren’t any innate geniuses that could learn the dao on their own, but their number was even fewer than Grand Historical Geniuses…

This dark-skinned youth’s escape method was brilliant and slippery like a loach. Even first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators might not be able to catch him. It was perfect to have someone like him try to steal the Cloak of Invisibility.

Feng Feiyun could feel several hidden auras within the bamboo forest. They were all top-level experts guarding the tower. The moment anything abnormal happens, they would immediately come out of their closed cultivation.

“Whoosh!” A breeze blew by along with a large flurry of bamboo leaves. There was a cold chill within, creating a layer of black frost within this mist.

This black mist quietly came from the forest and flew towards Feng Feiyun like a group of ghosts.

A scaled claw with a metallic shimmer suddenly reached out from the frost and went straight for his neck.

“Hmph!” Feng Feiyun’s spiritual sense was more than ninety times that of an ordinary person, so he had detected it much earlier. He didn’t bother looking back and only pointed behind him. A black pillar shot out from his fingertip and penetrated the claw, turning it back into mist.

Suddenly, over ten more claws reached out from this black mist. It was extremely bizarre since they were all the size of a human. They shrieked through the forest. Anyone would be creeped out with their hair standing on end.

Feng Feiyun still didn’t turn around and only unleashed another palm attack. A crimson cloud shot out from his palm with seven qilin images. All of them were on fire and they incinerated the black claws, turning the mist into nothingness. This was the technique created by fusing the power of the qilins and the Crimson Fire Art. It could destroy all evil arts in this world.

“You are quite bold to come cause trouble at the Spirit Treasure Tower!” Feng Feiyun noticed that these techniques were from the specter branch of the Yin World’s Three Evils.

Outside of specters themselves, only treasure masters who specialize in evil spirits could use this type of energy.

The treasure master was the most bizarre job in the world, so it was naturally divided into good and evil. Their main goal was to hunt for treasures for clans and sects. However, the evil spirit treasure masters were quite scary. They specialized in traveling through ancient tombs and even to the Yin and Yang Worlds. Their schemes were cruel and sinister. Others would shudder after hearing about them.

No one answered him, only an evil banner could be seen.

This evil banner came from the bamboo forest as well. It was completely black with ghost runes embroidered on its surface. This entire region was encompassed within the banner, so it was sealed off. The seniors on guard here couldn’t detect the anomaly that was happening.

The fluttering banner suppressed the area and even ground some old bamboo trees into powder.

“The Grand Wind Banner!” Feng Feiyun’s eyes turned serious. He recognized this evil banner. It was a spirit treasure that had been passed down for thousands of years from the First Heaven Immortal Gate. It was a murderous artifact, their defining and defensive treasure.

It was originally in the hands of the first disciple there, Bu Tianya. Unfortunately, he was ill-fated and died to the hands of his own fiance, Ji Cangyue. The banner disappeared afterward.

At that time, only three people were present: Feng Feiyun, Ji Cangyue, and the mysterious master. Thus, the banner was either taken by her or the master.

“Boom!” A ray of light from what seemed to be a dark sun was channeled into the form of a black lightning bolt. It emerged from the banner with the thickness of an arm. However, a huge stone saber was thrown forward to destroy it.

Even though the black lightning bolt from a spirit treasure was quite powerful, it had no effect on the stone saber.

“Boom!” The saber went back into Feng Feiyun’s hands and flew out again with the intention of splitting the evil banner.

The banner was completely unfolded and acted as a divine scroll. It directly swept through the stone saber, pinning it to the ground with only the hilt exposed.

“Feng Feiyun, today will be your funeral.” Ji Cangyue’s voice came from the bamboo forest, but she was nowhere in sight.

So it was her!

People might find it strange that she could appear in the territory of the treasure tower, but not Feng Feiyun. He wanted to see what kind of tricks this scornful woman could take out.

After eating the spirit pill of the Spirit Treasure Tower Lord, he was able to cultivate his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze to the void level. At that time, he had already known that Murong Ta was Ji Cangyue and had some guesses as to why she chose to stay by his side. However, he didn’t expose her and allowed her to play her game.

Because of this, ever since he made it to the sixth floor of the Immeasurable Tower, he didn’t go to see Murong Ta. He was waiting for her to become impatient and take action first.

