Chapter 243: Bloodstained Blade Heading Southeast

A bloodstained blade on a southeast path where a beauty awaits! Not as a swordsman, but a returnee. [1. Author does poetic stuff sometimes. I’m guessing it is saying that he is returning to “home” in a sense wherever Nangong Hongyan is.]

“I have to go back. If you want to block my way, you will have to stop my saber first!” Feng Feiyun walked forward with blood dripping from his legs.

The image formed from the momentum of the earth was even more frightening than the personal qi image of a supreme genius. Just this pressure alone rendered others breathless. Even a grand achievement God Base cultivator like Mu Yuedi

was being forced back.

Though she looked young, her age betrayed her appearance. She used her spirit energy on her body to turn back into a youth. She was actually Mu Tantian’s senior, his aunt, in fact. Her cultivation was higher than him.

She was an exceedingly rare genius, but her constitution had not reached the level of a heaven-defying genius.

“I don’t want to stop you, but I must.” Mu Yuedi knew that in the far southeast over yonder, a peerless beauty was waiting for him.

The words Bi Ningshuai left behind before leaving made Feng Feiyun feel uneasy, as if there was a thorn pricking his heart.

Princess Luofu had saved the Mu Clan before, so Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi had no choice but to carry out her orders.

Since this battle was inevitable, it was time to fight!

“I have my promise and you have yours. If that’s the case, then we will have to fight!” 164 meridians on Mu Yuedi’s body opened and began to absorb the worldly energy around her. She had twenty more than Mu Tantian, so her cultivation was much stronger.

Her treasure root had a flowing shimmer on it. It was an old treasure that was weaker than a Spirit Treasure, but it was still formidable. It could easily shatter anything below the level of a Spirit Treasure.

She swung her tree, causing a golden wave to come flying like layers of cascading waves. One could see that each layer had seven qilins swiftly rushing forth. There were more than one hundred layers.

A terrifying gale blew away the soil of the earth, causing the ground to for indents. Debris flew everywhere while the flinging mud mixed together with the grass. Some thick trees went flying as well.

“Rumble!” Feng Feiyun rushed forward and swung his blade vertically, causing its energy to soar through the mountains.

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” A huge qi image that consisted of five majestic grand mountains emerged. It caused the golden energy to have ripples.

His slash had reached sixty percent mastery. Its power was much stronger than before and had exceeded Princess Luofu’s expectations. His talents did scare her a little bit.

“The ten moves are over!” Mu Yuedi recalled her treasure tree and stood to the side.

“It was only one move just now.” Feng Feiyun stared at her intensely.

“If I say ten, then it was ten.” Mu Yuedi saw the blood on Feng Feiyun’s body and was a bit unwilling to continue.

“If you tell me who is scheming against me behind the scenes, then I can consider it to be ten moves just now.” Feng Feiyun’s eyes were able to read energy. He had seen on the horizon the image of a golden crow surrounded by ten suns, so he had a pretty good guess in his mind.

He had seen it before back at the exhibition stage, so he had a little impression of it.

Mu Yuedi naturally wouldn’t tell him, so she had to keep on fighting.

Feng Feiyun stabbed his blade into the ground and began to channel the five element arts. If the master of the golden crow image wanted to move against him, then he certainly wouldn’t be able to break free so easily. At this moment, he could only conserve energy to avoid falling down halfway.

A stubborn person couldn’t be stupid as well.

His Dark Water, Crimson Fire, and Verdant Wood Arts had all reached grand mastery, so he could freely use them at his whim.

He reached out and activated all three arts. Black, red, and green rays illuminated the area. These rays were quite dense and went forth like a sword rain.

Mu Yuedi took out her treasure tree and unleashed another technique while shifting her body quickly. She instantly appeared in front of Feng Feiyun. The tree branch that was even sharper than a sword skirted to his shoulder.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun crisscrossed his legs to dodge her attack while moving behind her. Then, he unleashed a palm straight at her back. It nearly broke her spine.

Both of them went all out without holding back. Just the slightest distraction would result in instant death.

This was not a simple spar but a fight to the death. They were not enemies, but this battle was even fiercer than one between foes.

After ten moves were finished, Feng Feiyun gained several more wounds on his body. In this way, he felt the blood in his body flowing even faster. It was being pushed to the limit as his latent potential was being constantly stimulated.

If he fought a few more battles, perhaps he would be able to break through again.

“You actually managed to exchange ten moves against me.” Mu Yuedi was in disbelief. She thought that if she went all out, Feng Feiyun would only handle three moves at best before dying, so she deliberately gave him a way out earlier.

However, she went all out with the last ten moves and even unleashed a true flame in the latter techniques. Despite exerting all of her skills, she still couldn’t take him down.

