Chapter 247: Man And Dog

Feng Feiyun asked: “There must have been a reason?”

Anyone would feel angry after fighting for a whole night and being sapped of all their strength only to receive an unreasonable answer.

“There is no reason.” The princess articulated. Her words were an imperial degree with an unquestionable authority, just like an emperor. Regardless of whether reason was on her side or not, one phrase from her could decide life and death.

“Then do you have anything to say for yourself?” Feng Feiyun licked his lips. He felt that talking to this royal daughter was too difficult.

“Nothing.” She answered again.

“...” Feng Feiyun didn’t know what to say.

He put his stone saber away and turned around to leave. So it turns out that Princess Luofu was insane! The best way to deal with an insane woman was to just run away.

Despite being schemed against and receiving grave wounds and injuries, he still managed to reach seventy percent mastery with the saber art — this was a great harvest. After a short period, perhaps he could start learning the second slash.

“Rumble!” A burst of sounds came from the carriage behind him. The imperial carriage flew down from the cliff and blocked his path.

Feng Feiyun had to stop again and impatiently said: “Does Princess have some advice to give?”

If she wasn’t the princess, he would have dragged this mad woman out of the carriage to have a good talk with her.

But since the start of time, no one would dare to argue against a princess outside of the emperor himself.

The princess pondered for a while before proposing: “Answer one question to be considered as passing my trial.”

Feng Feiyun had been through four trials, each more difficult than the last. Princess Luofu was the hand behind the curtains and also the last trial master.

Why did she prepare these five trials? What was the reward for surpassing the five gates? And what about the punishment for not making it through?

“It’s that simple?” Feng Feiyun was caught off guard. He felt that the last trial should have been the hardest.

“Simple?” The princess still didn’t show herself. She remained in her carriage and asked: “The Jin Emperor has 3,000 concubines, 274 princes, and 389 princesses. Who do you think is the most suitable to become the next emperor?”

The atmosphere immediately became strange after this question came out.

Even the eight inner-court experts were slightly startled. No one dared to talk about the throne like this, not even princes and princesses. This was a taboo of the imperial family. If one were to accidentally overhear someone talking about it, they would be executed.

The eight experts all sealed their senses and didn’t dare to listen any further. More often than not, only the deaf and mute would be able to keep their life.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes slightly rolled. He answered: “Hmm… the current emperor is still in his prime, young and vibrant. The matter of the successor might have to wait for several more hundred years.”

“I’m speaking hypothetically!” An imperial aura surged from the carriage. The image of ten golden crows reaching for the sun soared out. A terrifying flame occupied the sky as these divine birds circled above.

“I don’t know much about the imperial family, so I’m afraid I can’t answer your question.” Feng Feiyun naturally understood the stakes and implications in answering. There were a few things that couldn’t be spoken so recklessly.

The princess retorted: “Didn’t you say that it was very simple?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “Sometimes the simpler the matter, the more difficult it is.”

“Very well, I’ll ask a different question.” The atmosphere became even more suppressive with her silence. After a long time, she asked once more: “If the successor is an empress, will you obey or rebel?”

The princess had completely viewed him as the next generation Divine King!

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath while slightly grimacing. He was a bit shocked inside. After a moment of hesitation, he said: “Of course I will obey.”

She didn’t speak again and seemed to be deep in thought.

Feng Feiyun was quite alarmed at this moment. His finger touched his spatial stone and was about to take out the stone saber at any time for a desperate fight.

Since the princess had asked such a vague question, if his answer didn’t please her, then she would naturally silence him with death.

A few words, once heard, could bring about death.

“Go.” After a long while, the four beasts were commanded by a divine intent. It pulled the carriage through the sky. The eight inner-court experts suddenly came back and removed the seal from their bodies. They turned into eight black rays to chase after the carriage.

What the hell was her intention? To waste so much time planning, was it only to ask this question?

Did Feng Feiyun’s answer satisfy her? She left without saying a word, so it really made it difficult for him to understand her.

“That woman is too calculating.” Feng Feiyun watched the carriage fly through the sky with ten golden crows still circling above with a golden vigor like the rising sun.