He wasn’t afraid of her trying to kill him directly, only the possible devious schemes that she might devise. Her offensive prowess right now was within his expectations.

He teased: “Oh? So it is Little Sis Cangyue, long time no see. Did you miss me?”

“I want you dead!” Her voice was awfully cold and seemed to be ringing next to his ears.

Her resentment was deep like a female ghost coming to take Feng Feiyun’s life. The Evil Banner rose up to the sky and descended straight down with a black wave that resembled a great flood.

The power of this spirit treasure had been completely activated. Even a grand achievement God Base would be crushed to smithereens.

She was a Death Spirit Child from the Ji Clan and had trained to be an Evil Spirit Treasure Master. She ended up refining the Grand Wind Banner into an evil banner.

Feng Feiyun took out the Infinite Spirit Ring in order to stop the evil force from the banner. Flames shot out of his eyes in the form of the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze in order to find Ji Cangyue.

“Rumble!” The ground shook for a bit, and an old skeleton crawled out of the ground. Its flesh had all rotted away, but the hair on its head was still black. It was quite a creepy sight.

These were the remains of a random predecessor of this tower. The bones were even harder than steel even though they had been buried for decades. Today, Ji Cangyue used her treasure master art to summon the skeleton.

“Hey, young lady, disturbing an elder from their slumber is a very immoral thing to do. You will be cursed!” One of Feng Feiyun’s legs was gripped by this skeleton. If he didn’t recall the saber in time to sever this arm, his leg might have turned into a puddle of blood already.

This young lady was going all out with very strange techniques. Feng Feiyun had to become serious instead of underestimating her. If he were to fall into her hands, it would be a very miserable fate.

She sneered: “How can an animal like you know anything about what’s moral?”

“Cough! I might be an animal, but I’m still better than you who was pushed down by an animal…”

“Boom!” A great palm came out from the evil mist. Feng Feiyun’s mocking had angered her, so she attacked with her real body to cripple him.

When she attacked, Feng Feiyun shattered the skeleton then went for the black mist itself.

“Boom!” Her treasure seeking ability was brilliant and exceeded his imagination. She could unleash more than ten techniques in one breath and almost ripped his saber from his grasp.

A natural-born spiritualist was no joke. Plus, she had been cultivating these arts from a young age, so her spiritual sense was far from something that the tower’s first examination could detect. She was hiding it back then.

Just this great awareness alone could suppress Feng Feiyun several times.

“You have become stronger, but there is still quite a gap between us!” Feng Feiyun attacked with a claw technique. There was a ray of black, red, cyan, and white winding around his arm. This was the combination of the Dark Water, Crimson Fire, Verdant Wood, and Platinum Metal Arts.

Ji Cangyue’s ten techniques couldn’t stop this claw from Feng Feiyun. He gripped her shoulder with the intention of capturing her.

“Poof!” Blood spilled from her shoulder. It was caused by her own spirit treasure. She would rather lose an arm before being captured by Feng Feiyun again.

His fingers became numb and stained with blood. He had no choice but to retract his hand.

“Swoosh!” She leaped back into the bamboo forest in order to evade him. Her shoulder was broken and almost severed, revealing her jade-white skin covered in a loose black robe. There was a trail of blood still bleeding from the wound.

“You are still so cruel to yourself.” He touched the blood on his fingers and felt its warmth.

“Hmph! Still a thousand times better than falling into your hands.” She recalled the banner and rolled it up before holding it in her hand. She was already standing far away in the forest.

She stood there arrogantly with her black hair flowing straight down. It was a bit messy due to the blowing wind. Her eyes were particularly cold like a sword piercing straight through Feng Feiyun: “I can’t kill you today because my cultivation is not high enough. Wait until my Evil Spirit arts reach great attainment, I’ll truly make you suffer then.”

She turned into a black cloud and ran away into the forest.

Feng Feiyun declared: “Haha, you think you can escape? Obediently come back and be my slave!”

This Ji girl was too ruthless, so he couldn’t afford to let her leave. If she could actually cultivate these evil arts successfully, then she would become much more problematic and difficult to deal with.

Feng Feiyun was even faster than her; it was as if he was riding the wind. He gave chase right away and stretched out his claw again, attempting to catch her at all cost.

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