He seemed to be swaying and would fall over at any time, but he remained standing!

He continued on a path towards the southeast and left Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi behind. They had complex thoughts running through their minds. Initially, they came to finish this mission and were relatively relaxed. However, after fighting Feng Feiyun, they felt that they had a lot of shortcomings and had not perfected their fighting prowess.

The mood between the two was heavy.

Mu Tantian looked at the night sky and asked: “Who is the third gatekeeper?” He saw smoke rising over there along with sonic blasts. Several white dragon-shaped saber energies were rushing to the sky.

“A grand achievement God Base with 182 meridians opened, one level stronger than me.” Mu Yuedi, for some reason, actually hoped for Feng Feiyun to beat the fourth trial in order to see the fifth gatekeeper.

This was no easy task. She had no confidence in trying to do so as well.

“His dragon slash’s might has increased yet again at seventy percent mastery.” Mu Tantian noticed that the white dragon energy had become even more realistic than before. They were thirty meters long, just like real dragons.

Feng Feiyun’s comprehension of this saber art was truly frightening. It kept on increasing after each battle.

Mu Yuedi felt the same way and thought that their group was not here to stop Feng Feiyun, but rather acted as grindstones for him to sharpen his saber. His saber mastery was increasing way too fast, causing them to feel that it wasn’t real.

In the distance, Princess Luofu was seated in her imperial carriage and heard the sounds of battle. She noticed the saber energy continuously increasing and had to rub her temples exasperatedly. Ever since the ancient times, no one in the imperial family had such a devilish comprehension of the Dragon King’s Saber Art. This was too difficult to accept.

She had never practiced this art, but she knew just how difficult it was, so Feng Feiyun’s comprehension speed greatly exceeded her imagination.

The commotion tonight was too loud. Although she had made plans earlier to deal with this, it still alerted many young cultivators.

People came right outside of this region but didn’t dare to enter. Naturally, they were wary of her banner.

“Who is the princess teaching a lesson to? She is using so many grand achievement God Base cultivators. I heard both Mu Tantian and Mu Yuedi were invited. These are the real super rankers among the top one hundred.” A young girl riding an old beast was quite shocked.

Both the princess and Mu Tantian’s group were quite famous at the Wanxiang Pagoda. The young disciples had only heard of their names and hadn’t met them yet. They were characters of legends.

Clouds billowed in the horizon as the energy of the battle shook the earth. This was an impressive scene; many disciples were excited and their blood boiling.

“I heard the biggest swindler of our pagoda was invited as well!”

“Isn’t that Bi Ningshuai? Haha, I heard he has offended many top experts like Li Xiaonan from the Sacred Spirit Palace. This number one ranker has always wanted to teach him a lesson, so he has always been hiding inside the Technique Tower, not daring to come out.”

“The princess is protecting him so those experts will give her some face. They won’t do anything right now.”

“However, I can guarantee one thing, some people will definitely be victims of his thievery.”

Everyone else nodded and were tired of Bi Ningshuai’s character. His hands were too dirty; they would dare to steal from just about anyone.

Horrifying blasts continuously rang, bringing about crazy gales. It was easy to see just how fierce the battle was. This was a contest between top-level experts.

The cultivators standing on the periphery were all guessing the person being schemed against. This person actually made the princess blockade the area and invite others to deal with him.

“It’s the son of the demon. Feng Feiyun has become the Divine King’s next-generation successor and is cultivating the imperial art, the Dragon King’s Saber Art. Princess Luofu might have to marry him, so she has to try and kill him now.” This news was spread and it stunned the crowd!

“I heard the princess has someone she likes already, one of the nine Grand Historical Geniuses, so she definitely doesn’t want to marry Feng Feiyun. It makes sense for her to invite people to deal with him.”

In just a short amount of time, all kinds of embellished versions of this story spread. Some were far from the truth.

After a while, the sounds of the battle stopped among the mountains and forests.

“The third gate couldn’t stop him.” Mu Tantian spoke.

The dust on the horizon began to settle. Feng Feiyun carried his saber and stood at the foothill with a determined stance, giving off the feeling that he was unstoppable.

“He definitely can’t pass the fourth gate, this is a gate of death for him.” Mu Yuedi spoke calmly.

“Could the gatekeeper be him!?” Mu Tantian’s expression quickly changed.

“Shi Yelai!” Both of them blurted out this name at the same time.

He was the number one among the princess’ guest followers and was only one step away from being a Grand Historical Genius. He was ranked 10th on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List and was the only person at the grand achievement God Base realm to be among the top ten.

He was a legend at the Wanxiang Pagoda. Some even said that unless a Grand Historical Genius came out, no one at the same cultivation level would be able to handle even one of his moves.

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