The princess sat in the carriage with her eyes closed. Many thoughts were running through her mind. She was a beautiful maiden still blooming, but she carried a maturity in discordance with her young age. No one could really tell what was on her mind.

She naturally understood that Feng Feiyun was only acting flexibly with his answers towards her. This showed that he was not only a top talent in terms of cultivation, he was also quite shrewd.

Even if a man reached the Grand Historical level, he would only be used as a pawn and ultimately die an unclear death if he was too stupid.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes with a cold flash deep within her pupils. All four beasts stopped at the same time.

A figure stopped in front of the carriage. This person was valiant and noble like an eternal banner fluttering in the air.

The princess raised her voice” “Shi Yelai, you are blocking my carriage.” She was a bit angry that a servant dared to block her carriage!

An immortal lotus was floating below Shi Yelai’s feet while an image of orbiting stars was above him. This made him seem like an immortal that was banished to the mortal realm.

He stood with both hands crossed in front of his chest with a demeanor devoid of both arrogance and diffidence. After reaching the Grand Historical level, he no longer wanted to be her underling or bow down before her. To put it frankly, he no longer wanted to be her servant…

He felt that he was now on equal footing with the princess and could do a few things he didn’t dare to do in the past.

“Your Highness, I have reached the first level of Heaven’s Mandate.” He smiled with confidence and grace.

“You are blocking my carriage.” The princess spoke once more without any emotion.

The smile on his face became stiff as he repeated: “I have stepped into the Grand Historical level…”

“You are blocking my carriage, do you not understand what a servant is? Get on your knees!” Her voice became heartless and chilling with a greater severity of tone.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…” The four inner-court armored experts rushed out while pointing their black lances to the front of the carriage. While pulsing light, they resembled eight black dragons; the tips of their lances were aimed straight for Shi Yelai.

All were at grand achievement God Base.

One of the experts loudly reprimanded: “Shi Yelai, you are only a servant. The princess has commanded you to kneel, what are you waiting for?!”

“So someone thinks that his wings are fully grown and can turn against his master. How ridiculous.”

Shi Yelai clenched his fists while gritting his teeth and shouted: “Scram!”

He waved his sleeve. A white glow shot out from inside and lifted up one of the eight experts.

The expert went flying as his armor fragmented into scraps. He spat out a mouthful of blood before directly slamming down to the ground.

“How bold! Shi Yelai, you want to rebel?!” The other seven all thrust their lances forward. The black shade came together with a piercing force that caused the sky to tremble.

Shi Yelai snorted. The stars above his head pulsed. Another blinding light came out from his hand and directly shattered the seven lances.

All seven were greatly injured at the same time. Their skin burst open and out came bloody mists.

He attacked again and all seven experts were blown flying like falling stars into the landscape a hundred meters below.

“Luofu, I, Shi Yelai, will never take lodge under another person’s roof and act as a dog around you. I want to be a person… no, your man.” Shi Yelai’s constitution had reached the Grand Historical realm as well as first level Heaven’s Mandate. His self-confidence had swelled to an unprecedented height.

There were no longer any scruples. He wanted to board the imperial carriage and enter the place that only Princess Luofu could sit. He felt that he was now qualified to sit inside.

Even if it was against the princess’ wish, he would still enter. A man sometimes needed to take the initiative and be tough.

“You want to be a person? You think you are qualified?” The princess sat proudly in her carriage; her supreme beauty was accompanied with grace and serenity.

She slowly reached out with her hand and threw out an ancient order. The moment it came out, a wave of water fanned out in a dazzling manner with the power of myriad dao.

“Boom!” Before his foot could step on the carriage, he felt a terrorizing force directly assaulting his face. He wanted to resist but couldn’t. His entire body was blown away and fell straight to the ground. A string of blood ran down from the corners of his lips.

The princess insipidly declared: “A dog will always be a dog!”

The imperial carriage’s majestic light illuminated the heavenly canopy above. The four beasts started to pull away the large carriage once more and quickly disappeared into the eastern horizon.

At this moment, the sun was rising over the eastern yonder to signal the first ray of dawn.

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